Ex-Satanist Gideon Mulenga – Set Free by Jesus!

Watch this powerful interview conducted by Jan-Aage Torp in 2007 with ex-satanist Gideon Mulenga of Zambia. Here is shocking information from the kingdom of darkness, even about satanist infiltration into Christian churches. But here is above all a powerful testimony of the power and love of Jesus Christ to save and set free! Copyright 2011 Oslokirken.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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6 Responses to Ex-Satanist Gideon Mulenga – Set Free by Jesus!

  1. Mrsjamez says:

    Amazing testimony of the power of Christ! If YHWH can deliver a satanist and redeem him for His glory, anyone can too be saved. I pray that anyone who feels like they have done too much to be forgiven, this story reaches them. In the name of Yashua Christ, Amen.

  2. this is powerful and I only wish I could post this clip on my facebook page.

  3. Ebony says:

    Im in serious need of help for my son, i tried everywhere and everyone is afraid to help me

  4. Julia cadag says:

    It is very revealing indeed, how the spiritual forces operate .. both God and evil. These are not revealed in the word so after listening to people’s stories and those in deliverance ministries, I’m beginning to think these “extra biblical” revalations and knowledge are hidden mysteries and secrets being reveled to us.

    If you look up ryan johnson ministries prophetic dream of roaches (demonic activity) being cleaned out in churches, what Gideon speaks of as well as freemason and illuminati plants .. Satan’s going to get a big kick up the backside! Others including myself confirmed this for ryan with our own roach infestation dreams.

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