Debunking the core principal foundation of “The Secret” aka New Thought.

If you haven’t heard of new thought you might be forgiven, it was a kind of new age movement around about 100 years ago.  Its core principal was based upon the belief that thought manifests reality, or whatever you think will become reality.  This is an attractive notion to many people but unfortunately for them, its complete nonsense.
People who believe this kind of stuff will avoid rational thinking, they are certainly not critical thinkers but would ague that fact.  The way they see it is they are open minded, open to the possibility of ‘thought creates reality’ and thus does not require rational or critical thinking since this will inhibit ‘their reality’.  New agers sometimes refer to their beliefs as ‘their truth’ and refuse to entertain anything that rejects their belief system.  They will usually argue that all beliefs lead to the same goal and thus their is no use in challenging their beliefs. New agers are conditionally open minded, just as long as it does not include biblical teachings, Jesus is the enemy of the new age and thus once you challenge them on this they will clam up or tell you where to go.  Nonetheless we are still able to discuss new age concepts however since they are conditionally open minded you cannot challenge their beliefs without casing them to become despondent.  The rationale can be summed up as, if they can’t come up with an adequate answer then they risk having to face a reality that they deem negative.    Therefore, it is better (for them) to remain in a state of denial than admit that they are wrong.
Do not expect new agers to come back with coherent answers, these questions are founded on a principal that conflicts with the indoctrinated new agers belief.  Whereas the question below are forged by thinking critically, the new ager has been conditioned to think ‘spiritually’ which could mean anything.
1. What proof do you have of anyone being able to travel through solid objects at will using this belief system?
2. Using this belief system has anyone been able to live without substance (both food and water) for 3 months?
3. No one believed the Titanic could sink, so why did it?
4. Has anyone been able to turn bricks into gold through thought alone?  Can you do this?
5. Are you able to levitate at will?
6. Deepak Chopra has made a fortune selling his books and videos but what evidence other than his wealth proves he has the ability to manifest reality through thought?  Please list these.
7. If you can attract negative situations through fearful thoughts then how do you explain why negative people seem to have all the luck?  For example, not all lottery winners are optimistic people, some have been noted to be quite negative.
8. Applying this principal can you honestly say that your life is now perfect, nothing ever goes wrong because you only attract the things you desire?
9. A child’s imagination is far more active and powerful than an adults.  They naturally struggle to understand the difference between their thoughts and what they experience in their external world.  Baring that in mind, it would be logical to assume a child is by far a greater candidate for manifesting reality by thought, right?  So why doesn’t a child suffer physical harm from an ‘imagined’ boogie man?
10. Some people suffer from serious mental health conditions whereby through boats of paranoia they are convinced (beyond doubt) someone if out the kill them.  They serious believe they will be assassinated and yet this never actually happens.
11.  If we manifest what we fear, then how come many of our fears don’t come to pass and turn out to be just due to an overactive imagination?
12. Can you explain how back in 2000 the Y2K bug did not manifest whilst the world embraced for disaster?

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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5 Responses to Debunking the core principal foundation of “The Secret” aka New Thought.

  1. ballee says:

    These are good questions for which they have even more delusional answers. For example the titanic question they will just simply tell you it was a karmic debt they all agreed on a spiritual level to pay off that day. When all else fails , the reincarnation theory is there to back up these delusions and of course, like a good sheep they obey anything but the bible.

  2. Gaz Parker says:

    That’s an accurate observation. Like all religions without a strong anchor in truth new agers rely on a set of loose assumptions when pressed on their beliefs. It’s a reactive response and once you continue to press them the thin layer of pride soon evaporates and they become despondent. Nonetheless, by challenging their false spiritual belief system they have a chance at breaking free for the chains of their imprisonment.

    They may dispute and call us all sorts of unpleasant names but it is not us they hate, it is the Holy Spirit that irritates the counterfeit spirit that possesses them. By planting the seeds of truth they have a much greater chance.

  3. YhhhBooks and new age teachings teach people to take God out of the equation and replaces it with self-reliance. God is in control and we should seek His will as bible says, but new age teachings are encouraging the removal of Christ and telling people think it and “the universe” will let it happen for you!

  4. Thefollowingday says:

    lmao bible believers arguing against new agers both deceiving themselves thinking they’re right i love it

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