My name is Gaz Parker, I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too.

My audio testimony can be found here

Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com

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  1. Donna Hemlow says:

    I fell in love and married a man who has a spiritual medium as one of his best friends. I knew this when I married him but I was so in love with him that I didn’t let the realization totally sink in. Now I am in a spot where I don’t know what to do as I am finding out more and more about the situation. Just wondering if you have any suggestions. Thanks

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Spiritism is a religion in itself. The medium not only communicates with what he perceives are departed loved ones, he may also subscribe to other beliefs such as the law of cause and effect or karma (non-biblical), personal responsibility (not judgement after death) and God is in everyone (panthieism). When you married him you choose him for who he was, his beleifs and oppinions etc. He also chose you for your qualities too, however, your change of heart has allowed you to see that your loved one is in danger, right? One of the things we can do as individuals is come to the realisation that the Lord is our saviour. This is the first step. The second step is to approach the medium (in your case, your husband) but be gentle, always approach with love and empathy. You should pray for him and ask the Lord to guide you towards your husbands salvation. Look for material (dvd’s/books etc) that he can relate to (on the mediums side of things) and yet provides true accounts where things sent drastically wrong. Also, show him videos where the new age movement is linked with Lucifarianism this includes Keith Truths, Aquain age of evil. Wait in the Lord, have faith and he will come to your aid. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, or i you have further questions.



      • Donna Hemlow says:

        what are keith truths? Is this Keith Thompson?

      • Donna Hemlow says:

        Hi Gaz,
        My husband and I finally separated after a tumultuous five years together and yes, he is still friends with the medium. Throughout it all, and still, I have not given up on God’s saving power even though it appears things will never change. I do not, however expect for Lance and I to get back together unless he totally separates himself from his medium friend and from the perverted lifestyle that he has adopted. I truly am more content than I have been in years, having moved states away from him. I want to thank you for your insight during that time when I was seeking for so many answers. Please keep sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others!

  2. alondre says:

    i’m 18 and i’ve realised how real life is. and that there is a god up above who , when mankind was down and out , DID find a way to save us all. and that was to send his son to die for our sins so that we can be saved in the time that it matters (judgement) . i’ve realised that hell is real and heaven is real, but so does my father. the difference is, he coontinues to live a sinful life while i’m making steps to erase sin from my life as much as possible so as to be saved. he’s my father and i want to see him saved as well. what can i possibly tell him ?

  3. :P says:

    You are just repeating what the bible says. You fear god, i know. I feel sorry for you…Jesus lived 2000 years ago..he was not more perfect than we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those who believe in the new age can do so, and those who believes in something else can also do so.
    Don’t try to tell us what is right, because the only right thing is what you feel in your heart.
    Why should jesus be our savior? why should he save us from something his father had done?

    We are one with god and god is one with us, why should he/she want something else. All religions believe that we are seperated from god and life, and now you see the consequenses on earth..
    Rest in peace dudexD

    • Ken says:

      You new agers are severely deluded. You are attracted to new age because it allows you to continue in your sin. In fact you are encouraged to engage in “gluttony” as JZ Knight says. Yoga even has a “naked” version of yoga. Yuk!!
      I sincerely encourage you to repent and seek the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

  4. penninelady says:

    I found this page because I saw some people on a social network talking about paying a psychic to entertain them at a party. The chatter then moved on to other occult entertainment such as fortune telling and tarot cards. As a very concerned Christian, I politely pointing out how dangerous it is to dabble with the occult. They completely ignored me though.
    They probably see it as just harmless fun.

    I was into New Age stuff before I became Christian in 2006.. thankfully, I was finally able to see the great dangers in occult subjects that get dressed as New Age or “enlightening” and turned from them, I attended an Alpha Course and the Holy Spirit entered my life. The Holy Spirit enables me to appreciate the Bible as it was intended…the Inspired Word of God.
    Christians do repeatedly quote the Bible, because there is great wisdom in it.

  5. Priscilla says:

    Hi, I came across this website because I can’t sleep at this moment. I’ve been thinking about letting go of my fears and actually opening upto these spirits, (which is probably why i cant sleep) but reading ur website changed my mind! Thank You! I have always closed off to whatever and pray to God in Jesus name that he makes it go away, I’m going to stop watching “Long Island Medium” because its giving me bad ideas. I’ve never heard of u or this site, so I think it’s pretty cool that I came across it because it reminded me of what I’ve always believed in. The only good presents I felt has been The Holy Spirit that’s it. 🙂 that should be the only one I open up to. Thanks again

  6. Warrior Princess for Christ says:

    I had a horrible experience with “healers” in Jan 2013. I saw an hypnotherapist, medium, energy worker, alchemist/spiritual teacher, my vet that did emotional freedom technique for allergy/substance desensitization. I went for healing for my PTSD and for being extra “sensitive”. My whole life I had empathic traits that were very negative which are now renounced and have stopped after going through the “steps to freedom in christ”, see a christian psychologist, get deliverance/prayer healings, renewing my mind in christ with bible study, repenting from sin, learning the truth,& more. I realize i am not only healing from the present, but the past too so it will take some time. What I experienced was so awful and vile. All the practitioners I saw were spiritists. The really regret seeing the Alchemist. I didnt know they had a tie in to the illuminati, golden-dawn, and rosicrusianism. This person said he put people on thier “blue print”. And could cure people of cancer. That he “saved lives”. I went under the advice of a friend who was studying to become a medium. I was a baby christian at the time just learning the fundamentals but holy spirit did give me many red flags my friend told me not to worry about. At first he came off as this Grandfather holy person. I went to my first session and he chanted over and i felt a force go in my pelvic area and hold me down to the table(it was so scary). Then i astral projected and was speaking to a person I couldn’t see and a conversation I could not remember. I saw a so-called jesus performing an attunement on me(if you see Jesus you will know). I was one of rare few -i was told -that could remember what I saw. Allegedly I was speaking to an Arc Angel metatron and he was now my “master”. We were “discussing my plans for my future which would be revealed to me at a later time in my conciousness. ” “that I was on a path to psychic clairvoyance”. I didnt know what to think but, i felt myself change towards the negative and I could feel the man around me all of the time. Following that I had strange sexual dreams with men in red and black robes. I had an eft treatment from the Vet and before it happened i heard a voice in my head say “your going to open a door!” A major emotional cyst released and i was an emotional wreck it trickled onto my marriage and spiritual warfare ensued. I was so desparate my friend told me to see the alchemist again. so i called to make an appointment and he referred to me as a beautiful girl in the conversation. I was so desparate for help and under so much demonic influence I kept the appointment. When i walked in the door he was no longer “holy” he hugged me tightly and put his mouth ob my head and whispered “you give the best hugs.” I was bawling. I wanted to throw up and was extremely confused yet not threated by his behavior as i am married and not attracted to this person. He was 30 years older and not attractive at all to me. But i was still an emotional wreck and “thought” i needed his help. After i told him what happened he projected his opinions and views onto me as if it were the end all be all. Not OK to someone emotionally distressed. After that session i had strange sexual/marriage dreams with a younger version of him and it really messed with me. I told the medium friend about his strange behavior and she said,”oh he treats everyone that way, he is just an old soul, & he does that to me.” I was thinking that isnt ok either. I’d never speak or conduct myself to a client that way, ever. So unprofessional. And as for the vivid dreams “those are just past lives”. I wasnt totally convinced but i believed her after she is a medium she must have this “special esoteric knowledge” that i don’t (NOT TRUE). I looked online and i knew this man talked about the golden dawn on his answering machine and website. So i looked it up. I found a golden dawn and hermetic alchemy site and these men are initiated in and put spells on people-which was exactly how I felt. I felt like I was under a spell but not completely because I still had the holy Spirit murmuring while the demon that i couldve been partially possessed by was trying to pinch its lips shut. I had one session left and i stupidly went. He conduct changed and he was more reserved but still trying to be “cool” he did something to my heart that was extremely painful. My anxiety after that skyrocketed. I didnt know myself, my personality changed, i was about to do a 360 change in all areas of my life tht made no sense whatsoever. I was a mess. I became more interested in occultic activity. After telling another friend about what had happened so told me to not see that healer again. So I decided to not go back to alchemist even though he kept saying i needed to come back. i come to find from another healer i went to (which i shouldnt have done either) that there was a cord fused to my heart. That is was related to the illuminati. She gathered that because she saw men in robes and symbols that represented that to her. I knew then. I also found on a christian site a man that was an ex leader of hermetic alchemist Golden dawn order. He spoke about how they can do spells by astral projecting and mentally fantasizing what they want to happen on earth and it all gets played out to happen by demons they manipulate or get manipulated by. I finally brought myself to a church and started uncontrollably crying in church. It felt like God had his arms wrapped around me and said,” welcome back, you went into the devils playground but, if you deny yourself and take up the cross, i will get you out of this.” I read matthew, mark, luke , & john and felt the fog lift. Prior to renouncing i experienced horrific nightmares, my face getting pushed into a window by an unknown force, pets dying, and more.
    There is even more to this story as well. I’d like to speak about this on a podcast sometime to get the word out about new age deception. I feel this all happened and i remembered what i remembered for a reason. And by the grace of God i was spared and repairs were made in my life for me to warn others. All this deception is only growing. It all started by me stepping in a yoga studio many years ago(yup had to quit that too) and yes it is related.

  7. JustMe says:

    Warrior Princess, thanks for posting, that was an interesting read. hope all is going well with you now…I see this was a few months back.

  8. Kat says:

    Jesus was way more perfect than we could ever be. He was uniquely God in the flesh. And yes we do quote the bible because it is firm and reliable as opposed to demons making us into unstable waves thwarting us further away from God’s truth under the deceptive guise of intuition. I prefer the firm foundation. As a former new Ager,
    I know it is just being ok with sinning. I know it is placing our hearts on ungodly passions. Paganism. How is it good to end a marriage because “you aren’t happy”. How can one put that much pressure on another to make yourself happy. How is it ok to engage in
    Premarital relations and create ungodly soul ties with a person you have no intention of marrying.. How is it ok to be with a person yet commit adultery in your mind? Then leads into adultery. God places boundaries to keep us safe. New agers have NO boundaries. Reading into others sending energy even when not asked. Harming others without even knowing it. Totally boundary less selling the lie of freedom and live life the way you want to. So sad. I praise the Lord he saved me from this!

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