Evil inside: occult embedded messages on product labels.


Would buy a product with ‘hail satan’ written on the label?  Im sure most people would at the very least question the motive. Many I am sure would be replused at the prospect.

For those that actually bother about dodgy ingrediants know that sweetner could = aspertame = cancinogen aka cancer causing.  We can easily avoid sweetners by cutting out all products containing this substance. Nonetheless what about products that legally hide their additives under blanket terms such as ‘Natural Flavours’?  Maybe research takes far too long, maybe then we might want to consider avoiding them altogether?

So what is this got to do with the Marmite Advert? Come on Gaz, quit the small talk and get to the point! Surely you are not announcing aspartame is now in Marmite? The short answer is… I don’t know because I rarely ever eat the stuff.  Nevertheless it was when I saw this advert I spotted the symbolism straight away but can you see it?

Go to the centre of the advert and move towards the left. You will see it!!! Three sixes in orange side by side… whats that all about I wonder?

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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29 Responses to Evil inside: occult embedded messages on product labels.

  1. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    The 666 is hidden in everything. It has nothing to do with the make believe “Satan” as Satan doesn’t exist. And even if he DID exist, he’s not the bad guy…and he is not threat to humanity. The threat comes from the deception, most of the world has been deceived into thinking this is SATAN doing this, when Satan is the ScapeGOAT for these other “beings” or reptilians which have invaded planet Earth. So, by fooling us into thinking it’s Satan doing all this, and that Jesus will come save us, they can continue to work behind the scenes undetected. This is how they set everything up and Gaz, Im sorry bud, but you are a victim. Even if you ARE a disinformation AGENT, you’re still a victim in my eyes.

    So, the danger is real and these companies ARE CONTROLLED BY EVIL….but the fact here is that it is NOT SATAN, they made that part up. You need to keep looking and digging deeper from the truth. And don’t ask “God” for anything because “God” is evil and he will lie to you. That is why he told you that the spirits were evil, when they are infact not. Not all spirits are evil. But the “God” that poses in your bible certainly is! And he is not truly “God” either! So, keep all this in mind! This is the truth!

  2. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    In other words, the deception behind your religion is that is is only HALF REAL. Meaning the characters might of existed, but they were simply playing PARTS. Some Super Psycho plays the part of God, Maybe a good, geninue guy was duped into Playing Jesus, or maybe Jesus was reptilian himself, or MAYBE he didn’t even exist. I personally believe he DID exist, but he certain is not our savior. The Silver Legion is infact a real group working to save us right now from Evil, if anyone wants to check them out, go to youtube and look up THE SILVER LEGION and TANAATH you will be very interested to listen to this woman. She will tell you many of the secrets as to what REALLY HAPPENS TO US AFTER WE DIE….as she remembers her past lives. There is no “Devil” deceiving us.


    • colin says:

      I apologize for that last guy, I am sorry you had to waste 45 seconds of your life reading that.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Yep tripple six is everywhere. its interesting how much of what you wrote sounded similar to ickes work. I get lots of emails from people who believe they know the truth and attempt to ridicule everyone else. How do you test the source?

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

        I’ll tell you one way to test your source (God) USE YOUR HEART…Read my other posts and I think we will agree that you should convert back to Psychic.

    • sheflys4 says:

      It is the FOOL that says there is no God! YHWH rebuke you! You have proved Him with your ridiculous diatribe. WHAT are you afraid of? Better yet….why are YOU so verbose about something that YOU think does not exist? Wow…you need a life Don’t be concerned about mine….it’s AWESOME EVERY dream fulfilled and the promise of an eternal LIFE with my King! Not the pit or the fiery lake I pity your emptiness. HALLELUJAH!!

  3. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Icke is funded by illuminati, therefore he just uses scare tactics. Dont listen to him. I dont use scare tactics, I just try to help people save their souls.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      yep a lot of truthers say that about icke. I am undecided through lack of credible evidence. Nonetheless he is promoting the same Blavatski style new age concepts and Pantheism mixed in. Ulrimately he is saying that he thinks we are all god and psychic phenomina is harmless and comes from within. Are you saying you disagree with icke on these core points?

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

        No, I don’t disagree about those core points. I do know that we have the power of god within us. You know how I know? Because I’ve been PERFECT before and only through that power of “God” can you be perfect. I am not saying that psychic things are harmless. I can see posibilities where “psychic” could get you into trouble…but for the most part it’s good to have some psychic insight (That’s what GOD gave it to us for!) instead of being some blind bat. I do believe in Demons and negative energy but they do not have to be called “Demons” that is simply a TERM made up by people.

        And just because ICKE is funded by illuminati (I really have no idea if he is or not, but it seems obvious that he is, since so many people know about him) does not mean he speaks 100% lies. They speak enough truth to get people sucked in and then the 1% lies are deadly enough to keep people from knowing the real truth. The real truth is that religions are a definite scam, and have been curropted. Even if the God of the bible WAS Real, the BIBLE IS NOT, so stop reading it and find god from within your OWN TRUE SELF, not some freaking book….Lol

  4. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Check out Tanaath on youtube…I agree with most of what she says. She is not the enemy

  5. I checked out Tanaath. A deluded new ager.

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      And let me guess….you’re a deluded Christian? lol

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      Also your comment sounds like a cop-out…..So, just because we have real people who DO remember past lives and are here to inform us that there is more to the universe than just our planet, your response is to call them New Agers? We aren’t allowed to have memories or NOT be duped in order to be considered normal humans? Why put a label like “New Ager” on somebody just because they happen to remember their past lives? Oh, that’s right you do it as an attempt to discredit or continue on the robotic cycle of repeating what you’ve heard.

      • Gaz Parker says:

        you still havent answered my question. how do you test the source?

        • Gaz Parker says:

          simply relying on your heart or feelings in not a water tight method of testing the spirits. For example how would u know if a good spirit was actually really a evil or bad spirit?

          • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

            I am not talking about Spirits, I am talking about YOU, look within your OWN heart and you’ll see that the God of the bible is kind of psychotic. Even if there is a God, which I have no problem with accepting that, it won’t be how the bible says. The bible has been curropted with lots of false information. So, it’s OK to believe in God, but NOT Ok to believe in the Bible. Does that make sense? There should be no argument to that, unless you’re totally brainwashed….

  6. danarielle says:

    The 666 in products is very interesting I had no idea. I should start observing a bit more!

    DontBeIgnorant if I may I want to ask a question/questions. You don’t believe in the God of the Bible because you don’t believe that He exhibits love is that correct? I’m genuinely curious, in your opinion what IS Love?

    I’m asking because in this day and age the word is completely over used. “I loved that cheese burger.” “I love my dog” “I love my kid” “God is Love”. We hear the same word and yet it means different things! I’m very curious I’ve been following the writing you’ve posted in the comments on this blog and you refer to God not being Love[ing] and that you help souls out of love. Is that a correct assumption? If so what does love mean to you personally?

    I’d be interested to know!

    Gaz, thanks for the post!

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      Hey there Danariaelle,

      Love to me is hard to explain, but it’s far more than loving a cheeseburger…lol. True Love is uncondtional. That means you love it no matter what, deep down, cosmic love from the universe. It’s a feeling like no other. It’s so unbelievable you would forgive anyone for anything once you feel what it is like. You understand that we are all ONE. That is what LOVE is. In regard to a burger, there is no way anyone can truly love that, as once it goes rancid or tastes badly, you no longer like it. So, you can’t even compare with that. But I appreciate you asking. Now, that has nothing to do with why I don’t believe the bible. I don’t believe the bible because it was written by the dark forces. As well as promoted by the dark forces. It is an intrument to be used in evil. Now please check out this site for in depth information on “The Mark of the Beast” and you’ll see the undilluted truth regarding the subject. Turns out my original theory was wrong (I thought we should accept it so we didn’t die)

      DO NOT ACCEPT IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, you must try to survive outside the monetary system because once you accept it, you become property of the aliens, dark forces, etc. These are what is referred to by religious people as “The Devil” ….creating a devil or a scapegoat is the easy way out, but not the correct way because you will end up in Hades if you do that. Hades is actually what they refer to as hell. So there WAS SOME TRUTH to the bible just like I thought. It just got all distorted by evil. So, if you want to know the full truth, you must check out this link below, there are 7 pages and it is fascinating. I just hope Gaz and the rest of the Christians are true to their heart, and DO NOT ACCEPT the mark, and I hope they do not live for worldy possessions because we must give them up to be free. Makes perfect sense.

      Take care and let me know what you think about the reading (There’s tons of other good information you can find on the bibliotecapleyades site as well)


      • danarielle says:

        Thank You for clarifying your view of love I appreciate it. I think I’ll agree to disagree with you on this one. The Christian idea of love is a little different from yours, but I’m sure you already know that. Me personally it gives me hope and it makes me appreciate grace. I like a love in which I serve others and forgive. So I think I’m understanding what you mean about wanting to forgive others. Once you have that love how can you not?
        I’m not looking to throw the bible at you or get into a debate. I just was honestly curious what love was for you. I didn’t think you thought love was restricted to burgers. 😀 that expression is just used a lot!
        Thanks for explaining.

  7. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Basically my other theory was right (to simplify it for religious people) God and the Devil are business partners that are in a war together. The whole reason for this is to seperate the low consciousness from the high consciousness. Those who live for the world and for security will find themselves in Hades(Hell) while those who live for others and love will find themselves in “Heaven” or on the higher vibration. I forget the word they used for it. Sorry, I’m still new to all this too. I always had that truth in my heart and mind though, I am just trying to use the accurate words here. You will find a lot of info from the link I posted above.

  8. Jack says:

    I am creating a science project, I have a feeling this one will get an F but the F will give a compelling metaphor.


    The animals understanding of life, how existence is not relative to how you see it.

    is a rat able to see our reality, and if the rat can not see it, is it real.

    Hypothesis;I believe that the rat will be able to distinguish between reality and other wise.

    ~Items needed~

    1~ a phone

    2~ a rat

    3~ a cage and food for the rat

    The project steps (presentation wise)

    Step one~look at phone and call it a phone.

    Step two~ put phone in cage with rat.

    Step three~ call phone

    Step four~ yell at rat to answer the phone.

    {let me know what you understand of the project you bunch of a-holes}

  9. Jesus christ are y'all forreal says:

    It’s “carcinogen,” you fucking half-wit.

    • Sandra Fackler says:

      Nice! I really admire your intellect and how you use peaceful language and avoid dis-respecting those you address. Your attitude will go a long way to show that other opinions from this site owner’s matter and further civil discourse. You should take a page from Danarielle’s book. Just once I’d like to read an intelligent, civil discourse on any topic on the dumbed-down-to-worthless Internet. Sheesh!

  10. girlwithadirtymind1 says:

    Great article. I completely missed the 666 until you pointed out where it was. God save us. We are so very manipulated.

  11. Jesus Saves says:

    Guys I got a video giving a clear understanding in how the new age deception works and how I uncover many contradictions on their tricks in deceiving people it is a MUST SEE video guys I highly recommend if you want to clearly understand with evidence for yourself here . The New Age Deception – “NEW AGE EXPOSED”: http://youtu.be/q17xbJVXwmc

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