God bless comedian Russell Brand

I want to thank British Comedian Russell Brand for standing up the politicians in an effort to change the legal regime of the UK towards drug addicts. Russell Brand an ex-heroin addict has suggested that drug addicts are ill and should be be treated as criminals.

His objective was to give evidence to the Commons home affairs select committee and confirmed he had been arrested about twelve times for drug possession. He agreed it would be “a brilliant idea” if the policing costs of “nicking people for possession” were instead used to fund treatment and drug education programmes.

But Brand, who has given frank accounts of his battles to overcome heroin addiction, was careful to make clear he didn’t want to start “banging the drum” for legalisation. He said he didn’t feel qualified to talk about legalisation although he did think it was possible for some people to take drugs safely and he didn’t want to be identified with a “just say no campaign”.

He said he didn’t think that drug addicts cared about the legal status of the drugs they were taking, or where they came from or the consequences for those involved in their production.

“I don’t think they are going to be affected because they’re normally on drugs,” he said.

But he was keen to stress to the MPs, who are conducting an inquiry into drug policy, that he believed that an abstinence-based recovery approach was needed. “We don’t want to discard people by writing them off on methadone and leaving them on the sidelines,” he said, although he acknowledged the heroin substitute could play a role as part of a recovery programme.

He said rather than any carrot or stick approach he wanted to see “love and compassion” in society’s response. He said his own drug addiction had been caused by emotional and psychological difficulties and a spiritual malady. It was more important to tackle those than treating addicts as criminals, he added.

The rapidly spoken comedian tried to engage the MPs on the committee, chaired by the former Labour minister Keith Vaz, with some banter. When Vaz asked if he had been arrested “roughly” 12 times, he replied: “Yes, it was rough.”

When the veteran Labour MP, David Winnick, gently suggested he shouldn’t treat the committee as a variety show, he couldn’t resist pointing out that it seemed more like Dad’s Army to him.

When the MPs suggested that as a celebrity he could be a role model for young people, Brand responded: “Who cares about bloody celebrities? Their role is insignificant.” He said he wasn’t trying to get a message across to young people but to people with addiction and wanted to ensure that the response to them was based on “truth and authenticity”.

His backing for a more abstinence-based approach was supported by Chip Somers, the chief executive of the detox centre, Focus 12, where Brand went for help: “Just to park people on methadone for four to seven years is criminal.”

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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2 Responses to God bless comedian Russell Brand

  1. the MAN is a woman says:

    what a traitor.

    the last thing someone who is street-opiate dependant needs,is to have the only legal relief they can currently get,taken away from them.

    they should be given a prescription for morphine and allowed to slowly reduce it at the rate that they can cope with.that is the only way to successfully reduce opiate dependance.

    you cannot force someone to stop doing anything,they have to want to themselves.

    there are millions of people prescribed morphine that lead normal,productive lives taking it for pain.why should people be punished for the rest of their lives for stupid mistakes when they are young and be forced to pay through the nose for a dirty,adulterated drug that has to be injected and by the very form that it comes in,leads to spiralling addiction through never being able to gauge a standard dose?

    at least methadone stops their withdrawl symptoms,if not the cravings.because of the cravings they still desire the heroin,which by its very nature has to be injected,causing harm through the adulterants and risk of overdose.

    if people are going to lower themselves to theivery,prostitution and mugging to pay for a substance mixed with poison,that they then have to jam into their veins with a spike,then they obviously cannot do without it.taking away the only hope they have of a weak,legal,substitute is disgusting.

    brand knows nothing about drugs except for the establishment crap that hes been fed with and could be relied upon to regurgitate it for the panel.he should have refused the offer and suggested someone who knew what they were talking about like david nutt.

    a traitor to all the damaged street-opiate dependant people that will never get a chance to speak the truth to a government panel.

  2. the MAN is a woman says:

    actually they are street-opiate addicted people by definition,i am sure that at least half would discover that they werent addicted,but were just dependant if they were prescribed the opiate they need in the form of morphine,rather than the addiction promoting and only injectable street heroin.

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