Mark of the beast by 2017?

This is interesting:

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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12 Responses to Mark of the beast by 2017?

  1. Frank says:

    You really give us til 2017 Bro? You’re way more optimistic than I am!

  2. Money and a new $ system: One World Gov’t and New World Order. Ez 7:19—Chips put into the hands or heads…2017 —Without the chip will not be able to buy food. 666- But what is the solution for us Christian? Do we get the chip?

  3. Alex05 says:

    Who said it will be a chip? Most people across the world do not like the idea of a chip, hence it’s never been pushed through other than the US. In fact, most countries do not even have the resources to implement it.

    Think it’s a smokescreen for something else. It’s too obvious and something millions of people will reject. It has to deceive even the elect, even us Christians.
    An ID card perhaps. With the Bible saying that the Mark of the Beast is in the head and the hands sugests something psychological too, something to do with worship. We choose it freely by thinking and accepting with our brain and physically taking it with our hand. Could be a number of things.

    Society is structured on the illusion of democracy. A chip is dictatorial and obvious. Keep an eye out for other things.
    It’s far too easy to think it’s a chip. We’re being distracted by this one idea that our focus is misdirected.

    If it is to be a chip, then the only way it’ll happen is if a worldwide disaster occurs and some sort of control and order is needed. Other than that, it’s likely to be something so obvious, we’ll miss it until it’s too late.

    Remember that those in power release disinformation to distract us. Keep on guard.

    Apologies for waffling. Since my New Age experiences, I’m much more cynical. (Although I’m now a Creationist and not an Evolutionist. Never thought I’d say that).

    • Catarina says:

      I think you are absolutely right. It has to do with worship. So it must be sunday law because God’s day is saturday. And He told us to remember to keep His sabbath holy, which is saturday. And if we truly love God we must keep ALL His commandments, like Jesus said. I believe this is His seal/mark with His people. The devil likes to be worshiped on SUNday, it’s his mark with the pagan world. And of course we shouldn’t take the microchip because it can control our emotions and thoughts I guess and the elite will always know where we are. We also could end up like machines, if you know what I mean. I believe that “christian” religions today have brainwashed their followers to rest and worship on sunday. They say that Jesus changed the sabbath for some reason but that is a big lie from the devil. God’s law is God’s law, yesterday, today and tomorrow, forever.

      • Halil says:

        Read the 2 commandments of the Lord which are equal in Matthew.

        Read Galatians where Paul says that the fullfillment of the WHOLE law is to lobe oneanother.

        Read 1 John 4 after that

        And remember that God first loved us before we loved Him, His love goes out to people, and He placed His love in our hearts by His Spirit. Link all those verses and KNOW why love oneanother is the task for fullfillment!

        It has nothing to do with the sabbath, Paul calls the 10 commandments a service of death written in stones……….
        2 Cor 3

  4. BillyClyde says:

    Let’s not jump to conclusions. The book of the revelation is a very symbolic book and a lot of the events have already taken place. In the bible beasts generally are symbolic of civilizations not individuals. It’s not an established fact that these chips are the mark referred to in Rev 13 but they could be. Ez 7 is God speaking specifically to Israel through Ezekiel, the general consensus is that it refers to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. If you read Josephus’ description of Titus’ siege of Jerusalem it fits Ez chapter 7 quite well. Again, lets not jump to conclusions.

  5. Frank says:

    Since this topic is still fresh…the Pope just called for a centralized world bank today. It was on the front page of drudge, and it’s buried in marzulli’s articles on his site.

    I think we better get right with God.

  6. The Listener says:

    To be honest, i dont think that we’ll see any world reform to Christianity any time soon. The New World Order might actually push to have a central faith for better control over the population, but i don’t think that we’ll seen any voluntary conversions en masse. One conclusion which many theologians and historians have come to, is that the ‘God’ concept is just another way of controlling the population. the Bible contains thousands of rules and regulations which dictate the very lives of practicing Christians. Personally, i view the Bible as contradictory, or at least the way modern Christians live; to be contradictory to their own teachings. For example, the Bible teaches that one should ‘love thy neighbour’ and navigates away from egocentric tendencies. It teaches that like Christ, we should help eachother, not ourselves. But if this is true, why is there so much poverty, shouldn’t Christians quit their jobs to help the impoverished of Tanzania, or closer to home, Dublin of Ireland? Isn’t the innate nature of a Christian to be self sacrificing and selfless? Perhaps Christians need to listen to their own rhetoric a little more closely. I myself am what you would label a Satanist, as i freely worship my own existence, though i hold many of the values that the Christian Bible, i do not believe in the inescapable entity, the Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator you call God. After all, one does not have to be Christian to have upstanding morals and values. I would love to hear a reply from you.

  7. David Lowe says:

    The Listener,

    As I Christian, I do support the poor in other countries. It’s called missionaries, brother. If we quit our jobs, then how are we going to have any money to give to them? I’ve given money, given food and clothing, travelled to foreign countries and worked as well.

    Most Christians I know do the same thing.

    You don’t believe in the Creator God, and yet he came down to earth – Jesus Christ, the most influential and documented human being of history. In addition, the Creator God’s supernatural attributes, his eternal power and divine nature, are clearly seen in what he has created all around you. You will have no excuse, my friend.


  8. Gaz Parker says:

    The Listener,

    I used to be involved heavily in the occult, I operated as a medium and used psychic abilities. I was convinced Christianity was a false religion. In the end the Lord spared me and came to me. I cannot describe the power and the glory of our savior Jesus Christ but I assure you, he is real. The world hated Jesus and crucified him on the cross, and they are still crucifying him today. Without him we are nothing, with him we have a chance to understand true love but without him we are truly lost.

    Satan’s oldest lie was that we could become Gods is we (ate from the tree) embraced the (secret) knowledge of good and evil.

    God bless you.

    Gaz Parker

  9. annette says:

    This is The Only PLANET We HUMAN-BEINGS that are supose to be smart WE Have to PAY MONEY to live on a PLANET that WE were BORN ON! I dont see anyother Species having to pay to live here AND WE ARE SMART? I am so tierd of living in this DAMN MATRIX of CONTROL a PRISION PLANET OF SLAVERY and LIES.Lets get to the Truth of who really runs the Show here on EARTH. first I think the Control SYSTEM has to go!! LIKE the EVIL ROYLTY-all the EVIL GOVERNMENTS,THE UNHOLY VATICAN JESUIT ORDER-FREEMASONS=the Control grid of POLICE that work in protecting the EVIL and corrupt-Same with The JEW-DICUAL SYSTEMS are all OWNED and CONTROLLED by THE KHAZARIN ZIONIST JEWS AKA THE RUSSIAN TURKS PRETENDERS That CLAIM TO BE JEWS BUT WHO ARE NOT! THEY ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. NETANYAHU OF ISREAL EVEN SAYS THANK YOU TO THE CHRISTIANS FOR THEIR SUPPORT WITH OUT THEM NONE oF the NWO WOULD BE POSSIBLE. DO CHRISTIANS even REALIZE That They are the ones promoting the MARK of the BEAST TRANSHUMANISM TECHNOLOGY. We here Support ISRAEL give MONEY TO THIS BEAST SYSTEM OF CONTROL! how many times were we WARNED in the BIBLE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN JEWS THAT SAY THEY ARE BUT ARE NOT.WE HUMANS have GIVIN OUR POWER OVER TO THE ARCHONIC PARASITIC PARASITES OF CONTROL that work for their MASTER SATAN THEY COME TO LIE,KILL,STEAL,and DESTROY all That is good in this WORLD. TO CREATE a World of TOTAL CHAOS and CONTROL that is why they want their ANU-NWO of TRANSHUMANISM a TOTAL CORRUPTION OF DNA. THERE ARE WHEAT and TARES on this PLANET. WE were all WARNED. David Spangler in the UN said you wont be allowed into the New Age unless you take a OATH to LUCIFER. anyway its just something to think about.

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