Pamela Wohlsen Testimony – Chakra’s / Spirit Guides / tarot and orbs

Pamela kindly sent over her testimony about her experience in the new age movement and how she quickly found herself getting deeper into the occult.
This is her testimony:

I grew up in the church with a christian upbringing and involved in youth group etc.

After highschool I got into the whole drinking scene and recommitted in 1981.

Due to family circumstances, I still believed in God, read my bible and prayed daily but did not
go to church anymore because when I got home, my husband at the time would then
not to speak to me for around 2 hours and just be contantious, we were just drifting apart.

While I was working in the supermarket industry, I became friends with a girl
there who was asking me to go to church with her. I asked her where was her church
and she told me it was near Palm Beach on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I ended up quite close with her over the next few months and started buying crystals, got interested
in orb balls, reading books on tarot cards and mediumship etc aswell as listening to new age music.

I had my crystals in my pocket and my particular crystals for the different particular chakra
points, for example the throat chakra when my throat was sore, neck chakra when my neck
was sore and even slept with them under my pillow, I also had my dreamcatcher so I would have good dreams
during the night and receive direction my spirit guides.

The books I had read had expalined that if your working in giftings of God, you were called what
is termed a light-worker, that first you were to pray to God and ask for His protection from dark spirits,
ask for the Holy Spirit to show what you needed to know for the day and ask for the radiant white
light of the energy of God.

I started doing magic spells with incantations on a blue cloth where I had drawn a pentagram,
candle gazing, mirror gazing for other people from your past lines etc, etc, well, I
made the call to go to spiritualist training college and get my diploma in spiritualism so
when I finished I too could then help others by praying for them for healing and to
see them rid of all manners of sickness, disease, mental illness etc, as this is what
I believed God had called me to do.

It was a round then I started doing tarot card readings, for some reason, I didn’t make the
class and thought nothing of it. I did readings for other people aswell as myself, and before bed
would read my bible and pray again.

About a week later, my friend asked me to her church, I asked what they did there.
She said they started with praise and worship for around 3 songs, an offering message,
the word of God was preached and then they had their prayer line where people were
prayed for, for healing and then the medium would come out and give words of prophecy to
people from their dead relatives etc as given to her her spirit guide.

Something about it just didn’t sit right that day…. about a few days later I was walking from
my loungeroom to the kitchen and all of a sudden in a small voice I heard “Pam, throw out your
tarot cards and all your new age things, they are not of me” with that I did.


I ended up going to a church in Robina on the Gold Coast, after one Sunday only there, I was at home in the
unit where I lived with my 2 children, by this stage, my husband had decided he didn’t want
to reconcile our marriage and was in a relationship with his then girlfriend, now wife.

It was the Monday, I was in bed reading the bible as I had recommitted the few days before,
all of a sudden while in prayer, I saw the most beautiful island, coconut trees blowing in the
cool, cool breeze and thought to myself, wow, a vision from God so I went with it, next thing I knew
I was being attacked by around a dozen demons coming at me from every direction.

All I could do was remember from many years before, to rebuke in the name of Jesus,
I couldn’t speak, I was frozen on the spot. I just thought as hard as I could, I rebuke you
in the name of Jesus and they left.


Through circumstances again, I ended up moving, and ended up next door to lady who also
called herself a christian. We started speaking and I immediately picked she was a new age
spiritualist. Turned out she was a practising reiki master and even though I tried witnessing
with her, sadly the whole time, she was trying to witness to me.

I spoke with her one day about it and she explained that they taught there were 3 levels
of christians. The first, mainstream churches for example, catholic, uniting church, anglican….
they knew of God, the 2nd, was charismatic, pentecostal, spirit-filled types, they knew God a bit more
and the 3rd and the closest to God, the new age spiritualists. They also had tapes of words
they had received from a ministry that gave prophecies to those of the new age, the ministry
was at the time called the school of the prophets.


On the site, the associated churches of the spiritualist church, we see spoken and taught, that with the death and resurrection of Jesus,
the law of Moses, all abominations of the Old Testament are now done away with and the explanation
that the gifts of the Holy Spirit of the New Testament are the spiritualis gifts of prophecy (mediumship)
laying on of hands (reiki) etc etc.

We know of course, that the god of healing, music and prophecy is actually Apollo(n), the son of Zues and Leto,
received his words from Zues himslef and is the false holy spirit.

The New Agenda has been around a very long time and is doing rounds again now with the
Zeitgeist Movie and it’s movement which discredits Jesus by saying Jesus has been put in place
where there god is supposed to be and that early believers plagiarized and added Jesus’s name, others
say Jesus is just an ascended master and have now gone from piscean age to aquarian age, the list goes on.

It’s also been around called gnosticism, and is around again now and come back have the teachings of holy spirit
being female. We see it once again being blended into christianity now through the emergent church and other things.

We need to be aware of what the current teaching is so we can properly know how to witness
effectively not only to those of the new age, but sadly, those of the true church now, who through
lack of knowledge are being drawn away into the great abyss and destroyed. (Hosea 4 v 6)

Please, arm yourself with knowledge if you are a christian, and if not, God is for you, not against you,
and in His great love and mercy. He is waiting for you with His arms open wide.

For God so loved YOU !!!

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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2 Responses to Pamela Wohlsen Testimony – Chakra’s / Spirit Guides / tarot and orbs

  1. Marie Jones says:

    Wonderful testimony from Pam, I know her personally and she has such strong FAITH in our LORD JESUS CHRIST now, she miniters to people caught up in new age especially within the “church”. She is an incrediable woman of God,thankyou for publishing her testimony. Marie

  2. Charmaine says:

    Thank you for sharing Pam’s testimony.

    It’s a major concern I have about the direction of the Church. We’ve come to a place where we call those who dare to search, find out, discern and dispute the error finding its way among us as religious. If I should say to a believer in orbs, for instance, or the gold dust and the rest of it that all that stuff is of the devil, I will immediately be called religious. How they string it together only they know.

    I marvel that Jesus’ first and opening response to His disciples who wanted to know the signs of His coming was “Be careful that no one deceives you”. I’m not sure the Church has heeded to this.

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