Blossom Goodchild – analysis of reading 21st June 2010

I’m part of Blossom Goodchilds mailing list, not that I am a fan of demonic deception but
feel it is important to keep tabs on this one.

This is one of her June 2010 channelings. I prayed over this before reading and would strongly advise you do the same. I have read it, its basically asking people to open themselves up to demonic possession.  Demons can’t just possess anyone at will, the victim has to step onto Satans turf so to speak. I suspect this happens either through dabbling with the occult (hidden) or willfully submitting to evil masquerading as angels of light.

In either sense, there are specific rules that Satan and his minions must follow, God in
his grace has put in place in order to protect his flock.  Those that stray from the path,
through free will, put themselves in great danger.


Blossom: “When we have asked … what are we to expect?”

Demon: “Initiation. A welcoming home. A change in your vibration that shall be noticeable by you and those with whom you come into contact. You shall slowly as each day passes recognise your inner power. You shall exceed all your expectations of who you are in all that you are. “

This is classic ‘entrapment’ leading to possession/oppression.  Just as with Wicca and Masonry the initiate has to willing give up his god given protection and allow in forces of darkness (masquerading as angels of light).  It’s an ancient con trick.  “Ye shall be as Gods”.

Anyway, I goes onto asking the reader (and Blossom) to go into a trance-like-state.  Some imaginary white light going through the crown chakra (eastern mysticism) and some repetitive chant ‘activate…’ .

Blossom: “Oh my! For want of a polite expression! For those reading I’d like to share what just took place for me in that moment of now. I closed my eyes and started saying thank you, and instantly burst into tears. And sobbed and sobbed as if in such grief. When that was done I experienced calmness and found myself saying over and over … ‘WE ARE ONE. WE ARE ONE.’ Then, I saw a beautiful vision of a pair of hands holding MOTHER EARTH and the word ‘WELCOME’ came to mind. I so hope, well, actually, I think I KNOW, that each one of you will experience your own ‘ACTIVATION’, as this healing takes place.”

Emotional outbursts are common when in an alternate state such as the alpha brainwave state which we all naturally enter when we are very relaxed.  If you use meditation (I don’t advise this) you can easily enter a light trance which is the alpha state.  Once in this state emotions which were once repressed can come to the surface and thus bring with them feeling of overwhelming emotion followed by great relief and inner calm.  This is the most likely explanation in my opinion.  The only additional difference is Blossom has unwittingly opened up a doorway for more demons to enter her.  Psychologically, this person has a lot of baggage and desperately seeking approval. The Demon(s) will massage her ego in return for the illusion she is their ambassador.  Blossom is an amateur actor as well, like so many other actors they have fragile ego’s and are prepared to almost anything to get the approval of others.

Demon: “We feel it important that as many as possible get to read this particular communication. For the “ACTIVATION’ affect shall have a profound outcome on what is about to happen.”

Blossom: And that might be?????

Demon: “As we said … it is what is about to happen. If we were to say …  it would be the disappointment of knowing what your birthday present was before you unwrapped it.”

Wow, this sheer blatant deception and yet the unsaved are blinded by the occult light if Satan. The Demonic realm is desperate to get this particular message out to the world (her hit counter is 1044782 is its a massive audience).  Look at the way they present not giving anything away before initiation, because they claim this present should only be revealed after you open up to them.  It is my understanding this is really because their is no one set experience, and therefore to set an expectation could lead to disappointment and a falling away from this particular deception.  Remember, new agers are often fickle since they go from one set of beliefs to another, never finding God, not the God of bible that is.

Blossom on closing: *I would like to give a mention here to a lady named Bronwyn Freihaut. Back in February I spoke of a lady that had given me a ‘top up/healing’ and the energy level in my next channelling had noticeably risen. This “LIGHT LADY” contacted me again a fortnight ago and flew up from Sydney over night (at the gentle insistence of White Cloud and The Federation ! ) to give me two sessions of her enlightening healing work and then flew back the next day. I was overwhelmed at this ladies dedication and devotion to do whatever she is called to do and I am so very grateful to her. I KNOW that today’s VERY POWERFUL communication could not have taken place if she had not have followed her heart. So BRON  …  From all of us who get ‘Activated’  through this channelling … THANK YOU MY FRIEND  … THANK YOU!

Just a quick observation here.  The Demons urged some woman to fly over to see her and have two healing sessions in order to give out this message.  What’s wrong with that statement?  I’ll tell you, she is already using mediumship abilities, in other words, she already has the capacity to talk to demons so why the healing?  It shouldn’t make any difference, should it?  What I speculate had occurred was some kind of recalibration taking place, I seriously think they are making their move and this is equally worrying for Blossom as once they have finished with her they will not only discard her but try to coheres her to take her own life (as shocking as that sounds).

In conclusion the demonic realm is now able to begin pushing against the gates in anticipation for their short lived release.  I seriously think we are in the end times.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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5 Responses to Blossom Goodchild – analysis of reading 21st June 2010

  1. franky says:

    you call it demon and you dont know who it is? hahahahahaha – really funny!

    • Gaz Parker says:

      It’s not really funny, is it Franky? …not really. One question to you, so if it is not demonic then how do you test the source of the entity?

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Franky, I know its a demon. You should listen to my testimony (podcasts section) as this is a very serious matter. Don’t mock in ignorance because God detests this kind of practice. If you are involved in spiritism then I urge you to do your own investigation. Just because something of spiritual nature claims to be benevolent it is the height of credulity to accept this at face value. Tragically many are deceived as was I because I had know idea about how to test these spirits. I challenge you to prove me wrong, test them yourself. Ask them is Jesus Christ came in the flesh, they will deny it.

      God bless you Franky

  2. john says:

    Of course what she is doing is opening herself up to communicating with demons, the new agers are that brainwashed they think these demonic entities that say they come in love and light but are actually here to decive!, they will never snap out of it not matter how hard you try to tell them.

  3. aussidreamer says:

    I just now came across this doing a search on Blossom, wow you guys are really into the demon thing! I am not a practising medium,I know very little about The Bible,I came across Blossom’s predicted 14th Oct 2008 event 5 weeks before it occurred,when it didn’t occur,I felt no problem with that,I thought ok I guess it is plan B.
    Then I saw how upset she was and my heart went out to her,I started to get a thought to send her some roses,I dismissed the thought as silly,I didn’t know her.
    This thought kept up for three days however,with me dismissing it,not only did I not know her,but I only knew she lived in Noosa,finally I called the florist in Noosa and she got Blossom’s address from her publisher,I didn’t know that Blossom had asked her guide White Cloud for a sign the The Federation were of Light and he had put the image of a rose in her head, Blossom then said ok if I see a rose in thee days I will know,she received my roses in 4 days as the Florist was closed on Sunday, but she accepted that.
    I don’t know what is going on as I say I am not a medium,it has never interested me, that isn’t to say that I don’t have experiences and have done all my life,it was one of my dreams that warned me that my baby was going to die,it saved his life as I took him fist to the clinic sisters who sent me home saying he is fine,then to a doctor who did take blood tests and said I am sure he is fine.
    an hour later he called me saying I don’t know why I am saying this but if you take him to the hospital,you will get the results in an hour,the hospital took more blood tests from my poor baby and said we are sure he is fine, we will call you in an hour, go home. I did go home feeling foolish,the hospital called me and said bring him back immediately, his white cell count is sky high, he wont last the night,he had a complete blood transfusion. So I know when to listen when I am being spoken to. But who knows who is speaking to me,maybe sometimes Angels maybe sometimes demons,I don’t know,I do know I have researched everything on the net since 2008,I don’t know who to believe,you are all so convincing,yet there is much that contradicts you all be it Religion or New Age. I believe in Jesus,that is one thing I have hung onto,you God I can’t believe in,I don’t like beings who kill babies,the innocent and animals!
    In 2006 I had a lady pray for me and on Christmas Eve I saw/felt Jesus,I dismissed it as my imagination but that was when things started to happen,I do understand that it could have been a Demon! Who Knows.

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