The Vigilant Christian is NOT Religious. He IS Spiritual – BIG DIFFERENCE !!!

This is someone who I have been in contact with for a quite some time. He goes by the name ‘The Vigilant Christian’.
In this video he gives us some of his testimony and talks about the concept of true spirituality.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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15 Responses to The Vigilant Christian is NOT Religious. He IS Spiritual – BIG DIFFERENCE !!!

  1. Thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    How cool to hear this guy’s testimony, praise God! How awesome it is to hear about how Jesus used the work of guys like Keith “Truth” and Chris White to open his eyes to the realities of what he was really involved with. Glad you brought him to my attention, thx for posting this. (and all the other testimonies of other people saved out of bondage in the New Age, very powerful stuff, keep it up!)

  2. soul says:

    Have you people even watched the movie? Or are you just hearing this one man’s opinion? He stays secret so he can’t be contacted… his jargon is biased. please watch the movie and think for yourself! Many government and military officials have come forth about alien contact.
    on the issue of this “new age spirituality” – it is impossible for this spirituality to be in cahoots with the elitists’ N.W.O. this man is completely ignorant of what he is talking about – he even calls them devil worshipers… he says that this new-age spirituality and its connection to the N.W.O. is breeding fear and falseness… I just listened to his 15 minute rant and he spews out all kinds of fear tactics that play on the psyche. It is not likely that the Christian God has only one name and only one way… the world has primarily been communicably disconnected a lot longer than it has been connected… God goes by many names and addressed the people according to their trials,culture, region, and terrain – that is only logical. Every religion and spiritual practice teaches the same thing: love, and give thanks to the creator. I do not believe in the Christian “god” – that god is not the creator of love, but divisiveness. and if that god is so powerful, than why does that god require people to kill in his name, speak out in divisiveness in his name, fear change in his name, and claim that there is only one way up the mountain? I see a vast universe, full of uniquely beautiful creatures: plants, animals, water, air, rocks, and so on…. each species is so different, but all are alive with the spirit of the creator… all are made up of the same matter – the same as you and me. isn’t it possible that this same creator thought of many different ways to be called to and made itself known?
    as far as the movie is concerned, foster gamble and friends was merely pointing out that our world is in big trouble… trouble that even NASA is aware of – that being that we humans are greatly altering the world which provides us with everything we need to live. Mr. gamble was simply showing us that there are solutions, but for credibility he had to show the viewers why the instrumentations which have been designed, tested, and proven effective, to create free energy, are not being used. this lead to a long string of how the energetic sequence was found and who is behind its demise. I am a skeptic myself – especially when someone starts off by saying they were born heir to proctor and gamble… that isn’t comforting. but I sat through the 2 hour video, to analyze the information for myself. it will take time to sort through his resources, but he has a thrive webpage that consists of all the information one would need to investigate. I hope you all will take control of your own beliefs and see for yourself. you don’t have to be scared by mr. vigilant’s doom-day speech. Christianity is a viable means to communicate with God, but so is every decent, kind, compassionate, contemplative means with which one uses to extend gratitude to the creator. the “new spirituality” is one of personal strengths, finding healing and inner joy in a world that is extremely competitive and tough on the mind and heart. we don’t need to guilt or manipulate people into finding god… let them find the creator in their way, let them practice their gratitude in their way. as long as they aren’t hurting anyone… what does it matter. please do not buy into this stuff… mr. vigilant sounds like a snake in the bush trying to gain power by getting people to believe his rants –
    may peace, unity, love, and these dreams come true – prevail

    • Ken says:

      You are classic new age. You are exactly what the Vigilant Christian speaks about. My friend had the same disillusionment as he did. VC is the real deal.

      • Rean says:

        You’re classic religious hater. You are exactly what is wrong with some Christians and some new agers and the luciferians and the satanists and the illuminati and so forth…
        You are no better with your religion and understanding, ignoring his post. Learn to see your own faults first, and then point out others’. Or have you forgotten Yeshua’s teaching. It’s is so amusing to see Christians fall into their own trap time and time again. The preaching they do, they should practice themselves, if they truly want to bring something to the table that the people will listen and consider. You are stuck in your own ways, which do not work any more. Your approach is destroying the teaching’s purity.

        People who respond such as you, on this comments section, and anywhere else in the world, show that they possess only a tiny slice of understanding of self and reality.
        Which is why you never listen to the other person, trying to understand them and talk to them about things, you only write 2 sentences of condemnation as you did and write off the other human being. You are no different than the Illuminati who value human life as nothing. Once you get over “it’s my way, or my God’s way or the highway” then you will understand some of the very first teachings that Yeshua taught. And he was not the only one who taught those things, nor was he the last. His mission was to provide opportunity to cleanse the fallen DNA, and to return some sanity to this planet, but he is not the lone teacher of God and goodness, that Christians make him out to be. He is supremely important, but so is every soul to God! Learn respect for other’s points of view and develop a dialogue with them. Until then you are no different than the new ager who will not listen to you either. You are all the same. You are in it together and you all need to learn humility.

  3. Rob says:

    See, everytime someone sees something that’s unusual, they immediately say that it’s a ‘demon’ or something ‘evil’… LOL, see how messed up a lot of us are? We give way to much powers to demons and monsters and we wonder why the would is that way it is?

    The irony is that humans are quick to call other forms evil, and negative by default… However, we forget that there are other expressions who think this way about us…

    Unlike us, they witness a LOT of reasons to see humans as evil… They observe the things that humans do to one another; to earth and animals all of the time.

    So, they are justified in thinking that humans cannot be trusted and that humans are inherently dangerous and evil.

    But, not all possesions are the work of demons or the devil, Sometimes, its the result of disembodied spirits looking to have a physical experience.
    Of course possesion can happen, but realize that there are times when people are under mind control right here on Earth… These subjects are used to generate fear in people and are to justify religious belief-systems.

    The Abrahamic God has slaughtered millions of fetuses and infants in the Old Testament. I wish that the people outside the Planned Parenthood gates protesting would realize that their God is not pro-life. I am sick of them harassing me and belittling me as I escort the women in. Besides, didn’t Jesus say not to pray in public? Well then what are they doing with their rosaries and acting holier than thou? Oh ya, that’s right, being a bunch of egotistical and arrogant people.

  4. Discernment says:

    The Vigilant “Christian” is an admitted “Babe in Christ” therefore he should NOT be teaching or preaching Christianity with any kind of authority, but yet he does with much arrogance and pride and as IF he has extensive biblical knowledge which he admittedly and obviously does NOT. His only knowledge base is in the OCCULT, Being a SUPPOSED EX-New Age Satanist, but this “Christian” facade is just a new BUSINESS VENTURE for him to get your DONATION$, from a new bunch of gullible sheeple, yes give him your $ for posting videos on a FREE site (Youtube)! LOL! He promotes EVERYTHING as a conspiracy, sensationalizing EVERYTHING and FEAR-MONGERS on all topics so much so his subs are afraid of their own shadows, he blames “The Illuminati” for EVERYTHING (yet he cannot and will not define WHO “they” are) yet EVERYTHING is still their fault, including when old celebrities die, or when celebrities like Jim Caviezel have a hit tv show (Person of Interest) Mario claims Caviezel’s been “blacklisted” in Hollywood because he acted in the Passion of the Christ (the guy doesn’t even fact check!) This guy is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, yet ironically he is the one always crying wolf! all the time LMAO!

  5. LC says:

    well said. This guy is a fake I saw a video last night were he supports Teal Swan and was all for her because of the satanic abuse she went through and at the same time he puts down Spirit Science which makes me laught as they are related. So he picks and chooses his own agenda according to his belief and what resonates with him. Perhaps he is being deceived by a fake spirit maskerating as god. To label all spiritual as New Age and to put it down as evil when these people actually are full of love and do good deeds is beyond me. Yes the Illuminati are evil and satanic but you can’t link them to New Age/Spiritual people and turn something that is good into bad because your mind is twisted and controlled by a false awakening. I feel he is a dangerous person. He does not resonate with me and he nearly had me questioning my believes … but then again that is what satan does?

  6. Mona says:

    I understand being a new Christian and not completely understanding scripture. I also understand being taught the word by heretics, without realizing they’re heretics because you’re a “baby” Christian. But when someone preaches, they should have wisdom and understanding of God’s word.

    It rings suspicious to me when someone says they’re not religious, they’re spiritual. Christians are religious. New Age people think of themselves as being spiritual. I just find it kind of suspicious because I attended an apostate church for several years, blind and not recognizing the heresy I was being taught under.

    God was patient and merciful with me. He opened my eyes and led me out of that tainted pasture. The Pastor of that church always claimed to be spiritual, not religious. That church is a witchcraft cult. Now that I can see clearly, I find it quite suspicious when someone claims to be spiritual, not religious. It sounds as if they’re actually saying, they’re new age, not Christian. I’m not new age so I gladly accept being religious. Believe not every spirit.

  7. Melissa says:

    I don’t consider myself “religious” Mona, though I don’t use the term spiritual either. Many times that DOES = new age! Many Christians try to disassociate themselves with the word “religious” because religion, in and of itself, has been so divisive, and confusing in our society. There are SO many RELIGIONS, and has been SO much hatred and bloodshed in its name. Christ, himself, was at odds with the religious of His time. I think we are meant to be RELATIONAL, not religious. As Christ followers, that is what sets us apart from other “religions”. It isn’t about a set of rules (thought there are rules) it is about the RELATIONSHIP we have, and for this reason, I do not like the term religious, or use it for myself. I tell people I am in relationship with Christ, and it’s nothing like what you may know of religion.

  8. Heather says:

    I watch Mario a.k.a. Vigilant Christian often on YouTube and he does admit he is out of the New Age realm, but I don’t notice anything wrong with his videos. He does not however use scripture that often, but everyone has their areas of strengths and wealnesses.

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