How to advise someone under spiritual attack.

“If you are having strange dreams whereby you cannot move and suffer massive levels of anxiety such as sensing an evil presence then take a look what the Bible suggests. I know it may sound a bit whacky however at least give it a try. This is what scripture says about people who put their truth (faith) in the Lord. ‘Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.’ 1 John 4:4 It means that nothing can harm you because those that have accepted Christ as savior have the holy spirit living in them and he is much greater than the spiritual enemy. Now, here is the important part that will confirm believers authority (through Jesus Christ) over the evil ones. Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”. Psalm 19:13 also tells you of this authority over satan and his minions “Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” To apply this, when the spiritual attack happens you should cry out to Jesus Christ, something like “jesus please help me”. Then rebuke the evil entity, say (and really mean it) “Jesus Christ rebuke you” or “I rebuke you by the blood of the Lamb”. You may need to keep repeating this as I have found this sometimes we might allow doubt to cloud our authority, You could also remind the evil entity (demon) of 1 John 4:4, “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”. If you are serious about this you must clean out any new age books or anything on horoscopes or any crystals or tarot you might have in the house. Be sure that nothing occult in nature exists in your proximity. These can act as gateways, legal pathways for the enemy to enter into your life.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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14 Responses to How to advise someone under spiritual attack.

  1. BillyClyde says:

    Hi Gaz
    You are quite correct that will work if the person is a Christian, however a non Christian has no authority to call on Jesus for help. As a Christian you need not be so gentle about it though. Take authority over the demon in Jesus name and command it to leave, you need not remind that thing of anything. Believers rule with Christ right now. As a Christian you are the one in charge not that thing. Another thing that works in dream situations like you described is just to resist. Struggle to move, focus and exert yourself, do not accept failure, visualize yourself moving as you wish to do. You will find yourself waking in your bed with the dream gone. I have done this and succeeded. I have done some studying on dream attacks of the kind you described and here’s what I think is going on. These dreams happen in a state of light or partial sleep when your brain is in an alpha state. The alpha state gives demons a sort of window into your mind. The dream is just a sort of demonic video feed. I have said on here before that demons can’t read your mind and I they can’t in a normal waking, thinking state. When you are awake and thinking your mind is in a beta state. Practitioners of the occult always go into a trance before they do their deeds. In a trance the mind is in an alpha state. Scrying, automatic writing, soul travel, all these things must be done when the brain is in alpha so the demon can interact with the moron. When you go to sleep you experience alpha for a while before dropping into a deep sleep. The demon is just taking advantage of this window of opportunity. I think resisting works because the mental effort of exerting yourself to move brings your mind back to beta, thus closing the window. Remember it’s just a video feed. Once you are awake take authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus and command it to leave your house and not to return for the rest of the night.

    Your’s in Christ

  2. Gaz Parker says:

    I could not agree more, what’s great about this is it backs up a lot of what I talk about. I’m going to add this response to my facebook group ‘christians understand the new age”.

  3. Alex05 says:

    Can anyone help me with a few questions please:

    1). Basically, 9 months or so ago, I was on a New Age forum, and one of the main psychics who used astral projection said that if any demons attacked her on the astral plane, she’d just call for Jesus. However, she does not believe Jesus Christ is the Saviour of Mankind. Apparently, they leave her alone, but I’ve seen different people saying that calling for Jesus should stop the experience of astral projection altogether, but it doesn’t. Is that because she does not believe Jesus is the only way, so her calls are invalid during astral projection? Therefore, despite the demons going way, they come back to her because she does not really believe?

    2). Secondly, how do you know whether you’re suffering from a spiritual attack or just plain depression. I’ve had depression pretty bad and often got the two confused. My family lost someone a few months ago who was told that she wouldn’t see past this year and they’ve had dreams of her saying all kinds of things. I haven’t. I tell my family I reject it and it’s not that person, so I know that’s a spiritual attack, but I’m talking moreso about feelings. When I see Christians believing in reincarnation, I feel sick and warm inside. Is that anxiety or something else telling me to stay away from that stuff?

    I’ve ditched the occult stuff from the house, looked from top to bottom from books to ornaments, anything I’ve used for occultic purposes and all that.

    God Bless.

  4. Gaz Parker says:

    I will attempt to answer both of these points.

    1) Technically if you call on Jesus he will come to your rescue , the Lord loves all of us and does not want us to suffer from spiritual attack. If we are born again then we are filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore have the right to ‘tread on snakes and scorpions’ meaning we have power over them (in Jesus name). Even so, the Lord can test the Christian, sometimes allowing the enemy to attack if only to help us develop in our walk with Christ. As a non-believer you are still vulnerable to attack, you can call on Christ but what happens is the demon stops you calling out, paralyses you? Where is your protection from possession is you are not spirit filled. Often the enemy will create a facade that the occult practitioner is protected however this would only be used to keep the practitioner (the victim) far away from the truth as possible. Remember, Satan is subtle like a serpent, he uses deception and if it furthers his goal he will do what is best for him.

    2) Depression is natural and some people are more prone to it, especially if you are prone to be introverted and/or withdrawn. People who are introspective often get caught up in analysis and this can lead to anxiety. Too much anxiety can lead to frustration and eventually, depression. It’s likely you are just going through some though times. We are always under attack from those fiery darts so it is a constant grind however the spiritual attacks I am referring to are unmistakable.

  5. franky says:

    you guys are funny, you really believ that the truth is outside of you? at first you have tzo see GOD’S LIGHT IN YOUR HEART, the “LOOOOOOOVVVE” then find it outside, this is the truth, EVERYONE’S TRUTH!

    • Gaz Parker says:

      My dear friend, 20 years ago you would have been called a nut case however 2011 your beliefs are in norm and Christians are now seen as the weirdos. So i am not surprised with that just like the rest of the sheeple you too are playing into the hands of the global elite. You see, you found out about the new world order and this shattered your view of the world. At first you denied it but eventually you accepted this as truth, as a result you was traumatized. Survival instinct then kicked in and you found yourself watching new age videos that also spoke of the new world order but offered an alternative outcome. They told you that the only thing that was holding humanity back was religion, in fact, more to the point – Christianity. This is a deception and you my friend have swallowed this hook line and sinker.

      Let’s have a reality check. Hitler murdered thousands of Jews, Christians, Gypsies, Alcoholics and people with special needs. He was a strong beleiver in the occult, believed in self godhood and shared your new age beliefs. So my question to you is, do you agree that you need to rid Christians from ‘mother earth’ would be a good thing?

  6. Alex05 says:


    Thanks for your answers. Pretty much answered them for me.


    It’s a bit of both really. I believe that Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World came to Earth not only to save us from our sin, but to show us how we should love everyone, that we should minus the tags that we place on people and show some love and respect, which in my opinion, most people fall short of whether we admit it or not. I try not to use terms which group people because Jesus didn’t.
    However, I believe He gave mankind the tools to lead a good life, to live up to His moral code and values, so it is up to us to do so, therefore, not only is it inside us because it is up to us, we also look to God and Jesus Christ for support, guidance and the like.

  7. Gaz Parker says:

    Alex, I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by ‘tools’. He certainly gave us teachings and lead by example, I’m guessing that’s what you mean? Jesus loves us all and he doesn’t want anyone to fall. We cannot change ourselves on our own, we are completely incapable of that. When we accept Christ we are filled with the Holy Spirit. He then begins to change us.

    One of the red flags of the new age is anything that talks about divinity from within. It’s no different from Genesis 3:6 “ye shall be as God”.

    • Alex05 says:

      Yep, that’s what I meant.

      Also, about the within bit, I was trying to get at the point from a repentance angle, but failing miserably I guess. We have to repent and that is down to us. Reading back on that bit in my reply to franky, it sounds very new agey. Oops. For my problems, although I was saved, I’m slowly getting to the point where I can recover from a long term problem of mine. I ask for help, anything Jesus can do to help me.

      That part from Genesis can also be used with Luke 18:20-22 “Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, ‘The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you (in the midst of).'”

      In schools, there are so many motivational speakers that use the language of inner strength, put your mind to anything and all that, it’s difficult to discern from what is new age speak and what isn’t. When they add stuff like ‘light’, or ‘listen to your heart’, that’s kind of like a red flag IMO. A very tricky bit this. Sometimes, I pray asking for anything to help me, then I’ll watch an inspiring video or something to get me going. Otherwise, I’d be truly zombiefied. Where do we draw the line regarding inner strength, drawing up strength in time of difficulty?

  8. BillyClyde says:

    To Alex05

    Hello Alex. The enemy’s attacks are everywhere. It sounds like you are learning to recognize them but are struggling. There are a few things that it is helpful to know. Satan and his demons can and do put thoughts in people’s heads. In my experience it’s their most common form of attack. They can’t read your mind but they can put thoughts in your head, even when you’re awake and thinking. These are the fiery darts of Satan. You must learn to recognize them. When the enemy puts thoughts into your mind it is in the form of feelings, urges and word strings. The enemy will watch a situation and take advantage of opportunities to attack. When you are in a highly emotional state you are particularly vulnerable. Have you ever gotten mad about something and the anger seemed to come suddenly out of the blue. Have you ever experienced urges from nowhere. Urges to do or say something that you would never really want to do or say. These are demonic attacks. You will notice that they happen more often in emotionally charged situations. Have you ever had a despicable or repulsive thought that seemed to come out of nowhere with no train of thought leading up to it, it was just suddenly there? This is the kind of crap the enemy pulls every day. Learns to spot it. When the enemy uses word strings he will usually put “I” in front of it so that you think it came from you. Something like “I would like to do this or that despicable thing”. You are left thinking “why would I think something like that? What am I some kind of scumbag?” Well you’re not, that didn’t come from you. There are evil thoughts in people’s minds but they didn’t necessarily originate there. The mind is a spiritual war zone and if you don’t understand this you will have a hard time moving forward. You must make a habit of being aware of your thoughts. You wont be able to guard your thoughts all the time. We are human and our minds will drift occasionally but by making a habit of it you can be aware of your thoughts more and more of the time. After a while the enemy’s attacks will become recognizable.
    Now having briefly covered some of the enemy’s tricks I think I should say something about how the Lord Jesus communicates with us His servants. The Lord also puts thoughts in our heads but His are different. The Lord doesn’t use feelings urges or word strings, at least not from my experience. When the Lord puts a thought into your mind it is a fully formed thought, very polished and very complete. It is more like a concept or an understanding. Perhaps best described as a realization. It comes clearly to your conscious mind but it is not blatant or in your face. In 1st Kings 19:12 it is described as a “still small voice” and that’s exactly what it’s like. That may sound vague to you but after you have recognized the Lord’s voice you will know what I mean. Perhaps you already do. Be wary though, the enemy will try to counterfeit. If you are uncertain ask Jesus for clarity. Unlike Satan the Lord can and does read our minds. He knows when He has spoken to you, He knows if you heard, He knows if you didn’t and He knows if you are uncertain. There are times when you will want to pray silently. The enemy can hear your spoken words but a silent prayer only the Lord will hear. I often start out with a vocal prayer and when I come to something I don’t want the enemy in on I will switch and say “Lord I want to say something to you silently now” and then go to silent prayer. There are things you want the enemy to hear and things you don’t.

    Your’s in Christ

  9. Alex05 says:

    Hi Billy,

    That’s really cleared up issues regarding recognising spiritual attacks. The prayer aspect at the bottom of your response is something I will do from now on.

    From your piece, I can definitely separate what was demonic in nature, what was simply me and what came from God. Death (different spiritual planes) and reincarnation are the two biggies that I’m continually bombarded with. Funny enough, I get a calm voice saying ‘You know it’s not true’.

    Your response is a very important piece Billy. Do you mind if I circulate it onto my relatives? They’re having dreams, hearing voices from dead relatives, things happening to them which according to their custom, are supposed to happen. They cannot understand why I don’t go through all of it anymore when I did before and despite explaining to them, they still don’t quite get it.

    God Bless,


    • Rainy82 says:

      Think of some of these demons–you have guardian angels(holy) and I believe we have “guardian demons” They know you and your family better than you do. That’s where a psychic comes up and tells you about great-great so-and so’s mannerisms..etc…demons can imitate most things….the name of Jesus- is powerful! Non-beleivers use the name as a band aid- bec 7 more deadly are coming back soon! (I fly in my sleep-not astral projection just a levitation kind of feeling and peace- connected with God…hard to explain- I don’t ask for it- nor expect it!) I have a lot of prophetic dreams.more so than attack kind.There canbe live humans in front of you who are oppressed by Satan- I will be up against 5 of them Christmas day-wish me luck!

  10. Gaz Parker says:


    That comment you made “Funny enough, I get a calm voice saying ‘You know it’s not true’.”. Have you tested this spirit?

  11. BillyClyde says:

    Hi Alex
    Yes, feel free to circulate my response to your relatives. But it will probably sound like nonsense to them if they are currently involved in the occult. They are probably not under demonic attack but rather demonic manipulation. If they are already doing what the demon wants they are probably not being attacked but instead are being manipulated in ways that will make it seem to them that they are onto the truth. You’re the one who is getting attacked because you are the one who is leaving the enemy’s camp. They will try all sorts of things to trick you, including trying to counterfeit the Lord. Gaz is correct a voice in your thoughts is a red flag. From my experience the Lord’s voice is never in word format (even though I refer to it as His ‘voice’). Instead it will be more like a sudden clear understanding that reincarnation is a lie. These demons are tricky, they have been known to tell the truth at times to make you think they are something they are not. This is just setting you up to feed you lies later on. I think it is likely that that your family is being used against you. Being already under demonic manipulation they are a readily available weapon for demons to use against you. We need to talk beyond the scope a message board, email me if you like. You can get my email from Gaz, I don’t want to post it here just yet. Also you should get Gaz to explain to you how to test spirits, he has much more knowledge about that than I do.

    Your’s in Christ

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