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30-Mar-2011: Gaz Parker talks to Steve Burns about Satanism and the Lord
19-Feb-2011: False prophet – Lee Carroll and his puppet master Kryon
18-Feb-2011: The God Helmet – when science and spirituality cross over
16-Feb-2011: Gaz Parker – mythological creatures and modern day aliens.
13-Feb-2011: Gaz Parker – Spiritual attack (5 times in one morning).
Gaz Parker – Testimony – full with Chris White – Nowhere to run
Dangers of Divination – Set the captives Free with Lynne Dickie

Ex-New Agers … your oppotunity to Help others learn about our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ

  • Download free audio recording software here
  • Send your audio file to newagedeception@gmail.com from here

Help others learn about our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ by making a audio recording answering the questions below. Ideally the recordings should contain as much key information as possible and lasting between 15 mins – 45 minutes. You don’t have to give your real name or if you have special conditions please let me know.

Please introduce yourself…. then if you could answer the following questions…

1. Was you effected by spiritual matters as a child? (if so) can you elaborate.
What kind of things were you into whilst in the occult?

2. Did you have experience with religion before or whilst involved with the occult?

3. Before turning to Christ what was your opinion of the bible, Jesus and Christianity?

4. Some people are unaware that they are being manipulated demonic entities. What feelings, signs, thoughts and sounds did you experience when doing spiritual work?

5. People tend to seek an experience when dabbling. Can you remember any powerful experiences that happened to you?

6. Although we acknowledge now that such activities are extremely dangerous it is useful to understand the attraction of this phenomena . In your words can you explain what first motivated to get involved and what kept you doing this? For example, I was attracted to mediumship because I feared death and missed loved ones. The need to help others and the need to inflate my ego kept me locked into the occult. Please elaborate and give examples.

7. Did you lose friends or family ties when you got saved?

8. People who are active in the occult may be concerned about giving up what they perceive as gifts. What could you say to help them understand the benefits of giving this up.

9. During your time in the occult did you every suffer from symptoms such as depression, anxiety or rage but cleared up after you was saved? If so, please elaborate?

10. Did you ever have any experience with ufo’s or aliens? What is your opinion of this phenomena?

11. Did you have any spiritual problems just after you was saved?

12. What message could you give to those who are dabbling in the occult, what advice can you offer from your experience?

13. Please give a testimony of how you came to Christ.

10 Responses to Podcasts

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  3. Ivan says:

    Hi Gaz,
    it’s Ivan from the Matt9:37-38 forum

    In regards to the testimonies you need, I don’t really have a knockout story to tell, and I’m not the greatest expositor so I don’t know if I’d be able to fill 15 minutes with my collective, maybe, 4 four years tops of experience.

    To sum up, as a child, I was crazy afraid of aliens, and in my early teens I got interested in psychic phenomena. Only, I was never ‘abducted’ nor exhibited any ‘psychic’ ability as far as I know.

    The extent of my experience with the occult was a kundalini experience, some lame ‘healing’, and those, you know, ‘coincidences’ or whatever.

    After my conversion last year, I was attacked by demons fairly often. At first it would be random, but later the powerful ones would hit whenever I witnessed to someone who was clearly oppressed. I guess there’s some story to discuss there, but in the end, I don’t think I could give you more than 6 or 7 minutes tops.

    If you need another audio testimony, let me know, or do you think if it’s a short one, a written one would be more appropriate?

    In Christ,


  4. Gaz Parker says:

    Just a quick update.

    Thanks so much for everyone’s support, I have received a number of responses and so pleased many of you are making a great effort to assist this important project.

    Please be encouraged that your efforts will help more than you could imagine!

    My door is always open to anyone who has any questions, I might be a bit rough around the edges but I don’t bite so please feel free to drop me an email.

    🙂 seeee… I must be nice because a did a smiley!

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  6. Orlando says:

    Hi gaz,
    My name is Orlando. I heard your testimony a while back on set the captives free. And I began listening to your podcast. I was wondering if you will be doing anymore podcasts in the near future??? Also I hope all is well with you. God bless you

    A brother in the lord

  7. Orlando says:

    Hi gaz I was jut wondering if you are continuing your podcast? It’s been a while since you have spoken or had guests. I hope all is well with you. I have a question as well. Can or do horror movies attract demonic spirits or is it just a source of entertainment like any other genre of movies? And as a Christian is it wrong to listen to podcasts that talk about subject Matters relating to ghosts, Evp,s, and many occultic subject matters?

    • Gaz Parker says:

      No podcasts at the moment. This area of knowledge is available right across youtube however the best way to learn more about this is to study and identify for yourself occult items and ideology. 🙂

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