Spiritual protection – straight talk

Before I understood the Lord was real or indeed there existed two types of spirituality I put great faith in my spirit guides. After all, they never lied to me since if I got it wrong then this was my interpretation (or so I was lead to believe). I knew these entities existing and had been given much evidence that my loved ones lived on after death. Without the presence of the holy spirit one cannot see beyond their own experience and this is the core value of the occult. Through experience you find enlightenment, right? Wrong! Show me anyone who has achieved true enlightenment or Godhood? Didn’t that age old serpent once tell Eve that ‘ye shall be as Gods’? I wonder who told David Icke he was the God head? I’m not slating David by the way, I seriously think he is just blinded by the same ‘angels of light’ that I was taken in by. I can vividly remember putting 100% faith in my spirit guides only to be nearly killed within hours of my open claim. In reflection, when we put faith in something else other than God (of heaven) we deny God (of heaven). When we deny Christ as the saviour we accept a substitute saviour in his place. In doing so, we put ourselves at the mercy of an impostor and all that he/she offers. Without the protection of God we put ourselves in mortal and dire spiritual danger. Therefore when we encounter a situation that we become vulnerable we must pray to the Lord for protection and ‘know’ we have received it.

No crystals, spells, circles, rituals, incantations, light worker, spiritual healers, mediums, witches can or will even protect you. How can they when they are from the very same source? Don’t believe me? Then how can you disprove this? As a Christian we are granted discernment of spirit but it comes as a price. We have to renounce all spiritual mediumistic contact and occult works and devote ourselves to Jesus Christ. One Medium once asked me “Don’t you think it is a waste to give up your gifts since you are such a gifted spiritual person? What do you get in return?”. My answer “I get eternal life in heaven with a God that loves me. I am not hindered by evil forces of deception and suffer less illness and depressive bouts each day. I am at peace for the first time in my life”. My answer was received but I can assure you, it was ignored. Breaking away from the occult is extremely difficult and is an ongoing battle of spiritual attack. This is why 1 John 4:4 is my current favorite verses “You are of God, my little children, and you have overcome them because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” Amen.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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7 Responses to Spiritual protection – straight talk

  1. Frank says:

    I love your response as to what you get for giving up your abilities.

    Also a thought for those in touch with the spirits. How can these finite spirits know even a fraction of what the infinit creator of the universe knows?

  2. In some ways you are so right, but in others wrong I feel.
    The only one who affords us protection is God. I am a medium though choose not to do face to face readings or work on stage. Instead, I choose to try and teach the wrongs of the spiritualist church and their teachings.
    God does sometimes work through some of us and it took me to the age of 50 to accept that. The majority ‘working’ as mediums are deceiving people and my posts and books tell of that.
    I pray to St. Michael each day and any healing given I credit to Goad at all times.
    There is no such thing as this protection lark spiritualists talk about. God is my protector and I am very careful what I do is only what He wishes.

    • Frank says:

      Hi aasa,

      Your heart is in the right place, but there are a few points to consider.

      First read isaiah 8:19-20. Also find in a good concordance somewhere and read all of the appearences of angels. You should notice that in every situation where a godly angel appears, the angel stresses that a person is not to pray to them.

      You are seeking God, and doing His will. That is awesome! You are halfway there. But you will see that God, who became Christ in the flesh, does not want us to pray to angels. Christ is the only way to the Father. No one else can bring you to the Father. Not st michael. Not mary. Not buddha or mohammed.

      If you sincerely ask God to show you the truth about what you are doing ask in the name of Christ to show you. He will help you . I was lost on the UFO thing myself, and I asked God to shpw me the truth, and He lovinlgy brought me back to Him.

      Hope that helps, keep seeking the Lord wholeheartedly, and He will lead you to the truth. His truth, and what He’s done for us through Jesus.

      Peace friend

  3. Oh By the way. I do agree 100% with most of what you say, but my health has improved since I now ‘work’ giving healing to others and since I started giving talks and teaching the wrongs of spiritualism and the like.
    I do not believe what I do to be of the occult or devil. I work at teaching and healing and rarely do any other work. I will sometimes pass a message but I don’t @do’ fortune telling as I call what these others do. Nor do I call up the dead as they believe they are doing.

    • Those who opperates as a medium, that is, channels spirits is dabbling in the occult.

      Spiritual healing is using the ‘life energy’ from spirit to heal others. This does not come from God. Please take a look at this youtube clip
      regarding Reki (a form of spiritual healing) with Brother Chris White.

      Also, why are you praying to Saint Micheal? We should pray to ‘our father’, not some saint. It it God that we should be worshiping.
      Mt 24:24 (NIV) “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect–if that were possible.”

    • Frank says:

      Also read about another healer, who used qigong to heal others in China. http://www.chinaforjesus.com/resources/qigong/index.htm

      This person used qigong to heal others, which was good, right? But he realized later on that things were not working well. Aasa, please read it, it’s 9 chpt, but iwill bet you find a lot in common with this person.

      Let me know what you think after reading it.

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