New Age of Enlightenment and the New World Order.

I thought I’d spend some time pondering over the elites plan for total global rule and compare it with the New Age beleif of spiritual enlightenment. I even mixed in a bit of Islam to demonstrate some of the similarities.

Amongst much of the disinformation available it is clear that a power elite really do exist and have a plan to globalise the planet. Many of our world leaders openly discuss globalism, call for a new order, or similar term meaning new world order. They even call themselves globalists. Much evidence too points to a deliberate move towards a global one world order. This united goal, now fully in the open aims to fix the humanities issues through what ‘they’ call the Divine plan. It should not surprise you that the global elite and those in the know are driven to carry out this plan over hundreds of years and now in their last phase. What’s striking about this is the deliberate unmasking of both their agenda and their final goal. In short, they not only wish to bring about a new order in the world, but under one leader, having a single currency and one world religion. We should also be aware that many of our politicians, monarks, pop stars and actors agree that a reduction in world population is needed. This is already in motion and we only need look up to see chemicals in our skys being strayed over our heads, tampering with our food supply and poisoning our drinking water. A new religion is also emerging under the guise of a green agenda which for at least 2 decades has warned us about global warming blaming man for killing the earth. This in short are the combined components to forge a foundation and prepare humanity for what is to come. It should be noted that most of the changes now in place are to come into force incremental. Where one action fails a new action is put into force so where perhaps the amero may not have come about you can be sure some other new currency will emerge at some point. The economy is destined to crash which is paramount in bringing in a single world currency whereby coins and notes will be replaced by a chip. At first the chip will reside in cards but quickly move to an injection under the skin in result to a missive world wide threat or disaster. I suspect the justification for this would be to keep track of potential terrorists by tracking everyone. However as you can imagine, it would serve as the ultimate tool of control since anyone not toeing the line could have their chip deactivated and thus, unable to operate within this new world order system.

When we think of these shadowy elites we should think logically about them. If they have all the money and power what else motivates them? What incredible motive would drive human beings to carry out an accent, incremental plan of world domination, follow it as if to a script and carry this out over thousands of years? Who is really behind this fortress of secrecy and absolute genius? Is it human or spiritual? What can we do to prevent this from happening?

What might surprise you is how incredibly super in depth this plan actually is. Their very nature is to use smoke and mirrors and techniques such as the Hegelian dialect where two seemingly opposing ideals are put forth forging a kind of middle of the road outcome. Blair amongst other politicians have referred to the as the middle way put it has many names. The secondary approach to a new world order is just as sinister and deceptive. It is a movement of truth seekers and people embracing world peace through a spiritual evolution. This is what’s sometimes known as the New Age movement or New Age spiritualism. It embraces many eastern mystical beliefs and practices taking most of this right out of Hinduism and tailoring for a western audience. Where as the political agenda is to kills off all religions in favour of their own the new age movement wishes to do the same. Many new age writers and channellers state quite clearly that in order for a new age of enlightenment (new order of the world) to occur we should rid ourselves of those who hold us back (the Christians). Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, David Spangler are just some of the many hundreds of new age leaders calling for a new world system, under a world teacher to usher in a new age where humanity will reach Godhood. This same spiritual evolution and promotion of spirit communication was believed by Hilter who also was a follower of Blavatsky’s channelled messages. Its should be said however, none of these people thought they were carrying out evil. More information can be found here: Not even those selected Masons who knowingly serve the elite think they are doing wrong. The fact is in both cases each polarity both follow a religious belief that we are on the brink of a new golden age or spiritual breakthrough. Where as the new age movement promotes an alliterative spiritual path weather this be lead by accented spiritual masters. ufo occupants, spirit guides or any other manor of interdenominational intelligence the elite strive for the same outcome. Although they do not embrace the multitude of new age beliefs they do accept the key values the new age movement promotes. The elite are Lucifarians, they worship Satan but deny he is the fallen one that the Bible talks about. The elite claim that Lucifer is the true God and the biblical God is the enemy of mankind. The new age also reject the God of the Bible. Both sides are awaiting their Messiah and believe he is coming very soon to usher in a new world order and new world religion and one world religion. Both sides also want to annihilate Christendom off of the planet in order to fulfil their plan. I’m not making this up, both parties not only believe this their leaders on both sides of the camp see this a positive solution.

In fact promotion of a new world order lead by a saviour of mankind is also recorded in the Quran. It speaks about a time when their Messiah, the Imam Mahdi will come and kill all the infidels, guess who they are (the Christians and Jews). Islam just like what the Luciferians and new age followers believe also preach the same message. Isn’t it then perhaps time to question the whole morality of this? What is Christianity really is the reason for so much evil in the world. What if the Luciferians, new agers and Muslims are actually correct, what then? Is killing off Christians and Jews the answer? hitler thought so but then hitler had strong new age beliefs. But why Christianity?

The reason is the Bible is the only book that exposes this agenda with unflappable prophecy and damming consequence. I guarantee that everything I have written is absolutely true and can be proven. I also strongly suggest that if the elite are worshipping Lucifer it is logical to assume this being exists in some capacity. This would explain how man has been able to stick to a blueprint over thousands of year and keep a tiny elite in power over the world for all of this time.

No other time in history is witness to such a frightening reality of a new world order and all the destruction it brings. So what can we do to prevent this from happening? Weather we like this or not, no one one will be able to prevent this from happening. A small revolution of seeming awakened people exchanging videos, web addresses or warning others about what’s coming down the pike will not and cannot stop this horrific evil plan from succeeding. This is because this is not a physical problem, its a spiritual problem and its deeply rooted in the occult. The good news is the plan will ultimately fail. We are in the midst of a very acient spiritual war, one that has not ceased throughout the dawning of mankind but is soon to come to a head. We can do something to ensure we are not brought down by this evil tyranny but we need to accept that with all that we have learned, even recently we may still be blinded by the true light of Lucifer and his fallen world.

It seems so far fetched and yet this was foretold 2000 years ago in a book that has stood up to ridicule and accusations of infiltration. The question is, do we follow the majority, the sheeple and refuse to face provable facts about the Bible in place of rumours and wild claims it was altered or it is merely myth? Or do we look at our world and question why is it that the single most hated, most debated, most ridiculed book in the world is the Bible? Islam makes it its policy to deny Jesus Christ as Messiah and claiming total destruction of Christendom. The New Age movenent denies Jesus Christ claiming to have have had many Messiahs throughout history whilst the Luciferians claim their messiah is coming very soon and will kill God (yes, this is what they believe). As I said earlier, all three ideologies may seem to disagree on certain viewpoints but all three welcome a new world order, a new one world religion and a new system that will force a one world economic system.

Christianity as a whole has endured a lot of flack due to the way man has added to its original teaching. As a result new religions formed and enslaved and destroyed countless amount of lives due to the corruption of man made beliefs. New teachings were pushed onto humanity including Darwinism which taught as proven fact and yet is not even a theory since no part of evolution has or can be verified. The truth is out there, its always been here and we need to be careful that we are not blinded by our own ego or pride. Its time we stood back a little and looked at the whole picture. What is it that the elites do not want us to know? Are we truely so far removed from seeing the bigger picture that we are so easily willing to only look at specific facts whilst ignoring others that simplly do not feel right or fit into what we think is reality?

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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7 Responses to New Age of Enlightenment and the New World Order.

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Gaz,

    I agree with most of what you say bar this part:
    “since no part of evolution has or can be verified.”

    There’s so much evidence out there for evolution. It isn’t referred to as Darwinism anymore, as there were major flaws in the initial theory, but they have been rectified in the wake of new evidence. In fact, the scientific community regard evolution as a fact, it’s just the minor details that are left. Even Christianity has its flaws, and that’s coming from me, a saved Christian.

    Also, remember that Christianity welcomes a one world religion: Christianity. All non-believers and unrepenters go to Hell. Doesn’t sound that different from a New Age perspective either: Christians are condemned.

    Your testimony was one of the key reasons I was saved Gaz, but I’ve also discovered a darker side to Christianity. We even exchanged e-mails several times before I went on a new path away from the New Age.

    I cannot ignore the science and the evidence. Evolution has been verified. There’s also a mass number of Biblical inaccuracies and lack of evidence to support the divinity of Jesus (he existed, but whether he was divine has been debated by scholars). It is only through personal experience that I believe Jesus is the Saviour.

    The Bible has also come in for a lot of flak because of the unwillingness for believers to explore science, without blaming it on Satan, that historical documentation refutes Biblical dates and events, yet it is still the most successful selling book in th world.
    Children are taught all about believing in Jesus and doing good, otherwise you go to Hell. That is a form of indoctrination. It’s the same as what the Luciferian elite are doing.

    To add to the politics, Iranian politics and Jewish religous sects are so obssessed with the End Days, that they are actually willing to build the Third Temple and Iran join up with Russia to wipe out Israel. Is that Biblical prophecy or simply the desire to want it fulfilled?

    I’m sorry Gaz, as a fellow Christian, but Christianity too needs to resolve itself and that’s the main reason in my opinion why Satan is winning.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hi Alex,

      Yes I do remember conversing with you on email. It’s great that you have been saved too!

      Creationism is a vast topic and thus evolution is not easily proven to be false, nonetheless,
      it is false and there are resources were you can find proof. I urge you to begin with this website,
      I haven’t read much on it but I do recognise it as a site previously recommended to me.

      The whole issue about did Jesus exist and was he the mesiah ectc can also be proven, I will cover
      this is a later podcast. Its a lengthy subject. Also, you should seek out Chris Whites podcast on
      the bible and the iluninati, this proves it was not altered.

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Gaz,

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve been in contact with Chris too after watching most of his videos, getting some questions answered. Still have a lot more though.

    Please forgive me if I do sound aggressive. I am struggling a lot with fellow Christians, especially as despite my New Age experiences, I’m a huge advocate for science, psychology and history, focusing on evidence and its validity.

    I won’t write all of what I’ve seen as counter-evidence here. Despite my big doubts about the majority of Christianity, the lies of the New Age are what is keeping me believing in Jesus. I’m reading the Bible at the moment (on Deutronomy) and it’s an incredible struggle. Perhaps the better choice of words I should have used were the motives behind the Scriptures. I look forward to your podcast on Jesus and the Messiah.

    You forwarded me that link in an old e-mail! I had a good read through it before working through the evidence on evolution. The creationist argument for ‘days’ meaning a ‘period of time’ (or something along those lines) shows the effect that mistranslations have had.

    Finally, one experience I had was when I first asked to be saved, I instantly had a moral snap if you like. It was almost as though my morals returned and the narcissim disappeared. I felt more love, compassion and understanding. This has been a struggle particularly with the doctrine of Hell. I do not believe it is everlasting. This is a form of narcissim that I reject wholeheartedly. I believe it’s more of a purifying shower, washing away your sins. The more you have, the more painful it will be. If you’re saved, it’s basically a gateway into Heaven with no problems.There’s more I could write on why I feel the idea of Hell is wrong, but I’ll withhold.

    Keep up the good work anyway. Even if my faith is dangling by a thread based on personal experience, the New Age is damaging and not right.

    • Denis says:

      Hello nice to read your comments and I agree with you, that Hell is not forever, because that will make God like the worst of Humanity like Hitler, Staline, and else.

  3. Gaz Parker says:

    Hey mate,

    I know how you feel, its a hard hard struggle but understand that a life time of believing a lie (me and the rest of the world included) makes the concept of the Bible incredibly difficult to accept at times. Remeber that God gave us free will, he gave us choices and we are free to make those choices. The old testiment is very heavy and takes a lot to read, I would suggest reading mathew however many christians would advise the book of John.

    Jareds podcast is a 42 set of mp3’s that will answer many of your questions. Never feel bad about challenging the bible, this is expected and we should always discern the spirits. Remember, even Jesus said “let no one deceive you”. Jared expalins about Hell, Jesus, heven, cults and much much more. I know this will help you brother.

    You mentioned that after you was saved it was almost as though your morals returned and the narcissim disappeared. You felt more love, compassion and understanding. God loves us and is love, God does no lie and your very creator that loves you so much came to you and filled you with a new spirit, the holy spirit. Then, all that was holding you down such as narcissism which is a major issue in the west right now, left you. Walking with the Lord is no easy task, I once thought being a medium was hard, this is much harder but so much more rewarding.

  4. Gaz Parker says:

    PS not all science, psychology and history is false and most Christians would agree. However you not all Christians are correct, we are all individuals. The bible is our blueprint, the holy spirit is our guide in the same way new age followers have a demonic version of the holy spirit. If in doubt, pray on it, ask the Lord to show you… he may take his time 😉 so be patient!

    Also, you can always email me direct.

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