How do you know if you are a channeler (medium)?

Well in my experience there are two ways you can become a medium. The first method is to seek out mediumship through an open circle or through reading books and practicing techniques and meditation sometimes referred to as guided visualisation or journeys. If this method is pursued then you not only put yourself in potential danger but allow future generations to be subjected to spiritual attack.

The second method is due to someone in your family, usually in a previous generation being involved in mediumship, psychic work or some other type of divination. I refer to this as inter-generational spiritual influence. It is prevalent in the early ages when the child is vulnerable. It can take several forms including waking dreams, alien presence, dream paralysis, voices in the head, repetitive sounds (sometimes your name constantly being called), physical and sexual attack (usually in a hypnogogic/hypnopompic state – just waking up or just about to sleep), nasty life like dreams, involuntary thoughts and pictures in the mind, depression and mood swings.

Other symptoms include the ability to know what someone will say next. Feeling how others are feeling, i.e. feeling other peoples anger and feeling agitated about this. Unease with people in close proximity i.e. supermarkets can make you feel agitated as you pick up on other people impatience (imagined or actual). Hypersensitivity and hyper-emotional states with much feeling of isolation as a child. As a child you felt different and in many ways even now may have issues about fitting in and being ‘normal’.

Not all mediums are traumatised as most are not born with this affliction. Even so, many born with the affliction may not remember anything bad because this would have been repressed during the formative years (before the age of 5) which is natural. Also, a medium may recall they were once afraid of the dark but not know the full reason. Most natural mediums will see spiritual contact as a gift and this outweighs anything negative.

Tragically, childhood symptoms of spiritual attack go unrecognised by most parents or guardians. What seems like normal night terrors are usually treated in this way and thus the child goes on enduring total fear and spiritual abuse for many years. You see, if the adult cannot see it or hear it then it is not there. It is only when the baby monitor picks up voices they seek help, tragically through a medium who ‘clears’ the unwanted spirit. I am not convinced this clearance works because the spirit is not what it seems to be, it is a deceiver and a lair, an abuser and fear monger.

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Update: please read this article:

I think I am a medium, what can I do to tap into this gift?

Gaz Parker
New Age Deception

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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  1. A says:


    I was born with a similar ability .
    Later on in my life i started getting more into the matter and read alot of stuff about it.
    During that time i met a person with the same interests so i thought .
    This person showed developed psychic abilities .
    Turned out he was working for the forces of evil and all he ever did was hurt people .

    Four years later, we are no longer friends but i am psychically harassed constantly by him ever since . Black magic,entities etc etc You name it, the whole package .

    I have yet to find a way out of this madness .
    Any advice is welcome .


    • Hi A,

      I have a solution for you however before I get into this I want to just clarify that very few mediums and psychics knowingly choose to pursue evil. Nonetheless, the pursuing of the occult is evil even if the like you it was inherited. This i because according the the gospel when we converse with the dead we are actually denying Christ died for our sins. We in fact turn to a surrogate saviour either another medium or our own abilities. Either way we willingly give ourselves to the hidden powers of this source and that’s when we find we are out of our depth. You see, your ex-friend utilises the same force as a ‘good’ medium or white witch uses to gain insight. The Bible clearly states that divination is forbidden, not because God is a killjoy but because through our own freewill we fall away from protection of God. Unfortunately, with natural mediums we are already under attack. When we decide to leave the occult, we may well endure more spiritual attack.

      First of all we need to understand that those who conduct black magic are not powerful themselves, they are in fact victims in a far more worse position. They have been blinded by Satan more so than the average Medium. Jesus is the only one that can help you defeat the power of Satan (this is exactly what fuels the occult, both good and evil). Remember, Satan can appear as an angel of light so understand that he is capable of doing both good and evil, only his good comes at a very steep price.

      Here are the steps you can take to protect yourself.

      1) Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

      2) Get baptised (I’m not baptised but some Christians suggest this is important).

      3) Repent all uses of the occult, be it mediumship, psychic powers, reading horoscopes, tarot etc. You have to turn your back on this for good!

      4) Throw away all book, cards, idols, posters, runes and any other tools of the occult. Burn them if possible to prevent others from gaining access to them.

      5) Ask Jesus for protection, ask for forgiveness of all sins and ask him to fill you with the holy spirit.

      6) Ask that he close all the doors from the dark side and that all spiritual attacks cease.

      7) Seek out other Christians to pray for you.

      8 ) Read your bible, even just a verse a day.

      9) Have faith that God will deliver you from evil.

      10) Pray for your ex-friend that he will also find salvation in the Lord.

      Understand that spiritual attacks are common place and the more you stand against the enemy the more Satan will attack. The good news is, God will always be there fore you. He is a loving God and he loves you very much.

      Praise the Lord.


      Gaz Parker
      New Age Deception

    • Hunter Paine says:

      i have a big problem, my dad is a medium, i have 2 brothers and sisters, and they dont have the “Gift” i do, im really scared, its like theres someone followign me, i feel in need of help, i found out what it was… its no good, i feel like the people if hell want me there, ive been baptized, read the bible asked for forgiveness of any sins, i just dont know what to do. please help?

  2. A says:

    I agree that channeling spirits,the dead etc is dark arts and will eventually harm you.
    However i do not consider psychic abilities evil . Using your heart,mind along with prayer to the highest and highest only bring nothing but healing to you and those around you .

    I agree also with what you said that those who conduct black magic are not powerful.
    My opinion is that they simply become a channel for dark entities. The entity then fully controls the person .

    Right now i am not involved with the occult or anything that has to do with Satan .

    Thank you for the advice,you were very helpful .

    Blessings to you and your lovely site .


    • Scripture makes it very clear psychic work and mediumship is strictly out of bounds (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-13). Such things include visiting fortune tellers, palm readers, psycromotry, reading horoscropes and contacting the dead.

      When you engage this kind of occult activity you are confirming that you do not put 100% faith in God of the Bible.  If you rely psychic abilities for example, you are not talking to God but Demons (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). Why would we truely need to rely on psychic abilities when we have an almighty, loving God that NEVER lies.  The Bible shows us clearly that there are two spiritual destinations for mankind, heven or hell and no inbetween.

      God makes it easy for us to understand.  Refer to these chapters in the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and pray for wisdom (James 1:5).

      If you are not a Christian then ask God to show you the way, be sure you are absolutely honest with him. Lean on him, ask him honestly to show you the truth about psychic powers.

      This is my testimony if you have not heard it yet.

      Gaz Parker
      New Age Deception

    • J says:

      I have had a very similar experience to that which you are going through. With a visualization/ technic I have been able to clear this persons hold on me, and his negative energy. I visualize the person, I ask god for guidance and I start cutting the black dark smoky cords that are attached to the person and my self! I wonder do you have in your possession anything from this person; get rid of it, does this person have anything personal of yours? Imagine it engulfed in white and blue flames from god, if you have a love or connection to this thing image that it means nothing to you. Hopefully this is a start for you if you have any further questions just let me know!

    • Tim pow says:

      I agree. Cause am like that and help and heal people over any long distances using visualizations, emotions and love. And I sure aint evil or worship any dark stuff. So am good regardless of what anyone may think. We all have this God given gift. That people may or may not use it or misuse it that’s on them. I get great satisfaction of using it to do good, I love it and God loves me for it.

  3. Skyrunner says:

    Hey Gaz, I figured i’d post here rather than adding to my emails :)

    So I do recall seeing and hearing some bad and weird stuff as a kid. Was it spiritual? I don’t know. For a long time I thought it was my imagination, but the more I’ve read about the spiritual the more I question my childhood experiences.

    Some things include:

    Eyes on my posters moving (in the dark)
    Apparent movement in the closet (also in the dark)
    I slept with a night lite until I was an adult
    My sisters claim to have had some “ghost” encounters as children
    I thought I saw greedo from star wars in my cousins room.

    I have several others.

    I guess, I’m going to pray and ask the Lord what’s true and what’s dream. He will hopefully make it clear soon.

    If they were real, then I wonder what doors were opened. Or perhaps all kids go thru a stage like this.


    • Hi Skyrunner,

      Most parents would tell you that you have an overactive imagination which may or may not be true. Children are more likely to see things than adults and we as adults should be made aware that not everything they claim to see is imagined. I used to see things too but I was also very much on edge because of the entities, this may well have made my imagination go into overdrive. So we need to factor in your state of mind at the time and what was the contributing factor.

      Push back on the tempation to know what ‘went wrong’, this is just your inner need to secure the issue i.e. if you find the cause you can stop it from ever effecting you again or it might just be curiosity in which case this is a dangerous path to tread. Unfortunately we are dealing with cunning demons who have specific laws, we have to just ask God to protect us and close the doors off (wherever they may be).

      Some children go through this, not all. None of my brothers were attacked in this way.

  4. Rob says:

    Have read some of your comments and find them offensive in the way that you allow people to be lead by superstition and missinterpretation of the bible. When you read the bible you can interpret it according to your circumstances so you are influenced by what you want to believe. There are many who use the bible to control others usually by the threat of going to hell, there is no such place as hell as interpreted by the missleading theologians who are either affraid of the truth or like to manipulate and control people which in my experience is most of them. Hell is the old English word for the common grave of man which is simply the earth, there are a lot of unknowns in this world and closing your mind to them and frightening people with eternal torment is a product of a spiritually immature mind and very dangerous to all concearned no doubt you subscribe to the medieval tortures of so called spiritual cleansing aswell.
    You would do well to open your mind and free yourself of the self inflicted hypocrisy that as become known as religion.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hi Rob,

      I understand why you say the things you and and for that I commend you on your heartfelt honesty. I used to think like you, in fact for most of my life.
      The point I make is sincere but will always upset the vast population since it is not easy for non-believers to accept the teachings of the bible, nor is it the teachings of the new age which originates from the theosophical society. You should look up such world renounced channellers such as Helena Blavatsky and her predecessor, Alice Bailey. What is striking about these so called free thinkers is their no quibble devotion to Lucifer.

      As to you comment about medieval torture, yes you are right, religious control is evil in itself. I personally do not follow a religion but read the Gospels and try as hard as it is the walk with the Lord.

      God Bless you friend and if you have any questions please ask.

      Gaz Parker

    • Abc says:


      • brittanie says:

        actually after doing research and talking with other ,cuz thats what this is for anyway rite, ive descovered i am an empath. and youre right about the religon but im pretty sure the big man up there wouldnt want us to give in to temptation and fight about it i think he would guide me in the right direction to seek the info i need as well as respect the fact i believe in anything at all just like i would appreciate if you did. now if you want to give me some valuable info about the bible i would take it serious and take it knowing in my heart thats its ok to admit if you dont know because it is never too late to learn. i feel you should be more at peace with yourself if you become too crittical on focusing your attention on others you will get lost inside what you stand for inatead of focus why you are HERE in the first place. if you are the type that is always right you are going about it all wrong. dont be offended just help. nothing but good will come of it. thanks have a great day

  5. Karen says:

    I’m a Christian psychic also having The Gift of Discernment.Some spirits who come around me are earthbound spirits but some do pose as the dead.Having this gift does not make me evil because Jesus Christ had psychic ability himself.He was probably against it because they were charging money as many do now.It’s how you use this gift that makes you evil or not.I never charge for my God given gifts.Did Jesus charge?

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hi Karen,

      The term Christian psychic is like me saying I am a christian Hindu or a christan Muslim. There is a massive conflict of interest here. Now granted, when I practiced mediumship I never charged either, and I was convinced that the spirits one the whole were good. I never once thought I was evil and I wouldn’t say you was either. Its the practice of mediumship (spirit communication) that is an abonimation to the Lord. It says it here in the King James Version:

      Deuteronomy 18:10-11
      There shall not be found among you anyone ….that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. .

      Familiar spirits are the spirits that psychic mediums communicate with. They know everything about us because they exist in a realm where they are able to observe not only us but our ancestors too. They can also come across as guides, accended masters, aliens and other angelic type beings offering peace, wisdom and love. So again, we are warned about such deception quite clearly in the bible.

      2 Corinthians 13:15

      . 13For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

      Of course Jesus did not charge for being the saviour of man kind but then he wasn’t a spiritist was he? He never played with tarot card, read palms or contacted someone grandmother, did he? Therefore it should be said that Spiritual mediumship is a red flag as far as the teachings of the bible are concerned.

      Please Karen, read your bible or contact our ministry either by emailing me or others at the Revelations Radio Network if you have further questions. I really think your heart is in the right place but you need to really know what you are getting involved in. Remeber, Satan is a master counterfeiter, everything God does he then twists and copies.

  6. Sharon says:

    I got onto this site because I really feel I am a medium and it is and has always been unwanted. As a child I knew when things would happen. it could be really bad or just nothing that it seemed. Maybe there were meaning but I tried to ignore them. When I was 10 years old, I had a terrible night mare. My father; whom I was very close to killed him self in my dream. It was so real to me. I woke up crying running to my fathers room to make sure he was still here. I barreled into his room, there he was doing push ups on the floor, just as he did every morning. He jumped up and cuddle me and ask what I was bawling about. He hugged me and told him everything I saw. I begged him not to, to stay and be with me. I was such a daddy’s girls, I could not imagine a day without him. He gave me reassurance my dream was not coming true, he would always be wit me, to see me graduate, to walk me down the isle, and to protect me from future men that would hurt me. After all he said I knew my dream was true, I knew I had been warned I couldn’t stop it. Why did I know, why such a hard burden. No matter how I cried and begged him. After an hour or so of crying I asked him to not come see, after he dies. I told him I know when ghost are around. Sometimes if the are good or really scary, or appear as kids. I hate it and want the to go away, never to see them again and that if he really loved me he would not let me see if after he died. My dad laughed at me, and said NO I will always be with you and protect you. I would never hurt you. The very next weekend he killed him self just as my dream had shown me, he left a card to say he was sorry he broke his promise, but it was better this way. At his funeral, I felt him there. I was so scared I could not go close to his coffin. Every funeral I have been to the body is empty, clear and it feels like there soul has moved out. His was there, I felt a presance. It has always followed me. People claim they see stuff, but I know when they are fake. I have only seen one ghost since my fathers death. Mostly I know what they look like with out seeing them, and I stay clear and pretend nothing is there. I pray to cast it away, to not sense things. It is weaker and I can pray for stuff to go away, but when I go anywhere they are, I know they are there and they know of me. I pretend to not notice and mostly I am left alone or I leave. If it is such a bad feeling from them I do warn people. I once asked an Indian witch doctor to look and see who followed me. She was afraid to let them see that she can see then, because she says they come from every where to contact her. I told her her my story but no detail she could use to trick me; and that I had to know. She looked for me and said it was my Grandmother, she described he in detail, she said it was for my dad, that it was a favor to him, she was protecting me from seeing ghost, because he could not. I did not ever tell any one about my dream or how my dad died or what we talked about. I did not even know this women she described. She said my grandmother was American Indian like her and they had powers to stop spirits. I left feeling like this women was wrong. I did not have a Grandmother that was Indian or that has long grey hair, that wore a mid sleeve dress with flowers. She said if my grandmother was not protecting me; I would be contacted all the time, over whelmed by spirits. That my senses are too strong, she has to block them from me. I wen t home and told my mother what happened, I told her that I did not sense her or even had a grandmother that looked like that. My mother smiled and said, that’s your great grandmother, she loved your dad so much and she died when you were a baby. My mom said she wore a mid sleeve dress every day. My step father was filled with evil and enjoyed tormenting me. I could see his evil, it was intense. He abused molested and beat us kids, everyone believed he was so good. He fooled everyone, even after he would hurt us kids. My sister and brother would be fooled or blinded by him, turning on me and insisting I was wrong about him. One time a ghost looking just like the ripper but only wearing white and held nothing formed into my room. At first it looked like smoke from a small cigarette. I though my brother didn’t quite smash it out, but it grew larger and formed, the tall white figure was at my bedside within seconds. I tried to jump from my bed to run. I was so scared; I could not scream or move. The figured said in my mind, ” it’s OK, I am not here to hurt you. I love you and want to protect you”. I still could not except this. I just felt like GOD contacting me or an Angel of GOD, would make me feel, love into my heart. Like the sun is touching me and the light of GOD beams out. This is a touch I felt at church, this had to be bad. No words would come out, I tried to scream, or run. I could not. Thoughts raced into my mind how to I get away, I began to pray; asking GOD to help me; to make it leave, to never see it again. I never saw this figures face the hood was dark inside. The white hooded figure that seemed to control my voice and my body from moving; lost it’s hold. It began to back up slowly and as it cast away backwards still facing me; it said why did you make me leave I wasn’t going to hurt you, I loved you at one time and you loved me. I have only seen that one ghost since my dad died, I still know they are there, and know when evil is present. Why do I have to pray every where I go that they are there, just to make them go away, and how do they know; that I know they are there? I hate this and it is unwanted. I try so hard to see the good in side people (the ones that are still alive) but often I get hurt because others see that as a fault, an opening to take advantage of . I get sad because I feel others pain and hurt, it just makes me want to cry. I can see it inside and I want to help, but I get shown more than not; even though they are hurt, they still are open to hurt the one helping. I do not mean to sound selfish, but I am tired of this, I do not want to see others pain or be sensitive to ghost or to know evil. Its freaking scary and I hate sometimes that I care so much that I am always walked onto. How to I stop it, I pray, it goes away only for a short while, why do I need to see the good in all, yes we all have in deep inside. But, I see it buried down and I open up to help them, to love them, and I am getting depressed from knowing that being a good person and loving people regardless is making me, gosh just want to go away to a place not filled with so much pain and sadness and people that enjoy ridicule, and selfishness. I just want to be normal and not know stuff, to be oblivious to who is beside me, or know the ghost boy was killed by his dad, that shot his mom and sisters, ya I didn’t see him, but I know he is there and sometimes the story. This is a lot but, maybe you can understand where I am coming from.

  7. Lost says:

    Good Afternoon

    I had the similar case as the person above. It all started after my fathers death in 1990, he commetted suicide when i was 6years old. It was also 2 days after his birthday(our birthdays is in the same month, mine on the 6th March and his on the 20th March.) It was about a week or so just after his death at i start to see stuff that scared me out of my wits. I remember there was a lady in a white dress in front of my bed ever night(she did harm me in any way, but i was so afraid that i pulled the cover over my head and just wish that she would go away. The voice also started. The day on my 7th birthday that night I was woken by the bathroom light( if someone was playing with it) on and off for a few min. or so and then i saw he walk down the hallway the my mothers room, i want to scream but it felt wrong to do so. As he pass I followed (he still did not harm me) he walked to my mom’s(she was crying) bed room and I saw that he put his hand on her shoulder and it was just like that and she stop crying.

    I wasn’t scared again for anything that goes bump in the night. As I got older my dreams got more and more specific or warnings. The voice as well. When I was about 16 I only realised it. I start to wonder if I’m a witch or something…… I looked in to our family tree to see if i can pick anything but there was no vibe or anything.

    When I was about 16 and half, when i realised that if i walk it to a place or some else home thee are cold spots…. When I was almost 19 I moved in with my Husband(boyfriend at that stage) I was sleeping in another room just across his, but that first night it was so cold in the room (in the middle of the summer) I got up and climb into his bed. I did tell him at first but after a week I had to tell him or asked Question cause it was only getting worse. He asked me why and I told him, He said that I’m crazy. i just left it there. I was alone one day and i took a chance to speak to what ever it was (nicely) to leave.

    We got married and it has been quite for 7 years now, until a few month ago it all started again.
    I have negligent it since I had my first child. I just want to know what am I?

    I was also previously engage to someone how had passed away about 11 yaers ago. I was only informed about it 2days later, but 2 days before I had the cold sickness to the pit of my stomach that something awful had happen but i did know what, until i spoke to his sister.

    Thank you for reading this,

    Have a great evening


    • Gaz Parker says:


      It’s interesting you ask the question “I have negligent it since I had my first child. I just want to know what am I?”.

      In my opinion you are open to great danger since spiritual contact with angels, familiar spirits, aliens or whatever they
      show themselves as can and often does lead to physical, mental and spiritual harm. The key here is not to identify
      yourselves with your experience but to acknowledge this experience as unwanted, intrusive and potentially harmful.
      You can acknowledge it as spiritual and therefore seek a spiritual answer. Those that embrace such things are in
      equal danger since the very nature of such beings are deceptive to the core. Therefore only the highest spiritual
      authority must be sought. This spiritual authority is God, and there is no one higher. Seek the Lord and he will
      come to you.

      God bless you,


  8. YOGI BEAR says:

    Hello all, i am seeing a lot of responses about the dangers of being too open or too free and becoming more subject to having psychic attacks. I THINK EVERYONE on all sides need to do their research. If you read the bible and are a firm believe of the holy spirit then please do your research on the correlation of new age~to religion. It is very much connected. Recieving the holy spirit is the same as experiencing a kundalini or should i say a release, enlightenment, access to the divine to God and his angels. The biggest problem is Fear! FEAR brings in self doubt, jealousy, envy, hate, depression….the devil represents fear. If we have a fear we automatically close our selves off… All of us have been born into the natural world. Being a meduim or psychic is not a practice because it is already there. We were born innocent and open therefore projecting every thing around us even the negativity that we so blindly did not know how to quit discern…all because of fear! Think about that please.

  9. Gaz Parker says:

    Hello Yogi Bear,
    I massively agree with you on only one point, we should do our research. That includes reading the bible! The comparrision you made between the new age (Helena Blavatski/alice bailey teachings and a course in miracles) and the Holy Bible are complete opposites. For example, God tells us we were made in his images, new age teaching tell us we are all Gods, all one. This is just one as many points I could highlight. Nonetheless you make a serious error in comparing the Kundalini sepent with the Holy spirit. In one sense it tries to copy the holy spirit but it is not.
    Please refer to these videos for greater clarification:

    I will address the rest of your statements shortly.

    God Bless you in the name of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

  10. TheFangedSoul says:

    I’ve always been different, mom said she noticed it when I was a baby, just how I reacted to things, she never got into it with me; but after my father died I started seeing things, but I can’t hear them, or not clearly anyway. I become scared very easily too, especially in the dark, or when I am alone. I have also become very sick when I have been in certain places, an example being an old prison from the 1700-1800’s. I always feel calm in graveyards, and I have been drawn to graves, like the graves of children; my grandparents (who I never knew), and My friend’s grandfather’s grave (While looking for another friend’s grandmothers grave with him). I don’t talk about this often, because I don’t want people to think I’m weirder than I already am. Any advice? Note, I’m not looking to change any of this, I just want an outside opinion on what is going on

  11. Mwah says:

    These are some intense stories and I feel the same about alot of what was explained. Am the same. It seems to be no different from talking with another person you don’t feel comfortable with. It is obvious to me at this point that I am conversing with a higher spiritual self but it comes down to your state of mind. I’d like to think of it as not craziness cause it is what not fits, but as to something as a gift to contact other beings on potentially higher dimensions. The way I also see it is what you are, the self, there is nothing higher or greater than that cause by the time someone is reading this it would seem that I am already raising awareness and you are telepathically talking with me even though this is just a blog on the internet.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      How do you know this for sure? What authority do you rely on to test the source of the spirit beings? Do you see my point? Please listen to my testimony and other podcasts in my podcast section on this blog for further clarification. Like you, I too was a communicator with the spirit realm.

      • mwah says:

        There’s no authority i rely on persay to test out your questions but I do see your point, they don’t bug you unless they can see that your aura is upset or you are off balance chemically. I don’t know what that would make you if you say that you ‘were’ a communicator with the spirit realm. Absolute oneness has no problem with letting you even peer into the next realm or get glimpses here and there. My philosophy on such things like deja vu are, if you are into one and you can make it roll until it wears out, like playing synchronicity, then people are all apart of it. People often speak of deja vu and on more than one occasion it seems that if you explain yours to someone then there is a chance that someone else was apart of that dejavu, or it would seem like a completely different time totally. Alot of people take time off just to refocus themselves into what they desire but I am at a young age and understand that, intelligently it is possible to get caught up in messes like what was explained above. There is no need to go out and get caught up in anothers past problems that is why you are allowed to be you and express yourself without having to empathically take on anothers worried expressions and reflections.

  12. sarah wever says:

    i still cant tell if i am able to channel please help

    • Gaz Parker says:

      You really want to pray that you are not open to demonic forces. Never dabble with spiritual contact as it is lethal.

      • Gaz Parker says:

        Hello Crystal,

        I have remember what I was going through when I was your age and so how best to approach this subject without sounding like someones dad.

        When i was growing up in the 80’s I did experience the occult explosion we have today. What I mean by occult explosion is the vast openess of all things spiritual including programs about vampires, zombies, witches and wizards. Harry Potter films promoting the ‘good’ side of magic and the growing interest in TV mediums. Bookshops are packed full of new age teachings and more and more youngsters are reporting supernatural experiences. I have no doubt what you are telling is real and it is becoming the norm, in fact the whole world is being groomed towards not only accepting but embracing the supernatural. Now, I’m going to talk quite frank about this so understand it might sound like criticism but this is not about you, it’s about the source of your abilities and thus I’m explaining what this is and why it is a hidden problem. One of the problems I have with communicating with living breathing people who are having supernatural experiences is telling them things that they do not want to hear. I only tell people these things because I care about them. If you saw a blind man walking towards a cliff, would you not warn him of the unseen danger ahead? Well, for me I know from experience and having been a medium and having the truth revealed to me by God (because only God knows everything) I feel compelled to warn others.

        The nature of the spirits you are communicating with will seem kind and caring, they will tell you things such as ‘you are special’ or that you have a gift or your have a special mission on earth to help others. They also like to present themselves as a dead relative or some spirit guide or spiritual master. Because they are invisible and not physical they can only communicate via telepathy. They can send pictures to your mind, sounds, feelings and physical sensations. This ability was set up by God so that we could have a personal relationship with him however this same ability is being utilised by forces that parade as angels of light. Now the mediums I used to be involved with were typically emotionally sensitive and because of that they are where likely to be swayed by how something feels rather than being skeptical and questioning the source of the information. With that in mind think of a young child walking along side a main road. A car pulls up along side the child and there at the wheel is a kind, smiling man holding some chocolate. When the man asks the child to get into the car what do you think the child is thinking? It’s logical to assume that he is not aware of the potential danger and that the man can be trusted because he is smiling and seems kind. How then can the child know not to get into the car? Thankfully for this imaginary child he was warned to never get into a strangers car, not matter how sincere they were. The spirits you are interacting would never come you showing themselves as dark forces since it would terrify us. Nonetheless, the same principal as the scenario I just mentioned exists on a spiritual level too, only, its not your physical body that’s in danger but your soul and God warns us about this. In this scenario God is like the father of the child, warning him to stay away from strangers, not because the father is a killjoy, but because he cares for the child and wants to keep him from danger. On of the key hidden dangers of spirit contact is the anti-god message they like to teach. For example, they teach reincarnation, karma, no judgement, no sin and we can become God. All these teachings have one purpose, to stop us believing in God and to worship them. To further explain this, if reincarnation was real then what would be the purpose of Jesus Christ? What about karma? If we reap what we sow over countless lifetimes then why did Jesus die for our sins? If we can indeed evolve into Gods then that makes Satan (Genesis 3) the good guy and God the liar. The same is with familiar spirits or entities pretending to be our loved ones, they tell us that there is no death, no judgement and no hell. If that’s true then what is the purpose of Jesus…hold on, maybe Satan was right all along, right? Wrong! These systematic counterfeit teachings are becoming the norm, we see this in our TV programs, in the movies and day to day news. So understand that beyond the seemingly kind and harmless nature of spiritual contact is an evil presence that wants to destroy us spiritually and permanently, forever doomed. The God of the Bible is the real God, nonetheless, those that reject Jesus are unknowingly falling for a mass deception that intends to snare not just some person playing with the Ouija board or communicating with spirits but anyone who believes in the lie and as we can see that’s the vast majority. The norm is to accept the lie because those who stand in the faith are becoming very rare indeed. Please click on my podcasts and take a listen to my testimony, also feel free to fire off any questions you may have.

  13. Crystal says:

    Hi, my names Crystal. I am 15 years old and I think I have something. I just want to know if I do. When I was little, I was scared of the dark and still am. I would see shadows. I always felt like someone watching me. When I was little, I would want something from a machine and I would get it. I would point to it in the front of the machine, put a quarter in it, and I would get it. I am part Native American, but I don’t think that’s the case. Umm, I have a lot of Deja vu. I get this feeling, this tingle feeling. I have a lot of dreams about what will happen. I know what the person will say and do. For some odd reason, when we passed grave yards, I would smile at the dead people and wave, like I sense someone there. I am into the whole paranormal activity thing. My friends say I can say something and it will happen. When I’m texting someone I can feel their mood. If their happy, sad, upset, bored. I have this best friend, Hanna, and we can be 4 hours away and we can be thinking the same thing. It’s pretty cool. I am a really really good guesser. I can read people. Like I know when to trust them or if they are mean. When my teacher is picking partners for projects, I can guess on the person, or say their name and my stomach can get this feel in it. And if it’s strong I know I will be partnered up with them. And I’m always right! I believe in God. When I’m having really bad days I can go outside and I can feel him listening to me. I always feel someone watching over me. Just last year me and my mom are never on the same page, and we started to argue and I went outside to cool down. I sat in the backyard on a swing set jungle gym thing, and it was sprinkling out and it was cold too. I sat their didn’t say anything, but I felt like someone was their and knew all my problems and telling me it all will be okay. I spent a good half hour out there. I was starting to get cold. Their was a raindrop on a stearingwheel and it was there the whole time going nowhere. I gave a chuckle, and told whoever was listening to me, “if that raindrop fell, I would go in.” I was for sudden, it wouldn’t move. But it did. 7 seconds after saying that, it slide down to another raindrop and hit another and it feel down. I was amazed but I smiled and went in. I’m very odd. I like to be unique. I have never been in a church or never went to church. But I believe in God. Please help me. Am I a medium or anything?

    • Sabrina says:

      I believe that you are if you can sence a persons feelings then some part of you no matter how big or small must carry some sort of ability now weather it be phsycic or not i can not tell u but if you can learn to control it hten use it to help you everyone who is givin a unique gift like us must have been givin it for a reason :)

  14. Jim says:

    Dear Gaz.

    I was fascinated to read your article and your responses to the posters; thank you for taking the time to do so.

    Without getting too caught up in the history and details of the unholy spiritual elements which continue to affect my family for my entire life (now aged 47), I would like to share a revelation with you and learn your thoughts.

    Without getting into any of the ‘Hollywood’ descriptions and manifestations of the influence, however, as it is germane to the actual question, i will provide you will the following facts and suspicions:

    1. My Grandfather was a Mason of no mean position; being from a long linage of such men.

    2. My Grandfather committed suicide when I was aged 2.

    3. At age 6 and 4, My sister and I only barely escaped being used in a Masonic ritual involving children; which was thwarted by a lodge brother of my (dead) Grandfather, who had come into knowledge of the intended scheme; and alerted my Grandmother. It was this man who gained entrance to the lodge – being a member thereof – and stopped our inclusion and rescued us from whatever intentions lay in store for us.

    4. Another man – being the one who had physically taken us into the lodge to ‘participate’ in this ‘ceremony’ – was also considered a good friend and lodge brother of my Grandfather (now since past) – had been secretly and repeatedly molesting my Sister while she and I were at his home, while under his care as a ‘Babysitter’.

    I suspect this situation may be the direct causation and source of the problems manifest today.

    In the last few months, in discussing with my Mother, the cronic evil influence(s) which surround us, I found myself eventually ending our conversations on this topic with the phrase:

    “It is though a curse has been placed on our family – as if there is a spirit attached to all of us-who delights in constantly tying our shoe-laces together when we are asleep, so to speak.”

    Or more often, ending with what I feel is the so-entitled rhetorical Revelation:

    ‘What evil was someone in our past family involved with, to bring such a thing into our lives today?”

    Understand, what we have experienced as a family is far beyond the scope of the trivialities of what would ever be defined as: ‘Hi-Jinx’.

    I had been raised a Christian, with the understanding that: ‘The sins of the father shall not be passed onto his sons.’

    My dilemma – beyond being to subject to ‘influence’ – is reconciling these two concepts, as both seem to be correct, and yet, both cannot possibly exist as TRUE at the same time.

    So, while I read your excellent advice to ‘A’ in your SEPT 1, 2010 response in how deal with the situation, how do I reconcile what we have been through with what the Bible tells us is so?

    I have tried to make this as clear and succinct as possible, which is quite difficult, for when discussing these subjects, the operating details of which quickly become quite complex to those who are not familiar with their operation and manifestation.

    Thank you for your time and forthcoming response.


    • Gaz Parker says:


      Everything I have mentioned in this post up to now can and should be applied. It is only those who accept Jesus Christ as their savior will inherit the Holy Spirit and thus have the authority over the evils ones. Nonetheless, I need to help clarify your dilemma regarding the sins of the fathers. I tracked an interesting article on this matter which I am pasting in here. I’m hoping this will help answer your question:

      Exodus 20:5, Deuteronomy 5:9 and Deuteronomy 24:16; Ezekiel 18:20

      Yes they do
      (Exodus 20:5) – “You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,”
      (Deuteronomy 5:9) – “You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,”
      (Exodus 34:6-7) – “Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth; 7who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.”
      (1 Cor. 15:22) – “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all shall be made alive.”
      No they don’t
      (Deuteronomy 24:16) – “Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.”
      (Ezekiel 18:20) – “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.”

      Exodus 20:5 is, of course, among the ten commandments. The Ten Commandments are arranged in covenant form. The Suzerain-Vassal treaty pattern of the ancient near east is followed in the Ten Commandments. This arrangement included an introduction of who was making the covenant (Exodus 20:2), what the covenant maker had done (20:2), laws (20:3-17), rewards (20:6,12), and punishments (20:5,7).

      Covenantally, when a father misleads his family, the effects of that misleading are often felt for generations. This is because the father is being covenantally unfaithful and God has stipulated that there are punishments to breaking the covenant with God. That is the case with these verses that deal with the sins visited upon the children. If a father rejects the covenant of God and takes his family into sin and rejects God, the children will suffer the consequences, often for several generations. Whether or not this is fair is not the issue. Sin is in the world, consequences of sin affected many generations.

      On the other hand, Deuteronomy 24:16 is dealing with legal matters as the context 24:6-19 shows. Ezekiel 18:20 is merely recounting the Law of the Pentateuch. Therefore, the context of the second set of verses is dealing with the legality aspect within the Jewish court system. The previous set of verses deal with God visiting upon the descendents of the rebellious the consequences of the rebellious fathers’ sins.

      As a further note on this issue, there is a concept in the Bible called Federal Headship. This means that the male, the father, represents the family. We see this in the garden of Adam and Eve. She was the first one to eat of the fruit; she was the first one to sin. However, the Bible states that sin entered the world through Adam (Rom. 5), not Eve. This is because Adam was the Federal Head of all mankind. Furthermore we see in the Hebrews 7:7-10 the following:

      “But without any dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater. 8And in this case mortal men receive tithes, but in that case one receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives on. 9And, so to speak, through Abraham even Levi, who received tithes, paid tithes, 10for he was still in the loins of his father when Melchizedek met him.”

      In the verses in Hebrews we see that Levi, who was a descendant of Abraham, paid tithes to Melchizedek while still in the loins, “seed,” of his father Abraham, even though Levi was not yet alive. In other words, Abraham, the father, represented his descendants. As Abraham paid tithes, so also did Levi. Therefore, we can see the concept of Federal Headship represented in the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. We can conclude that God will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon the descendants because the fathers have failed to be covenantally faithful. Yet, we see in the other verses a declaration of legality in dealing with people. There is no contradiction.

  15. ashley says:

    i wanted to know just a kittle more about what mediums go thrue . I myself have been thrue alot of the things i have seen on this page but i dont know how to tell others around me or how to make it develope . as a child i would sleep walk with my eye rolld to the back of my head or i could feel pain from day dreams i would have out of the blue or i could feel the corners of the walls closing in on me when i am sick is when iv seen so many people standing around me dressd as if it was in the 18hundreds i need help.. Pleas do contact me in e-mail and tell me if i have the gift or somthing diferent

    • Gaz Parker says:

      If you love Jesus Christ then you will know that communication with familiar spirits is detestable to God. There is no excuse, its written clearly in the Bible. Nonetheless, God will not force you to obey him. You can choose to ignore his warnings, risk possession and certainly, eternal death.

      The good news is, if you are serious about Jesus Christ then you must repent. Denouce all communication with familiar spirits, demons (disguised as angels of light) and ask Jesus into your heart. Turn to the Lord today and turn your back on Satan and all his schemes.

      God Bless you ashley.

  16. Danielle says:

    my husband went to school with this guy i never met him or his wife and his wife died suddenly at home on the 11th and like i said i didn’t know the guy that my husband went to school with or his wife and ever since the guy posted bout his wife dieing i can’t get her off my mind… and i don’t know why could some one please help me… i mean she dosen’t come to me or anything i just can’t stop thinking bout her and i never knew her…please help what could it be

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Would I be right in assuming that you are young or at least haven’t been exposed to death of a close relative? Weather or not this is correct is beside the point. Fear of death or feeling uncomfortable with death is common. Although you never knew the woman, you might feel a connection to her because of your husbands friendship with her husband. This is a psychological reaction and probably won’t last too long. Try not to look into this too much as you will end up with all kinds of crazy theories. Try talking to a close friend about this, or your husband. If this is not appropriate I would suggest talking to a trained professional. In the UK we have a phone line called ‘the samaritans’, I used them once when I got depressed about 15 years ago – it really does help to talk. Otherwise, drop me an email at

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Please listen to my testimony, please forward the audio track by 12 minutes to find the start. Any questions, email me at

      [audio src="" /]

  17. Sabrina says:

    I’m kinda new to all this stuff but here recently I’ve decided that something has been following me my whole life. I have heard things calling my name daily, I have an irrational fear of the dark, I somrtimews wake up with brusies and scars. It kinda freaks me out I also have the ability i can tell u everything about a person who has died that i have never meet nor heard of in my life, i can also give detailed accounts o places that i have no proof of having ever been. I don’t know if I’m just crazy or if there really is something going on in my life can anyone help me?

    • Gaz Parker says:


      Please listen to my testimony, I used to be a medium and despite what you have been lead to believe about such things, it is extremely dangerous to dabble with it. It sounds to me that you are being demonically oppressed and you really should consider that you are not in a good place right now. I can help you through this but before you consider this, you have to quit using your ‘abilities’ for the time being. I urge you to pray to God, ask him (just as I did) to show you the absolute truth. Ask him to guide you. This is the first stage to recovery. Again, I urge you to listen to my testimony. Understand that any feeling or thoughts that come into your mind such as irritation, anger or apathy what I am proposing should be questioned. Are these negative thoughts and feelings coming from you or are they being generated spiritually. Just as love exists within the heavenly realms, evil dwells within the world posing as love and light. We as humans are extreamly vulnerable to spiritual deception so that’s the reason we need to go right to the top and speak to God directly.

      God bless you and please keep in touch should you have any questions.

      Gaz Parker

  18. Ashleigh E. says:

    Hello.. My name is Ashleigh. My boyfriend thinks I am a medium, and i’ve always been suspicious there was something different about me. I don’t know how to explain this without sounding cheesy or a lunatic.. When I was younger, I used to have dreams or daydreams of events with my friends or full conversations, and they would happen that day or in the next instant, to the point I could say what someone was going to say with them. I have always been very empathetic, and can pick up on peoples emotions. I will barely meet someone, and we’ll be hanging out with someone that person has known for ten years, and I’ll be able to tell if something is on their mind or if they are upset. I can also tell when people are lying to me. I also have a good sense about people.. And I’m proven right. I quite often follow my intuition, because it has yet to prove me wrong. Now onto more disturbing things. I’ve had dreams where I was someone else, and when I woke up, I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. I’ve lived someone’s whole life in my sleep. At first I questioned the possibility of it being past lives, but the fact that I don’t feel any connection with these dreams and some are too horrible have steered me away from that possibility. I have horrible night terrors, and my boyfriend says I’ll talk in my sleep and I’m not myself. I’ve also had experiences when I was in a dark or negative mood, when something has overcome me, and I’m not myself. When I was around 13? I was in kind of a dark place because of drama in school, and I would feel something overcome me and I’d have thoughts I never would’ve imagined. Several months back I experienced this again. I got upset, and all of a sudden lights were haloed, my body felt light, and my mind felt clouded. When we were in my bfs house with a friend, he looked into my eyes and he said I wasn’t myself. That there was something else there. That I had an evil glint in my eyes and even the look on my face wasn’t natural. He said he couldn’t feel his soulmate any more.. that he felt me slipping away. (He’s very empathetic, especially when it comes to me). I don’t want to go into more detail about this situation, because I feel ashamed of losing control on my own body. The only way I got rid of whatever had come over me is I went and stared into my eyes in the mirror and fought it, and I knew it was gone when a sense of self came over me and I burst into tears. My boyfriend has been really good about keeping my negative emotions in check since then. Saying that when I get upset, lights flicker and weird things happen and he’s afraid a spirit will take advantage of me. I don’t know what to think.. I don’t know anyone I can go to to confirm these suspicions, or give me advice or training. I have a friend who is Wiccan and I’m planning on getting her opinion of it. I have ancestors who were gypsies and fortune tellers. My great grandma told me about them when I was young, and how all the women in our family have psychic or spiritual abilities.. I just don’t know how to protect my body or control or master or further some of these “gifts.” Please send me an email or help.. Thanks.

  19. annie says:

    hi.. im 16 and lately ive been realizing how much different i am.. im terribly frightened by the dark, i have really bad anxiety, and sometimes i can just feel someone there. when i think i feel a sprit or something there, i get reeeaally hott and sweaty. my question is…. do you think thats a symptom or a sign to get hot when spirit is around? im really confused about all this and i dont even know if i am a medium or not.. please help!!!!

    • Gaz Parker says:

      I have the solution. Please listen to my testimony, please forward the audio track by 12 minutes to find the start.

      [audio src="" /]

  20. Andrea says:


    I’ve been able to ignore Certains things, like the voices. But I keep getting weird dreams, images when I’m awake, and people trying to walk through me. I want to know how to stop it all.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Please listen to my testimony, please forward the audio track by 12 minutes to find the start.

      [audio src="" /]

  21. Helen northrup says:

    Hello I have been seeing faces during prays in and out of church. It come with an amazing feel of peace and love. I don’t know what this is . I have had a ton of thing going right and. Wrong in life, I can’t understand what or who I’m seeing or why. Scared I’m going nuts. Helen

  22. laura says:

    I think I am a repressed medium, and I’d like some spiritual guidance to explore this.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hi Laura,

      There is no such thing. Please listen to my testimony of an ex-medium. You will need to farward it by 12 minutes.

      [audio src="" /]

  23. Dazed and Confused says:

    Ever since I was a young child I have always felt this strong presence around me. I would always have this very vivid dreams and would have out of body experiences almost nightly. There was a period of time where we lived in this very cold house that always would make me feel heavy, and on several occasions after having this horribly real dreams would wake up in the fetal position at the foot of my bed. As I have gotten older I have woken up speaking to people in my bedroom, but when I become fully consonance there is no one there. Things are now beginning to completely disappear and I am falling into periods of slight depression. I don’t really understand what is going on or what I can do to clear away all these strange feelings and happenings. I don’t really want anything to do with dealing with spirit. I have known for a very long time I have psychic abilities because my dreams will always come true the next day. I guess I’m just trying to find a way to gain a bit of control so I can purposely steer away from this.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hello Dazed,

      I was heavily involved in the occult and operated as a medium. This blog is dedicated to helping other like yourself understand what is going on. The good news is, there is a way out.

      The best place to start is by listening to my testimony. Please forward this by 12 minutes as Chris white covers a number of topics before my testimony is played. After listening to this please email me at, I can offer some support.

      [audio src="" /]

  24. Mrs. Jackson says:

    I have read this and there are many things that got my attention about myself. Since I was a little girl I have been scared of the dark (more so than the normal person), I get high anxiety in certain places and just this seriously deep feeling that just takes over. It’s kind hard to explain. I do have extremely vivid dreams were I feel see smell everything also I go into this state of thought were I will just see myself doing things some even very violent but it only happens every once and awhile. I don’t know if I have really ever had a vision bc I don’t think I would truly know. I can tell when there has been death in a location and I know when there is going to be a death I just can’t tell you who it will be. If you could please help me in some sort of way like if this is real or am I just crazy!

  25. says:

    If God Does not want us to be decived why he is not stoping all of them ?if God is that much powerful so why we should get this much confused and could not find what is reality and the truth?

    • Gaz Parker says:

      This is an easy answer. Even as we go back to the garden of Eden, Eve was told not to eat from a particular tree. She was never forced to not eat from it, there was no fence or security system making sure she stayed out. The fruit and her decision to eat from it was down to a very special gift from God, free will. Without free will we would not have a choice weather to accept Jesus Christ as out Lord, we would have no choices at all.

  26. M says:

    I dont know where to start.. well ive been reading online about things that happen to me. I wanted to know if you could please help me. Im 22 and ever since i can remember i always feel someone is with me. I see things out of the corners of my eyes,feel things,see faces and dream sometimes horrible things that happen. I offen have alot of dejas vu in my life. Or feel like songs places or people i have already met or heard them. Maybe its nothing… ive always felt different. I just would like to know more about me and what i feell or see. (Sorry for the misspelling im from argentina) like i said maybe its just nothing or something to laugh at. Ive talked to my mom or friends and they dont know what to tell me. Maybe something is wrong with me or just in my head. Thanks so much (ahead of time) i really look forwared to hearing back

  27. HighAnxiety says:

    Lately I have been having high anxiety and I feel something following me. This spirit is veary friendly she always talks to me and gives me advice sometimes.A year ago I had a dream that my spirit friend was not around me and this dark figure cut me open and started playing with my organs. It was the scariest dream of my life. What did that dream mean? Am I a medium ? I can use your help Thanks you :-)

  28. Hunter Paine says:

    i cant stop seeing things i always know when my friends are going to say something its like i can reead there minds kinda, its not right, my mom is so upset because i talked to my dead brother. i fell her emotions, im just so confused?. please tell me what to do, please?

  29. melinda says:

    How can I test if what I hear in my head is a spirit channeling or just my random thoughts?

  30. Sophie says:

    Hi, I’m 17 and I think I might somehow be a medium. I talked about it a little with my grandma and she told me that it had run in the family and that she often heard voices herself.I on the other hand can’t hear anything or see anyone, but I often get random moments of weird feelings that I can’t explain at any moment of the day and I have vivid images and morbid thoughts at any time of the day. ( things I have no purpose thinking of) I was wondering if you could help me figure put if that’s what it is and how to stop it! Thank you!!

  31. Devoney Jean Lane says:

    I don’t know if this will lead to a general answer link or not. But I feel like my whole life something is building up. I can remember in my early adolescent at night when I would close my eyes and try to clear my head I would get tingly and buzzing from head to toe. I could hear (what sounded like in my own mind) singing, strange chorus like melodies, no words. I’d be awake and aware but felt somewhat paralyzed. I knew if I had to I could move but something made me feel like I shouldn’t. Recently I could feel myself falling asleep. Still awake just drifting when I heard a deep booming voice call my name out to me. No images. But just like the strange chorus like melody of singing, the voices them seemed very deep, just as this one. I’ve always felt sharply in tune with others feeling just being around them and always feel the need to help and/or heal, nurture, etc. I can say now though I could not find the words before but I at any given time, every day, all day, I feel a pressure like, almost like its wrapped around my eyes, feel that feeling like a tinge of a headache coming on right in the center of my forehead, pretty much all the time. When I look at pictures, or imagine people, faces or even read about people and things i feel this instant welling up, always releasing itself through my eyes through tears, though I can choke this feeling back if I want which is usually always. I only found my way to this page because of personal beliefs I’ve been coming to realize. Or more so, the veil having been lifting and making much more aware of something. Just not sure what it is.

  32. Smashly says:

    Hello Gaz,
    So I randomly Googled “Am I a Medium”, because I’ve always been SUPER sensitive to a person’s feelings. I cannot say that I’ve ever seen an entity in waking life, but I’ve had waking dreams of beings. I’ve had waking fear of an entity of a room, and had nightmares for years about that particular room, and the presence I’ve felt in it. I’ve felt the presence of those close to me that I have KNOWN have lingered after they passed, and i’ve been able to declare when my loved ones have passed immediately. I also have the uncanny ability to know when someone is pregnant – apparently before they woman was certain. In the “space between dreams” when I’m either falling asleep or waking, i’ve heard someone whisper my name. When I mentioned this to my counselor, i saw her alarm, and seemingly excused the voices away – not to hear them again. I have the weird ability to know what my loved ones (my sister in particular) feel without them even talking about it. I’m afraid this realization might open myself up to more instances. I feel like most of the presences I haves seen, I have seen in a waking dream – but never in real/awakening life. Maybe I’m not a medium – but just a sensitive??

  33. Brenda says:

    Hi I have always felt that something was different about me. I could always sense when something good or bad was gonna happen, I also had a couple of mediums tell me that I had that power but just don’t know how to apply it. I had a nephew pass away years ago when he was young and I was very close to him and now I can still feel his spirit but not sure how to read him?

  34. Britt says:

    I have no idea if I am a medium. All I know is that I hear a lot of voices, Like children calling saying “play, come here! I need you” and it’s really wierd. I see their shadow, and and hear random footsteps when I’m at home alone. I also have TLK to (since I was little) my “imaginary friend ” is still here and now letting me see him and it scares me! But I don’t know how to contact and found out why happened to him, and why he is here. Also, who are these kids?! At night I could never sleep because I feel something there, and I don’t know what. They move things, and I think that’s the scariest thing. I just want to know if I am a medium, how I could use this and help people, and if I am not, the o well. Basically: I want to know how I could find out if I’m a medium. Can you help?

  35. christie says:

    My 9yr old son is scared of everything..especially the dark..he won’t go in our house(we have been in 3 different houses) without somebody with him…he won’t stay asleep without me being in the bed(my bed) with there any way I can help him?

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hey Christie,

      This sounds like an anxiety disorder than an ongoing spiritual attack. You could of course take him to the doctors and get him put on anti psychotic drugs but this would only mask the symptoms and probably do more harm in the long run. I think it would be more beneficial to go see a trained professional, a councillor that may help your son talk about the underlying issues that may be fuelling his fears. For example, a deep rooted fear of being left on ones own might be related to a past event where, say, someone’ mother and father spilt up or perhaps they were abandoned by mistake.

  36. Tanya Turner says:

    I was told by family members that as a very girl (around 2 or 3) I always spoke of seeing a woman in my room. I remember my parents felt it best that I traded rooms with my brothers because I refused to go into my room alone. I was always afraid of the dark. I am 47 years old and refuse to sleep alone in the dark. Anytime I do I have parallzing dreams where I find my self forcing myself to wake up, when I do awake my heart is pounding, For the past couple of years, I believe I am dreaming about people who had died. Many of these people are young adults. The do not scare me, yet they are explaing things to me and family members to me. It is so fustrating because I don’t know what to do about this. A few months ago it got so bad I prayed that these occurences would stop, just like that they did, but a couple of nights ago it started up again. This time I was not fustrated or afraid, I am now just confused as to why this is happening to me. My aunt told me a few years back that my grandmother and her sister was witches, when I asked her what would make her say that, she was vague and said she was just kidding, yet it was such a strange thing to say. My daughter who is now 16 seems to have the same issues as I do. I find that really strange becasue I don’t speak to anyone about this issue. Will this condition always stay with me? Please write back to me and give me an explanation. Thank you so much!!!

    • Sal says:

      I was about 3 when all this crap started, I remember there was a old lady at the window pointing at my brother followed by random visits from the guy with a bird for a head and a guy with a rhino for a head but that’s beside the point. So the lucid dreaming, do you realize someone that isn’t supposed to be there? Or have you ever heard something like hyms when there is no music playing?

  37. Aaron Cardenas says:

    Is there anyone who gives spiritual training for free? I’ve lost a lot being.a medium and I need guidance…

  38. Sterling says:

    Hi.Umm When I sleep I have dreams that become real in about 1-3 weeks.I’m 12 and I had a dream that my friend was gonna break my glasses on the staircase at school and 2 weeks later she broke my other friends glasses on the staircase.Another time I dreamed of the amount of money my friend would bring to school and the next day it happened.I tend to feel things happen.Another time I was mad because my mom didn’t have change to park at the waterpark so we went to the store and I found $100.00 on the ground.And in my house I see angels and Ghost or shadows in the corners or just running away really fast it scares my sometimes.

  39. Amy says:

    I have so questions about my own recent experiences.

  40. Miranda says:

    I have sent you an email labeled sincerely need guidance hopefully you will respond

  41. Robin says:

    I have some questions I would like answers to. Things I see feel and hear. Thank you.

  42. H.L. says:

    Ever since I can remember there were times I’d have dreams about something and then a couple days later some part of that dream would happen. There were times I’d be a sleep and I would hear someone say my name really loud as if they were right next to my ear and I’d wake up quickly and no one was there. I’d think maybe it was my mom or someone calling me but there were times I’d be home alone or it be the middle of the night and everyone would be a sleep. I’ve had several times I’d be a sleep and it would feel as if someone was laying next to me and put their arm around me. I would feel the pressure of their arm over me and I’d even feel their body heat and sometimes they’d even talk to me and say “I miss you” or “don’t be afraid” and for some reason I wouldn’t be afraid I’d feel safe. I was just wondering if you or anyone knew what this was?

  43. Lily says:

    Hi Gaz. As far back as I can remember I’ve had dejavu. I would have dreams (even as a child) then a few days or sometimes months later it would actually happen. My mother told me that when I was a baby, even a newborn, I was not trusting of people. If anyone touched me other than my mother I would let out a piercing scream and start crying. As I got older I didn’t cry but instead would look in the opposite direction and ignore the person. I first noticed being afraid of the dark around the age of 6. I hated being alone in the dark but sleeping with a light made it worse. I used to think there was something under my bed or in the closet and would actually prefer to sleep in the hallway at times. I always heard someone.. a female.. calling my name and usually mistook it for my mother, though it was never actually her calling me. I’m very close to my mom and always expressed all of these fears and emotions to her. At age 9 there was an accident and I had carbon monoxide poisoning. Ever since then the voices and emotions have gotten stronger. I also developed a liking for vampires (strangely). At age 11 one night I was having difficulty falling asleep, as usual (no longer afraid of the dark). I noticed a strange light almost like an orb in the corner of my room. I checked both of my windows, there was no outside light or moon, so I turned on my bedroom light and it disappeared. After turning off my light and getting back in bed I noticed the orb was no longer there. About half an hour later the orb was back. I decided to ignore it and just try to fall asleep. In that state between awake and sleep the orb comes rushing across the room and jumps on my chest causing me to jolt awake. I told my mom about it the next morning and she suggested that perhaps it was a guardian angel. Me, believing in vampires, thought otherwise. The pain in my chest from the orb attacking me led me to believe that whatever that orb was wasn’t friendly. Well now I’m 22. Still hear voices, still have dreams (but now I can travel in them and actually watch myself sleep), still have dejavu (even worse now), and sleep with my hands crossed over my chest. I have really bad anxiety and often have nightmares if I don’t go out around people. Only problem is being around people is emotionally draining for me so I try to avoid large crowds. But if I’m in a large crowd (say, a night club) I love the positive energy I get and sometimes don’t feel satisfied until they become emotional. So as you can see there is a lot going on. I am Christian and if anything ever seems to get to be too overwhelming I just pray. Though I would like to find a better way to control all of this and have a deeper understanding. (I have done very little research) Considering speaking to a spiritual healer.. what are your suggestions?

  44. Chris says:

    I feel sometimes like if iam different or am i a medium i know things sometimes before they happen i get alot of sleep paralysis i feel like my wife calls me but when i ask her she tells me she didnt can you help me

  45. mr j says:

    Idk..I am nt saying m medium or psychic bt i I think i do and did experience certain things. Lets say if i am a medium how do I learn more signs or how do I figure what are the reasons , are there any different kind of medium or psychic? Coz if I am then I would like to learn more about this gift. Lol I sound like crazy guy..haha.cheers

  46. Sal says:

    I sleep with either the tv or radio on because I’m afraid that ill hear it whispering, the dreams don’t help with that situation and definitely not being able to move is never fun. I know when it going to start, it would be nothing for months then for about 3 weeks the dreams and the paralyzation starts each time it feels like my soul is being pushed out of my body. What the hell has been following me all my life?

  47. Loraine says:


    Recently, I’ve been watching this show about mediums and when she brings up certain things about how she discovered she was a medium, some of it seems to correlate with what I experience.

    I can truly say that growing up, I’ve never felt normal. I’ve always immediately felt what people feel around me, and when it’s negative, I would approach them and act as a positive factor to cheer them up. I’ve always thought my purpose in life could be to make those people who feel discontent, more content.

    However, I find myself feeling emotions randomly. After being with certain people my mood shifts. Or I’ll feel a brief feeling of something overcome me. I feel a random urgency to talk with them after feeling these things and I wonder what to say. But I wonder if maybe these feelings that I’ve felt my entire life have anything to do with spirit interaction.

    Could this be?

  48. jessica viellieu says:

    I was sexually and physically abused when I was a child and ever since I hear voices and have weird life like dreams that end up coming true. For example..i had a dream about a semi crashing and then a big ball of fire. The next morning there was a accident where a semi had crashed into the medin of the interstate and rolled and blew up. I have also seen what appears to be a person or a shadow and when I look again they are gone. Someone please tell me,if I am a medium and how I can embrace this as a gift and not keep thinking I am crazy.

  49. linda says:

    Hello,I hope you still check on ur post,I need help,all my life I thought I was weak BC I need fit it,BC I imagined ransomed things about people I’ve always thought it was low self image,BC as a child I went through very hard times,I’ve always been afraid of the dark,I have such vivid dreams Im afraid to fall asleep when I do if I have a dream and it scared me I try to get up rite away and I can’t I panic and can’t get up fast enough,and I feel like if I don’t Im not going to come back,I always think someone or thing is near me..I’ve come to think maybe a tumor or Im going crazy..

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hey Linda,

      This sounds more like intense fear. Anxiety is a good thing when it alerts us to possible dangers however when it gets out of control this can lead to a lot of the symptoms you have listed. My advice is get checked out, if possible seek someone to talk to, maybe a councillor or a doctor that won’t just put you on tablets. Pills are not the answer, they just mask the symptoms.

      I hope this helps.

  50. Vanessa says:

    Hi there,

    I have all the description symptoms but has always manage to put a blockage with my self.
    How can I use this and potentially help out others. I’ve been normal but ill, if that makes sence. How do I use this gift, I don’t know where to start.

  51. Emily says:

    I was not born with the ability to see spirits but developed at the age of fifteen after a car accident that killed my mother and aunt. Unlike you, the spirits I faced were not ones that wanted to harm me but ones who wanted to use me as a contact to their living family and friends. To this day I work as a medium and disagree entirely with your statement. Not all spirits are harmful and demons. I have had encounters with unpleasant spirits before but it is because they departed in a negative place. My son, who is now eleven, has experienced none of the symptoms you listed an is fully able to communicate and see departed people, but with a twist. He is only able to see them in their younger years. Even people who died as children he sees as teenagers. My point being is that not all spirits are demons set out to harm others, some simply wish to send out messages.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      I accept that there are exceptions to my experiences and that of your son does not match that of a typical medium. Unfortunately he has inherited this affliction nonetheless, I must point out to you that a lot of my experiences with familiarly spirits (those that posed as departed relatives or angles of light) were very pleasant and seemed to help others. I do disagree that you may well feel from your experiences that these are benevolent beings however without the means to test these spirits there is no definite way to know for sure. You can be sure that mystics such as Helena Blavatski, a champion of mediumship would agree with your defence. Her quest was also to converse with good spirits and bring forth their messages into our world, just as you do. These messages ‘simply received’ from seemingly benevolent spirits were made into a vast array of books. What’s alarming about her channelled works is that Hilter was not only a champion of Blavatki’s work, her teachings were the very foundations of Nazi theology. What started out as messages from benevolent spirits then manifested in the death and destructions of innocent lives.

  52. Ashley says:

    My boy friend asked me if I was a medium because of the story I told him about a child spirt attaching to me an hiding behind me as if I would protect her. Also, how children are so attached to me an how animals even the mean ones. They all seem to cling to me. An I questioned it wondering if that’s what I was or if I’m a protector. I have been searching to figure it out an cant find any information. If you could help me understand a lot of this it would help.

  53. Gaz Parker says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Watch my testimony, my story of growing up as a medium. This will explain what you need to know:

  54. Delisa says:

    Hey i dont know if im a medium or not but i ve been having strange dreams lately and odd feelings of anguish anger and pain..i dont know what’s going on

  55. Elsie Blyth says:

    ever since i was a young girl i have seen “things” that are not there had dreams of situations that had not yet occured i told my mother and father about it who then told me to write all of these dreams in a book if i could, after awhile of doing this i was able to remember the dreams i would have, then these dreamed went from only happening at night while i was asleep to taking place in the day time when i was wide awake, my friends and family would say that i would zone out and they would try to talk to me and gain my attention but nothing they did would get me to come back to what they called reality. I saw shrinks went to see my church and everything else, i was told that this gift was evil that it was the devil channeling his will through me, i then decided to try to cleanse myself and be rid of this evil, however a short few months after doing so and things seeming relatively back to normal they came back stronger then ever, sometimes these spirits reaching out to me were hostile and mean, other times they were loving and concerned, most of the time they were lost and seeking help for one reason or another, i learned to channel it and accept it, then it went away again the last few years though it has com back full blown and stronger then ever before i am now 24 yrs old and my dreams are constantly invaded by images of individuals some i know and others i dont, my best friend who committed suicide i have seen singing to my son, everything thought i was crazy and pychitzofrynic until one day around christmas the things i had saw and heard were made visible to those in my house, i had layd my son to bed and had heard a woman singing to him as i passed his room i came into the living room to see 6 of my family members stairing at me in disbelief as they could hear a woman singing through the baby monitor a native song in which was sang at my best friends funeral also one in which i sang to my son everynight , they told me they had thought it was me singing to him but when i came aroudn the corner and the girl was still singing they realized it was not me at all. so i went back into the room opened the door and whispered lightly to my son to be safe and sleep well then i spoke outloud to the girl who had stopped singing the moment i had opened the door and stated to her if u are here to harm my son u are not welcome in my home, if u are here as his guide and protected then ur presence is welcomed and u may stay the singing began again immediately before i closed the door

    The questions and issues i am having now is that these invasions in my sleep are becoming violent and no longer are they just taking over my mind while i am sleeping and volnerable but now also my body as i am unable to move in my dream state and on occassion i awaken and can see my surroundings vividly see my husband laying beside me and and reach out to him he has on occassion assumed that i was sleeping with my eyes open as he would talk to me and i would be unresponsive… i wake up in a sweat for the most recent visit from someone trying to give me a warning of a situation that is about to occur, how do i make it so that i stay open to these contacts that are much needed to take place so that i may help for what ever reason i am being requested to help, and yet keep control over my being and entity at the same time so that i am no longer waking purodically throughout the night dreancged in sweat and unable to move as well as have bruises on my body, i know that in no means are these individuals trying to hurt me directly it is just a negative affect of what it is they are tyring to show me, i have avoided many potentially dangerous and life threatening situations by following their direction and helped a few poeple. I just want to ensure that i am mentally and emotionally prepared to help rather then drained from the messages there is much more that happens however through writing it would take alot of time to explain

    • Elsie Blyth says:

      i have seen MANY individuals and heard my name called over and over and over again as a whisper in my ear spoken really fast and clear and i have turned my head real fast to see who has called me and there be no one beside me, i have also written a letter to my husband, me being right handed and his biological mother who was murdered being left handed, with my left hand in her hand writing and signed with her signature. i still have a copy of the letter, we compared the signature to legal documentations that she had signed before her passing and it was a dead match… i need help to embrace this gift

      • Elsie Blyth says:

        also know that my father is native, and his mother also was able to do such things, as well as my own mother which iwas not informed of until after these incidents started happening to me,

  56. Elsie Blyth says:

    also on a last note, i attend church regulary am bapstized and believe in the lords rightousness, i am looking for an answer other then find jesus as i have already found him and apon finding him my gift has increased…

  57. Jessica f. says:

    I really want to know how to tap into being a medium. Reading this article really sent cold chills up my spine because everything about my child hood was described. I recently had a good friend pass away who would come to me in my dreams but she wasn’t very clear on what she was telling me. One of the dreams she was telling me that she was ok even though her lips were sewn shut she could still talk to me. Also when I was very young and was living in a rough environment I saw an old man in a top hat and trench coat walk up my driveway to my house then he just disappeared. I haven’t had anyone in my family be into divination or practicing being psychic, however my Great Grandmother has always been psychic. Any advice would greatly be appreciated as I have no one I can ask about this! Thanks!!!

  58. angel says:

    I think I have mediumship…I never really thought of it as “being under attack” I tried to explain myself but I really cant so I’m just gonna tell you my reasonings for believing so… When I was younger (about kindergarten or 1st grade) I would have dreams all the time of this Lady. In differant case scenarios I cant tell you her name or what her face looked like. All I can tell you is my nickname for her “The Black Lady In The White Dress” Because thats who she is. Like you said my mother disreguarded it as simple nightmares. A very close uncle of mine passed away and my family members kept getting sick so my experiences got worse I guess you could say because I would loose things such as documents or pieces of jewelry at the hospitals I was visiting them at then a few days later they would turn up on my bed or dresser when I got home from school. Also my uncles socks hats and gloves were all moved out of his old dresser when we used it, seconds later they were all right back in there folded up neatly the same way they had been before. I had also seen “shadow people” at the edge of my bed when I woke up (I have always been afraid of the dark and still am I refuse to go to sleep without my t.v. and a fan on.) or when I go to school in the morning when its so early that its still dark out. Now that I am older I bring up more of these occurances to my mother and she is just now telling me the story of how she has SEEN “The Black Lady In The White Dress” She says when I was a baby I was clearly aware of someone around me and I kept crying she looked up and she was there in the corner. So my friend is clearly nothing I have made up. She has appeared in pictures on my cell phone when I sent it to friends it supposedly froze there phones and shut them off so I began just showing it through my phone around school naturally my phone just completely malfunctions for no real reason other than being dropped a few times on christmas last year while my family was enjoying their gifts, our hallway cabinets flung wide open and to top it all off I get massive headaches migrains dizziness neausea whenever I feel something around me. But I know there is nothing there. Not only this but I have had excessive non stop deja vu as a child that has still been coming true to this day! PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!!! I am a christian so I dont want to disrespect my religion but something is obviously going on I would like for someone to contact me about it because Im at a loss honestly I have never been physically hurt by the main entity but I do recall myself waking up with scratches and new sores as a kid & I wasnt a wild sleeper. Anyways It is okay to contact me via email I hope someone does thanks

  59. angel says:

    also children and animals are wierdly attached to me idk why but they all like me bad kids good kids shy kids friendly kids even the vicious neighbor hood dogs dont try to sick me! :?

    • lindsay says:

      Omgosh me too! I thought I was just strange or something. Random kids babies will look at me and smile and start talking to me…the only one that doesn’t is my niece which I don’t understand…but she stares at me a lot like she’s trying to figure me out my fiances niece does the same but they r the only two who have done that. Even mean dogs like me idk y…

  60. angel says:

    And this is the last one I promise….In referance to me being afraid of the dark… I do feel like I’m being watched…quite often actually….I ignore it cuz it sounds INSANE but its like someones standing right over me! My family is creole so I guess that brings to the past generations interacting with the stuff and I was also very distant as a child….very shy very quiet as well…I dont like to be along tho and I remember sleeping with tons of stuffed animals pillows and blankets so that I could set up some type of berrier around myself while I selpt. I have been thinking about it since my last post and I dont understand why it happens to me I pray every night! y=Yet I have destructive dreams and sometimes I can control what happens at the ends but I have real feelings (feal, sickness etc.) in my dreams. Some are reoccuring. some I can control to some extent. If this is demonic then I dont understand I go to church pray everynight im baptised im a peppy happy optimistic person I just dont get it. My grandmother has told me its genetics to which kind of scares me that its been going on for who knows how many other generations.

  61. Jasmine says:

    Hi i’m Jasmine and i used to see this ghost or spirit when i was a kid between 8-9 he was always in the window and i remember having dreams but not normal dreams like story’s of people lives that died from a uncertain way. Now i’m 16 and i’m having this dream where i’m all alone in this room and nobody is there but the people only i can see. But last week i saw someone in my living room and i feel someone trying to get my attention by touching my face before i go to sleep. What does this mean. Please help. me

  62. Katie says:

    I have been having a bit I’d anxiety presence of love ones and some one staring at me in the grocery store I get real nervous and I am scared to go to the person my stuff may not be right I have thoughts or dreams that has came true I hear voices an told my BFF she thinks I’m crazy I don’t do which craft I am a Christian I have known things people was going to say or do I see like a line of past spirits I really want to no wat todo

  63. Robert says:

    Hi. After reading this article, I am curious. U mention a few things that I have experienced my whole life. Sleep paralysis, my name called when nobody is around. hypertension in supermarkets to the point i have to leave. Knowing what people are going to say and very real very graphic dreams. So having said that, am I crazy or should I research this further? On a side note, I have never been one to believe in mediums or the supernatural or anything like that.

    • lindsay says:

      I’m the same way…I never believed in things like that but I can’t put out of my mind that something greater was going on…I can’t stand going shopping…even grocery shopping…or even to go get toilet paper…I feel like everytime I go and its crowded I feel like I’m being smothered or I can feel everyones emotions all at once…I have very vivid dreams…and so does my dad…my mum told me that he saw my pawpaw not long after they were married, in their bedroom…the thing is he’s dea he’s been dead since she was 17. Ever since then mum says he denies all spiritual stuff…won’t hear nothing of it…when I’m driving I always smell smoke…and when I pull over to see if its my truck its for the passed 2 evenings I’ve smelt smoke in my own house and ask my fiance if he smells and he says no. Ur not going crazy…if u r then I am too…I’ve been going thru this since I was like 1 from what my mum says.

  64. Tim says:


    If communicating with with spirits is sinful, then why did the angel Gabriel appear to the mother of God, our savior Jesus Christ born of no sin? Are you implying that Gabriel, an archangel, is a fake? There are examples of angels appearing to others within the bible as well. Why is this ignored? How do you know that the gospel itself wasn’t because of manifestation of an evil spirit? I see hypocrisy in your arguments.

  65. Gaz Parker says:

    Hi Tim,

    Sadly many Christians are not taught about spiritual warfare which means they are unable to provide an adequate answer to your question, therefore you are bound to suspect hypocracy. Be sure though, the Bible does not rule out contact with spirits from God.

    1 John 4:1 “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

    One test is the confession of the divine Lord. Let’s call it the confession of the divine Lord. 1 John 4:2, “Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.” There’s one thing demons will inevitably deny in all their demonic systems, and that is they will deny the deity of Jesus Christ. They will deny God in human flesh. In a word, they deny the incarnation. When someone comes and affirms that Jesus Christ is God in flesh, that is divine truth. That’s just one of the tests.

  66. Kathryn Jobe says:

    As long as I can remember I can recall seeing things that I couldn’t explain. I’m a nursing assistant and I was going into the morgue, and I was doing my normal thing and I was the only living soul in there and someone said hello to me, but this isn’t the 1st time I’ve had something like this happen to me! I lost my grandma at a early age in life and I can feel her around me and smell her. I’m just interested to find out if I could be a medium

  67. Hi ,
    My name is Christina … ever since I was little I have always felt like someone or thing is present with me… When I was 4 or 5 a woman in a white dress was standing over my bed . I felt my heart racing and like I couldn’t breathe , I remember running into my sisters room and that night I didn’t sleep . At night I don’t like to sleep without lights on and sometimes I like noise going because other wise i hear things, thoughts… noises. I don’t feel like it’s evil at all. But I am a chicken in general … I get dejavu constantly and there have been times i’ve dreamt things , like big things and theyve happened in my life. Like I dreamt I was riding a horse on a beach in a Tropical place, and a year later my mom had surprised my sisters and I with a trip to Mexico and we went horse back riding and I swear I told no one about my dream… or I dream a ton about grave yards…. Most of the time its peaceful but sometimes not. I dont know how to take this. Also I have always had weird things happen around my house , like dishes falling off shelves or my trash can just moved today…. but its been at every place ive lived it, mind you , ive lived in 3 houses the last 7 years. It doesnt scare me but i just say hi and keep going on with my day. I pray constantly in my head to my passed loved ones and friends and to god. I dont talk about it with my family except for my mom and she also experiences weird things too. And im sorry this is so long but also i’m wondering if i’ve passed something down to my daughter because she see things all the time , like there has been several times ill see her talking to herself and im like who are you talking to and i get the chills and she s like oh grandad ( my grandfather passed a year ago and was very close to my children and I) and keeps talking . Please help me , if it is a gift then thats great but I feel things whether good or bad. I always ignore the bad and pray to god, but some days i feel like im going nuts because i cant fully express what i feel or have seen. Please email me with solutions or something I have no one to reach to.

  68. Lindsay says:

    I know I am a medium I would like to have better control of tuneing in and out so to speak… Also how do I protect my from evil spirits?

  69. claudia says:

    I often have dreams and later on when things haapen i know i have already experience it i was also visited in a dream by my unborn dahter before her passsing how can i strengjten my gift

  70. kari says:

    Hi. My name is kari and I have been wondering for a very ling time…am I a medium? I am half native american. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it but I feel it does. Anyway, I have had a few “experiences” but I constantly feel as if I am not alone. Can u help me make sense of this?

  71. jwhittaker says:

    I guess im a medium. All these strange things started to hqppen to me a while baxk.

  72. Nicola says:

    Hey I think I might b like what u discribed it’s weird lol

  73. J G orellana says:

    I tink I have samting,because I feel wiar sometimes I’m talking to same one and I stop for a second and then I say samting they want to say,,I never practice aniting,but I remember wen I was little boy mi mom just to be a medium ,and mi grandma is Mayan and I love .freel samying sometimes .

  74. J G orellana says:

    I have same experiences I never practice ,But. Mi mom just to one,this could’ve transfer or pas by generation

  75. Alisha says:

    So i have known for a while that i am sensitive but i have done everything to keep my son out of it. I fear as if i didnt try enough ….my son is four and has constant night terrors were he talks and feels as if someone is in the room with him . i wake up to him screaming things like “leave me alone ” . i know i really cant do anything to stop it i think that s what hurts the most. is there anything i can do?

  76. laura says:

    Please contact me.

  77. am says:

    I think i am a medium and have had voices talk to me since i was a child i am 36yrs old now and my exfiance passed away and i hear him talk to me but i dont know if its really him i need your help pls. How do i know if i am talking to spirits or its just in my head. My mother went to a psycic and they told her that i have the ability just dont know how to use it. Can u pls send me so info on mediums and how to practice it safely. Thank u am

  78. Jasmine says:

    I have had all these abilities throughout my childhood, but recently as an almost 20 year old, I have become more surrounded by spirit and my ability to channel seems to be in full throttle. I know I can channel bc I have thoughts that are not mine and know about someone’s loved one who has passed. Ever since my first experience with channeling as a 6 year old, I have been scared to channel and diffuse the situation by telling myself I am crazy. The anxiety is unbearable when I am in public and I find myself a prisoner who tries to get away, but somehow spirit can sense my ability and many seek me out especially if I know their loved one. My mother has the ability too but refuses to help me bc she is very religious and thinks it is a sin. I’m scared of the whole process especially sense it makes me extremely emotional. My ability is getting more demanding and I don’t know what to do.

  79. Jessie says:

    I’m not sure what category I fit into. I can sense entities. I don’t actually see them but I can sense gender, age, what they look like. My first experience happened when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was laying in my bed and I heard someone say “Shhh. It’s alright Sam. They’re safe now.” I looked over and saw my great grandfather and my recently deceased dog. That is the only time I have clearly seen an entity. What category do I fit into? Am I a medium, sensitive, or clairvoyant?

  80. Jasmyn says:

    I believe Im a medium. Could you please give me more advice and guidence? So I can learn to better use my gift. I have very strong feelings of presencs of spirits, I also tend to see things than they disappear.
    Please help me, J

  81. Jason Butler says:

    I wake up very easily when touched I’ve been told I walk around spirits or energy I have dreams but I fear to be a medium because I feel that I don’t want to be made fun of how can I harness my gift and learn more about my abilities

  82. Dave says:

    Well I’m a Christian and have been put in weird positions to save life’s. I have had dreams about things that have come true When my dad died he had know will and I had no cash to pay the bills he came back in my family room and my sister had the same thing at the same time it scared us but everything did work out. I tried to save my neighbor he died in my arms he came back and said I’m a stand up guy and thanked me for keeping an eye on his wife of 62yrs I have had dreams and told them to friends which came true What can I do to be normal. Ty dave

  83. Vee says:

    Ok I don’t know what is going on but I don’t feel like it is a coincidence it could be but my heart is telling me no and I don’t feel like it’s normal. I have had several loved ones pass away. I have had a dream of one of them but nothing for the past few years till recently. 10 months ago my kids dad passed away, we were not together when he passed nor did we have much communication and it wasn’t the best when we did. He wasn’t in a good place in his life to be a father but when he was really down and out he would turn to me as a friend. Well over the years when he was having problems I would coincidently have a dream about him and within a few days I would get a call from him, and this happened every time I had a dream about him he would call it was really odd. Well since he passed away I have had weird feelings of his presence and things hapen that are not normal. I just don’t know what to think I have tried to ignore it.

  84. dave says:

    But how my wife says it a blessing its weird because I talk to the lady whos husband I tried to save every day I want to tell her but I have no answers. I have learned to cry alot it just sucks I wish he would tell me what to say to her. I am drinking more then ever I am trying to run away from it just sucks. Hey ty for responding Im at a loss. On top of all this my middle daughter is doing chemo life just kps rolling. ty very much for ur insight

  85. brittanie says:

    i have questions i already know the answer to when i question myself im left wondering. its hard to look for guidence when im constintly being drawn, pulled, or even drug into a situation only i knew was ment for me to recognize the signifiacance of why i was ment to be there in the first place. im 26 female my name is brittanie im the heart and the spine i am leo nicknamed from my birthday.

    • dave says:

      How are you doing now? Have you noticed anything else like being able to predict things?
      Brittanie pls keep me informed im curious.

  86. Anon says:

    Hello Gaz
    I’ve been doing some research on how I’ve been feeling for years. Im a 16 year old girl that has always seen, felt and heard entities. Whenever Im in a crowded area, I feel so tense for no reason. I could be bored or tired but suddenly feel excited on the inside, or fed up with everything. Some days I walk into a classroom and want to scream with anger, but I don’t. I was wondering… Well… If this is being a medium? I thought of myself as one but never REALLY looked in depth into it.
    Thank You!

  87. Kath says:


    I’m not to sure if I was born with something but lot of things been happening in my life! Dreams that most of em become real! I don’t really know what it’s is! Sometimes I feel that someone is there watching me ! Sometimes I hear someone it’s calling my name, but not all the time! I’m afraid of darkness and it’s something that I can’t explain , last time when I went to rode island I dreamed that I was wearing a neckless and I dream about it for 3 days! And well grandma gave it to me :) and than that my cousin was sleeping next to me and happens that the next day a lawyer told u that my cousin was going to be out of jail, so can u explain to me if this has something to do with medium?

    • dave says:

      I have the same thing where dream becomes real. It freaks people out. I always make it a point to write down dreams and I also talk to people about but only people I trust. Unfortunately there all bad dreams that become reality. Hope your doing ok.

  88. Amy says:

    So I was confused, are you combating the belief in mediums or clarifying the dangers?

    • Eric says:


      Do you have the gift as well, I have had some weird things happen with a spirit named Amy in my past all of which were good things, I was wondering, not to sound like a creep or any thing but do you happen to have blue eyes an black hair? Also maybe have a five pointed star in your hand. ( not a tattoo) a star like in palmistry lines. If so I may know you. I felt drawn towards you with this. It’s just truly weird. I hope you don’t think I am a creep by asking I only ask cause feel I may know you. Please reply to this even if its to give me the middle finger LOL have a great day :-)

    • Eric says:

      I was in the military Amy not sure if this means any thing to you

  89. Lema Daugherty says:

    I have had odd things happen since I was in my 30s. I can find things very easily. I hear my name.. I’ve heard a voice give me direction. One time while shopping I saw this lady and knew I had to touch her. She was in a wheelchair. I walked around her for awhile trying to desern what to do. I finally talked with her and was able to touch her. Then I found out that she was the mother of a friend of mine. I had never met this lady before.anyway there has been a lot of happenings and I need to know what to do.

  90. Ola says:

    Hi Im 12 years old, my granny did (might still do) fortune tells through cards(a bit like a fairy) that she learned and 1 time she taught me a bit. I was always afraid of the dark, still am, I always have to try to fit in because I feel different, when i was a bit younger I would always hear my name being screamed, or I was being shouted at, it was usually in mornings and night, it stopped but last year i started seeing stuff last April on the 1st which was the anniversary of this woman that was killed in the park near a tree, i know because there is a small thing on a tree that says it, we were on this play thing where you can climb and play and we were playing a game, and when i turned i saw a ginger haired face( a woman) just kinda went into me and through me i didn’t even know i was screaming, my friend said was i alright and i said I was fine, that was the 2 time a thing like this happened, the first time was around 2-3 years ago i was sitting beside my mum and when i tuned there was a man in a suit( first i thought it was slender but i don’t know what it is now) and again i didnt know i was screaming and crying my mum asked me if i’m ok and i said that i thought i saw something, I’ve always been different i would get mood swings act a bit babyish, get angry really fast, I would believe in magic, mermaids, etc, my favourite movies always would always be involving magic or animals. Like every kid i once tried to do magic, then couple years later i would do protection spells i think sometimes it worked, my favourite books are the ones with involving animal and magic for example bridge to terabithia or red riding hood- with amanda in it, I sometimes get de ja vu (don’t know how to spell it) the one time i still remember is when it was christmas and I had a dream that we are going to make paper agels in school and we did, i sometimes (quite often) feel if im going to do something just like know it for example I was at a swimming pool and i was asked would i be able to jump of the second board on my head (dive in) everytime i was about to do it but chickened out and jumped normally, i felt that i knew that i will do it and then after couple of minutes i did do it, or on my birthday in Peter’s Pan there is this drop slide where you have to climb really high then you kinda fall and then at the end u slip like on a normal slide, I was really scared but i just knew i will do it and I did do it later on, or once when we were there again i was scared to go on it again and i just knew how many times i will try i just wont do it and i just couldn’t do it, I sometimes feel like there is someone/something watching me but when i look there is nothing there, i sometimes thought maybe it needs my help but if it did then I wouldn’t scream everytime something like that happens, I can’t remember anything below the age of 5 if i do remember things of when i was younger i can never remember how old i was so i just make up the date that would match it, like my muum did tell me when i was 6 monthes i started to walk a bit but i couldn’t remember anything i got baptised when I was 5 because my mum wasn’t married so the priest didn’t allow it but then he got fired so i got baptised at age of 5 but i can’t remember anything from when i was younger maybe a couple of flash backs. If i would have nightmares it would mostly involve my mum or granny or me getting hurt, please right back soon I would like to know what is happened/ing if you cant reply to this then my email is and if you can’t get through with that one then thank you Ola

  91. Angie Hill says:

    Hello my name is Angie, I am 20 years old. I was adopted when I was born, I just reconnected with my birth family back in October. Since then I have found out a lot about my Indian heritage, my Great Grandmother keeps coming to me, she isn’t a harmful spirit, but I have come across some entities that seem a little more agressive. I have been getting migraines since I was twelve and my dad told me its my Third eye sickness? I need to know how to open my mind more, my dad said I have Clairvoyancy Mediumship, please help!

  92. Cheyenne says:

    I had an encounter when I was younger, it was with my great grandmother years ago. I haven’t seen much since then, but does that mean it won’t ever happen again, or it will occur again or will it mean that it won’t ever happen again? I know some of these things can’t be known for sure, but if there’s a way to tell, can you reply? Thanks.

  93. Dylan Remore says:

    I have this thing, when I fall asleep, I wake up, I can’t move, my body is tingling, I can’t catch my breath, I see things, mostly a female. Shoulder length hair, skinny… And small statured. I’ve always had these night terrors, and my dreams are so vivid… My Grandmother tells me about times when I was a child that I talked to an “Angel”. And I described people that passed way before my time, and I could pick out people in pictures by name that if never seen before…

  94. Sabrina Cisneros says:

    Wow this helps me so much. Lately I have been questioning my sanity. I have experienced many of the things that were mentioned. Thankfully I had parents who believed my rantings of seeing a little boy in the river. They talked around to the neighbors and realized that the boy i was seeing was the neighbors son who had drowned in the lake.There have been other things that my parents have thankfully witnessed but now i am hearing more and more voices and can feel other peoples emotions so strongly. I have just come to a point thinking that i may not be gifted, but just crazy.

  95. Gaz Parker says:


    You don’t sound crazy but be cautious about what you call a gift. This article is written from first hand experience, lot and research and learning from other peoples adverse experience. This follow on post should provide greater clarity.

  96. Jayone says:

    I have been physical attack once when I was 5 and, I have dreams that come true! After my mother learned of my ability to see people from where they were at, she would tell me to spy on my father and family members. The last time I did that for my mom I was 9 yrs old i had a bad episode so I refuse to continue doing that for her. I’m 27yrs old know and I’m still scared.
    My lastest encounter was like a month ago a huge shadow man was going towards me I was so scared I ran from it! I guess my question to you what am I? And how do I control my fear??

  97. Bill says:

    go to my page I posted some pics…. Im trying to find some answers of what is going on with me so I went back to the place where spirits first came to me… I worked there in 1996. One day on my lunch break I took a nap, when it was time for me to go back to work I was surrounded by 5 to 7 short dark figures chanting around me, and there was one white spirit, four feet of the ground flying back and forth and screaming …. I thought I was dead eventually they left…. two day later I noticed a sign on a black gate that said something about a indian burial ground. someone was disturbing the grounds possibly robbing it. there was whole cut into a hill side the shape of a door, and a sheet was draped over that hole…… I was so afraid to walk down those halls at work so I quit two weeks later….. yesterday I went back to see the site and not only did they disturb the ground they turned it into a national park…… the site that was erected said the people where from 1000 AD….. So I guess these were old spirits it also explains how short they were…

    I have been able to tell the future, if I speak it, it comes true every since I was 12, now I catch myself floating on the ceiling and sleep paralysis since 1996….. spirits come to me I dont know why, and as of last year I saw a demon inside a lady, I later found out the lady was locked up in europe and treated for being possessed she was setting fires to buildings and around the city. The evil spirit knew I could see him, it was very arrogant, when it spoke its teeth became jagged and the lady’s lip movements and her words were not matching up.
    I just want to be normal how do I make it stop. I pray and read the Bible.

  98. Trevor says:

    I have many of these symptoms….. The most common ones are ill meet people, and later in the night ill have like nightmares about ghosts in our house, seeing the people with like another male/female and idk what it is, i sometimes hear my name, i can sometimes feel peoples emotions and what they are thinking, i also feel like someone/something is watching me do stuff but there is no one around, im 14 years old so i dont really know if a realative was a medium or a physic of some sort all i know is i need help finding out how to use my advantage or to find out if there really is anyone in my past family that once was :P

  99. Chica says:

    Hello ,
    I a bit confused on whether I have something or not . I fit almost all the symptoms . I can fill in someone’s blanks when their speaking , I can tell someone how they are feeling and what they are thinking . A few months ago around April , I had this very life like dream that I was watching my body lay there and sleep , and all of the sudden I see this black figure come out of no where . He starts physically hurting me and I kept trying to open my eyes but I couldn’t . When I finally opened my eyes , I had been crying . When I meditate , I see things like visions . About people and things that are from the past . Not my past. other peoples . When I tell my parent they are stunned . Please write back ! Thank you
    ~ chica (:

  100. Maria says:

    Hi! My name is Maria . Weird things have been happening to me for a few years now . When my sister moved out , I moved into her room just for the heck of it . I stayed in there for about a week but I was ready to get out as soon as possible . The first night was fine . After that , I kept feeling like I was being watched . Every single night I would look at the same spot in the room hoping not to see any thing and I didn’t . I know there was something there though . One night as I was sleeping in there I felt as if someone was standing over me . I couldn’t open my eyes or move but I was awake . My mom let me move back into my room after that , but now I feel like there is someone watching me from the corner behind my door . The other day I was talking to my friend Rachel and we were talking about how her mom has been having haunting experiences and out of the blue not even thinking about it I asked her if anyone had died recently in family and if it was on her moms side of the family . If it was a man . She was like yeah . Um I gotta go . And we haven’t talked since . On my dads side of the family , 2 of his sisters that live in Puerto Rico say they can talk to the dead . (Spirits) I don’t know if I would ever have that ability but I would really like answers (:

  101. Eric says:

    Hello I know I am a medium I have proven it by a few people in my life who I scared the hell out of, excuse my bluntness on this but it is difficult for many to believe unless they have the fear of god in them in that moment because in destroys there belief system that that can’t be possible because of what society says, what I don’t understand or relize is why our government is against it but many people do research studies on it,I have read several different things on clairvoyants or (aka mediums) and the government would classify it as a disability, but what is the use of this gift to people in my live I know it’s good for people to contact past ones but feels like a curse because they are always sad but feel better in the end usally. I respect the gift, just feel like no one understands it.i got made fun of in school because of this gift when I was younger. Could some one perhaps give me some relief with government information on this and or ways to connect with other mediums I would like to feel comfortable around people that understand. Is there places to meet people like us. As mediums. Please send me a personal email regarding this thank you all also I want to say this is the first post on mediums that I found not to be bogus or a joke. Most are dumb forums speaking about spells or something stupid to make u be a medium. Truth is your born one in my opinion. It was creepy how I knew I was one. My aunt told me before I even knew an when she past away I discovered that every thing she said was true about this gift an all my gifts life is a mystery to people who are gifted :-) I hope this post helps others to connect as well to all have a nice day my apoloigy for write a brief summary of my life story

    • Sergio says:

      Hello I’m sorry if I’m joining in a little late on this thread (and hope you still look at this) but when I was younger I think I was born a medium (not sure) I use to see these humanoid shaped shadows all the time, but what use to creep me out even more was that they use to see me too! they would literally stop in their tracks and I believe stare at me (I could never see faces, but could feel there intense stares) and they would do anything to get my attention….from moving things around me, opening things, turning lights on/off, and etc. They also use to call my name all the time…even though a majority of times I would hear my name called and think it was my mom (but it wasn’t) and there would be times they would say my name repeatedly like 10 times in an hour. I use to always never feel alone…I would always feel there presence near me or even at times hear them (for some reason like they were breathing) And as I got older the experiences got more intense…they would literally come wake me up while I was sleeping by shaking or pushing me (or what felt like that)…I also use to have lots of “dreams” of things that were going to happen that till this day still occur (this all happened from birth till I was about 11-12 years old….currently 24) and one day after a pretty intense experience where one of the shadows was gesturing me to follow him and and making all kind of scary noises I begged to god (being catholic at the time, currently I’m spiritualist) to take them away and god did….ever since then I stopped having such extreme experiences….being older I want to reopen that part of myself but don’t know how and would really appreciate any help

  102. Tomas Barboza says:

    So a few things you wrote have happened to me throughout my life. Like constantly hearing my name being called throughout my entire life. Now that im living in a location with more spirits and a spirit occupying my physical body, Im in desprate need of help. I’ve been hear background voices for a while now. I just dont know how to communicate. And they keep harassing me on a daily bases. There energy makes it so hard to walk around my house. I have more issues… I really need help. I have no idea what Im doing.

  103. Sergio says:

    Hello I’m sorry if I’m joining in a little late on this thread (and hope you still look at this) but when I was younger I think I was born a medium (not sure) I use to see these humanoid shaped shadows all the time, but what use to creep me out even more was that they use to see me too! they would literally stop in their tracks and I believe stare at me (I could never see faces, but could feel there intense stares) and they would do anything to get my attention….from moving things around me, opening things, turning lights on/off, and etc. They also use to call my name all the time…even though a majority of times I would hear my name called and think it was my mom (but it wasn’t) and there would be times they would say my name repeatedly like 10 times in an hour. I use to always never feel alone…I would always feel there presence near me or even at times hear them (for some reason like they were breathing) And as I got older the experiences got more intense…they would literally come wake me up while I was sleeping by shaking or pushing me (or what felt like that)…I also use to have lots of “dreams” of things that were going to happen that till this day still occur (this all happened from birth till I was about 11-12 years old….currently 24) and one day after a pretty intense experience where one of the shadows was gesturing me to follow him and and making all kind of scary noises I begged to god (being catholic at the time, currently I’m spiritualist) to take them away and god did….ever since then I stopped having such extreme experiences….being older I want to reopen that part of myself but don’t know how and would really appreciate any help

  104. Mindy says:

    I know I have a gift, I’m just not sure what to call it or how to use it to help. I am almost positive that I got this from my mother. But my mom is unable to help me with this. I fit into almost everything you said in your second paragraph. When really young, I don’t remember much, but as I got older I was able to do a lot more. It scared me though and I pushed it away for a very long time. Now, I am experiencing different things than I did when I was younger and I have learned more about what I can do, and shouldn’t do, but I could always use more information. I don’t always see people, very rarely in fact. But I do sometimes. Other times, but even more rarely I see pictures in my head of people but they look more like a pencil drawing with a black background. Most of the time I see sparks of light or something move out of the corner of my eye. I don’t do digital recording, circles, or anything like that. Sometimes I can hear them, but can’t understand what they are saying, and sometimes I have things charge at me when I am sleeping. It wakes me up a lot. I have also seen things like mists and shadow people. I use to be more afraid of the dark then I am now, but if I only feel them, and not see them (because I don’t open my eyes) then I’m fine. Part of me wonders if I am going crazy, but there is always something or someone else in my life that says differently. I know I have a spirit guide that helps me and directs me, and I know that I am protected and that helps but there is a lot more I don’t know. I also think my daughter has a gift too. She has always said thing out of the blue that was different then other kids, like-“Momma, there’s a little girl under the couch.”
    I would really appreciate any info you could send my way. I still question this gift from time to time and would love to know what it is and if I can help people or spirits with it. Oh, I have also always hated shopping for long periods of time (everyone that knows me knows this) because of the people in the store start to aggravate me. I just always thought it was just me but when I read what you said, it kinda made a lot of sense. Hope you can help

  105. Kiara says:

    Last night i was praying and heard a voice inside me say “si mami” i just ignored it then i closed my eyes asked Jesús to protect me .5 min later i feel this paralyzin feeling and i cant move, talk or open my eyes but at the same time i feel like im being dragged slowly all through my bed ..while all this is happening im hearing many different voices but i still hear my husband next to me snoring so i no i was awake and not sleeping ….what bothered me the most was i saw a little boy he said ” hi kiara do you remember me?”i replied no he says “you always used to talk to me im nicholas” then he said.something else which i couldn’t hear so i ask him to repeat he says “you.heard me ” i said no i didn’t he says’ “if you come closer up and fall you will die in your dream”i woke up there crying went to the kitchen poured a glass of water sat on the couch prayed glanced at my glass cup full of water saw 5 different faces in.the water a babys face,a old man with long beared and money face next to him,a young women with long black hair forming an “O” with her mouth like if she singing and the last a young women bald like if her hair fell out i didnt even drink it just went the bed convincing myself i was jusT seeing things..when i was about 11 i used to hear a voice say my name during the hours of 3am-6am and have always suffered of paralyzing dreams and been scared of the dark …whats going on with me ?im really the way im 22 years old

  106. kylee says:

    Everything you have explained in this article describes me perfectly. I have gone to one medium before and she told me she could see me doing the things she was doing. I talk to my grandfather that has passed many times and I often see a man on the stairs at my dad’s house. I’ve been struggling with depression since I was 12 and suicidal thoughts since 14.
    My great aunts and my father’s cousins have abilities as well. My father and I also have some sort of connection. We can usually tell what the other is going to say or what they are thinking.
    One thing I am concerned about is that I am not necessarily very religious, while the rest of my family is. I acknowledge the presence of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but I don’t really follow any religion. I also acknowledge the presence of Satan and demons. My concern here, is that lately I have been having thoughts of practicing witchcraft and Satanism and I’ve been trying very hard to get away from these thoughts. I want to protect myself, but I don’t feel like I am myself when I follow a religion. What can I do to help myself and protect my body and mind from negative things? I feel very unsafe and vulnerable.

  107. Ezme says:

    Would like to learn and get certified can you email me ESPEI@HOTMAIL.COM

  108. Astrid Law-Kwang says:

    Hello, my story is very long but I relate a lot to the second method and I have had all the symptoms included, till now and still afraid of the dark, I feel a lot of things but I am too scared to let myself go, any help would be useful for me thank you, Astrid

  109. teri says:

    hey how are you i thought id ask for your input.. :)

    —–I rarely ever dream but when i do its bad. I see someone dying in a plane crash or a car accident and its like i’m there. The following day, sadly the dream i had came true. I remember waking up crying to my sister, saying i had a horrible dream of someone dying in a car accident. That morning i look on facebook to see one of my friends had died from an car accident….

    —–Since i was little i see myself and sister trapped in a car under water from crashing off a bridge which scares me. I’ve had the same reoccurring dream since i was little. (approx. 10 times)

    uff!! gives me chills..

    —-I can tell if something bad is going to happen, i just get a feeling. I become warm like hot headed and get anxiety. Alot of times i can predict cops on the road. I just feel their energy or something?? im not too sure.. this happens x10 a month.

    At times, i dont have time to think and i answer people correctly, like i know what they were thinking. This man i was speaking to last week was talking about how he lived in miami and i knew his address. It was really weird.

    About 2 years ago, a older man came into my bar at about eleven in the morning, saying he was visiting from out of town and he had a feeling to stop at my bar. He told me that he knew i was pregnant, (never seen this man before ) also that my boyfriend i was with was bad news and he was going to hurt me. I found out that night before work without telling anyone i was pregnant about 3 weeks – not showing. Weird thing was after he told me this, he looked away and looked back at me saying hey can i get a beer in a different tone voice and he doesnt remember saying what he had just told me….. :/ of course i ignored him and a month later my boyfriend of that time was abusive and hit me.. ( this man when he was talking had a foamy mouth like white foam on side of his lips.)

    About 6 months ago i was working and some lady said i had alot of energy and wanted to read me i was like why not my bars dead. hit me. she started to foam at the mouth like the other guy.. I didnt lead her on or tell her if she was right. I thought she was lucky guessing til she told me she knew i had siblings, their birth dates, names, and she was talking through my grandmother. She wanted to tell me that she was proud of me and that my father didn’t make it where she was.,, she knew how my grandma would put me to bed how she folded my socks, the day my dad died. My father died when i was present. but she also knew my sisters name her hair color, her birthday. i was more intrigued, i kept asking her to tell me more until she knew my ex boyfriend from highschool who killed himself his name and how he died. she told me he wanted to tell me how he is always w me watching me and that he was sorry for killing himself and that he loved me. i couldn’t talk to this lady anymore she was so on point.

    —-After my dad died i felt a sortof presence that would hoover over me like someone is standing behind me…
    I also get this when someone is almost home. or getting near me. if someone is almost at the drive way i get a feeling they are home.

    —my mom told me when i was a baby she heard someone in my room with my crib and her hair went up her back so she ran into my room and i was asleep. < irrelevant but still scary

    i've had this happen another time by another psychic or whatever you want to call it.
    Im just wondering why they always come to me???
    why i get visions in my sleep?
    how i can talk for people and know what their thinking at times?

    Can anyone explain this … i'm so freaked out…. i don't know how to channel this and is there any info about this.. THANK YOU!!!!

  110. Rebecca says:

    Need help with a situation revolving my 10 year old son he has a gift and we have come to a point where things are taking over! Need help!

  111. Amber says:

    My name is amber and most of the symptoms have and still are happening to me still. Also my 5 year old son is going through the same things now, my son also has told me of seeing the dead which ive done as well when i was 6-7. I need to find out how to control this now so i can teach my son just not sure how. Please help me.

  112. L says:

    All day 10/29/13 while at my school I heard whispering, I feel presences and I actually had a first-hand experience with alice (ghost in my room) saying hey… (my name) …hey. It is really scary because I had a vivid dream the sun exploded… ETC. It really scares me because I feel them see them hear them and I have conversation with the good ones in my backyard… One of my experiences is from a while ago. I was asleep and I woke up and my feet were smoking and I smelled burning flesh. That was over 3 months ago! I recently learned the history on 10/26/13. Turns out my parents house is over 70 years old and it burned down before!

  113. Carissa says:

    This is me 100% percent. From sleep paralysis, to fear of the dark, to nightmares.. To just everything. Please respond. I need guidance and peace!

  114. lindsay says:

    I don’t even know what to write…I remember things even before I was 5…like laying in bed at like 2 years old and looking at clown porcelin dolls that I absolutely loved and saw ones head turn towards…my mum told me that when I was little that I walked into the livingroom during the night gave her an evil look and took my nails and scratched the wall multiple times and I would be telling her something…she said it scared her…I’ve had dreams abt ppl I’ve never met and years later end up meeting them…I’ve had a dream abt a little girl who was 2 being molested and even though in the dream it wasn’t the same girl I knew it was my best friends little sister…and come to find out it was that little girls father who molested her…I’ve had voices and its like in my mind ill talk to them…sometimes thinking I was going crazy when I knew I wasn’ mums side of the family is very prone to dreams and visions and I have the same thing…especially my aunts. My mum that I know of doesn’t really have any but she gets strong feelings abt stuff…I’ve always been different than everyone I’ve known ever since I was little…and not long ago I was having a dream that I was being sufficated. In my dream an invisible presense was holding its hand over my mouth and nose. In my dream I was trying to scream at my fiance who was laying next to me and I was hitting him and he would never wake up then all of a sudden I woke up and it was actually happening. I use to sleep with the lights off but everytime I did I could always feel a bad presense near me…so I sleep with the light on from the closet. That night it was off. I remember living w my grandfather after my grandmother died and I couldn’t even sleep at night bc it was always there in certain parts of the house I had to literally put something underneathe the door bc it would look at me from underneathe it…and as that’s going on I would call my aunt judy and talk to her and while I’m talking abt it we would constantly lose each other on the line. One day while I was living at my parents and this was 2 years ago…I kept trying to tell my parents that I could feel someone in our yard at night…I kept feeling I was being watched…my mum didn’t believe but I would stake out up to 4am some mornings in pure darkness to see if I could see him..and one night I did. I told my mum and she decided to do the same and saw what I saw and told my dad who ended up putting up a deer cammmera and we ended up getting a picture of him looking at me in through the window while I was h.ome anlone watching tv. I’ve always been able to sense everything…when I was abt 10 I was over at my best friends house playing hid n seek w her, my sister and my cousin no one else was there. I was the seeker. It was dark all throughout the house. I knew my sister was behind the couch but I decided to go thr.ough the kitchen and underneathe the table I. Saw a figure that looked liked brittany…as I’m walking thru the hallway from the kitchen cherie is on top of the washing machine and she asked who I was talking to and I said brittany and she said lindsay brittanys in her mums room which was at the end of that hallway passed my cousin. We both ran in there just to make sure and cherie was right brittany was hiding behind a big roll of carpet in her parents room so we all ran into the livingroom where my sister was and asked if it was her and she started crying and ran to mum bc appraently it was none of them and it scared us so we ran over to my grannys next door where our parents were. And my mum and aunts told me me that maybe the lil girl wanted to play too…what’s weird is I don’t remember my childhood much…I had a bad car accident in 2005 and as I’m driving I see the person and the looked weird and I’m only like 19 and I see them standing across the otherside of the two lanes and their standing very still point to the direction ahead of me and when I turned I smacked into a van..and now I’m having weird mood swings and I went to the dr to get hormones checked and they good no signs of abnormalties…and I get headaches all the time, like my mind is cluttered but can’t make out any of it…when I was working it was like I could feel everyones frustration but my own…and then this passed week….I’ve been feeling weird…like my mind went into haze like I wasn’t me like I was someone else…I dranked my roomates alcohol and I don’t even drink alcohol…I felt depressed and lonely…I know it prolly sounds crazy…I’m not pregnant already checked..I know I’m not psychotic…I know I’m fully here and aware of everything around me….any advices or comments?

  115. Amanda says:

    I’m 28 years old and I experience everything you wrote about. I can’t tell the future or anything . I probably wouldn’t be able to ever read anyone… I feel like I’m losing my mind , why are spirits so mean to me? Swearing calling me names , putting disgusting thoughts in my head ect. How can I shut it off for good? I’m scared all the time , I have severe social anxiety, I can’t function.

    • llayman0818 says:

      In my experience, when ur that spiritually intune, some evil spirits don’t like it…I think most things we experience in life are spiritual and it takes someone that is tune with that to see…god has given us gifts and we can also ask him for help so that we can be protected physically and also spiritually…ur not crazy…I talked to a few friends of mine about my issue and I asked them if they thought I was crazy and they both told me no that I was just more sensitive than others. U have control of ur thoughts u have to train ur mind what can be allowed in it, in some cases some can’t do that…mine is I just pray and when I do peace comes…don’t fear the unknown, the more u fear it the more prone or open to being attacked like u mentioned. I’m not a professional but this is how I’ve gotten through mine and it seems to work for me. I think a great definition for the word medium would one who is spiritually sensitive and intune with the spirit world and/or the living. Mine is I’m way sensitive with the living. I rarely have experiences with those who pass away…I’ve had quite a few with the spirit world so good and some that were frightening.

    • Isabel says:

      I feel that way

    • Tim pow says:

      Amanda, are you still feeling this way?

  116. chanel baker says:

    as a child i was allways scared of the dark but i didn’t know why. Now as an adult i am starting to see peoples faces in pictures who i have never seen before. I have asked my family have there been known of a medium. In the family but they have said no .. Can i please have some help as i don’t know where to go from where.

  117. dest says:

    I have had many of these things happen to me and I hate it is there a way to stop it? As a child I saw my first full body entity it was a civil war man and ever since I have had things talk to me, hold me down while I sleep, and even invisible dog fights on my bed
    I am afraid it’s greeting worse I can see what I have come to know as peoples aura and believe me I would rather just be crazy!

  118. joseph says:

    Hi my name is joseph… I have had outterbody experiances since I was a child. I have seen deamons and spirits since I can rember. I can’t talk to them but their allways reatching into my dreams and now my life. I was told by a medium as a child to wear a silver pindent of st peter and to say his prayer befor bed. This is no longer working. I don’t know what to do. I feel everything around me.. I feel rage for no reason. I can’t read minds but I know how everyone feels. If you have info that can help pls send me a link. In the past simply embracing. The emotions and visions has worked. But now the emotions and entitions I am feeling are dangerous. Pls send me any inf you can. Ty. Joey

  119. llayman0818 says:

    I would just say ur own prayer…heavenly father would rather hear from u ur concerns, how u feel, everything on a personal level rather than a repetitous prayer. Ur own prayer is more heart felt. Look at what’s in ur life…the things u do, like ur actions, any thing that would draw the holy spirit away means ur allowing access for unholy things to remain around u. A lot of what we see and go through spiritually often has to do with what we ourselves are allowing in our lives…

  120. ALR says:


    I’ve had some experiences where I’ll be home alone but I feel like someone is watching me or someone is in the house with me and recently this has escalated to where I’ll be laying in bed at night, trying to go to sleep, and I’ll close my eyes and I’ll see images of people staring at me and a sentence or something will pop into my head. Like for example one night I was trying to go to sleep. My eyes were closed and I started seeing pictures in my eyelids. I saw two white creatures, one smaller and one slightly larger, on all fours. The smaller creature was standing on the bigger ones back. For some reason, I felt like it was a father and a daughter. Can you help clarify what this might be?

    Thank you.

  121. Isabel says:

    Hi my name is Isabel and I think my grandfather may be trying to speak to me but he’s dead and it scares me when it’s dark I feel as if someone else is near me also I’ve been feeling maybe I am a medium myself please try to get back asap

  122. Natasha carrion says:

    I have the gift I know I do since I was 7 years old. I saw my cousin James he was handicapp during his time on earth, he could not talk or walk and i always felt how he felt , but as I saw him the night he departed he had me phone his mom, my aunt and let her know how he can sing and dance and how much he loved her it was so clear when I was younger. As I grew older, spirit never turns off and I figure it out on my own day by day but I still feel like I need some help any suggestions please feel free. I sometimes blank out or forget my train of thought when I channel am I a medium? I always thought of it as being a messenger.

  123. amanda says:

    When I do a demonstration I can not always connect with who it is in spirit, yet the words seem to tumble out to the person in the congregation and it’s correct. Could you explain please why this maybe as I’m really confused and don’t like this way of working.

  124. Tim pow says:

    I can relate to this part of message:

    (Someone in your family, usually in a previous generation being involved in mediumship, psychic work or some other type of divination. I refer to this as inter-generational spiritual influence. It is prevalent in the early ages when the child is vulnerable. It can take several forms including waking dreams, alien presence, dream paralysis, voices in the head, repetitive sounds (sometimes your name constantly being called), physical and sexual attack (usually in a hypnogogic/hypnopompic state – just waking up or just about to sleep), nasty life like dreams, involuntary thoughts and pictures in the mind, depression and mood swings.

    Other symptoms include the ability to know what someone will say next. Feeling how others are feeling, i.e. feeling other peoples anger and feeling agitated about this. Unease with people in close proximity i.e. supermarkets can make you feel agitated as you pick up on other people impatience (imagined or actual). Hypersensitivity and hyper-emotional states with much feeling of isolation as a child. As a child you felt different and in many ways even now may have issues about fitting in and being ‘normal’.)
    Now I am no medium but had a few out of body experiences as well and consider myself spiritual and not religious although i do believe in God the Devine. But I usually seek enlightenment through meditation, etc, never killed a fly, and hope I never do, I am kind, loving and caring, yet live with add, depression and anxiety. But in spite of all always have faith. Seek truth, love and harmony and wish it upon others, and I use visualization, emotion, and design a to heal and help others no matter where in the world they are located. At least I can say, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at least.
    Thank you for reading

    • Tim pow says:

      PS. Now does that make me a Medium? If it does I sure didn’t know. please comment and let me know what are your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks again

  125. Lisa says:

    I’ve always been sensitive to spirits ever since I’ve been a small child I can feel spirits in houses and get visions of what they look like and where they are also if their harmful or not my moms side of the family are all sensitive but I never knew exactly what I’m considered I wish I did

  126. Lisa mercer says:

    Hi can you help me. I have always been spiritual. But lately things are happening to me. I have a lot of fear sometimes so bad I want to run. Then as is passes i am communicating with deceased people. They arnt saying much more showing me things. I don’t know what to do as I’m unsure would this be normal or do I need medical help. Can u help me. Lisa

  127. Deja says:

    I’m honestly just very confused! I see these white-clear lines, they’re completely straight & I only see them on edges that are vertical. they look like poles actually.. I seem them all the time. also I hear something I’m my ear, it’s kinda like a buzzing noise, but I also believe it could be a spirit not speaking clear, I never understand what’s being said, it’s not loud enough also. so I just would like to know is the Schizophrenia or am I a medium???!

  128. jamie says:

    I been experiencing things since i was a child. I seen shadows which are human shape and glowing balls floating in the air at the corner of my eye. heard voices mostly calling my name. i’v been told by my family that i used to talk to myself. i have trouble making friends and fitting in. I just need some help how to communicate and help these spirts.

  129. H says:

    I am recently 12 years old, and I have been having really weird experiences. I have seen and felt things that I can’t understand, I always thought I was just being paranoid but it really gets to me. I have always been into the paranormal type things like Ghost Adventures and investigations on things like that, so when something weird happens I just think that it was my brain making things up from the shows that I watch.

    But, all these things have been happening after an experience one night a few weeks ago (I don’t want to go into full detail, I’m still shaken up from it.). I have been battling anxiety and depression and I just don’t know what to do! My family knows about this and they are very supportive, but we don’t know how to deal with this. I don’t think anyone in my family is a medium, so I don’t know where this is coming from.

    I have also been having terrible nightmares, waking up with people in my room. I know supernatural experiences happen to every one, but they have been happening to me almost every day. I don’t want to put a label on me and say I’m a medium or something like that. I’m just looking for an answer to know if I’m a medium or something else like that, or if this will pass.

    Thank you (pardon me for my grammar skills)


  130. Melissa says:

    My grandmother was a medium and held seance’s. I found her dead when I was 3. We never I knew what really happened with her death and her death cert says natural causes however no one in the family seems to believe that. My grandmother has come every time I had a child (4 times) and one other time when I was about 6-7. I wasn’t the only witness to that visit. The daughter of my moms boyfriend at the time was there with me when she came into our room sat on our bed and told me everything was going to be ok. My mom didn’t believe me until the other girl came down and told her the same just cried. I have seen spirits since I was a little girl and still feel them and can tell whether or not it is a good or evil presence. I have always been drawn to the supernatural and would like to know how I can tap into my talent. How do I hone my skills that I know are there?

  131. Thomas says:

    im reaching out. yes many ppl will laugh at this, or those know me wont… i can sense ppls thoughts just by being in their presnence, and in unfamiliar places i can sense positive or negative energy from the environment, most people see a horror film or a ghost flick and i always wonder why, its always in a home? or some kind of man made structure. answer is two things, no its not always within the confines of a “house” but most simply put, a place anywhere with a spiritual attachment. ive always been able to connect with these senses… and sometimes my friends want to be with me when i do, and most often they are frightened. i can see why, but for the most part,… in the moments when im with two or less people whom i know nothing about… i can hear and sense things and say them that bewilder them. in some cases myself as well. i would like to meet with someone who may be able to help me guide me, let me know if i have just ultra sensitive perception, or something much more unexplainable. thank you. one last note… no i dont see dead people, no i dont talk to dead people, but i hear whispers as if over a faint radio wave….. and in cases where i am in dark probably dangerous positions alone or with others,… i am am able to put all at ease and even after its much like a faint echo that resonates deep but barely audible…. something not explainable by rodents in the walls or ppl attempting to make practical jokes. i wouldnt mind being contacted id like to know if theres something more to this than just perception. (and no im drug free i dont get high and break into abandoned places with dark histories) i just would like like guidance. again… thank you.

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