Alan Watt – enemy of the truth? This guy seems to think so…

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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2 Responses to Alan Watt – enemy of the truth? This guy seems to think so…

  1. Robert says:

    Yes I came to the same conclusion independantly. He knows much, has a message of hopelessness and signs off “may your God or Gods go with you’. He is in on it!!!

  2. Believer says:

    Bingo Gaz. Alan Watt is most definitely part of the infiltration effort to control the ‘truth movement’; which I use loosely as real truth comes from a relationship with God, which is ONLY possible through his ONLY begotten Son Jesus Christ. As it is stated in the Biblical Flood testimony in Genesis (Which is authenticated through the existence of the many other flood narratives from the cradle of civilization), Noah and Enoch ‘walked with God’ (excepted into communion with the Great Creator) which is why there was a pure message of a coming messiah present after the great cataclysm occurred; it was already prophesied (Read the Book of Enoch; heavily messianic and whether people believe it legitimate or not in my opinion it goes hand in hand with the Book Of Revelation and its existence in the Dead Sea Scrolls is even more evidence of its legitimacy). It then became – as it is now – common place for post-deluge splinter cultures to claim they had received the messiah, from a virgin mother, which is why the pre-Jesus mentions are present in history. This doesn’t mean any of them were authentic; then Jesus came along, changed the world, and fulfilled all of the prophecies. There were even ‘wise men’ that ventured from the East who were from other beliefs/cultures who knew the ‘sign’ that a messiah was to be born at that particular point in time … so even non-Jewish peoples who studied the ‘signs of the stars’ (totally different to worshipping the celestial bodies themselves) knew that the Son Of God had arrived and came to greet the birth with gifts as attested to in Matthew. Alan calls the stories ‘allegories’ of celestial objects etc… he is correct in that many of them DO have relevance to Gods direct creation of the physical universe, but if Jesus was the legitimate Son Of God then you would expect that he and his life story would be an emanation of the Alpha and the Omega. Understanding the divine nature of the Universe and how it manifests itself in the person of the Messiah, Prophets and wanderings of the people of Israel is totally different to the direct worship of the creation itself, which is common place in occult philosophies; such as the one Alan probably patronizes but will never admit on his deceptive show.

    So the fact that Alan Watt – as do all other New Age shills – cite the pre-existence of ‘myths’ of the Son Of God being born from a Virgin prior to Jesus as evidence of the illegitimacy of Jesus, and his being just another ‘religion’ is completely ridiculous and based on Alan’s own BELIEF and FAITH that there is no one true God who was to manifest his will though a Son who was to come to Earth and relay a message, open an interim age of dissemination of that message for ALL peoples of the world, and then return in Judgement to finally finish up the transgression of Man. Perhaps Alan will change his mind or hang his head in shame when the messiah proclaims to him ‘I NEVER KNEW YOU’, or perhaps he will try to do the same thing the Pharisees and Sadducees did and KILL HIM so that they can continue their past earthly and un-spiritual ways of denial or flat out acceptance of the Prince Of Destruction Lucifer. Too bad for Alan that the second coming will be Jesus in all his power and glory and that killing him will not be possible this next time as he will return Immortal; another concept Alan probably cannot get his mind to grasp based on his own BELIEF.

    I constantly try to tell Atheists and Agnostics when they tell me they don’t believe in BELIEF that unfortunately they WERE NOT BORN ANIMALS and were in fact born HUMAN (born in Gods own IMAGE), thus they were given the power of discernment and cannot escape from it; so IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING THEN YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE A BELIEF SYSTEM CALLED ‘THE UTTER DENIAL OF SPIRITUAL BELIEF’. Being a human you weren’t given the ability to claim ignorance, which is what life is all about, it is a spiritual testing ground to separate those who OUR MESSIAH KNOWS, and those he doesn’t, and Jesus alone was given this authority on Earth and in Heaven to allow a soul to reconnect with God. Jesus is Lord Of Lords and King Of Kings and through his testimony he saved and is saving the chosen of God; the rest will be judged by God himself in a great destruction and purification; but for the sake of the elect (as with Noah and Abraham) some flesh shall be saved, and will inherit the Earth. Alan might not believe there is any way to defeat Lucifer and his willing minions here on Earth (so called IIluminati or enlightened ones) but he might just live to see the people who indeed do defeat them with their great faith (the blood of the Lamb), and then he will have to answer to his maker in shame regarding his transgression and willingness to deceive the poor people who he sold to Lucifer for 30 pieces of silver. May God have mercy on his soul, and lets hope if he is not a willing deceiver that he wakes up to his denial of Christ and becomes saved; even someone like George Bush could be saved by Jesus at the last minute if he legitimately gave his life to Jesus and renounced his blood occult oaths to Lucifer and announced to the world all that he had done and was ashamed of. The story of Jesus is complete forgiveness of sins no matter how evil a person has become, and is the whole reason he gave his life for many. Even the thief was saved on the cross at the last minute by acknowledging his own transgressions and accepting the Messiah, so there’s even hope for Alan if he wishes it to be so; but he and many others are running out of time as we are vastly approaching the unveiling of the Anti-Christ in the flesh and the ultimate test of the true people of Israel.

    Perhaps Alan is one of those positioned to fool people into actually accepting the Anti-Christ when he shows himself. Perhaps he can then explain why the Anti-Christ will claim to be from the blood line of a person who never existed, and why he has changed his tune in accepting a Messiah.

    Good on you Gaz, nice presentation.

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