Does Alex Jones realise he is fueling the New Age Movement?

Other than scaring the hell out of people and introducing them to New Age leaders with Lucifarian philosophies.  What positive solutions does Alex Jones bring to the table in this war on evil?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not bad mouthing Alex, I used to listen to Alex Jones everyday a few years ago. I am thankful for Alex for his videos that lead to my understanding of the new world order.  Alex of course comes under constant criticism and slander however his radio station remains the leading conspiracy based shows in the world. A self confessed Christian, he admits that he does not press his beliefs on his show because his show is not religious so its fair to say that people are not lead to God via Infowars. Putting any personal or emotive beliefs about Alex aside, in your opinion can you constructively answer these questions?

1) Does his show and/or videos lead to a constuctive solution?

2) Do you think he is aware of the New Age Deception and the global spiritual agenda behind the UN?

3) Is he aware of how people are being recruited into new age principals by organisations that prey on those seeking the truth?

4) Why does Alex have prominent New Age leaders such as Jordan Maxwell, Micheal Tsarion and David Icke (all debunked – *1) on his show when they clearly denounce Christianity and support the very teachings of the Elite (Blavatky/Bailey?bessant)?

5) If a president of the US or a famous movie actress can be assassinated then why does the most influential conspiracy host in the whole world evade extermination?

6) If Alex could improve his show, what action(s) would he need to make it more effective?



David Icke Debunked:

Jordan Maxwell Debunked:

Michael Tsarion Debunked:

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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8 Responses to Does Alex Jones realise he is fueling the New Age Movement?

  1. Alex05 says:

    Great post Gaz.

    1). That’s a big gripe with his shows. He rarely offers a solution, but instead, continually slams the elitists behind the scenes, the bankers, royalty. I’ve only heard general solutions such as ‘make our feelings known’. However, he does ask for others to share the information on their own websites, get involved with local politics. Basically to spread the message. Not a bad way to do things as if we’re to beat the current system, it would have to take a revolution on a massive scale.

    2). I think he is aware of the NAD and global spiritual agenda, but not the scale in which it covers. These topics are huge and he’s immersed into stuff on aliens, spirits. He’s talked about alien takeovers of Earth in 2010, genetic manipulation etc.

    3). He’s clearly demonstrated in his videos that he knows about the Luciferian agenda and ways in which subliminal messaging, advertising is all geared toward this. So in that sense, he’s aware, but I don’t think he’d call it the New Age Movement.

    4). He believes in that stuff, hence any New Ager ends up on there. Also, he’s a conspiracy theorist, so if he restricted his content, the audience may decrease. He’s a populist in a sense.
    He’d risk alienating a large percentage of his audience if he disregarded your mentioned New Agers. AboveTopSecret, GodLikeProductions and the Icke forums follow them, and there’s a chunk of his audience right there who thrive on his material.

    5). I’ll answer this with another question: Can you imagine what would be said if Alex Jones was killed or died at an early age? His audience would do some real digging and it may catch the attention of mainstream news. Remember that he mixes fact with fiction too, just enough to keep people distracted from the whole truth.

    6).He needs to tone it down a bit in terms of attacking others and perhaps try a subtle approach. In fact, he could do with reading up on the New Age Movement and get this out there, but as mentioned above, it wouldn’t go down well with his audience.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Alex, Answering your counter question number 4, this is what Jone’s classically parrots whenever he is challenged on this subject. The reality is, the Elite the resources to not only take him out but completely cover their tracks. Remember, the secret societies are governed by a policy of obey or die. If an initiate to the higher degrees is ordered to carry out a command he will do so rather than face a grusome death or death of a family memeber. Think of these societies like the mafia but much bigger and more powerful, untracable and working in absolute darkness. Jones makes a vast amount of money preaching freedom and truth but at the same time he speaks nothing of salvation in Christ. “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” – Mathew 16-26

  2. ballee says:

    Every time one of these leaders, gurus or conspirancists rise to the public,critical thinking questions are to be asked that will give us more insight as to what to do next, leave or follow.

    1. Does the informant or guru actually get us closer to god or is it just imparting more secular doubt or confusion by rejecting everything Jesus has said and the bible ?

    2. Does he offer solutions away from god and towards the new age after brainwashing the disciples?

    3. Is fear and hate backed by pseudo intellectual babble preached as a reason for a mystical awakening?

    4. Are products such as books, dvd’s or personal attire being sold as a “must get” for the spreading of these messages?

    5. Is the leader in a self acclaimed “I am god” position?

    6. Are accusations constantly flying out the window to others while his presence is deemed to be pure and untouched by manipulation?

    If the answer is yes to all of any of these , there’s no reason why Alex Jones or anyone in new age must get any more public than they are already. Come to god first and he will deliver you, he will make you at peace.

  3. Daniel. says:

    Wow, Gaz. i’m really glad to see this article. and very pleased to see it posted on RRN.
    here’s my 2cent answers to the Q list; it promotes the spirit of fear. which is not of the Lord.
    2.yes. he admits it in interview on FQShow #185
    3.yes. again, he says so in his interview on future quake
    4.$ & possible connections outside of $. (rome?)
    5.controlled opposition. aka, involvement.
    6.back up his claim of being a Christian by obeying the great commission,
    which is not optional, but commanded. He has a huge platform to preach the gospel, why waste it ?

    “i’ve always been a christian, and i was saved, and had a relationship with jesus. but at the same time it wasn’t one 1/10 a intense as it is now” -Alex Jones on the future quake show. he also mentions the one world religion in this interview.

    “i have a lot of connections through your fine institution” -Alex Jones on a Catholic college. (aka false teaching stronghold)
    -?- problem ?
    Alex Jones speaking at St Edward’s (Catholic) University. 
Video– Alex Jones – St. Edwards University 2007 [part 1 of 7]

    -Daniel, fromtherockpodcast.

  4. awake says:

    I would definitely have to agree with the overall premise that ultimately Alex Jones is serving the agenda of the Enemy far more than the sake of the Kingdom…

    You are very right to say that so often his actions and responses to the information he is trying to get out appear quite contradictory… Like, why, if you really believe that the “elite” are in control of everything from international banking, politics, military, etc., would you even bother to do things like trying to gather around a Bildeberger meeting screaming things like “We will not be your slaves!” through a megaphone? Does he really think the globalists are going to listen to that kind of protest and change their minds? No… In the end you have to conclude that so much of what he does is only for the sake of his own show, underscoring his own type of self-branding…

    Personally I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that the most likely reason that someone like Alex Jones is allowed to continue living and broadcasting, is because his over-the-top style and raspy-throated ranting essentially makes it that much easier for general public and mass media to dismiss him as a fringe lunatic (and as someone who is only working for the sake of his own little media empire…)

    Sometimes the best way to supress the truth is to have it being screamed by someone who the world will never take seriously, and then also to mix that vocalized truth with all kinds of error…

  5. Mark says:

    Gaz, i’m very glad to see that others are beginning to pick up on this as well. Not only does Alex Jones promote just about every New Age deceiver in the so-called Truth Movement, he almost never exemplifies Christian behavior. Quite to the contrary, he is usually obnoxious, arrogant, rude, prideful, and often full of rage and induces anger. Here are my answers to your questions…

    1. No. The only solution he offers is to purchase his fear-mongering DVDs and distribute them, which gives him absurd amounts of free advertising. Apparently to Alex Jones the answer to 1984 is $19.95.

    2. See Daniel’s answer above.

    3. See Daniel’s answer above.

    4. Because Alex Jones is literally no different than David Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell, etc. I believe that Jones claims to be a Christian because it is part of his position as a willingly planted agent. This field of work originated as Born Again Christians exposing the Satanic New World Order. To be trusted by people who were involved in this research over a decade ago Alex had to claim Christianity. More importantly, I believe it is part of his job to play the character that we all know as Alex Jones to snare as many people as possible, especially true Christians, and keep them stuck on him so they don’t go further down the rabbit hole and get to the information that he refuses to talk about and does his best to cover up; such as the Vatican’s position of power, and details regarding the Jesuit Order and the Knights of Malta. Finally, I believe that the broadcast he did on Y2K (which William Cooper exposed him for, found here, where he lied about countless terrifying and violent events and poured on the fear like never before, was a beta test for what he will most likely pull this year on or around December 21, 2012. Consider what the original War of the Worlds radio broadcast was. It was a beta test, to see how the public would react if they actually believed that aliens were invading Earth. And what happened? We failed miserably. People went into pandemonium. And when the “aliens” get here, do you think Mr. Alex “The New Age Guru” Jones is going to be a responsible and professional broadcast journalist? Of course not. I believe Alex has the job of gaining the largest following possible, so when the false flag alien event happens, he will say that the aliens are real and all of his brainwashed InfoWhores will take the bait, hook, line, and sinker. When the elite spend as much time, effort, and money on a sacred cow media personality such as Alex Jones, they have very specific, crucial, and evil purposes for that person. And is there a back-up person that could possibly do Alex’s job if he somehow couldn’t get it done or died? No. Not unless they have a very well-trained clone of him (which is actually possible). But other than a clone, there is no individual in the anti-New World Order research community who has even half the influence as he possesses. Why do you think William Cooper was murdered? Cooper was most likely taken out because he was the biggest and most respected name in the “alternative” media before Alex Jones had a following. Not only did Cooper have notoriety in the research / broadcast community, he had begun using his platform to expose Jones for being the deceiver that he is. With someone like Cooper out there exposing Alex Jones, Jones would have never been able to successfully do his job as a gatekeeper / disinfo agent. So William Cooper had to be snuffed. William even ran a group called CAJI (Citizen’s Agency for Joint Intelligence) which had begun to infiltrate Masonic Lodges, and then Cooper would have the person who got into the lodge on his show (The Hour of the Time) and interview them about what truly goes on during a Masonic ritual and about whatever else was learned by the infiltration.

    5. He evades extermination because he still has a very big mission to complete and the time to fulfill his final purpose has not yet come.

    6. To become effective in any positive manner Alex would have to repent, turn to Christ, pray, apologize for his disgusting misdeeds, and then proceed to shout the truth about every last piece of information that he has covered up.

    Here are some links to mountains of evidence and proof exposing Alex Jones:
    See all videos on this playlist

    Here is a link detailing his connections to Vatican secret societies, the covert CIA disinformation / counterintelligence program Operation Mockingbird, and many other damning pieces of evidence.

    And here is a link to some very telling information on Alex Jones’s close personal friends, the Sheen family.

  6. And how about their support for a Gold Standard? Is it really true that these people don’t understand the Rothschilds got rich from playing the Gold market and Sovereign Debt in the 19th century?

  7. Darren says:

    Yes, it would be nice if Alex also talked more of his faith and led others to Christ. In fairness, lately, he has had on Fritz Springmeier and has spoken about the blatantly satanic beliefs of the elite. Personally, I hope he starts to distance himself from the likes of Tsarion and Maxwell. I agree they fight the cause of our Lord in a very subtle and deceiving manner.

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