God’s prophetic word reveals the end times will be marked by great deception. There will be false teachers, false prophets and false christs who will be used by Satan to unite the world in a global religious system. The apostle Paul wrote: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; (1Timothy 4:1). In this provocative PowerPoint message The Coming One-World Religion you will discover… * The key prophecies describing the last day’s church * How the predicted global religion will be formed * The common spiritual bonds of the one-world religion * The catalysts for ecumenical unity * What significant role the Vatican may play * The characteristics of the false prophet Mike Gendron is director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry and is internationally known as an author and speaker on topics relating to biblical evangelism, discernment, apologetics and prophecy. His message is enhanced by computer generated Power-Point slides to help illuminate important truths.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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29 Responses to ONE WORLD RELIGION

  1. Dan Nieman says:

    Amen! and Amen! I have not heard the truth of the gospel presented so boldly in a long time.

  2. Gaz Parker says:

    Thanks Dan. I agree entirely

  3. Please would you identify the spirits you talk about.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      To name the individual demons/fallen angels would require active communication with them and trust in what they say or to trust the writings/channelling of anther. All are forbidden by God and for a very good reason.They are demonic in nature, using a process within a Satanic system of spirits who are using a means of ;seducing people away’ from the truth into eternal hell. They can do this through means of deception, e.g.. pretending to be dead relitives (familiar spirits) and parading as Angels of light (spirit guides, ascended masters, federation of light and a whole host of other representations).

  4. Yes upon this you say I agree but there is a great deal more to this than anyone person or even many people realize. For instance this can and does take place within people much of the time and many of them are self rightious people and do experience demons, and do not even know that they are their own demons that are within themselves, and because they are so bigot IE persons who are prejudiced in their own views and intolerant of the opinions of others. And this is reason enough to experience demons who will be of their own doing trying to have them be rid of that which they ought to be rid of such as the flaws in their own characterristics (dark side) but try to hide them, and will pass the blaim onto other people, or other demons.

  5. Gaz Parker says:

    Deep rooted, unresolved issues can be identified as demons for sure. For that reason alone we must confess to the Lord and repent. Unfortunately, Kenneth many people including Christians are being misguided by a very real spiritual force that seems to have our best interests at heart and unfortunately this could not be more further than the truth.

  6. a very real spiritual force that seems to have our best interests at heart and unfortunately this could not be more further than the truth.

    Gaz do you mean further from the truth.

  7. Gaz Parker says:

    Yes Kenneth, its my damn dyslexia – it gets the better of me a times. Thanks for pointing this out though.

  8. Gaz Parker says:

    Take a look at this:

  9. Gaz Parker says:

    There are benefits to this neurological disposition and I have learned to conquer it to a large degree. It’s just frustrating when I trying to get a point of view across and say the exact opposite. Bah! Just me kicking off… so, what are your views on Christianity, Kenneth?

    • Well my views on other religions is that I do like to keep my opinions to myself, but having said this I believe there is much to be done to improve them and by Gods will it shall be done.
      Sorry this is a bit on the vague side but this is where I stand at this time.

  10. Gaz, That is just evil as far as I am concerned, my work is far from that. also I know how to deal with demons to a certain decree because I have sent them on their way and I do know as I study people personally; that many if not most people attract in the form of a demon in their exposure of their dark side. bad temper, lust, religious exstremism in the best of rightious people, child abuse, theft. the list is endless.

  11. Gaz Parker says:

    I understand why you would say that since the Catholic Church which claims to be a Christian organisation is a complete fraud. In fact, at the higher levels these guys worship Lucifer. Part of the problem is that most Catholics don’t read their bibles or question the faith. Having seen seen the continuous evidence of total evil corruption including child abuse scandals it really works an effective weapon against true Christianity. Even new age leaders such as David Icke attack true Christianity by effectively associating it with the Catholic faith. The Catholic faith however is a corruption and this can be easily proven, for example, the bible warns against idolatry and yet the Catholic church having absorbed paganism promotes this action. I remember watch Zeitgeist and being fooled by this, this was when I was active in mediumship. The Catholic church has an agenda, it needs to kill of Christianity to fulfil their (own) Luciferic prophecy and bring in their own Christ, known as ‘the Christ’. The challenge they have is that all religions are compatible with New Age philosophy (to some level) apart from Christianity. You see, they can’t bring in ‘the Chirst’ whilst true bible reading Christians exist on the planet since they will accuse this New Age Christ as the AntiChrist as prophesied in the book of revelation. The Catholic Church has a plan to guide all religions into one melting pot and they are making great progress in doing so.

    Check out this link:

    In recent years (2009) Tony Blair was invited by the Pope to discuss issues relating to the future of the (Catholic)
    church. This resulted in Blair now heading up the faith foundation:

    This furthers the Catholic Agenda along with the New Age movements call for a world-wide spiritual awakening.
    Even the so called aliens are reportedly travelling billions of light years to come to earth to tell people that Jesus
    was not the Lord and Saviour but one of a long line of ascended masters. This is straight out of Theosophy and
    this is deep routed in Luciferic doctrine.

    Therefore we see a total push towards a one world government, a one world religion and a new messiah just as
    the book of revelation predicted. No wonder therefore why there exists a total onslaught of Jesus Christ.

    Having explained a little about the new world order agenda, I was curious to know if you are a believer in some
    alternative spirituality?

  12. The field of grass is mostly green but there within are the weeds of distension that will gradualy eat away the dark side of humanity; bringing order and respect to the world for each other and everyone, and it is these weeds of love and order that will through time, millennium in fact, bring peace to an ailing world. Especially when calculated from the traditional date of the birth of Crist and this time is now.

    Slow its prgression is and will continue to be but worry not fore it will be of Jesus and no one else other than his and your father in heaven.

    This above came to me this instant as I was reading the last paragraph of your information and request regarding. (Having explained a little about the new world order agenda, I was curious to know if you are a believer in some alternative spirituality?).

  13. Gaz Parker says:

    Hey Kenneth,

    No worries on the spelling front, I knew from the context what you meant.

    I know from growing up, exposed to ‘outside’ influence that like you are experiecing right now is common to what’s happening to a growing trend within the population. I wonder if you realise this to be a spiritual awakening of humanity, a vast deception that goes back to the fall of man, a lie that supports the godhood of man. Maybe you do… maybe you don’t?

    Channelled messages are often vague and seem take on a character of higher wisdom. I used to feel special in some way as if I was chosen for a specific reason, perhaps to awaken others to a new spiritual realty and yet at the same time felt a need to remain humble and non egotistical. Weather or not this is the same for you, you should never forget critical thinking still applies. Consider these questions, I would be interested if you can provide answers?

    1) Regarding your channelled message: Do you know where the source of this message is coming from other than what the entity/force is saying?

    2) Do you agree what the Bible says about Satan (and his minions) can appear as an angel of light?

    3) Do you have a solid method to test the spirits authenticity (other than asking them direct)?

    We humans know very little about the spiritual realm and that makes us open to deception. I’m not suggesting we should be closed minded, on the contrary, to rule out either side would certainly be closed minded. This is why we must seek out clarification from the bible. Not what someone else says, not even what the spirits are telling you, you need to find out for yourself.

    Do you know, when I was a medium I was always searching, always anxious about tomorrow. Trying to find the next spiritual step and only finding bits of ‘enlightenment’ her and there. Only to feel empty, spiritually hungry, ever searching, never ‘really’ finding peace but ever hopeful.
    It was the Holy Spirit that changed all of that, I found truth, peace and contentment, I felt loved more than anything I had ever expeirienced. I felt like my tears had been wiped away.

  14. Gaz I have read your questions but I do not allow myself to be questioned in this way. ON here simply because it is bit too personal, too much for the world to hear. But I can tell you this, I am not a mediumn I have no ego problems I do not look upon myself as anyone special. I could answer your questions, all of them, but no thank you.

    But I do know whats going to take place with Catholicism and the church of England and it aint good news, well I have posted a bit about this and the reasons for it and if they do not change their ways they will have much to regret. But it is already takng place a bit at a time.

  15. Gaz Parker says:

    The book of revelations points this out very clearly so I agree. Nonetheless, it is not just the Catholic(pagan) church that will be judged by the Lord, it will be all those that have conspired agaist him or regected him.

    Btw, you mentioned you are not capable of mediumship. What the did you mean by “…This above came to me this instant as I was reading the last paragraph”? Sounded to me like some outside influence?

  16. I do not look upon myself as a medium in the sense that I give people personal messages about their passed over family/friends ect, but I do look at myself as a prophet and considering God came to me through my wife and named me his God proclaimed prophet, I did not accept this for many months but he persisted and would not let me go. And I know it was not the devil because I have my methodology in dealing with such things, but I also keep this to myself because I am sick of the people who try to knock me down.

    Yes it was an outside communication so if anyone wants to call me a medium then thats ok as long as they are respectful.

  17. Gaz Parker says:

    Hey Kenneth,

    I won’t mock you and I won’t allow anyone else to on this blog (since I’m the moderator).
    We are certainly living in some challenging times. It doesn’t matter weather or not you
    are a medium, I was just trying to clarify if you were receiving information from a spiritual

    I am concerned for you however and wondered if you wanted to open a private dialogue?
    my email address is Please also listen to my audio testimony
    in the podcast section.

    God Bless you Kenneth.

  18. Gaz said, The book of revelations points this out very clearly so I agree. Nonetheless, it is not just the Catholic(pagan) church that will be judged by the Lord, it will be all those that have conspired agaist him or regected him.

    Yes in his introduction to “The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit” which is himself tells the people what he is going to do if they ignore him or reject him this time around, and it will not be a good time. and here he is referring to the hypocrites and all others of religion.

    This introduction to the faith of the most divine spirit. I informed many people of this religion about twenty years ago at my own cost in making booklets and posted them off to over 400 spiritualist churches thoughtout England Scotland, Wales and Ireland. informing them that the winds of changes are going to fulminate throughout all religion, and it can be seen taking place at this time.but slowly.

    And after that he dictated to me many pages of writing all witnessed and as he did this wrote I wrote it by hand and later I typed it and then I bought my first PC and went onto the internet spreading the word on my blogs. Thus I have been doing this for about 24 years.

  19. It can be seen that some people do not know that they are being manipulated even by their own relious beliefs no matter what their religion. They cannot even see that they are being driven deeper and deeper into it to the stage when they will not admit that they may be wrong and are falling into dire straits of self deluson, in fact they become paranoid and will not agree with anyone other than themselves, and will for certain ignore other peoples questions and experiences thus they are finding themselves going down a one way street.

  20. Gaz Parker says:

    What is your conclusion based on? From our previous conversations you have told me that your information comes from an outside, spiritual force (that you are unable to identify its true source or have a fool proof way of testing its validity). The (religious) doctrines dictated to you (or your wife) are contrary to biblical teachings and more in line with Luciferian doctrine. Because of these reasons alone, the core values of your argument is flawed.

    Now understand, this is a forum for debate. If you know and accept you are wrong then it is better to just admt it. If however you feel I am wrong then please provide some evidence to back up your claim.

  21. By my life experiences.

  22. zebity2013 says:

    And every thing I have included in these words THEY ARE SO SO CLEAR AS THEY ARE UP TO DATE, yes gradually at first but now gaining momentum beyond ones wildest imagination, and by being so is displaying the truth as the changes are hitting the doubters right in the face.
    20/02/2014. Kenneth Foster.

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