Lyn Davies Testimony

This is the testimony of Lyn Davies who recently came out of spiritualism, turning her back on mediumship.

I was brought up in an atheist home, I left home at an early age and married young,had a few children also. I had an unhealthy interest in occult and demonic films,death was very interesting to me all at a very young age, i was very much a loner in and out of school… I always thought that i was different to other children my age, Would very often feel a strange presence around me.
At the age of 25 while laying in bed this figure stood next to my bed, i could see that it was what i thought at the time my nephew who had died previously, I would talk to him every time he came, he wanted me to invite other spirits to join us so i started doing meditation, i came across a spiritualist church and started attending the meetings ,i met a lady there who was a spiritualist medium and i shared with her my experiences and she said that i had the gift of healing as well as being able to have contact with loved ones crossed over and that i should persue it, she became my mentor and i would go to her for prayer and advice, i became very ill and asked her why i felt like it, she said that my spiritual antenie was wide open to all… i started hearing voices, i would do things and not realise i was doing it, the spirits not only were around me but some were inside of me, they were starting to control my life, my nephew would sometimes want me to end my life so i could be with him for ever, i would walk down the street and the spirits would tell me about every persons life that walked across my path, my mentor asked me if i would be a speaker at one of the meetings and i turned her offer down because i was just happy giving messages to people in the street.
Things were getting really bad for me , i would sit on a bus and the spirits would tell me to hurt someone who sat in front of me , they gave me orders to take the life of a complete stranger. I tried to take my life on many occasions and ended up spending alot of time in the mental hospital most of the time on suicide watch, they diagnosed me with schizophrenia and tried me on all medication but none worked they just made me ill,,they decided to try etc,electric shock treatment,that didn’t work either.
I was getting deeper involved in the occult, i made my own tarot cards, done astral travel,automatic writing and done Ouija board. I would walk down the street and i would see the world through the eyes of the spirits, I had a christian friend who told me that the spirits who control me were demonic and the one who i think is my nephew is also a demonic spirit, i laughed at her and told her she didn’t know what she was talking about, she said ok lyn, when your nephew shows up i dare you to tell it to reveal itself in Jesus name, i did just that and it turned from being my sweet nephew to a horrible nasty looking thing, i didn’t see it much after that but my son had informed me that he was being followed around by this thing and it kept telling him he was going to kill my son..
I would see many people ,men woman children who i believed were dead relatives, and believed that i was bringing hope to those who the loved onces belonged to.
On 13th march 2012 a friend of mine sent me on Facebook a you tube video of an ex spiritualist laura maxwell but i couldn’t bear to look at this woman’s face let alone hear what she had to say,27th March 2012 i was looking for a video on a well know spiritualist medium and came across a video of John Crampton who is an ex spiritulist ,i thought ok lets just see what this man had to say, i watched it and discovered that we had a few things in common,i e,mailed him and i was surprised to have an e,mail back off him,he had suggested to his freind that she send me her testimony,i couldnt believe it when i saw who his friend was,yes it was laura maxwell.So i thought ok why not lets have a look to see what she has to say as well, i couldnt believe it,it was like she was saying a lot of my life,She would know what I’m going through but i couldn’t give my life to God i owed the spirits so much,i went to bed wishing i was in their shoes but thought everything was hopeless.
I wolk up on the 29th march 2012 and i thought i would play some christian music that a freind had given to me,this made me so ill,so i went to bed, had a bad dream and wolk up, i started playing christian music and again felt ill, so i said to myself enough is enough if i carry on like this i will be dead in a i turned everythign off and sat in silence ,then i called out to God and asked Him to forgive me and accept me as i am,i cried for two hours, He heard my cry!
This of course angered the spirits even more, and the ones who i thought were dead loved ones turned on me,they started banging things around my flat, i would put things down and when i turned around it would be missing, they would wake me up by screaming in my ears, pull my pictures off the wall and attacked me while i slept.
I got rid of all my occult stuff,turned my back on all my involvement in the occult and darkness and now walking in the light ,
10th of April 2012 i went for ministry this was very hard but it was worth it , i was supposed to go for deliverance the week after but things got so bad that the ministry team felt it should be brought forward so on 13th of April 2012 i went for deliverance ,i was delivered of 13 spirits, it took a good few hours but praise God it was so worth it, i am now free,i no longer hear the voices ,i feel like i have lost 20stone,my friends have said that my face looks so much brighter and even my voice has changed,i feel so much peace. i thank my Lord Jesus Christ for the freedom He has given me.
God bless…

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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6 Responses to Lyn Davies Testimony

  1. Shaddai says:

    Which ministry delivered you?

  2. Ari says:

    Is astral projection bad?

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  4. free says:

    they leave it and join another energy stealer??? you really think the bible and all religions didn’t come from entities either?
    i’ve met the evil and good side, I don’t channel anymore it was all a learning, I GO INSIDE. don’t give your power away to church, entities, guides, angels, jehova and all nonsense genocidal gods, celebrities, governments, be free and soveign. The more you go into your own soul the light will shine, Source is not cruel like the crazy entities in the bible and all religions, follow your heart and help everyone in your way, stop feeding on animals, do volunteer work, quit all religions and control, discern, no master, guru has the answer, when you put your power away people, entities and more will take advantage, that’s how I healed and regained my power

  5. Bubbles says:

    When I look inside myself like I just see ugliness and vain obsessions. My soul cries out to God to remove the ugliness and darkness and replace it with His peace and love which surpasses human understanding as the Bible says. You seem to be looking for personal salvation but that’s not how it works. We all need Jesus’ blood sacrifice to cleanse us. Only Jesus. Noone else. Just Jesus. If don’t want to accept Jesus’ offer of salvation, which comes free of charge, you will pay with your life for your sins in the lake of fire. Simple as that.

  6. Margaret says:

    Lyn, your real testimony reminds me of my life some what, it’s scary and I believe because of so much generational sin in my family and passed beloved husband we’ve become VERY ill way too young including my 2 adult children I’ve had dreams of dead family members warning me of much evil and that I was going to get very ill but not die they spoke of biblical accounts from the book of Revelation, I honestly feal my kid’s and I are being attacked with illnesses and when one is bringing in my home objects that against the bible teachings I’m attacked with tossing and turning at bedtime pain throughout my body headaches nausea, anger and I always find the objects and confront my son with I know your doing and have things that you shouldn’t have in our apt because I’m restless and getting sick and my daughter is very sick, I told my kid’s we were much happier when we attended church meetings but it’s a battle when it comes time to go but when we rarely go it’s so worth it! My mother was involved with tarot cards,wogi board , read from black magic books and had me hold her hands late at night through it all as a young teenager but,I that she was silly until her predictions started coming true and start speaking another language then it all scared me she ask me to do something at midnight but I refused,I was scared, at first it was a game and dumb I thought but it all became real. She appeared to me through a very scary evil experienced dreams and told me to have my dad’s home blessed he didn’t listen so I did through prayer and sprinkling HOLY water throughout the house but, my dad and family members did who continued to live there continuing doing bad things. I come from a family of 11 children over 34 grandchildren including greatgrandchildren. Everyone from my parents bloodline have been effected by illnesses very bad behavior a few going to church but yet are blinded by all the bad things there doing to themselves and anyone that doesn’t do what want. It’s their way or no way then they move on to find what they really want is happiness but can’t reach it. Even I’m frustrated attimes and feel overwhelmed because of fighting which I feel are evil forces trying to get me to give in. But I refuse and am trying so hard to keep my 1 -daughter,son and I together living in a 1bdrm together it’s so difficult! But yet we keep pursuing with all we got, we know Jesus is the way our perfect example but yet we feel VERY lonely because family doesn’t associate with us or call unless they want something it’s really a sad situation. Please pray for my daughter Nina, Son Joey and I, Margaret that all evil illnesses and loneliness leave us that we continue to stay positive and keep our minds and hearts focuses on Jesus OUR Lord of Lords,King of Kings and HEAVENLY FATHER and HIS HOLY SPIRIT within us!

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