I think I am a medium, what can I do to tap into this gift?

Dear reader,

I have one question for you “Do you know for sure these entities with whom you wish to communicate with are who they say they are?”.  If the answer is yes then please read on….

I am an ex-medium and for a very serious reason.  Elaborating on my original question, how do you know for a fact that the entities that are trying to contact you are who they claim to be? Isn’t it fair to say that without a system in place you cannot know and therefore run a serious risk of being deceived? So why is it we loose all ability of critical thinking when it come to the subject of spirituality?

I understand this may not be the answer you want but if you are seeking the truth then please continue. Having been born as a medium and having practised such things, being labelled as a powerful medium bought more questions into my life than answers (and more thirst for secret knowledge too).

I mean this with great compassion and caring, this stuff in very dangerous and very dark. Read 2 Corinthians 11:14, this verse warns us that evil can parade as an angel of light, therefore it has no problem manifesting as a passed loved one.  It is a very cruel and evil deception and not an easy one to accept. These beings are real, as real as you and I but far more intelligent and very supernatural. So extraordinary that it would fool any person without the means to discern such things.  Evil really does exist and just because something is of spirit does not mean it cannot lie, after all do not the spirits of mediums often get things wrong? Of course they do and that’s because they lie. Ask yourself, if they can lie then isn’t that deception?  You can be sure it is!

If you haven’t already listened to my testimony (of an ex-medium) then here is the link:

This is a collection of videos from Laura Maxwell, an ex-spiritualist

Also, take a look at the ex-occultist directory for further proof:

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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35 Responses to I think I am a medium, what can I do to tap into this gift?

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  2. Great article Gaz. Readers if you haven’t watched the above clip of Gaz’s story, please do, it’s wonderful. I collect loads of EX Medium testimonies on my YouTube Channel and this one by Gaz is 1 of my faveourites! Thanx Gaz for referring folks onto my blog, to see links of other EX Mediums, Spiritualists, Psychics, etc. As Gaz said, please don’t assume channeling is ok, first, check out these true life stories of folks who did it but regretted it later. Laura Maxwell, EX New Age Spiritualist.

  3. Gaz Parker says:

    Thanks for the kind words Laura. 🙂

  4. Rahni Porter says:

    I love how you got straight to the point with the person asking the question. A lot of times people don’t think to ask these important questions,they just follow the dark “light”. Good work.

  5. Vince says:

    I have been aware of spiritual presences since i was very young. I have never embraced it and hate that i have this ability. Im looking for any insight to help me block out what i experience. Also im afraid i may have passed this on to my daughter. Please help

    • lyn says:

      Vince i know where you are coming from, i started hearing and seeing things when i was just 10 yrs old,, this got me interested in what it was all about later on in life,which lead me to becoming a spiritulist medium, once it gets hold of you it draws you deeper in, i then became a satanist and trans medium,apart from it not being the right path to walk down its dangerous one,please do not go down that road, the only way to shut it off is to give your life to Jesus Christ and He will help you, He is the only one that can get you out of this and through it..I have children myself and was afraid that i had passed it down to my children but the Lord is faithful , the moment i surrendered all to Jesus and repented and renounced it all,it cut all ties ,i prayed over and for my children and plead the Blood of Jesus over them..One thing i feel the Lord is saying to me right now is to say that its not just your daughter that would be affected by this its your childrens children right down to the forth generation,i dont know you but the Lord does and He knows you do not want that for your children.or grandbabies,.If you need to ask questions i can help or i know Laura is an amazing woman of God who has an awesome testimony and so is Gaz ..God bless you and yours vince..

    • Dear Vince, as an EX Spiritualist, I’ve spoken on TV & collect loads of EX Medium, EX Spiritualists, EX Psychics stories on my YouTube Channel, that might be helpful for you. Also, please see an article I wrote on my blog. It has advice on what you can do about unwanted spirits, http://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/test-the-spirits/ God bless you. Laura Maxwell, EX New Ager & EX Spiritualist.

  6. willem daniel nickel says:

    hi i have had a lady over the internet do a reading for me here name is sara frender she has said that iam a medium and a very powerful one must i take it serious or just wave it over and forget it

  7. lyn says:

    willem do you even know this woman personally? anyone can say they are doing a reading and tell you, you are a powerful medium, you do realise that its not you, its what will control you if you open yourself up furture to it. I used to be a spiritulist medium, used to be because i was shown the truth of whats behind what i was invloved in.They arent your say your aunt joy, they are demonic spirits no ifs or buts or maybes,You may say but how do they know everything about my aunt joy if its not her,its simple, demonic spirits have been around since the time of dawn, they know everything about everyone even down to what perfume, what size shoes, fav sayings, they have to find out these things for the very purpose to decieve people like yourself into thinking you have a great gift,its not a gift its a curse. willm do yourself a fav and steer away from it, if you want to help people there are many ways to help those that have lost loved ones, but if you go down this route you are deceiving people and its actually very cruel thing to do, All you will be is a puppet for the spirits ,they wont care about you, eventually they will destroy you when they no longer have any use of you. We are all born for a purpose and we all crave that something that is missing in our lives and that what we crave and that what we are born for is to belong to God. My suggestion to you is to forget about becoming a medium and do the right thing and give your life to Jesus,ask Him into your life and let Him be your guide, i can assure you ,you would help alot more people working for God than working for the spirits. Jesus loves you, they hate you..
    Hope this helps, i can give you na example of something that helped me realise that what i was dealiing with wasnt passed loved ones but familular spirits which are demonic. Or take a look at lauras videos or ask Gaz.. if you like reading i recommend a book to read and get more understanding of what you would be getting involved in should you persue mediumship and thats dancing with the devil by jeff harshbarger,you can get it cheap on amazon or online..God bless you..

  8. danyelle says:

    My name is Danyelle. i’m not entirely sure but i think i was born with the ability to feel what others are feeling and i can also see and hear things. Be it a person who has passed on or random flashing images and voices in my head that make no sense to me. My father was born with the ability to see spirits. I’d like to know if i’m like my father or if this is just my mind playing tricks on me.

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  10. Affinite Aguirre says:

    I believe I might be a person involved with entities. I feel the presence of others although I do not see them I feel them.ive had nasty thought etc. weird stuff I feel like something’s run to me then disappear like I feel there forces its creepy because I’m only 13 right now & I’m very confused Please help me email me back please I feel like I’m gonna go crazy

    • Gaz Parker says:

      you can email me at newagedeception ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

      • Great how you are helping so many Gaz. Dear readers , as an EX Spiritualist, I’ve spoken on TV & collect loads of EX Medium testimonies on my YouTube Channel, that might be helpful for you. Thanx Gaz for referring folks onto my blog. To see links of other EX Mediums, Spiritualists, Psychics, and to see an article I wrote on my blog with advice on what to do about spirits, please see http://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/test-the-spirits/ God bless you. Laura Maxwell, EX New Ager & EX Spiritualist.

  11. ritienne says:

    Hi I want to tell follow Jesus he is the life the way and the truth I had been in those things its all evil and demonic turn to Jesus turn to Jesus turn to the Lord Jesus

  12. angelica vargas - flores says:

    Ever since I was little I could ser hear things that I didn’t understand. I need help

  13. Gaz Parker says:

    Hello Angelica,

    Other than the information presented in my article above, what additional information can I provide you with to help you? 🙂

  14. Danielle says:

    Your video helps me a little bit but I would like some guideing I’ve seen and felt things that’s shouldn’t be there and when I was very younge I would have these dreams of where something would happen and 2 or 3 days later they would happend I wrote it off as not real but they have kept recurring and when I was younge one night I woke up and saw some type of ball of light and voices and just last week it had happend again mind you I have moved 9 years ago into the house I’m in now and that’s never happend in this house the other one yes but with the dreams these balls of light and feelings of someone there . If there is any guideness you can give me please do thank you.

    • angelica vargas - flores says:

      Ever since I was in my mothers stomach she was approached by a random women that told here she was a medium. She stated that once I was born I would have a gift like her, growing up I would here things and see spirits in full form. One of those times I lived in a house where a sweet old man had died, when ever I was scared he would watch over me and protect me. I have also dreamed of things that later had, and that still frightens me.

  15. Vicky wrobel says:

    Hello my name is Vicky and and while I listen to your video I became very emotional. I felt like alot of the things you said really related to me. Sorry if I sound jumbled but I don’t know how to explain myself. Your story really inspired me and I want to say thank you.

  16. Dear Danielle, Angelica & Vicky, please see an article I wrote on my blog. It has advice on what you can do about unwanted spirits, http://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/test-the-spirits/ Also, if you want prayer from a Christian friend of mine, to stop these things from happening to you, plz contact him. Hus name is Michael Cummins, plz see http://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/deliverance-prayers-laura-interviews-michael-cummins/ God bless you. Laura Maxwell, EX New Ager & EX Spiritualist.

  17. gubi says:

    I coudnt finished the clip , :s i just dont know what is real anymore :c

  18. Flower says:

    Just not sure how it can be all bad. I understand that there our demonic entities, with that being said. What about angels and good spirits? Your saying they don’t exist? I cannot wrap my head around that. My mom and dad have both expierenced angels on multiple occasions. My mom and dad both have a strong relationship with Christ. I too have had expierences although mine were demonic and I pray everyday to keep Jesus close to my heart and soul. Just unanswered questions I guess. Please help me to understand?

  19. Parth says:

    Dear gaz I am 13 and faceing similar things hearing my Name growls even seen them twice . Would like you to help me out . Plasee keep my mail I’d secret.

  20. Carissa says:

    I was told something that made absolutely total sense when it comes to questioning these abilities. I am burdened with these. When I confided in someone, not telling them it was me, they simply said, “demons can follow a person their entire lives. Giving them the power to know each and every detail of them. Know this, God said when we die our spirits leave this earth”. I believe these abilities are satan’s way of abusing his power and tapping into peoples deepest emotion by giving them what they want to hear. Messages from their passed on loves. You must have faith and trust, this will end when Gods contract with the devil allowing him certain reigns over us ends. Much love and peace to you all, I know I need it. For support email me anytime.

  21. Jason says:

    I Have Been Having Some Weird, Spirts. Just 2 Days Ago A Talked With My Bestfriends Dead Grandmother.. And Im Only 13 Right Now. After Reading This Im Not Sure If I Should Go On And See if This Is Real Or Not, But I Want A Opinion From Someone Who Has Both Sides.. Not Just Fully On The Side of No. I Mean Are The Risks Worth Taking?

  22. amy humphries says:

    I been having issues since i was a kid…fears of dark like u said . But really I have seen things before it happened only a few times..now I been seeing more but I’m 33 why now more then when I was younger…Please help I feel like I’m misunderstood and going crazy…

  23. kristine says:

    I have seen this sincei was born… Bad and good.. I have had a demon costume my home acme leave my family in despair while I tried to tell them what was going on.. I’ve heard, felt and seen the demon… It would come in the day at night.. While I was sleeping while my brother and I were awake.. my dog pepsi would feel it too… growl and snarl at it as it walked across the room, jump in the shower with me when it came into the bathroom and make clinging sounds (she hated baths).. I have old men that died in their homes speak to me because they were lonely.. (henry) eventually helped me saved his home that i was living in…I had a young woman revenge full attempt to take me over… a demon attempt to take my brothers life and I and my friends stopped it (I had a premonition from an angel when I was 10) and then attempt to take my boyfriend and I after he left the house… We saged we prayed it didn’t go away.. I can tell the bad from the good… takes time patience and prayer, the only reason I came here is to learn how to deal with this and continue to help the good while I’m sleeping which happens more than often… God is there he is real he will protect you in your times of fear and being scared… God rules over all a demon cannot go further if he is stopped in the name of God… Jesus Christ be your savoir to all of you with fear and doubt… Open your hearts to him and he will open his love to you… From a true Christian with abilities (assumingly)

  24. Andrea Basow-Hirst says:

    Hi there im starting to have headaches unusual stress an anxiety im mentioning this because I was read a few years ago an the medium stated I have the gift but I just brushed it off, ive recently avoided doing things due too anxiety then found my self doing the exact things ive avoided with clarity an peace could I be channeling spirits? I find it difficult to believe I am spiritually connected as I am not actually religious I believe in the Pagan/Wiccan ways any help advice you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.

  25. mechell says:

    I need answers. I dont think i am a medium bur i definitely know i am a child of God. Sometimes I think I hear and see things but atvthe same time Im not sure if its something i wanna see or so im not sure its a hallucination. Sometimes I am able to sau whats going to happen before it happens through a form of a dream. My mom passed in April 2013 and the visits are normally from her but sometimes from people I dont know and thats rare. Ive also had very vivid dreams so life like of me speaking in a foreign language as I am healing many people of some sort of plague or illness. Before I heard a voice from a man after my mom died. He tried to comfort me by saying alrhough I couldnt see, hear, or touch my mom she was there with me. Thinking I was out of my mind and just hearing something I wanred to hear, thats what I thoight. While traveling home after the funeral I was looking through her bible and found a note. It said although yoy cant see r hear me, im there. For me, I thought this was confirmation but ive been questioning myself why me. Am I crazy?

  26. hilary brewer says:

    Would love to learn more and share experiences.

  27. Sylvia says:

    I think my son is and has been a victim of spiritual abuse. wen he was about 1 years old he used to have really bad night terrors. he used to play by himself a lot and I have caught him talking to himself as if hes talking to someone else there. it may sound silly but I think he has a demon following him just like his father.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been noticing this buzzing shock feeling for two weeks now experienced a scratch on my neck . And ever since it started it won’t go away. It feels very much like a dizzy feeling. Or like little shock bubbles on my body especially my head . Man oh man does it itch like crazy every day all day with the tingling.. I started a job working at a factory working with metal keep this in mind that I have a deceased grandfather who also used to work in a factory years ago. I put two and two together and I came up with its him and is with me everyday at work I get this rush of energy like I slammed and energy drink followed by a racing heart. Every day. I try talking to who or what it is to get some validation that its him and so far so good . The feeling I get is that of a warm blanket coming out of a dryer. And I feel really happy two weeks with this feeling. If it were dangerous would it continue make me feel this way? Or are things just beginning?

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