Christian Spiritualism

Keep an open mind!
I used to be a medium, a very gifted medium.  Not that I would have needed to brag about it but I was able to many things that for most people would seem strange or supernatural.
Some people thought I was mentally ill, others thought I was just credulous, others who witnessed my ability were either frightened by it or were in awe of it.  I must abmit it did much to feed my ego plus I got to help people free themselves of the burden of years of grief in just a few minutes.  I did platform work (that’s standing on a stage and giving readings to a congregation), I could literally close my eyes and suddenly get a picture in my mind flash up of one of the people in the congregation, open my eyes and begin describing their grand parents and other people who have died.  I was able then to provide information about them or their loved ones that their was no way in the world that I could have known if not for the spirit communication taking place.  I was able to one to one reading although I preferred the stage, the feelings of energy that went through me was at time quite a rush.  In the latter years never really bothered with tarot cards or divination tools since of the ease I had with spirit communication.  i could literally be walking down the street, walk up to a stranger and know there name.  The name would just drop into my mind.  On occasion I would test this out when meeting new people, it used to freak them out, sometimes the name wasn’t theirs but a recently deceased relative.  I used to explain that this was the spirit of their dead relative wanting to communicate which often lead to me giving them a reading and leavin them weeping.  One medium once told me that these were not tears of sadness but tears of joy, or as I choose to think, tears of relief.  Knowing how this helped me it spurred me on like this was my life purpose, a mission to tell the world that no one really dies, we just cross over to another place.  I could heal people without touching them, just thinking or standing behind them out of sight and placing my hand several feet away from them over a specific body part such as the liver.  I would ask them then to tell me where my hand was and sure enough they were able to feel a sense of energy in that particular region, i.e. in the liver.  I could also do predictions, lot of them, with about 70-80% accuracy.  Whenever I got it wrong my spirit guide would explain this was my fault and some way I had caused some kind of block between him and myself.  I made lots of friends through mediumship and enjoyed the feeling that finally found my neash.  I don’t practice mediumship now or any of the other things either.  You see it was a supernatural episode that brought me into mediumship, or at least made me realise was I had been all along.  And yet, it was a supernatural experience that made me decide to give it up.  It’s a long story but if you wish to learn more about it then have a listen to my ‘voices in the dark’ audio recording at some point.
Some time ago a medium asked me that with all my gifts why would I stop using them and walk away from mediumship.  You see, many people spend a lifetime trying to develop spiritual gifts without success and yet here I am, having lots of gift and litterally discarding them!  All I can say is to explain a powerful supernatural experience right now woud require a lot of ground work which as I explained previously is explained in the ‘voices in the dark’ audio at and clicking on my podcast section.  What I am able to do now is identify the mistakes I made during my quest for spiritual knowledge because if we are honest this is what we all want, its just for most of us we are looking in the wrong place.
When was I involved in spiritualism I was told quite clearly that what I was doing was evil.  It wasn’t my fellow spiritualists telling me this, no not my comrades, those few people in the world who I could actually talk to about my own experiences without being labelled a nut for a worker of evil.  I didn;t have time for the bible, especially since I was going right to the source and by passing some old book.
When a Christan approached me with the bible I would tell them this is not the true word of God.  In my mind the notion that Jesus Christ is Messiah or the abomination of mediumship was unrealistic.  Nowadays I would say the contrary, that the biblical story of Jesus is all true but don’t let me preach to you but definately make sure I back this up!  Remember, we should always keep an open mind, right?
Keeping an open mind in this day and age is no difference to days gone by.  We are all effected by our environment, our peers and by what our techers and leaders tells us.  So it should not be a surprise that our world views to some degree may be tained, if only by a tiny margin.  I think it is reasonable therefore to suggest that even our top scientist have gotten it wrong at some stage so it’s highly probably we, the masses who rely on the daily news and national education might have succumbed to inaccurate teaching however inocent this came about.  It would be understandable and acceptable that it was neither the fault of ourselves nor our teaches, parents or leaders that we find ourselves in  this predicament of ingnorance.  Ignorance simply means not knowing and that is ok however apathy is the complete lack of wanting to know the truth.  Apathy is certainly a major problem since most people are happy to accept even the most dia situations just as long as they are left alone.  Emotional needs can also cloud the judgement of even the most religious minds, a need to accept certain teaching because it fits their needs and desires can be and is one of the core reasons why the search for the truth is never really upheid in most cases.
To the spiritualist and new agers as a whole, Christ is merely a reincarnated avatar, a long line of incrimental messagers sent to earth to teach higher wisdom to aid the spiritual evolution of humanity.  Spritualism accepts that all religions hold truth and it does not matter to which approach you take, all paths lead to the same God.  This beleif teaches that Budha, confusious, mohamed, Krishna and Jesus Christ plus others were in fact the same reincarnated being.  This is what they refer to as the Christ, the God head, the Cosmic Christ and Christ Messenger.  Spiritualism often paralles many of the new age teaching because they are practically the same thing.  Likewise, spiritualists may mention the communion with Angels, referring to them as accended masters, the hirachy, inner guides, spiritual councillers, spirit guides or the higher self.  It should raise a red flag to any Christian that this parallels what the bible refers to as demons.  The aim of these beings is to trick people into worshipping them or even oneself and not God. New age beliefs are like a patch work of many variations of the same teachings but presented in different forms.  This is why Chrsitian Spiritualism is so appealing to Christianised countries such as America, the UK and other European countries.  It hides behind of a suble veneer of deception, quoting scripture whilst adding its own version of lies and heavily relying its victims level of ignorance and apathy.
In short Spritualism, just like much of the teachings under the new age banner have strong hindu learnings but with westernised appeal.  They teach that all men have the potential to be God, or, are unrealised Gods and only through reincarnation and realisation can they find enlightenment.
So with this in mind and by now, curiousity might force you to ask to where is this conversation leading?  Afterall, anyone can  draw their own conclusions to what spiritualism is and jsut as important, exactly what is meant by Christain Spiritualism, if that’s actually possibile?
The word Oxymoron comes to mind each time I think of the term Christian Spiritualism.  The two couldn’t be more opposite from each other.  Think of the term ‘living dead’, which depicts the fictional zombie, a dead person who body is then magically animated to appear alive.  On one hand we have a dead corps and on the other we have a magically animated corpse the appears to be alive.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the corpse is not alive, that the person is in fact dead.  We can compare this analogy to what some people call Christian Spiritualism, a religious system that on one hand claims to hold Christian values but on the other hand completely contradict Christianity, such beliefs include:
No judgement after death
Denial of the biblical version of the resurection
Belief in Karma
Active communication with familar spirits
Spiritual evolution

What’s significant about many of their claims is how they quote bible passages in order to back up their agrument.  This technique is used by selected a single verse from scripture, out of context and presenting it as meaning something else.
I recently visited a site that discusses Christian Spiritualism, I read through it and found it quite interesting to say the least.  Not that I agreed with what it had to say but how incredible inaccurate its claims were.  Remember what I said perviously, about backing up my claim that the biblical story of Jesus is all true.  Well, if there is two types of spirituality, a false path and and true path then it should be easy to prove one of them to be false, and the other to be true.  So here is some of the claims I found on this site.  I will read through it paragraph by paragraph then provide a counter explanation.  This way you will be able to both sides of the argument, the whole picture.
The following is an extract from an Address called “The Next Stage” (March 1927) given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes.  This is titled “THE GREATER WORLD DECLARATION OF BELIEF AND PLEDGE”
Just to note that their are two flaws with this opening statement.  First of all, he refers to the messenger as ‘the Christ messenger, not messenger of Christ.  This stipulates the messenger is of the Christ, a force that is contrary to the messianic Christ of the Bible.  This will become more clearer as we go through this who statement.  The second flaw is not such much as to the name of the messenger being Zodiac which is a system of divination and contrary to Biblical treaching but to blatent fact the messager has to engage a human body in which to convey its message.  Contrary to common beleif, Angels have bodies and therefore do not take possession of people.  Also, contrary to common belief, trance mediumship is actually nothing more than that of demon possession.
“…I speak to the preachers and the guardians, I speak to the healers and to all who have the ear of the people, those to whom the masses turn for knowledge and instruction, and I say to them:
He now addresses the church leaders and so called more evolved beings and the many spritual healers.  Towards anyone who is open to this message:
“Do your part now before it is too late. Prepare the minds of the uninformed for their Next Life, for that stage which lies beyond the Physical; for many – so unprepared, so chained to the things of the earth, so wedded to the material, to the acquirement of this and the hoarding of that – many pass out into an imprisonment, into a confinement most terrible to behold.
This is scaremongering, an effective method of getting your attension and taking into consideration of the utter importance of what you are about to hear.  He is preparing this audience to be passive, again, to be open to his message.
“And those who were older and wiser – the guardians, the instructors upon the earth – these suffer ten thousand times the pangs of a mother giving physical birth; for they know that had they done their part, had they had the courage to learn so that they might teach, then those newcomers into fresh conditions would have found themselves upright and strong and beautiful, instead of maimed and awful to gaze upon because of the marks of their thoughts, of their past, upon that body in which they find themselves after physical death…”
The guarians, for those that get off on the ego trip, they are the ones that have been told how very special they are.  His statement towards them attempts to justify their suffering which is quite common in mediums such as anxiety, isolation and depression to name a few.  The demonic messenger has to massage the ego of these victims to keep them active within this false religion.  Notice how he cleverly disguises a refernce to ‘mother earth’ and ‘brith pangs’ in a seemingly unconnected phrase, this is a clever psychological suggestive trick used in hypnosis to plant a message into the subconcious part of your mind.
It is appropriate to offer information concerning the knowledge which is available to mankind today given through the gift of Spirit-Communion, which has had and will continue to have a deep and profound effect upon not only Christendom but humanity at large.
This knowledge he is offering has been around for 1000’s of years.  Make no mistake and we’ll cover this later on… Did you also notice he mentions the gift spirit-communion which amongst many Bible passages including Deuternomy 18 to be an abomination to God.  He claims this profiound effect, is not only aimed as Christendom but the whole of humanity, this part is true, “…for many will fall away from the faith”.
One Must “Work It Out For Oneself”
That means don’t rely on God’s word aka the bible… and so here follows the indoctrination, be warned.
In everything to do with spiritual knowledge, everybody is asked to “work it out for ones self” and not to just accept what is being offered. It is therefore “made ones own”, so to speak, in the way which is right for oneself. Also, please consider the fact that while God has allowed spiritual knowledge to come in an overwhelming abundance to those who knock at the Door of Spirit Communion, neither God nor His Host is here to do our thinking for us; indeed, we are meant to “work it out for ourselves”.
This is statement clearly instructs people to make their own minds up and what is true or not true for them.  In other words its like a pick and mix attitude whereby one can choose what he or she wants and disgard the rest.   When he refers to God given spiritual knowledge he is not referring to the Holy Spirit but another form of spiritual knowledge gained through spirit communication which as I have demonstrated previously is a lie.  What’s not surprising is how the he has taken a piece of scripture and twisted it to suit his argument.  Did you catch it?  Revelations 3:20 ” Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

The Sacred Gift Of Spirit Communion Is As Old As The Hills
It was never meant for communication with familar spirits. The bible is full over quotes warning against spirit communication.  Here’s just three of them:
Leveticus 19:31}31} Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I [am] the LORD your God.

Deuteronomy {18:10-11} There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

2nd Kings {21:6} And he made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards: he wrought much wickedness in the sight of
the LORD, to provoke [him] to anger.
Spirit Communion or Spirit Communication has always existed, and it is given by God for the furtherance of mankind and his spiritual progression. Any major Scripture will have come into existence through the collective use of the gifts of Spirit Communion. All visions, prophesies and inspired teachings are through the utilisation of talents which go to make up the often misunderstood spiritual gifts of mediumship.
Again he tries to repeatively push the blatent lies that God gave us this gift for the intention of (familar) spirt communication.  Spiritual progression is a load of old bunk too!  Like so many new age concepts, we are not heading for a spiritual evolution, this was adopted by the spiritualist movement back in the days when Darwin’s theories were emerging.  They felt threatend by the concept that man might come from apes (which has never been proven, fact!) and so jumped on the band wagon of this absurd notion that mankind is heading for a leap in conciousness some time soon!   Mediumship is not the same as communication with God, it’s a counterfeit, whilst it is certainly a very real concept and leads to many revelations it also error prone and not 100% accurate.  Even many well known mediums would confess that at best their messages are 80% accruate and that’s on a good day.  Prophets of God are 100% accruate and scripture is littered with such.  No other book can claim the same.  Did you notice how he skirts around actually refering to a prophet of God?

Where the Truth exists there is always the largest amount of misinformation, and with regard to Spirit Return this is struck home with force because of chained spirits always seeking to bring those in the flesh down simply because of their own self-induced captivity, which is one reason for the pre-enlightenment injunctions forbidding spirit-discourse found in a number of sacred books (including the now abrogated Law of Moses). Among unspiritual people Spirit Return can only bring disaster.
Self induced captivity I can only guess means not accepting this fraudsters indocrination but accepting the words of scripture.
And in regard to such pre-Christ injunctions, some people who have not truly understood the New Testament which came with God’s Incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, and who are certain that they are right as they interpret the Scriptures with their physical minds – which may include the condemnation of the Christian Spiritualism – can sometimes cause great rifts and offence. This is where Christian Spiritualism can show a great spiritual charity within its clear and mature guidelines.
In laymans terms he is saying those who accept what scripture says about the crucifixion and resurection of Christ misguided, that there is an alternative, esoteric meaning to this.  Again this is a deception and a blatent insult to any intelligent person, believer or not!  He’s saying that from a pysical standpoint we humans are unable to process the information given.  And don’t attack christian spiritualism, or there will be great repocussions!
But why does man assume that some of the angels who are shown to appear throughout the Bible, had not once lived in bodies of flesh many, many thousands of years before?
….is the because the Bible states they have their own bobies, live in the heavenly realms and thus do not require a body of flesh?  Also, that an angel is quite capable of at least appearing as a person is not having a temporary physical body?  So why then would it ever need to live in the flesh?
Or why does man assume that because the Vedas were given by rishis (seers), that they are not mediums?
Keep in mind the rishi is a “seer” to whom the Vedas were “originally revealed” through states of higher consciousness. The rishis were prominent when Vedic Hinduism took shape, as far back as some three thousand years ago.  The Old Testament dates back much further than that.  In fact the Torah existed during the time of Moses and Joshua, and was not created later.  It is extimated to be over 3300 years old.  This outdates this so called acient knowledge.
Indeed, the whole of the battle which is the body of the Bhagavad-Gita was received by clairaudience and clairvoyance.
Yes and this is the problem, how can you then trust it.  If the God of the universe is set against mediumship then who is the messenger? An angel of light purhaps? Zodiac himself?  Here’s what 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 says in response to this:
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. {11:15} Therefore [it is] no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Or why disassociate mediumship (Spirit Return) from the bestowal upon Muhammad of the wisdom of Islam, which was given by an exalted spiritual being, an angel, to uplift a fallen and degraded people? Why does man associate all Spirit Return with ‘evil’ spirits thereby disregarding beneficent spirits or ‘…ministering spirits sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation (humanity)’? (Heb.1:14)
Its very easy to take a verse and use it out of context.  The scriptures are not something you can easily pick up and put down.  Understanding the bigger picture is paramount, not knowing or not investigating such claims will allow anyone or anything to compare some fictional docrine to actual scripture.  Whilst we are clearly warned against engaging in spirit contact we also warned about contact with Angels.
While we should not outright reject testimonies about the alleged appearance of angels, Christians should carefully discern the true nature of such reports.
God’s angels will never communicate any message that is contrary to the teachings of Bible.
As Paul quoted in 2 Corinthians 11-14 Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.  Paul, in 1 Corinthians 11:3-4; 13-15 also goes onto say:
Just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.
…such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.
And in Galatians 1:6-9 he wrote:
I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel — which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!
The Corner-Stone That The Builders Rejected
Straight from scripture, refers to Jesus Christ.  Some say this also refers to how secret societies such as higher level masons have rejected Jesus.
The gift of Spirit Communion is sacred, and it is best to keep an open mind rather than repudiate this gift from God, for although forgiveness is never withheld, it shall be very difficult to forgive oneself when the physical body is relinquished if one has slandered what is so precious to the Most High. There would be no religion at all if it were not for Spirit Communion.
Now note what he is saying here, that if you deny this so called gift then you are going to pay for it in the next life.  Can you see how he is using subtle fear, its always then same with these guys, if you don’t do X then Y will happen.  Spirit Communion or as Zodiac clarified previously, spirit communication.  Religion is man made and sometimes the consequence of spirit communication.  We should not confuse this with the Christian faith as this is God inspired, not familiar spirit or that of a fallen angel.
Indeed, there would be no Bible but for Spirit Communication. The Old Testament shows Moses receiving messages from Spirit: Mosaic law was “received from the hands of angels” (Acts 7: 53); “God gave his laws to angels to give to Moses” (Gal. 3:19). God has always spoken to humankind through spiritual beings:
Ok stop there…. can you see how a very deliberate confusion being played out?  Remeber what we have already covered regarding God’s angels. They will never communicate any message that is contrary to the teachings of Bible.  Notice how Zodiac attempts to repeat his lies over and over, quoting just snippets of scripture but not the whole message, not in total context.
“The message God delivered through angels has always proved true” (Heb. 2:2 NLT); the prophets of old spoke “according to the word of the Lord”. The disciples were very mediumistic: Peter and Paul both admitted to receiving visions while in a trance state and John reveals a whole range of personal mediumistic qualities including clairaudience, clairvoyance (internal visions and external visions), spirit travel, among other diverse manners utilized by communicating spirits or messengers (Spirit Agency).
Scripture does not go into great deal about the process of how his disciples recieved messages but understand that anything God does Satan can only copy.  So just because they reveiced visions does not prove these were from spiritual enities as opposed to that of God the father.  Paul was very clear about testing the spirits!
It must also be pointed out (as a matter of principle and wisdom when telling others that communication is possible with those who have climbed further up the hill to God than those in the body of flesh and blood) that there is a right way to use such a gift, and there is a way fraught with danger.
The right way to steer well clear of it… but I’m sure the demon will have an alternative approach.
The gift of Spirit Communion is meant to be for sacred purposes only and the abuse of such a gift can only bring much misery to the misguided medium and the spirits who use the abusing medium. It should be remembered that it is the motives, desires and the attitude of the individual which attract certain disembodied spirits with similar attitudes into their vibrations. Like attracts like in the spiritual sense and this applies to all because all are mediums every moment of their lives.
This statement is primarily preparing the medium to accept a specific approach on how to conduct himself.  This is re-enforced by what Zodiac has been drip feedingthe past several paragraphs that there is a consequnce to actions contrary to his teachings (in the here after).  I’m referring to Karma or what spiritualists commonly refer to as cause and effect.  Its a hiduisic beleif that anything you do in one lifetime is either rewarded or punished in another lifetime.
This point should explain the reason for the God of old having to prohibit the spiritually ignorant Israelites from spirit-intercourse. Such people were utterly ignorant – worshipping demonic gods and even burning their own children on altars for such demons (Jer.7:31) – among all sorts of other abominable deeds. They were controlled by debased spirits, and only misery could possibly come from contact with the Spirit World at that time amongst such a backward people.
Some clarity is needed here:
All ancient people recognized the need for the giving up of a life for the forgiveness of sin and the restoring of fellowship with their gods. We see this in movies where a virgin is thrown into the fire as a human sacrifice, to appease the fire god.
In biblical times pagans would sacrifice their new born infants at ceremonies designed to appease their gods. It was a high price to pay for good relations with the gods but the ancient peoples did it; so great was their fear of, and need of their gods. The Prophet Micah alludes to this pagan practice when he states:
Micah 6:7-8
Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?
He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
The reference to giving one’s firstborn for personal sin springboards off of what the surrounding nations were doing for offending their gods. They were offering their sons and daughters into the sacrificial fires of their gods, and even Israel would succumb to this horror (2nd Kgs. 16:3; 17:17; Jer. 7:31, etc.). You see, Satan is very cruel and those who want to remain blind, walk in perversion and death.
It should also be noted that Israelite law, the Law of Moses of the Old Testament (often erroneously quoted by some Fundamentalists as being applicable to Christians) was repealed and replaced with a quite different Law by Christ Jesus (Gal.5:14, 18) of the New Testament,
Zodiac is quoting Gal.5:18 which reads “But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.”  What he conveniently leaves out is what this actually means, he’s some clarification:
“If ye are led (give yourselves up to be led) by (Greek) the Spirit, ye are not under the law.” For ye are not working the works of the flesh (Ga 5:16, 19-21) which bring one “under the law” (Ro 8:2, 14). The “Spirit makes free from the law of sin and death” (Ga 5:23). The law is made for a fleshly man, and for the works of the flesh (1Ti 1:9), “not for a righteous man” (Ro 6:14, 15).
which was a spiritual law not even written down on paper but rather into the hearts and minds of God’s children (Heb.8:10).
Heb.8.10 reads:
“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people”

Special Envoys
But concerning the purpose of this particular church – the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church: As there has always been Spirit Return, information given to mankind from the “heavens” has always been occurring. Sometimes certain sets of advanced souls are given particular missions to carry out for the Most High.
This is the eastern doctrine reincarnation and the Karmic cycle, nothing to do with final judgement of course.
In that case, there would be a leader or ‘captain’ and a team or ‘host’ of empowered co-workers. The Greater World has a “classics” range which preserves a number of scripts given and recorded for humanity’s benefit. One beautiful collection of such scripts, The Zodiac Messages, stands out from others in a unique and inimitable way and in its power to enlighten, and yet is not completely independent of the other collections of scripts (within the Classics Range), and clearly all are intertwined and interconnected in meaning and purpose.
Zodiac makes two incorrect claims here. Firsly he attempts to subtly suggest special people and groups are sent here (throughout history) to preserve the main religious teachings for the betterment of humanity.  This is a blatent lie, history is littered to the hilt with books and literature that does little more than attack Christianity.  Also by stating a need to preserve all scripures then he is clearly suggesting all religions are basically the same.  What’s perhaps true to some extent  is how he then suggests his own teaching are on a par with the many historical scriptures.  This is true in the sense that they all deny Christ as Messiah in some way, or have changed scripture to suit.  What he cannot do however is successfully claim his teachings are on par with the Bible because what he teaches is contrary to what the Bible teachers.
Now the site contains a vast amount of information and I had only addressed as small part of this. What I hope I have demonstrated is how cunning our enemy actually is, how to the untrained eye they can spew such lies and make them sound biblical. Zodic is just one of many in a long line of decievers offering a false christ and doctrines of demons.  We are warned about this in Mathew 24:24} For ther shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

We also see this in Mark {13:22} For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and
shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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  1. Good morning. First I want to thank you for so thoroughly explaining the dangers associated with christian spiritualism. Most of us have, at the very best, merely a vague concept of this. We may be able to quote a few verses, but, for the most part, we don’t grasp the true seriousness of this danger. What you have explained here, I fear, would blindside most professing christians if they were to encounter this. Without a doubt, the church today is filled with teachings of this nature because discernment is so lacking.

    Thanks for explaining this in such detail. I plan to post this for others to read. Sadly, i have a sister who is deeply involved with the new age. She has even been to (at least one) John Edwards seminar and later called me to tell me that she had talked with our mom. (our mom passed away in October of 2000. My reply was “Sally that’s not condoned in scripture” and she left off discussing it further. Necverless, the deception is there. Sally, along with millions of others, believe that John Edwards is helping people find closure through contactring their deceased relatives. I’ve seen a few broadcasts in the past and every time, he offers up information that only the deceased person would know. Everyone is astonished and the audience enjoys a heartwarming experience as someone has been “helped.”
    Thanks again for exposing this. You have a unique vantage point on this issue. I am keeping you n prayer; knowing that the enemy doesn’t like this kind of exposure.

    Blessings always in Jesus name,


  2. Gaz Parker says:

    Hey Timbob,

    Your sister is no different to so many others out there who have lost faith in out father, the Lord God Jesus Christ. we have the the media, our education and the world to thank for that. People such as Edwards, although siscere himself, are seen as highly spiritual and good. This is the deception. Ok, I’m preaching the the chior however we also know how strong our connections are to our loved ones, especially our mothers of who we have both lost, Mediumship, although a cruel hoax (its certainly contacts enities but not that of our departed loved ones) is so convincing that it pulls i those who are vulnerable. We need to pray from you sister, comfort her, bring her back to the Lord so that she will find a GREATER comfort to the one she has now. There is nothing more depressing than to follow the hollow words of a medium since the medium themselves are also so lost in the wilderness.

    Drop me an email and we can talk further bud!

    • Anoula says:

      My daughter is being decieved to thinking Spiritualism is her choice religion, she was brought up Christian Orthodox and from a little girl has gone through much, but I believe because she rebells really inside with the truth about God and Jesus, always saying ” How can i beleive what is written, Man wrote those words Not God, but man for God, so they changed it around therefore what is true and what is not” she says she beleives in Jesus and I truely belive that but, she is confused and always rebells against me who always sees this and tries to plant seeds to help her come to her belief i taught her by taking her to church weekly and she saying she got nothing out of it, I believe she loves jesus with all her might, but she is being decieved into the spiritualism ways and thoughts, How can a persont that loves Jesus be so tricked to believe spiritualism also.. She acts like she hates me , when i try to show her my beliefs, Ive known that she has been touched since she was alittle girl by some force that caused triangles on her skin i saw them one dayw hen she came in from playing , she said she had touched a plant that looked like the flower of life, she went back the next day and she and i could not find it, ever since she has been the black sheep of the family only because she choses that because she is being decived yet i am the crazy one for loving her so much and every time i try to correct her way of thinking as Jesus himself says to do, she acts like i am attacking her..I am trying to show her , with love a mother has for her daughter, how true Jesus is and the words of God in the Bible.. she doesnt read it, never has yet thinks she knows everything about it according to her good inner self and reasoning and yet tha is not enough as Jesus states to know what He expects ,,, only knowledge comes from reading the word yet she will not because she doesnt beleive it is true, so she says it is enough to love God and Jesus and know in her own heart what is right per common sence..i pray for my child, i love her so much, i cry allt he time for her, yet she says she sees herself in dreams as a warrior for God dressed in white with long black hair and carrying a shield and a sword of silver and sparkel and in a place with peace yet she is ready to fight for God’s cause , she keeps seeing Gods mircacles to help her life, she said the other day, God what is it you are trying to show me, yet cries because she is worried about her life right now, finances etc, a new divorse , a new lover and a new baby ,,yet she doesnt see what is the bigger picture for her to finally not rebell so much against God without her really admitting it.. maybe i have not been a great mother in alot i have done, but the love i have had for this child, she is now 35 , i always knew from day one that she was going to be the one that struggles more in life more than my other two children yet she has the power and is not using it, the way Jesus wants her to. She never shows sheis wrong with me, i am always wrong, always, yet the baby i held in my arms and nurtured her and kept her a nd loved her and slept with her till she was ten cause she needed me next to her we were so close and now to see how she has distanced her self from me, yet all the help i have given her to help with her babies, and now having her and her boy friend and children here with us again to help her live rent free in order to finish school and better thier lives. i am the witch see, i am the bad evil mom that always has to bring religion into her thinking and never being able to prove my point, becuase how can you prove to and unbleiver the Bible , anyway, no matter what i say, she is not holding it true in her heart so she will always hate me until she sees what it is I know already , God has revealed to her soul and yet she is rebelling against HIM and evil is playing her inner spirit and chosing warefare .. it is convienient and all i do to help her see and help her daily little things etc, how can i not, i love her and her daughters her loser husband left behind, but really, i never told her but the way she talks to me and the way she thinks she is always right and yet blames me that i am my Martyr Anna… i feel some spiritual jealousy there and cant help but think that , although, her loser husband left them, and she wasnt really able to forgive him an stick by him as jesus says, this is the lesson Jesus is letting her learn, and honestly, if i was her husband with her always being so opinionated, even though she blames him being a loser to her, which in alot of ways he was and still is. but her strong opinions i think caused him to stop the want of making it with her because she is so strong headed and it is sad, never bending and no compassion for others that cannot think liek her on her level of intellegence, no patience and no respect to see behind the other actions, she is blaming that her ex was black or white, well she is the same with me, and im her mother who taught her the middle compassion yet with me and her sister and her brother, anyone that speaks their mind , against her beliefs, she knocks down, yes we are not perfect but she is not EITHER!!!!! YET SHE tells me im not humble .. if she only knew my heart which her spirit is not alowoing her to see,, now she gets along with her father because although he has changed to a degree from the same type person she is, after i stuck by him after he cheated on me and we lost everything from it, she sees what God gave us back mulit fold because he changed his heart towards me and what he did to me and our family and what we both worked so hard to build up all our lives, yet God punished him, and i knew it was going to be because i aksed God to reveal to me his cheating yet i was willing to stay and help him see the eror against God and what he gave him to save his soul. I promised God that, i didnt want to destroy my family, yet she says i am weak yet she is weak for taking fate in to her own hands and thinking this is what God allows, YES to a point, we have free will but with it control and humility and humbleness towards God, yet she makes fun of my decision and still thinks i am not happy now, with my choice, when she is not allowed to see the truth of what the outcome has been, yet she keeps saying to me how stupid i was to keep him and i cannot forgive when i have …she also says that i am weak that i was allowed to be riduculed so much and made fun of by his actions that i should o of placed more worth on my self, but i told her one time, i will forgive, not a second and if he doesnt change i will leave him, yet he has and we wer better now than before I see this and hoped that my daughter wiould of done the same but chose the easy way out not knowiong the way of God’s word.. Taht is the deception on the world today. family destruction and now she is going through alot yet i am still her taking her backlashe of me being the stupid one, she clearly doesnt want to see how we have changed and all i do all i say is a rivalry with her she thinks and she makes me feel like i am worthless and all i do is over looked, many days out of the month. i buy her new baby things, i amt here to cook for her children when she cannot, she grabs what she wasnt to eat without me even caring, my God it is my child, all the neccessities, no rent nothing yet whenever i ask a favor i never get it, and when ever i question anything that is not her level of thinking, whichi in her head is a thousand fold smarter than anyone , only becuase we call her out on her ways alot of times , we are the crazy ones tht are unintellegent, I am the wone that started my own company with five hundred dollars in my pockets and with no schooling, no back up no idea about running it, i made over 1 . 2 mill the first year alone from phone calls, and being teh one girl office on top of everything else i would do for my family and husband, yet i am the one that doesnt know how to humble my self to God, is she serious? She has to come down from her deceptional high horse that is riding her the way it wants daily, but what can i do, i have to help her her baby is coming, yet she talks about how i spoiled her younger sister not seeing how eaasy she has it now, here, eating and living for free, and really i dontcare, but it is the point , she critizises my parenting on her sister, yet she takes full advantage and doesnt see how she is just as spoiled and talks tme down any chance she can t make her feel worthy or something, i dont know .. the only person she gets along with is her father cause he is / was , still is, worldy as she is and know s how to play life, well me her grother and her sister are more honest , not worldly, seh never understands us, wichi is the same struggle i had with her fatehr for years …yet some of her traits now adn actions are the ones that she condemmed i had for years gainst peopole that tried to hurt me deliberately in my life, but i was , again teh crazy one, i will keep praying she gets what God tries to show her all the time.. and that no worse happenes in her life to jolt her soul into God mode and to open her heart more to the words of the bible and to really beleive them I love you Aliki.. one day i hope it wont be too late that i can hear you ever say, mom im sorry i finally got what you wanted me to know in my heart , and i was too blinded to see Jesus’ truth and to believe Gods word in my heart and to beleive what is written because he has a reason. I just hope it is not on my death bed.. I will keep taking more and more for the sake of my family memeber’s salvation. till they get it, i have to be the strong one, the tool to help them all get into heaven I keep asking God to give me more strength because i dont think i have any more … im tried

  3. Pete says:

    Thankyou…doing a bit of a study !!!

  4. Pastor says:

    I am a third generation Pastor of a Christian Spiritualist Church. I am very grateful for my heritage. We teach Christ as the Savior, and we promote spirituality. I believe there is no condemnation in God, and that God is Love! I see no love in this research. In the community where my church is, we as community leaders demonstrate the Love of God with fellow shipping with one another; The Baptist, Catholic, AME, Bahia, etc. It has taken years nearly a century for this type of Love to be, and I celebrate the maturity of us as leaders to understand what faith is and truly what love is; love is not FEAR as what I have read in this article. God bless all, and as I tell my parishioners “I don’t know what God told them, I only know what God told me.” I hope that you find light on your path, and enjoy life and love.

    • Robin says:

      Just came across the article against Spiritualism by Gaz Parker (very lengthy, and lots of FEAR in it). I am a Near Death Survivor. There is nothing to Fear. Prayer and help from Guides and HIGH Vibration of those in the meeting prior to bringing through Spirit will ensure Lower Astral Beings cannot take a foot hold. Jesus IS and WAS a real Master Teacher, and can be MET with when on the Other Side. He would feel that Mr. Parker still has some work to do to be open to what he will actually discover when he Transitions. I agree with all you have said, Pastor!
      I will be joining one of your local churches soon! At age 55, I have stayed away from Organized Religion since age 18yrs when I nearly hemorrhaged to death. But Spiritualism, as I have studied and learned about its principles, etc., is a loving place for us NDErs and other SEEKERS with open minds!
      I’ll hope Mr. Parker sees this message here: A CLOSED MIND IS A SECURE MIND; BUT IT DOESN’T GROW/PROGRESS TO THE HIGHER VIBRATIONS WE ARE ALL SEEKING (the realm of the angels, eventually)
      Love and Blessings to ALL on this Blog

    • Chris Lovel says:

      A very meaningful response, you have clearly found your truth. I have concluded most religious people have lost their power of critical thinking. How can being a Medium helping and healing people be evil just because the Bible says so. Look at the evidence, the Bible has over 400 conflicting passages so you have to “cherry pick” what you believe. I had a Near Death Experience in 1974 and came face to face with the Divine, it was unconditional love. My question is how can unconditional love condemn anyone to eternal pain? The answer is it doesn’t. Just another misleading point from a book written thousands of years ago by people with little or no understanding of Nature. Nature is the Divine. I was given insights to many things and one of them was that the Divine does not actually judge you, in view of the universal knowledge you gain in death you judge yourself as you have a life review, and for many who have murdered, stolen, hurt or injured people this is extremely difficult. When you are shown the perfection of the universe you realize how by hurting others you are hurting yourself. After all, “there is only one of us”. When you understand that you understand the Divine

  5. Gaz Parker says:

    Hello Pastor,

    You have made a lot of assumptions and accusations regarding Christianity however I think its far more efficient to tackle each one at a time. You mention you teach ‘ Christ as the Savior’. Is this the biblical teaching? What I mean by that is do you teach that:

    1) Jesus Christ was God in human form?
    2) When he died he covered all our sins including the original sin in the garden of Eden?
    3) That Jesus Christ can only save us if we accept him as our Lord and Savour?
    4) That he rose 3 days later and defeated Satan and his minions?
    5) That without the acceptance of Christ we are unable to enter the kingdom of God?

    • Robin says:

      The JESUS that you have been indoctrinated in is NOT the JESUS you will meet when you Transition. I am sorry the usual Fundamentalists have gotten a hold of you, through fear of being “wrong” in your Belief System???? The Pastor probably won’t bother answering you because you come from a Limited Viewpoint of things. You will see and perceive much when you have an NDE or permanently Transition.
      God Bless!

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  7. William says:

    Hello, without a doubt in my mind the “new age” (something very old repackaged like a corpse with makeup) with its spiritism, occult and witchcraft (crystals, incantations, rituals, spells) is the chief enemy of the good news of Jesus Christ at this time. The deception is growing by leaps and bounds much as it did in Germany in the decades leading up to the rise of Hitler (a disciple of Helena Blavatsky’s teachings). (The SS had an occult team at work throughout the war.) That there is so much activity going on is a sign that the evil is again rising and being emboldened by the acclaim of its many fans: without human volunteers it has no arms or legs with which to fuel evil deeds. The end result of joining with these evil spirits is always, always the same: pain, suffering, sorrow, destruction and death. Spiritualism of all kinds is always a dead-end destination: the path begins with sparkles, glitter and charm but ends with fear and suffering. Evil spirits are thoroughly psychopathic in nature: they seek control of human beings. To appear as an angel of light is a means to and end for them. So warning others about danger is in fact a supreme act of love regardless of how irritating the warnings sound. Why be spiritually connected to liars and imposters through evil spirits when you can be connected to the Living God. Why would I accept coal when I can have gold? Those who will listen will be saved; those who cling to the evil remain lost (of their own volition). Those who say that God is love misrepresent God for God is not only love. He himself says he is three things: He is Love, He is a Consuming Fire, He is Jealous. We cannot say one without the other. Those who cling to “God is love” alone deny the other two and in doing so misrepresent the Living God. Love compels all true believers to talk about God in full. Keep up the good work! Neutrality is not an option for “it” seeks our destruction and will not stand back nicely and politely. We are in the fight because of who we are, like it or not, so let us raise up the weapons of our spiritual warfare (faith, prayer, the Word, working together in the body of Christ etc.) and stand our ground. God bless.

  8. Anthony says:

    Dear Sir,

    I find that your fear of the Love shown by that which you condemn is very telling. You appear afraid of Love and consider yourself not to be a guardian of the uninformed, calling it an “ego trip”.

    Sir, you have named yourself as a representative of the Most High God, and should you cause the least of His little ones to fall then I am sure you know the rest of this saying of Christ. So why do you call that an “ego trip”?

    I think it may be because you realise that your own limited form of salvation is threatened by a far more loving teaching which is closer to the God who is Love. I think it because you have surrounded your mind with theory and dogma and have shut out the greater Light.

    Perhaps some honest self investigation is necessary here. It would seem a good idea because although God forgives you, when you see the Truth you will find it very hard to forgive yourself. Jesus does not judge you but your own higher Self will be your judge.

    God Bless.

    • WR381 says:

      Well said Anthony.

      God certainly IS Love, not this fear-based, dogmatic, my-way-or-the-highway dictator. When “Christians” claim that any form of contact from the other side is demonic, you wonder exactly what evidence is that based upon? After all, why should I trust that my own mother (alive) standing directly in front of me is in fact HER, but my recently deceased college friend who touched my hand in a dream the night of his death as he was passing over is a DEMON?

      The Bible is a remarkable book, but is full of parables and metaphors and has been altered over the centuries to fit current mindsets. It certainly offers a playbook for leading a virtuous life if one is to follow Christ’s lead. But this notion that God gave man free will on earth but then commands the departed to put a sock in it is a baseless, man-made assumption. If anything, the ‘contacts’ I have received from the dearly departed have made me a better, more peaceful person. And, it is EVIDENCE for the hereafter.

    • Robin says:

      BRAVO, Anthony!!!

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  10. Paul says:

    I very intrigued by this type of spiritualism myself for a while, I was reading a lot about enochian magic which is basically communication with angels I was fascinated by it. I found myself reading about ascended masters and came across someone called babaji, the yogi Christ of modern India as he was called. He had initiated people into kriya yoga, a science of self realisation. I too was initiated and at the time was practising intently. One day in my meditation babaji changed to Jesus and I felt I shouldn’t be doing it any more. Around the same time I found some books about the chief exorcist of the diocese of Rome. I read his books and he attacked yoga, spiritualism, Rezko and all other spiritual practices. . I also read another book about a saint who gave us through Christ the divine mercy challenge and novena. It’s such powerful tool I need nothing else. I now have a friend who is involved in a spiritual church and mediumship who will not listen to me, his life since he’s been involved has gone from bad to much worse but still he won’t listen. At times now I feel he’s on the edge of suicide and he says the spiritual church is all that keeps him going. Fr Gabrielle amorth says this is how they work. I now can’t hardly get in touch with him and I fear for him. He’s very depressed anxious and seems like he’s losing it. Any advice. Thanks

  11. Anthony says:

    The Christ Mission has just begun, it is only 2,000 years old. The world has been ready for highly developed spirit messengers [angels] to explain who Jesus really is and what His Mission really is – rather than leave it up to the minds of men.

    Men have benefited from Christ because of His Power, but it does not mean that they know His Purpose in its totality.

    Perhaps you have heard the saying that wherever there is a diamond there are a thousand counterfeits.

    People get what they are looking for, and most people are looking for entertainment or something curious – and lo and behold, they open themselves up to tricksters, jokers and imposters – those spirits who had no morals or inner spiritual desire when in bodies of flesh, and prowl around seeking for invitations from those in the flesh to have their wicked way.

    Here’s something which may be of interest. After categorising the different classes of spirits in “Spirit Teachings (1893)” [Rev. Stainton Moses], the teaching angel finishes off with the following…

    It remains to speak of the agency of a class of spirits who, from mischievous design, or from pure sportive fun, or from love of mystification, frequent circles, counterfeit manifestations, assume names, and give erroneous or misleading information. Such are not evil, but unbalanced spirits who lack even balance, and who delight in plaguing mediums and circles: in giving exaggerated tone to communications, in introducing false elements, or in personating friends, and reading in the thought the answer which they give to a query. The work of such is that which causes you to say that spiritual manifestations are frequently foolish or silly. This is due to the efforts of these spirits, who, from fun or mischief, counterfeit our work, and play on the feelings of those who trust them. These are they who personate relatives whose presence is desired, and answer to their names. These are they who make true identification of friends in mixed circles impossible. Most of the stories current of such return of friends are due to the work of these spirits. These are they who infuse the comic or foolish element into communications. They have no true moral consciousness, and will pray readily, if asked, or will do anything for frolic or mischief. They have no aspiration beyond the present: no desire to injure, but only to amuse themselves.

    These are they who allure to wrong paths, and suggest wrong desires and thoughts. They secretly influence mediums much, and prevent noble aspirations. They view with impatience noble and elevated aims, and suggest the material. They act as bars and clogs. They are greatly concerned with physical manifestations. They are usually shrewd and clever at such work, and they delight in presenting bewildering phenomena for the purpose of disturbing the mind. They victimise mediums in divers ways, and find a pleasure in the bewilderment of mind which they cause. Obsession and possession, and the various forms of spiritual annoyance, proceed very frequently from such. They are able to psychologise a mind over which they have gained influence….These, again, are spirits who befool inquirers who have asked for personal information. They return plausible answers, and bewilder the deluded inquirers, or if a personal friend have once appeared, and given a good test, his or her place on the next occasion may be filled by one of these spirits, who takes the name and replies to queries, giving vague and unsatisfactory replies, or telling false stories. It is always well to put the personal element as far from you as possible, lest you open the way to deceit. +IMPERATOR.

  12. Mark says:

    Because I see that some are going on and on speaking about LOVE, I have a question….what is love? or how do we show love?…well, if I read 1 Cor.13, among other things, we read in verse 6 “Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth”, so ignoring the Truth for the sake of whatsoever it is not LOVE…rather love is shown by the one who is telling you the truth and doesn’t let you go on the wrong path. If there are mistakes, please excuse it…I am not a native English speaker….

    • Anthony says:

      What I often hear is Truth comes before Love. But usually what these people mean is “my version of Truth overrules Love”, meaning their version of dogmatic belief. This is a bizarre and self-defeating attitude and is due to the age-old mistake of putting belief before motive and action.

      It seems obviously clear to me that Christ came as man to save the world but just believing in Him is a mere beginning – it is what your belief does to you that counts. It is what your belief has turned you into that matters.

      The great mistake of traditional Christianity is that it has always put having a belief first as a means of so-named salvation. “Be saved or go to hell”. I say rubbish. Watch your actions and motives, what you do to others and what you do not do to others is what the Supreme Being, the Lord God of all cares about.

      What a sad fearful portrayal of the God who is Love these Christian teachers and preachers have given to the world. The man who wrote this article above seems to be very brainwashed. Well, if the brainwashing stops him from violating the laws of God then all well and good, for if he sins against them he affects us all as well as himself.

      But it is not necessary to be brainwashed to not want to hurt God by violating His laws. One only has to realise that every action, every deed, every thought is remembered by God and the God within will not let things lie until all the sins of commission and sins of omission are worked out.

      The Christian wants an easy get-out-clause based upon a superstitious notion that believing in the life, death and reappearance of a gentle holy man, albeit the Christ of God, somehow removes the consequences of actions of that believer. Oh no, be warned Christians, you are as subject to the laws of God as any other mere mortal – be not deceived, what you sow you shall most certainly reap, be courageous and genuine and work out your own salvation through the Grace of Christ.

      Jesus showed the Way to spiritual joy, He laid down the path for all to follow, it was the steep path, it was the pilgrims climb up the rugged hillside – a little struggle now so that the joy in the Next World may be complete. There is nobody who will be able to pass out of this life and be able to say they were not told or they did not have an Example when they come to be judged by their own higher Self, because they, the Christians themselves who claim to be followers of Christ, had the Truth staring them in the face.

      Get down to basics – Jesus the Christ of God. In the Life to come there is no dogmatic Biblical doctrine but there is love, justice, honesty, humility and compassion among the inhabitants of the real spiritual spheres of Heaven, and effort for those yet to know the true Love of God.

      Those who think they are somehow better than others because of the belief system they chose to adopt on Earth will have to reside in other places until such a time as they learn humility and change the ingrained habits of elitist ideas.

      It is strange that the Truth is not audible to many who claim to know it.

  13. Celine Zavanella says:

    As a woman who was raised Christian, studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses, converted to (and then left) Islam, studied Toaism, and is now being guided back to Christianity, I see it all as a journey. Faith is faith. One is not better than another. If a person practices a faith and it allows them to live their lives in a peaceful, loving and complete way, it can’t be wrong. I have learned to respect spirituality for what it is, and I find that people who “left” new age for Christianity have this tendency to go straight to social media and tear it apart. What I find interesting is how new age practices revolve around self love, abundance, and coexistence. They aren’t rigid in their practices at all. They also respect the individual paths each person is on. The truth is that fear is what leads most to the Bible, and that’s pretty damn sad.

  14. James says:

    I can’t speak for the new age religion, but as for spiritualism most of this isn’t really true. Firstly, the reason that spiritualism stands out for so many people is that it basically has 7 core principles that spiritualists follow, rather than strange sounding stories. The principles basically include:
    Fatherhood of God (so we acknowledge that God is transcendent and also is open to a personal relationship)
    Brotherhood of man (we all come from the same spiritual father, which as I stated above, is God)
    Communion of spirits (we all meet eacher other again in the hereafter)
    Continous existence of the human soul
    Personal responsibility (you are resonsible for your own actions, which isn’t a new age belief)
    Compensation and retribution for deeds on Earth (sounds like the Biblical idea of judgement)
    Eternal progress is open to every soul
    That last one is the main difference between spiritualism and christianity, the other difference being we accept the spirits from the hereafter to talk to us.
    Those are the only religious beliefs followers are required to follow, there are many spiritualists, my self included, that still accept Jesus, many because they grew up knowing him. Other spiritualists think all other religions are false. Most spiritualists don’t accept the new age belief that we are all One and Jesus and Budda are basically the same. That, however, is left to the Spiritualist to use their free will to decide what they believe in that area.

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