Why you must get rid of any occult books or other items

First of all, if you have turned your back on the occult then weldone as you have made a crucial step away from this deadly deception. If however you still keep occult items, such as books or idols or ouuja boards then you are still in danger of being effected by the demonic realm. Just because you do not use them any more does not mean they are deactivated. It is not an understatement to declare all tools of the occult are only dangerous if we use them. This is a fallacy since such items once activated stay activated and many items are charged even before you buy them. You see, unlike in our world the power behind occult items and practices does not need batteries and so never runs out of power. It also does not have an on off switch so once an doorway is opened up through the use of a deck of Tarot (cards) it remains as a portal for evil influence even if you keep those items in the shed at the back of your garden.

So getting rid of occult items is extremely important to cleaning up and getting shot of any outstanding evil influence in your life. Please don’t throw them in the garbage as someone else could discover them, also never give them away for obvious reasons. My advice is to burn them or if burning is not possible them destroy them so that they can never be used again.

I made a serious mistake when clearing out all my books, I just threw them into the garbage. I pray that no one even discover these even after all this time. Nonetheless, I was less informed than I am today. I did however smash and burn my ghost box and quite right too, I don’t want or need to speak to such evil ever again my life.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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18 Responses to Why you must get rid of any occult books or other items

  1. Frank says:

    Good call. In the book of acts the converts to Christ (forget where) burned all of their own spell books after conversion.

    I have a question ill email you about.

  2. Billy says:

    Hi Guys
    I couldn’t agree more. Once I bought a new age book at a used bookstore with the intention of using it just to get an idea how to debate with new agers. That night after bringing it into the house I had several nightmares. Nightmares are a sure sign that a demon has slipped into your house. The next morning I realized what was going on and headed out with the book, a bottle of lighter fluid and a zippo to burn the damn thing. As I was heading out the door, the phone began to ring and my sons began to argue and fuss at each other. The demon was trying to distract me. I ignored it all and put the book to the torch. After kicking out the demon by the authority of Jesus, peace was restored. Keeping your house cleared of trash like that makes a big difference.

    Yours in Christ

  3. Billy says:

    By the way. whats a ghost box?


  4. todoesoymas says:

    Hello there. I found this blog yesterday and have been reading on it a little bit and find it quite refreshing to know im not the only one who has left the occult behind. I will send you my testimony by email, maybe you can post it here. Thanks

  5. John Gomes says:

    Hypocritical bastards that what you are. How can you link Occult with Demons, do you know the meaning of Occult and New Age movement in the first place ? you people are still living in the dark ages. Occult means Hidden and is a mystical path which has lots of disciplines from Shamanism to Wicca etc etc and New Age is just a Movement for modern people to open themselves to alternate healing,yoga meditation , and reiki etc etc. What demonic do you find in this ? The biggest demon is in you which is called ” Ignorance ” . I guess you are just another Catholic Fanatic like we have in every major religion like Islam who think there path is the only way to God. I have nothing against Jesus he was a great prophet but it has been happening for ages people have been turning and twisting the teachings of such great prophets to manipulate and twist people which you are doing now . We all have Gods inside us and psychic powers . the ability to talk to spirits and different abilities that people have are a gift from God not demons or Satan . Remember God had been worshiped under many names and forms long before Christ came into this earth. Spread love not hatred unto this world which we have enough right now.

    • A. Nonymous says:

      Wow….are you Deceived. Repent now of your Demonic beliefs and vulgar language.

      • Gaz Parker says:

        It’s interesting John how the world views Christians as living in the dark ages and yet see the Occult (hidden) as light or illumination. Yet we see an absolute attack on the message of the gospels, on Jesus Christ in the name of love and light. The Occult was held in high esteem by many significant people including Alistair Crowley, Hitler and the Nazis were emerged in such teachings which lead to their demise. Although Blavatski’s teachings are highly racist, God hating and Lucifarian they are held in high esteem and at the very core of UN philosophy, the emerging new world order and the new age agenda. Almost all people locked into the new age movement and its many guises have no idea of the core teachings, history or the people behind the occult revival.

  6. penninelady says:

    I’m not a Catholic, my church is from the Elim Pentecostal denomination. The word “love” is one of the most common words used by Jesus in the Gospels. He tells us to love God, love our neighbours and even love our enemies. That doesn’t sound much like hate to me…

    Jesus isn’t just a prophet, He’s the Son of God. He does warn His followers that we’ll be mocked, abused and hated, as He was.

    One thing that I remember from my days of studying New Age subjects was how often we were told to look to the angels for help. These well-meaning people never specified Angels of the Lord, so they’re including the fallen angels, including the Father Of Lies himself, Satan or Lucifer.
    Only Angels of the Lord can truly help us…or just pray directly to God himself!

  7. Timon Weller says:

    Hey All,
    The Occult means the study of the unknown, it does not mean doorways to demons or the like, this is a false misconception. Occult is not a negative thing at all.. People are thinking of movies there.. Even space is a study within the occult or trying to understand dreams, there is nothing to fear at all.. All religions are under the study of the unknown as well, including Christianity or Catholic or Muslim or whatever.. Whatever you choose all religions are much the same anyways.. My point being is stop being afraid of everything, life is short, enjoy it and think freely.. Have a nice day all..

  8. Omega says:

    crazy S.O.B.

  9. AZAZEL says:

    I have a large collection of occult books like the Key of Solomon, Grand Grimoire,Abramelin and The Goetia. I study Demonology as a pastime and use these books for knowledge. So much knowledge has been lost through the ages due to “Religions” and the “we know better than you” mentality. The view of what`s good and bad are nothing but opinions. Religion offers us much wisdom but are infested with centuries of editing and manipulation. There are more than 250 “versions” of the Bible many of which people say theirs is the “One”. This leaves us with a bit of a problem especially when people become rigid in their thinking. No… to destroy all occult items is a mistake, a mistake that has caused humanity so much pain and suffering. Knowledge is a wonderful thing and its what you do with that knowledge that`s important. To destroy it is foolish and has cost us dearly.

    • Kerry says:

      Azazel would it be possible to connect with you? We have seen things here in our home and our young children are suffering. It has become a crisis. Any insight you have would mean so much. Thank you.

      • AZAZEL says:


      • AZAZEL says:

        I`m so sorry I did not see your post until well late and did not click the email button so I totally missed your reply. Are you still having problems with things in your home? If so then I`m sure I can help you!

  10. Lucy Peixoto says:

    The Occult- Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Wicca, Spell Casting, Deep Trance Meditation, I ching, Runes and psychics are all tools of the Devil. If you have any of these things in your house burn them. They attract lower entities, evil Spirits, and trouble, pain and strife. They will hurt you, you will suffer. Get rid of these things now, cleanse your self of it, and ask God and Jesus Christ to forgive you and cleanse your being of this garbage. Trust me, if you want answers, just ask God himself. He’ll tell you the truth. Not some lower tarot card or dirty little psychic.

    • MWM says:

      To be honest all these discussions confuse me, I don’t like to think that I’m deceived. I believe in God and everything, but it’s like part of me wants to do this and the other part of me wants to stay with God. And I’ve stopped all my things, gotten rid of most of my things (expect my book of shadows which i have made, i dont know what to do with it and i can’t Throw it away. I dont use it though so it remains hidden) I still have a few chockers but fashion idk? I was told to get rid of them, they got burnt- I had 3. Now i have 5-2 lace, 3 cord. And a wish blow globe and some dust. And a stick i have made into a Wand for creativity but never activated it ie never used it for such purposes. I want to get rid of these things and most likely Will at some point but not just yet.

      The problem is; one of these things do anything to make me feel better- well some do which I have burnt or gotten rid of- things such as crystals ect. No but to the point. All im looking for is answers and i try to talk to God sometimes but idk if its God or just me replyin and it doesnt actually feel like hes there. Im in a Christian community, its a good thing but then I feel pressured to follow the right path. Ik Ik its just so confusing tho and its not even the things- im hurting and idk what to do. Its just something idk how i can put into words and i wish i could. Its just so depresing and i feel like im fighting on my own. 😦

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