Indigo children or demonic oppressed?

It’s interesting that only in 2007 I went to a meeting called Indigo Chilldren after reading a list of traits pertaining to this ‘special’ kind of human.  These in essence pertain to a particular set of personality traits which effect most people to some degree but some more than others.  According to new age teachings, the Indigo Child (or adult) has an Aura that is predominately ‘indigo’ in colour thus demonstrating they are highly psychic. It is suggested they are here on a mission and reincarnated on earth having been angelic or extra terrestrial in their previous ‘incarnation’.  I used to believe this stuff and I can tell you, at least 90% of New Agers believe it also!

Lee Carol, the channel for the demon who calls himself Kryon says:

  1. Come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).
  2. Have a feeling of “deserving to be here,” and are surprised when others don’t share that.
  3. Do not have an issue with self-worth. They often tell the parents “who they are.”
  4. Have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
  5. Simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
  6. Get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don’t require creative thought.
  7. Often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like “system busters” (nonconforming to any system).
  8. Seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
  9. Will not respond to “guilt” discipline (“Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did”).
  10. Are not shy in letting you know what they need.

In a nutshell the child is disobedient, does not follow rules and is against authority.  Could these traits be influenced by entities that emanate such behaviours and beliefs?  Of course, not all children are under the influence of demonic oppression (not to be confused with possession) and so not all children are so-called Indigo children.

The truth is, the child that demonstrates occult powers such as mediumship, fore knowing, esp or psychic phenomena, Psychokenesis, a strong fascination with all things spiritual (accept Jesus Christ of the bible) etc is sometime ‘diagnosed’ as being an indigo child.  In essence they are much different to other children and can come across very profound however I regret to inform you that they are nothing more than demonically oppressed victims.  It sounds harsh but it has to be said, I know this because I was like these children and it’s a very difficult path to go down.

The meeting that I went to was lead by a very intelligent and kindly person of about 20 years old.  I won’t disclose his name but call him Andrew.  As I arrived he greeted me warningly and lead me up to a meeting room where I met the group.  It was the first meeting and Andrew told us that there was a great change happening on the planet (new age ascension) which will lead up to Dec 2012 when we will all become our true potential (become gods).  It was the echoing of old occult teachings wrapped up in modern new age philosophy, from books that litter our book stores and from the junk that you find on YouTube.  It wasn’t his fault, he, like me believed this whole heartedly.  He saw himself as a visionary and felt it was his role to lead others to enlightenment.  He mentioned he was autistic but he clearly did not understand what the term meant as he was a very confident speaker.  During this time another guy sitting to the left of me, long blondly/brown hair kept piping up and cutting into Andrews presentation.  With this circular bottle of water and charismatic, flowery language he began to captivate the rest of the group and seemingly took over. It irritated me at first but he was very confident and quite manipulative.  He called himself Waz but I learned later on this was not his real name.  The next meeting ended and both Andrew and Waz took the train back with me.  We talked about David Icke and how the reptilians were in their last days.  I remember Waz’s look of sheer fright as Andrew told him that one of the attendees to the meeting was in fact a reptilian shape shifter.  I didn’t buy this but I was to attend future meetings lead by Waz with the assistance of Andrew.  In hindsight I see Andrew as an honest kind hearted chap who generally wanted to lead people but never quite knew how to.  Waz on the other hand was very charismatic, well spoken and used a lot of new age buzz words.  He was engaging and would tell you anything if he thought you would believe it.  He once told me he could cure cancer. He was either a lair or very much deceived, I would probably go for both.

As time moved on they went their separate ways and I went mine.  My only regret is that Andrew is no longer in contact and I suspect that any approach would be seen as some kind of attack on his beliefs.  I will pray for him and Waz too.

In conclusion, there are many people involved in the new age, some motivated by money and fame and others by enlightenment.    Both Waz and Andrew demonstrated such types of people. I sincerely pray to Lord Jesus Christ (of the bible) that these two people are delivered and all oppression lifted.  The light of the new age is blinding to those bond into it, it is Christ, not some descended demon that can and will deliver eternal life in heaven.

About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here:
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  1. Bob says:

    Did you consider that you may be demonically possessed?

    • If I was possessed I can guarantee you I would not be opposing the new age movement. Do you know the implications of Demon possession? Its quite tragic.

      God Bless you.

      • Mr Ace says:

        According to research psychologist Russell Barkley, the New Age movement has yet to produce empirical evidence of the existence of indigo children and the 17 traits most commonly attributed to them were akin to the Forer effect; i.e. so vague they could describe nearly anyone. Many critics see the concept of indigo children as made up of extremely general traits, a sham diagnosis that is an alternative to a medical diagnosis, with a complete lack of science or studies to support it. The lack of science is acknowledged by some believers, including Doreen Virtue, author of The Care and Feeding of Indigos, and James Twyman, who produced two films on Indigo Children and offers materials and courses related to the phenomenon. Virtue has been criticized for claiming to have a Ph.D, though this was awarded by California Coast University, a then-unaccredited institution sometimes accused of being a diploma mill.

        Mental health experts are concerned that labeling a disruptive child an “Indigo” may delay proper diagnosis and treatment that may help the child.Others have stated that many of the traits of indigo children could be more prosaically interpreted as simple unruliness and alertness.

        In a Dallas Observer article discussing indigo children, a reporter recorded the following interaction between a man who worked with Indigo children, and a purported Indigo child:
        “ “Are you an indigo?” he asked Dusk. The boy looked at him shyly and nodded. “I’m an avatar,” Dusk said. “I can recognize the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire. The next avatar won’t come for 100 years.” The man seemed impressed. ”

        Readers of the Dallas Observer later wrote in to inform the newspaper that the child’s response appeared to be taken from the storyline of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an animated series showing on Nickelodeon at the time of the interview. The editor of the Dallas Observer later admitted they were not aware of the possible connection until readers brought it to their attention.

        Nick Colangelo, a University of Iowa professor specializing in the education of gifted children, stated that the first indigo book should not have been published, and that “…[t]he Indigo Children movement is not about children, and it is not about the color indigo. It is about adults who style themselves as experts and who are making money on books, presentations and videos.”

        • Serenity says:

          Wow the need for citations and evidence to back up how unreal indigo children, or those who are spirtually enlightened is extremely depressing and I really do pray for you that one day your perception of life will change and instead of being so set on what science or the news or government has said is the only way the occurances and beliefs in the world can unfold , and let go of what you say you know and look into ones own soul and experience life from feelings, ironic occurances, sounds, auoras and digging as deep as one can into their own selves and the world will be new, beautiful, and you will know then why there are only few who are brave enough to get there, to reach enlightenment. Everyone has a unique physical and emotional structure and in each unique person is a unique soul. Each soul has its own perception of life. How can someone say that anothers perception of life is wrong or crazy when nobody can really know what life, nature, and the energy that is keeping our earth on track is really planning for us. Being negative and throwing someone elses beliefs and perceptions is going against the law of attraction and is what weakens life the fastes. May the higher power guide you to happiness and open your eyes for further explanation of the unknown.

          • luis says:

            i could not agree more you said it as i have said it many times. i believe in a christian God Agape the thing is and i have written this before: “JUST a STORY.”
            to the psychologist i am willpowered, to the counselors i am unique and have something special inside that one day will come out, to the christians i am a warrior and one day will rise with brothers and sisters to fight evil (negative energy), to people who are spiritual i am an indigo adult and i was sent here from another realm on my own accord to help planet earth defeat the negative energy (evil), to the scientist dr’s i have a Infj personality in witch only one percent of the worlds has making us unique and abstract and our souls in tensions are solely to help people no matter what the cause (human mankind) being considered warriors and counselors of the world. what this all leads down to is labels and even deeper than that this leads down to its only a >>STORY<< that these people tell me, tell people like us. cause in reality in my eyes we are none of the above words are made by man therefore man cannot describe things about "beings" properly but only in a vague way. we are who we are and there for have to words to tell us. I am not defined by man but only by my inner self. send me a message on facebook if anyone would like to go deep in thought about this or things like wise or whatever nothing is set in stone but only merely words in which man has made and man can not describe the universe
            Luis Robert Otero -slick

            • smiledr. says:

              the power of christ is thje key

              anyone that rejects his word is a lier

              • Joeeey indigo says:

                Jesus Christ died for your “sins” to show you what godliness is i am an indigo never diagnosed with any disorder and have been enlightened to the truth of the bible and why you have preachers to interpret a book of riddles and allegories the illuminated elite put in place to slow down the masses with the belief that god will protect your from their hands ; in reality we have in ancient times and today elected officials with their well fare exclusive to survival; the only purpose of “government affairs” is to keep you pacified long enough until its too late and the indigo’s cant even change what man has let the world become from people using the gift of enlightenment to rule an empire; instead of the indigo’s purpose to bring a world of true peace equality and universal love
                these 3 ingredients are all we need to live as Christ did i believe the indigo’s are more advanced spiritually to show the way to society and change before the new earth or after.

                • DontbeIgnorant says:

                  So whatcha tryin to say bro? I kinda understand but really I don’t. Sounds very confusing. What do you mean “until it’s too late” Why would it ever be too late? do you really think Jesus would screw over humanity? Jesus dies for us according to you, (Thats your own FEAR making up anything you can to justify what is going on, because of going to hell) so why would he allow anybody to go to hell? You are confused my brother. Nobody died for your sins, unless you killed somebody yourself.

                  • DontbeIgnorant says:

                    And please no “Free will BS argument” because I can prove that wrong right now. NOBODY, not a single person would want to go to hell, unless hell is an awesome place. Nobody is going to want to suffer. So, maybe hell is great, and means you will be FREE from being a SERVANT. In that case, I’m sure MANY will want to go. But to say someone would chose to burn for eternity is pure ignorance. Nobody is going to burn forever. That’s a false doctrine of man. Even your bible (which is full of lies) says so. It has just be misinterpreted to make people think God is evil, when really, God is love. The god that your bible portrays is to the masses is certainly evil. But he is fake. He doesn’t exist (thank god) Now the WRATH of god, on evil demons, well I feel that in my heart. I absolutely HATE evilness. It’s so unnessecay. No good loving god would ever create evil (Further proving your bible is a lie, it says that god created Satan, Suffering and Evil)

                    • SpiritLady says:

                      There isn’t a hell or a devil.. Personal responsibility!

                    • DontbeIgnorant says:

                      This coming from the person who says “God Bless’ (Did you know god bless is a black magic curse? God bless is taking away people’s personal power) There is NO GOD, there certainly is a Hell in people’s minds that they create for themselves. And when I said Devil , I didnt mean a “Devil with horns” The planet of Saturn is the devil(Satan) and is VERY REAL. It is the blackhole sun, it steals our power, our souls, our energy that we get from the one TRUE SUN. This is the truth which has been deleted from youtube and other places, to make sure nobody finds it. They dont want you to know that WE ALL WORSHIP SATAN. Look up BLACK CUBE SATAN WORSHIP and you’ll learn about it. Just by using the computer, we are giving satan our energy. That’s why they keep reincarnating us here with that SOUL TRAP when we die, so we continue to give away our souls. We are all deceived! There is no savior, no god coming to help us, nothing like that. If ANYTHING it will be “Good” aliens that help us. But I dont even believe that. I think it’s up to us, one by one, to wake up and realize WE NEED TO LOVE EACH OTHER UNCONDTIONALLY or we will continue to have lower vibrations which keep us trapped here on this lower plane (and yes we can say we ARE IN HELL Right now, this is deinifelty one of the dimensions of hell)

                    • SpiritLady says:

                      There isn’t a hell or a devil.. Personal responsibility!p

        • Sasha says:

          And if I went into why I feel so strongly it would take all day to type. I agree though, putting lables on kids for the sake of not wanting to parent irks me as well

      • Prion Indigo says:

        If you were demonically possessed, you’d probably not know it.

        • DontbeIgnorant says:

          I know when people are. It’s more than obvious. And I usually know when I am too. You get all crazy

      • trinity says:

        That is true I just read on wikipidia about indigo children because my friend all of a sudden started talking about this stuff. I looked at her funny cuz it sound like something Oprah had talked about plus indigo children sounds like many other religions but she’s convinced that it’s not a religionneed and any time iI mentioned about god-I got shut down. Told I was labeling and being closed minded. :/plus when I mentioned the church I got shot down again.. Mm oh well. Meh

      • octarinecrystaladult says:

        I will pray you sir that you shall be able to open your heart and except that we Indigos have been came here to this Earth to start a redirection back to the light.. Essentially back to the Garden of Eden!!!
        Let’s start with age 1 Corinthians 12:4 There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit 5. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. 6. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.
        7. Now to each one of the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.
        8. To one there is given through the spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10. To another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to another the interpretation of tongues. 11. All these are the work of one and the same spirit, and he gives them to each one, just has he determines.
        Since, you are a Christian and I hope a well versed one… You know this is written to the first Christian Church of Corinth whose congregation consisted of Orthodox Jews, Greeks, and Pagans who worshipped statues… These were the spiritual gifts that Christian Churches were to be based and without the surrending of one’s own soul for service of God then it will not be one as to not manifest the glory of The Great Spirit!! Now today we have what? Like? Well over 1000 different denominations of Christianity but not a single one practices what the great Epistles teach us!!! This was all during the age of Pisces an age of followers… People who were lost and searching for guidance… So the Spirit manifested itself into Jesus with all spiritual gifts and he died to save our human souls or else God would have destroyed man again as he did with the flood… Humans were given the chance to usher themselves back to the Garden without help or guidance.. Just with their understanding and ability to manifest these spirits… But then the evil forces very easily deceived the weak hearted humans into making it a business to serve their greed and then a government to serve their ego!!! They began in name of God (blasphemy) they began stealing money from the poor by taxing in the name of God ( blasphemy) and note the only time Jesus lost his temper was when saw Jewish Priests demanding money in God’s name!!! And now we get to today’s time… Smh!!! What a disgust our churches have turned into…. So yes you are right!!! This of age of Aquarius is an age evil an age where the very house of God are full of blaspemers are calling God’s warrior spirits manifesting themselves once again to try and save your sorry asses!!!
        You are PATHETIC!!! To call us demonically oppressed… When you claim the name of a Christian in such a close minded and full of hatred!!!
        We Indigos are incarnates of Warrior Angel spirits that have volunteered to come into this realm and endure the harshest of Earth existences to shine a Beacon of Light.. A light of unconditional Love and absolute forgiveness and understanding!!! So that maybe you weak hearted glutenous pigs that are destroying this beautiful planet that God worked so hard on and treasures so dearly!! That he made a promise to never destroy it again because of mankind!!! Instead he first sends the Indigos that posses multiple Spiritual Gifts at once in mass numbers.. Yes you have false claims as you will have in humans!! But then you have the ones souls have incarnated themselves in lives where there physical being will born with spinal meningitis at birth, only to survive and have his mom abandon him at the age of 3, then his father moves back to MS to marry a woman, who begins to verbally assault his already fragile ego due abandonment issues and soon begins to physically abuse his 40lb body with haymakers and makes him sit on his for hours as she slaps him to the ground and get up and another and repeat and repeat so on and so on… And then left with a babysitter who makes him due sexual favors for her at the age 8,9,10.. And inviting her older brother over so he can perform favors on him as well… And be falsely diagnosed with A.D.D. and be force-fed amphetamines as a prescription drug which causes him to be out of control and fight everyone that looked at me funny and defy all authority because they don’t trust anyone anymore and the only way he can sleep is by ripping chunks of hair out of his head cuz the pain is relaxing!! And after all this begins to go to on his accord at the age of 12 and is saved and baptized at 14 and begins to thank God for all the trials I have endured because I can be able to learn the most important things.. First forgiveness then understanding and empathy unconditional love and then patience and finally one day Wisdom!!! But he still dealt with the abuse from his step mother all the while his father never standing up for him… And feeling God had forgotten about tried to kill himself twice once by hanging but somehow the belt broke… The next time taking a hand full of his step moms sleeping pills but threw them before anything even happened.. And the parents didn’t even know.. Just thought it was the stomach virus… So then he starts partying and hanging with the skateboard punks in high school… Then a peer invites him to his Church and he returns and is completely consumed in the scriptures and the preacher takes him under his wing and begins having one on one Bible studies!!! And then he moves to another state.. Now he’s 19 starts using cocaine and alcohol heavily after a few years cleans up has a kid gets married and she cheats on him with 5 of his friends all this time taking my family to Church.. Now he’s 27 moves to Alaska and meets many peers that are searching for spiritual growth and understanding and acceptance just has he has been his whole life where he learns he’s an empath and how to control it and he starts to study his Bible and really starts to understand due to lack of judgement and oppression from his Church peers.. Then he moves back home at the age of 30 lives a life of a hermit only studying the word and scripture and meditating for hours and finally one evening after a mediation opens his Bible it falls onto 1 Corinthians 12 reading and a post study meditation BOOM! opens Facebook opens an article that says 15 signs you’re an Empath which explains him word for word every single flipping hair stands goosebumps so bad it was almost orgazmic.. Next link the “new children” are you an Indigo or Crystal or both… I open it up reads the characteristics of Indigo OMG!!! Word for word!!! That is MY STORY!!! And I am an INDIGO and most Indigo children go through a similarly dark and horrible childhood because our incarnated souls must know the darkest of dark in this world so they can posses to shine light on the darkest of dark with true Empathy True Understanding True forgiveness and Truly Love Unconditionally!!!
        Now please tell me again I am demonically oppressed!!!
        I should be in prison for killing perfect happy families!!! But know I spend my time providing free labor for the elderly and picking up trash from the sides of the road and planting organic vegetables to give people even the very family that raised me in such a terrible manner and loving them more than ever!!! Because I am truly grateful for the hardships I had to endure!!! Because now I have the blessing to be on this Journey of spreading light in these new days in this new age!!! Spreading the light of love and peace that God has to us all!!!!
        Feel free to contact me!!
        Nathan Baker

    • Jack says:

      sir you are bald aren’t you? if you are, I call that a sign of a failed indigo child (this is to the writer of this story)

    • Al says:

      @ Bob, but only possibly that, but a total judgmental kind of guy. You would think that someone who believes in Jesus would say and feel and use such words about anyone trying to teach enlightenment. I ask those who truly do knor what it is to be an indigo, and let me tell you it’s but easy. And by the way, Shame on you, Jesus would have never. Sounds more like bigotry coming from him and what’s been written in the black book by a bunch of men about 500 years after the death of Christ. Indigo (myself) speak and feel and project to the world with love. I will speak on my behalf, I believe in the good man. But we as human beings on this planet have allot of learning from one another to be able to progress in love, peace and compassion. At least I am trying the my best by doing so. But I am no Angel either. Just a human being in this journey expanding myself towards goodness. Have a bit of faith in others my friend.

    • Ashley E. Herrick says:

      That’s a possibility. It’s not evil or Hellish to be possessed or oppressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous NOVEMBER 6, 2017
      My Fellow Lightworkers Indigos and others, This sight is correct about you being Special and 1 of a kind (You are the Light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14) Everyone has been hurt and broken and beaten and I cant believe how cruel humanity really is but Placing yourself on the same level as god and reach Christ Conciousness.
      Rev6 :10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters,[a] were killed just as they had been. Our purpose is to help humanity and die for them if needed.
      that is our purpose. We have suffered for so long and its not without reason. Im asking for your help as other Lightworkers, I’m convinced that God kept us in this state for a reason, Lucifer is so powerful that hes offering us MORE KNOWLEDGE just like the APPLE. Please I urge you to consider this. The bible itself says John 7 (36 What is this thing that He said, ‘You will seek Me and not find Me, and where I am you cannot come’?”
      The Promise of the Holy Spirit
      37 On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. 38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.) 1 Timothy 4 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous NOVEMBER 6, 2017
      My Fellow Lightworkers Indigos and others, This sight is correct about you being Special and 1 of a kind (You are the Light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14) Everyone has been hurt and broken and beaten and I cant believe how cruel humanity really is but Placing yourself on the same level as god and reach Christ Conciousness.
      Rev6 :10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters,[a] were killed just as they had been. Our purpose is to help humanity and die for them if needed.
      that is our purpose. We have suffered for so long and its not without reason. Im asking for your help as other Lightworkers, I’m convinced that God kept us in this state for a reason, Lucifer is so powerful that hes offering us MORE KNOWLEDGE just like the APPLE. Please I urge you to consider this. The bible itself says John 7 (36 What is this thing that He said, ‘You will seek Me and not find Me, and where I am you cannot come’?”
      The Promise of the Holy Spirit
      37 On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. 38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.)

  2. Wendi Berry says:

    I too was born with ‘special’ psychic abilities. At the age of 16, I was taken under the wing of a family friend, a practicing witch. She said I had more ‘psychic ability’ than any other person she had ever seen. I learned the Tarot and runestones under her tutelage. Later on in my life I also got into things like I Ching and astrology. I took pride in my ‘special ablities’ and thought I was using them to help others. I also had an experience with psychometry, (touching something and getting an impression, or in my case, a vision from the object). Last year my interest in the occult and New Age theologies, (if you want to even call them something as organized as ‘theology’), led me to Paganism and eventually Wicca. I spent three weeks fighting off something evil that I know for a fact wanted to take me over. I would talk to fellow Pagans or Wiccans and they could tell me nothing, just stupid little ‘spells’ that did absolutely nothing to help me. I came to a point where I was so exhausted fighting, I lay in my bed and cried for hours, hyperventilating and screaming. I felt it trying to overtake me. Suddenly, I had a vision of my grandfather’s Bible that was left to me when he died a few years before. So me, who hated Christianity and despised the very idea of an omnipotent God, got on my belly and prayed. I did what I remembered dimly from a Vacation Bible School I went to as a very young child, I asked Jesus into my heart, not really believing it would do anything, but I was desperate. As I started praying and telling God how sorry I was for all my sins which seemed so grievous in that moment, I heard a whisper, saying, “My child, your are forgiven.” Immediately the presence that had been battering at me for weeks went away and I immediately felt like a hole in my soul had been filled. That was almost a year ago now, and I have become closer and closer to God. And I am ever thankful to my wonderful Savior who saved me not just from sin, but also from demonic possession. God bless.

    • Jeannie says:

      Wow, What a testimony for people that believe in New Age madness! Jesus is the answer. God bless.

    • ballee says:

      I too was almost possessed when I messed with witchcraft and other things far away from the reach of god. Something with a black face, it wanted to take my body then it showed up in my window.Thank god is all over now

      • luis says:

        people who are spatially or religious end up feeling they have done something wrong but sometimes they do bad things such as witchcraft and other times its something called mystic depression.

    • Believer says:

      Wow. Another one. Many people as well as myself have had this experience of complete protection after praying the Sinners Prayer. When you perform the Sinners Prayer and it comes from your heart it has the ability to profoundly change your life, I actually had a vision which is too personal to talk about on a forum but the protection of Christ is the most powerful thing ever. No demon can so much as brush past a soul that is strengthened by the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

      Alien abduction cases where people proclaim they are constantly abducted and tortured invasively have a pattern of ONLY being able to be stopped by calling out the name of Jesus and asking for his protection. This has led many researchers studying Alien abduction phenomena to proclaim that they are actually purely spiritual experiences that are occurring in the persons psychy and that the Aliens are in fact just demonic spirits trying to enslave the persons’ soul. Heaps of these researchers have claimed that out of all of the cases documented perhaps the ONLY reports of ‘abductees’ being able to stop the experiences related to people asking Jesus for help; they suddenly stop and many of the victims then turn to Christ and the experiences completely stop and they never have them again. The first person to draw a picture of the modern so called ‘Grey Alien’ (Big black eyes etc…) was Aleister Crowley who channelled many spirits and was one of the most disturbed people to ever live, so the so called ‘Grey’ is an archetype of how people materially interpret demons.

      You have to make sure you never reneg on your proclamation to Christ after performing a sinners prayer however, going back on your word to Jesus is a tremendously disasterous affair in which you may not be able to return to His grace. I have followed him ever since my annointing and will never go back on my word unto death. The experience I had during my vision has sealed up my faith in the strength of the Holy Spirit and the existence of Jesus Christ, he saved me from a life of complete destruction and set me back up on my feet; it almost brings me to tears every time I think of it. Minions of The New World Order have no idea how much trouble they are in unless they repent and accept Jesus. I would not wish on my worst enemy what is instore for them in that infernal place prepared for those who are not accepted into Gods grace at the Judgement; and it is certain.

    • luis says:

      God blessed you and the universe you are truly blessed i can not tell you how God has changed my life and words can not explain but i would like to say that in all truth for us to understand what God know is impossible and can destroy and let evil in take what god gives us and roll with it for he is our savior. one thing i would like to say is that in my mind there us doubt about the indigos i feel the time of pisesuces is ending and a new time is simply beginning (picessisus to arises),the next chapter in this world is for all the planets to be aligned but this can not happen if we do not help mother earth and our peers alike. not one or two or even three races can help us we ALL need to help each other as a whole as “beings”The time with God is ending and we will rise with him we are Gods warriors that is what i think we are here not to take the word God and give the higher power a label but just to try to understand a little of what i am trying to speak from with in.Life is unique and if we are over analytical of it and then again not aware of life we fall we need to have balance within and in doing that we feel the pain going in but when we let it out we feel the pain sometimes 10X the amount but than there is sanctuary within. This is not an easy concept because we have what people call an Ego and in having an ego we want to control everything in which we can not in no way shape or form and to be totally honest some barely have a grip within them self which cause destruction on ones peace of mind and of the earth and universe.
      Luis Robert Otero-slick and no i am not some educated dr i am a man of God and the earth and of course last but not least the universe.
      ps there is much more i am willing to shape about fear with in and other things a like if you would like simply like to change something or get a dip into a peace of mind of your own. agape for all things possible Godbless

      • luis says:

        oh and by the way i am 19 just turned and thought this way my whole life not i have not lived in home were this is supported but of course i fought there ideas anyways, but just goes to show you i am an old souls most of us are, our souls just just wither away with our body our souls travel around realms and of the universe lucky for me i have been here many years more than i can think but only as many as i can remember. simple minded people is what u use to call people as a child who could not see there own faults i am proud to be the old soul i am may god bless and may there be Agape through out universe and things alike:Agape
        Luis Robert Otero-slick
        contact me on facebook if you wish to proceed to think highly within

  3. Gaz Parker says:

    Wendi, this is a wonderful testimony. This is so powerful and helpful to other who are lost. My email address is please feel free to contact me here.

    God bless you.

    Gaz Parker.

  4. Nancy says:

    Can these new age children heal addiction? I have tried everything someone please help I don’t want to live this way for the rest of my life

    • luis says:

      we can do many things but it is not just us who heals but you have to try to heal your self With up as a community we can do anything. in God name may you be blessed.

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

        OK, All Christians let’s do an “Experiment” to test your faith in this so called “Jesus”
        I ask you to check out JUST TWO LINKS….Read the entire pages on both. This make take a while, but do it in your free time. If you want to be saved, just trust me here this is very important that each and every one of you read the information and facts contained on these 2 webpages.

        Now after you are done, here is the test. DO YOU STILL BELIEVE JESUS IS YOUR SAVIOR? Please answer by replying. Hopefully this will convert all Christians back into “Humans”

        If not, then I seriously will begin to think this horde of christians are just Robots….

        And that’s sad.

        Let’s all wake up now and research and use our hearts and minds (which GOD gave us) and dicipher TRUTH FROM LIES and become ONE with GOD and not one with the Robot.

        Seriously, this is no joke. Let’s all wake up right now. Start by reading those 2 links I just put there. Nobody can dispute the proof contained on these 2 webpages!! If this doesn’t wake you up, then you need some serious “medical” attention!

  5. Creator-Ruin says:

    Well, when I first heard of indigo children, I kinda started thinking “Hey, I wonder if I’m one :D!”… but the older I got, the more I started feeling like that lol. I do, however, feel like I’m gonna make a change in this world. May not be this new age crap, but I will make a difference. Just like everyone else can :}!

  6. Rahul says:

    I’m a former atheist who accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. By the way, great website!

  7. Deb says:

    I believe satan targets individual people to become “indigo” children. Aliens, indigo’s, crystal children, out of body experiences, are all a part of the new age movement. I have been having experiences since I was a small child. I know for a fact that it is demonic. Alien abductions are nothing but demonic attacks. I think people of higher intelligence are especially targeted because satan knows they can be more influential in carrying out his goals. The only way to get power over it is the Blood of Jesus Christ.

  8. Aquil says:

    Ok…. One your way off thats not how we are and a lot of us are children , im considered one and im a firm belleiver in God im born into a christian family with my mom having Mutiple experiences with God and one including my birth sorry to burst your anti-occult ideals but get to know us before you hate us, and God’s children dont hate I know i dont

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hello Aquil,

      I do not hate you or anyone. You are deceived. If you are angry at what I have written then understand that it is God’s words that have inspired me to write this. I will prove this to you right now but it will require you the actually read bible verses.

      Let’s first define the term indigo children. The term phrased ‘indigo’ was coined 17 years ago by Nancy Ann Tappe, a parapsychologist who developed a system for classifying people’s personalities according to the hue of their auras described in her 1982 book, Understanding Your Life Through Colors. She states that indigo children are born onto the Indigo Soul Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to clairvoyance and healing abilities, and have indigo blue in their auras.

      The description of an indigo child is not Biblical, for example they are defined by the colour of their Auras. An aura can only be viewed through psychic vision. They are also noted for their psychic and mediumship abilities. God is clear about this practice:

      Leviticus 19:31
      ‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.’ (NIV)

      Leviticus 20:27
      “Men and women among you who act as mediums or psychics must be put to death by stoning. They are guilty of a capital offense.” (NLT)

      Deuteronomy 18:10-13
      Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God. (NIV)

      1 Chronicles 10:13-14
      Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD; he did not keep the word of the LORD and even consulted a medium for guidance, and did not inquire of the LORD. So the LORD put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David son of Jesse. (NIV)

      2 Chronicles 33:6
      He [King Manasseh] sacrificed his sons in the fire in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, practiced sorcery, divination and witchcraft, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the eyes of the LORD, provoking him to anger. (NIV)

      What Does the New Testament Say?

      The New Testament reveals that the Holy Spirit will be our teacher and guide.
      John 14:26
      But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. (NIV)

      John 15:26
      [Jesus speaking] When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me. (NIV)

      John 16:13
      But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. (NIV)

      You see, you cannot serve the God of the Bible and at the same time claim your own divinity (which it core doctrine taught to so called indigo children). “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Matt 6:24

      Finally, if you think you are your own God which as we know if a core belief of these new age follower, so called indigos then you are swallowing the lie of Genesis 3:5 “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” and finally, “You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3.

      New age doctrine is attractive because it plays on your ego. It makes us prideful and thus angry when challenged. As I have proven, it is not Biblical. My advice to you is to denounce this practice, pray to the Lord for forgiveness and repent. Pray the he closes all the doors to the demonic and restore you. I say this in love and as a matter of urgency.

      • Aquil says:

        Thats not my point. What im saying is, We are not evil im a young highschool student who trusts God im just saying dont judge before you know the people and we dont all have the same powers

        • Gaz Parker says:

          I never said ‘you’ was evil, I said that you are deceived by evil. Please don’t take this personally, we are not dealing with flesh and blood… this is a spiritual battle. Read the bible! Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

          • J says:

            You should take some time and look up why you shouldn’t be reading the NIV.
            There are some major inconsistencies, deleted passages, and also take some time to look into who produces it (company logo specifically). You’ll find the way to God, it will just take a little time for you to realize that you have been deceived in the smallest but most powerful of ways.
            Jesus Christ (God of Abraham) will guide you to the truth, I promise.

          • Believer says:

            Love that verse. It explains exactly the whole of human existence.

      • Prion Indigo says:

        My dear, I believe you did not consider that those Bible versions you are using are the deception of Satan to corrupt God’s word. Many of the non-KJV translators were God-hating people (like Westcott and Hort). Before you condemn things you have little knowledge of, look at your own beliefs and practices.

      • luis says:

        ever heard of King james don’t be naive do you support unconditional love “Agape”? or do you just follow a story don’t be blinded by the story or just follow it you fool you are going to scare and instill fear in innocent children i would know i was once faced with word by the concessions mind were the evil enters daily. the only place the evil canNOT touch is through the inner self the inner divine these are Gods words from within from the holy spirit, understand that “witchcraft” and “sorcery” not giving by God is evil but when God chooses people to do certain things in the name of JESUS than it is sacred blessed and holy all in one. understand i love you and all beings for as God can pull good out of evil we should try every moment to love one another and try to see the good in one another therefore causing peace on earth in the grace and in the name of jesus and a better life may God blessed earth and all that stand by it and all things alike. “God is our formation the earth is our foundation and together we will rise. allelujah amen
        Luis Robert Otero-slick

  9. Brendelna says:

    You think you know who we are. That we are evil and are being decieved by Satan. But I bet if you met one of us you wouldn’t know we were an indigo child.

  10. Aquil says:

    I know i am not a God. Im human i make stupid mistakes. Im not deceived by evil , you could be the one deceived. Do you know our true purpose? Its to save the children of God, Iv been helping people Including my friend Bren here, God gave me this. If he did not give this powers i shouldnt have been born in the first place.

    • Believer says:

      >>>Do you know our true purpose? Its to save the children of God
      Jesus was already sent for that purpose. People can be healed through the Word of God only by people ministering it unto them and the seeking of a correct interpretation. New Age movements use this Indigo Child ‘Branding’ simply to make people feel special before they are introduced into firstly watered down occult doctrine, and then they get introduced into hard core occult doctrine down the track. Everyone has the ability to be connected to God through Jesus, you don’t need a guru to tell you you are special compared to others and then deceive you into spiritism.

  11. Gaz Parker says:


    Before I can respond I need you to clarify what you mean exactly.

    Answer these 4 questions honestly, if not it will discredit your argument substantially.

    1) If your God given purpose is, in your own words “to save the children of God” then what was the point for Jesus to have died on the cross?

    2) What ‘powers’ do you have and where in the bible does it tell us about indigo children or their powers?

    3) Do you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour, that he died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected 3 days later?

    4) Do you believe that the book of revelation is correct and before Jesus Christ will come, there will be a counterfeit ‘christ’ and a false one world religion?

    • Aquil says:

      1- Jesus was to save all of us as well but many of us humans arent doing the correct choices i think were here to help with that.
      2-Honestly my powers are to be able to manifest my life energy in another place and at the same time keep it in my body. And it is true that it is not written but keep this in mind, the bible could have been rewritten through out the years of its existence and maybe this could just be another plan God has , we dont know everything we are just as confused as most people .
      3-Yes , yes i do it pains me deeply that people dont belleive in him and say he does not exist because after all hes done for me.
      4-Yes but we arent posing as Christ , i sure am not. This isnt a religion we’re making we’re are just … burdened with these powers and higher level of consiounse this is not witchery this is using our own energy into using our powers.

      Now i want to ask

  12. Aquil says:

    If God was to accept Indigos as his followers would you accept us as well?

  13. Gaz Parker says:

    You ask if God accepts you? He loves you and that’s why he sent his only begotton son. However If you are asking me if he accepts your beliefs then all we can do is ‘trust’ the word of God and find out from a Biblical perspective.

    Aquil said: “1) Jesus was to save all of us as well but many of us humans arent doing the correct choices i think were here to help with that.”

    You see Aquil, this is a distortion based on pride, to believe you are special in someway, that you have been send here to save mankind. The Messiah has already been here and he will return soon but it does not say anywhere in the Bible that there will be more than one Messiah.

    Let’s take a look at what God says about pride:
    2 Corinthians 10:13 “But we will not boast beyond limits, but will boast only with regard to the area of influence God assigned to us, to reach even to you.”

    Pride has kept many people from accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. Admitting sin and acknowledging that in our own strength we can do nothing to inherit eternal life is a constant stumbling block for prideful people. We are not to boast about ourselves; if we want to boast, then we are to proclaim the glories of God. What we say about ourselves means nothing in God’s work. It is what God says about us that makes the difference, without God we are nothing. (John 15:5) “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

    We are also warned that many will come in his (Jesus) name. Please do not take this lightly, this is Luke 21:8 “He replied: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them.”

    We are all here to serve the Lord for sure but through our saviour Jesus Christ (from the Bible).

    Aquil said: “2) Honestly my powers are to be able to manifest my life energy in another place and at the same time keep it in my body. And it is true that it is not written but keep this in mind, the bible could have been rewritten through out the years of its existence and maybe this could just be another plan God has , we dont know everything we are just as confused as most people .”

    The foundations of Christianity rest firmly on the accuracy of the Bible. There is a wealth of evidence out there to put your claim of an inaccurate bible to shame, I recommend you do throughough research before making such an extraordinary claim. Regarding people with supernatural powers in Bible, you are actually incorrect they there is no mention of it. “And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the LORD had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.” —Exodus 7:10-12

    God had sent Moses to deliver the children of Israel out from under hard bondage in Egypt. Finally, after 400 years of torment and slavery, the Israelites were about to be freed from Egypt. God sent Moses and Aaron to confront Pharaoh, demanding the release of the Israelites. Aaron accompanied Moses as his spokesman. God told Moses and Aaron that Pharaoh was going to demand to see miracles. God had instructed them what to do. When Pharaoh did ask to see a miracle, Aaron tossed his rod down to the floor and it became a serpent. It should be to no surprise to a Christian that God is a miracle working God.

    However, what may be surprising to a newer believer who hasn’t grown yet in spiritual understanding is that SATAN ALSO PERFORMS MIRACLES! The fact that Satan and his false prophets can perform miracles is documented in the Scriptures.

    Exodus 7:11, “Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments.”

    Exodus 7:22, “And the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments: and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, neither did he hearken unto them; as the LORD had said.”

    Exodus 8:7, “And the magicians did so with their enchantments, and brought up frogs upon the land of Egypt. ”

    The confusion starts when we reject the Word of God (the Bible) and turn away from him choosing another gospel.

    Aquil says “Yes , yes i do it pains me deeply that people dont belleive in him and say he does not exist because after all hes done for me.”

    If you truly love Jesus Christ they why do you deny his Gospel and preach a new gospel?

    Aquil says “Yes but we arent posing as Christ , i sure am not. This isnt a religion we’re making we’re are just … burdened with these powers and higher level of consiounse this is not witchery this is using our own energy into using our powers.”

    By saying ” Its to save the children of God” you are actually posing as false Christ. Man does need saving by other men (humans), it is only by grace we are saved. The indigo concept of saving mankind is not a new one, it part of a demonic doctrine of dominion, that man can build a utopia on earth. If you read the book of revelation you will discover that God has radically different plans. He will destroy the earth before he builds a new heaven and new earth, humanity will have no part in this.

    The general overview of Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. You have a belief system that is contrary to the Bible, it involves spiritual concepts, it is by definition a religion.

    Finally, you are correct that you have a burden upon you. It’s called demonic oppression. These gifts are nothing more than a violation on the children of God.

    • Aquil says:

      Haha! Demonic Oppression xD? Wow i like this gift God gave me and even though he didnt give it to me i know he accepts me and i accept him as my God that is what matters most , we arent doing this for ourselves, these powers are taken away when we use them for evil or we do bad things in our lives, its a privilege , i dont wanna sound “almighty” or “special” but i just want to say don’t go judging people for what we are labelled or called , it hurts being called a demon or being told that your wrong, you shouldnt exist, that shouldnt be possible, do you like it when they ridicule our God? I dont im trying to help indigo’s become christian because i know thats were i received this from, im sure of it. If God bestowed GREAT power to Moses wouldnt he be able to bestow little power to many individuals for a greater plan none of us know about? We arent making rules, a system, churches, or flyers saying “Convert!”. We just dont like you and your friends saying bad stuff while we arent saying anything about you. This is a religion its a group of people who already have a religion like myself and yourself

    • Prion Indigo says:

      I am assuming he didn’t literally mean he could save them, but as he is not so good at properly articulating his thoughts, it’s how it came off.

    • Matchlaine says:

      Your response, though meant to be informative, is probably not the best approach. You seem to know the Bible well and you are likely aware that the current societal norms permit straying from God’s word, but does it mean everyone is evil but those who whole heartily follow the Bible? Probably not. Now does it mean that your sole purpose is to deny the understanding of God by another one of God’s creature’s? Also, unlikely. Everyone is loved by God and anyone who is willing to follow his guidance through prayer is in good hands. Your general assumptions on what “Indigo Children” are seem false and disrespectful. Indigo Children are not easily conditioned to participate in activities that they don’t believe in. (Ex. Being subjected to religious fallacy though copy and paste and personal attacks.) Indigo Children have a heightened sense of spirituality. What does this mean? It means that they often have an unusually direct connection to God and that they often feel the need to act upon it. Not that others don’t, but it simply means that these children have been born with an awareness that is not directly derived from the Bible itself. They are often driven to ‘change’ the world into a better place, one more approved by God, through communication, self expression, and participation in community services. If anything, it is a spiritual awakening, destined to revive the faith in Lord Jesus before he returns with the collective voices of children. It is not a New Age religion. It’s a description of attributes (Ex. An Indigo Aura; A similarity among children with the ability to identify a person’s motives and/or concerns; To understand concepts unspoken.) You may have read up on the ‘Alien Gospel’ and took the concept of Indigo Children as faux extraterrestrials who claim to enlighten people on how to become a God, but the truth is that those statements are theories, and radical ones at best. ( The term Indigo Child does not suggest anything alien. It suggests that those children with an Indigo Aura are likely to have empathetic characteristics. (Please find within this public resource any mention of Indigo Children enlightening others on how to become God. Misinterpreting the characteristics often leads people to assume that these strong willed, quick witted, and exceptionally wise children are either not unusual or are so unusual that they must be mentally handicapped.Therein lies the fear that the whole phenomenon is a pseudoscience used to generate profits or that it is the work of the devil. What people should be more concerned about is listening to what these children have to say about the world that they observe. Ask THEM about God, rather than assuming that if they are special, that they must be demonically oppressed or mislead. God loves them, so can you. According to research, 90% of all children born since 1990 are claimed to be Indigo Children, thus raising the question: Are all of these children evil? As young children, they may appear to be aggressive, often stemming from the disappointment that they feel when acknowledging the evil in the world, and seeing that those who are good people often enable it. It’s a reaction to the strenuous self discovery for which they silently undergo. Indigo Children do not remain quiet about these things for long. They cannot help but notice the suffering in the world and because of their sensitivity, their reactions are often more dramatic than a normal person’s might be. Indigo Children, as far as I am aware, are not fictional evil beings, but highly motivated sensitive beings that feel the intensity of this diminishing world. You may want to focus research more on the children, themselves, than the blatant and insulting Alien Gospel theory of how these children are ‘supposedly’ evil and demonically oppressed. For example, Colton Burpo, (Son of Todd Burpo, Evangelical Pastor in Imperial, Neb. and author of ‘Heaven Is For Real’) ( ( could be described as an Indigo Child because of his brush with spirituality and the connection that he maintains with Jesus on a personal level, not one fully connected to the scripture in the Bible, but one where he (at three years old) could accurately describe Heaven and Jesus himself, having claimed that he had been there.. Another great example of an Indigo Child would be the prodigy, Akiane Kramarik, who is a young painter that claims she has psychic abilities in which she has visions of Heaven. She paints religious works, one in particular being a very detailed depiction of Jesus Christ.( ( ( Even Theresa Caputo (As seen on TLC) could be interpreted as a former Indigo Child. She is a medium living in Long Island, NY. who shares messages from the deceased to their families with impeccable accuracy as she encounters regular people throughout her daily life. ( These children are by no means ‘evil.’ It would be negligent to disregard these people’s experiences simply because you don’t know how to interpret them. You may have never interacted with an Indigo Child, other than ‘Aquil’, the one you debated relentlessly over a year ago using only references from the Bible. The Bible is God’s book, though it was written by man, translated by man, and rewritten by man, but you simply cannot accuse a creature who truly believes in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior as demonically oppressed simply because you do not understand the term “Indigo Child.” And by reviewing your comments, you are not an Indigo Child nor do you understand them as displayed by your lack of evidential support pertaining to Indigo Children being synonymous with baseless rogues, as well as your lack of love for your fellow being who has found a different path to Jesus Christ. You may already know that you are not responsible for the judgment of the Lord, nor am I, but you may want to respect the paths his other followers have found to reach him. As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to emulate Jesus’ work and and try to be the person he would want me to be, even with error, as Jesus would be before anyone who accepts him as their savior with open arms. I hope this comment reaches you, and I hope that you understand that the “Indigo Children” do not consider themselves as God, they find comfort in prayer and they find truth in Jesus even when those who do not understand them suggest that they are unworthy. I feel that your intentions are good but perhaps there is more to the story unfolding than the Bible explains, and thus, you may want to open your heart to all who have good intentions as well. God will find them if they are looking to find God. Have a wonderful day, keep praying, and God Bless you.

      • Carolyn says:

        I am entering a stage in my life where I feel compelled to bend to the bible, its teachings, and Jesus as saviour. I have always had a greater understanding of spiritualty and of the deeper meaning of things, I’m super sensitive, and I feel like an alien on this planet lol. Like I literally pull at my flesh and question what the hell I am lol
        Previously in my life I felt no need to pay any attention to the bible, like a blocking from anything christian. Anyways about 4+ years ago I came across a psychic locally who was very intuitive, she understood me better than anyone. She told me that my son and I were Indigos but she had a slightly different explanation than an “aura” she told me it was a strong spirit energy known as the “regulator” that was with all indigos. That this spirit regulated the heavenly and physical energy and balanced it through us. That Indigos are guardian angels who have taken form in a life to raise the vibration of our world. That we are here for good. I have never discussed this with ANYONE I don’t go around sounding like an Idiot saying I’m Indigo. She made it very clear that once indigos are on the physical plane they are just as human as everyone else and it isn’t about “indigos” its about the world and its transition into a higher spiritual evolution. She also said that Indigos can loose there “powers” if used for bad or in othee words they can “fall” drpm being Indigo. She wasn’t a whimsical psychic, she was very down to earth and humerous, her ingo actually did make sense I’m making it sound crazier than she did! She only led me in positive directions. I’m naturally a pessimist by nature so my entire life I have felt like a lost and fearful child, questioning everything and why God has made me be here..
        Now I feel a spiritual battle, when I read the bible and talk to Jesus I feel funny and I feel like it attracts negative energy to me. I’ve been reading and studying, watching Chuck Missler. I became very interested in the theorys of the new age movement (I followed most closely the new age theories) being the actual deception of Satan and the information on nephilim and its wicked nature and angels will again mate with man like in the time before the flood. Now, as I acquire knowledge in a larger and more detailed scope I feel fearful and helpless, like Im something that that is wrong, that is directed or was created by some demonic/angelic force.. I have always been a loving person who has strived to see the bigger picture and the good of things.. but now I’m afraid my soul is opressed.I feel I’m on the brink of a revelation but I can’t see the real truths. My mind is full of babble. I feel fearful and unworthy of good.. why is this, I’m not saying I believe anything with any certainty even the Indigo theory. I don’t know if anyone will respond. I just want to know whoever I am, wherever I came from, can I be saved” I only want to know and serve God, nothing else, not myself..not my ego..not a false phrophet or a demonic/ negative force..
        I’m literally afraid I’m unworthy.
        I’m a young mother of two little boys and have a wonderful christian husband. So please don’t assume I’m some weirdo.

        • DontbeIgnorant says:

          Hi Carolyn,

          Well as you see Gaz was unable to come back and provide ANY argument towards my statements. He is the one who is deceived by the devil and I think I proved that by telling us all to think with OUR HEARTS And not our brains. Our brains are mostly under mind control by “The devil” or should I say the wanna-be fake devil. There is no real deal Satan as explained in the bible, that was a major fabrication. Now that being said, there still is REAL EVIL out there and I still don’t know where it came from or why it is here. Nobody does. It’s all speculation on what you believe deep down inside. I personally have a few theories, my number 1 theory being that the UNIVERSE Is part of GOD and WE are Part of the Universe, therefore WE are part of God, EVIL or not, God is EVERYTHING. So, Unfortunately the evil had to spawn here. It’s just a sad fact of existence. I can send you a link to this site which explains spirituality in detail and they do a VERY Good job of it, as I am not too good at getting my points across, since our language is so flawed and limited. But I just think the universe is not stupid and it had it’s reasons behind creating life and no way will some destructive force destroy us for good. We will rise above all this crap one day, even if it be in 10,000 years it will happen, but I think everyone will have to suffer to get there. It’s just the way it is. The universe is about balance but if things get out of balance, then it’s time for a change. Right now it seems the Evil is running rampant in the world, but it also seems that more and more people are waking up everyday and at least treating each other kindly.

          Go with your heart and inner most feelings, start meditating as that works wonders as well. I also feel negative energy from the bible and that tells you something. We strive to be good people, that is all that counts. YOU ARE NOT UNWORTHY….that is the EVIL and ignorance that is trying to make you feel that way through their sick lies. You are a good person and that is all that counts. You don’t want to serve an “Evil” or fake god, you want to be ONE WITH GOD that is the secret. So, don’t listen to the fear mongers they are full of shit. Check out Tanaath on youtube, if you want some refreshing, non fearful information on what is being done to help humanity. I do believe there are good forces out there, or else we would have all been destroyed already. But they say we are in HEll, or Prison right now in these bodies, as these bodies are a prison for our soul. Therefore, do not fear death and don’t worry what happens here as long as you strive to be a good person things will take care of themselves….but everyone needs to do this too! Unfortunately we are living in a very bad time and there are a lot of selfish people out there still. Also a lot of people that aren’t really “people” at all. But still I believe there’s a higher reason behind all of it. Another theory is that “God and the DEvil” are business partners and they are using each other for greater good. (Blessings in disguise)

          The true god is everything and I mean everything. He is not some “Single” being living up in the sky, laughing his ass off, while everyone else down here is suffering. Not at all. That is the fake god that is doing that. They want you to manifest this evil, fake god, into reality with your own god givin mind power. Our minds are so powerful we can create whatever we want into our realities (or whatever we DONT Want! lol) So, try to stay cheerful as this is the best option. Do not give in to fear. That is another reason we are here is to feed these lower entities with our fear. They don’t want us to “Die” (That is another lie) because then they can’t feed on us or use us any longer in these prison bodies. So, the bible does indeed have a lot of truth in it, it’s just been curropted all to hell. The truths are that you should NOT live for this world, that means dont be materialistic, as much as possible. Care for others the same as you care for yourself, Do not lie or steal, etc. Now, let’s say you are forced into stealing or lying, that does NOT make you a bad person or a sinner. That makes THEM The bad people, the aliens that controlled your mind into doing such things. They not only control our minds, but they try to control our entire reality, and world as well. WE HAVE THE POWER TO STOP IT USING OUR OWN MINDS AND IMAGINATIONS. Trust this everyone, you cannot go wrong. There is no Hell, other than where we are at right now. Stop believing in that fake bullshit. It cannot get much worse than this. And infact i do try to enjoy my life as much as possible and allow the good power to work through me, and reject evil and all of it’s forms. That is all everyone needs to do is step up, and take responsibility for being human and WANT TO BE GOOD. Everyone has a choice and sooner or later you will need to make that choice (I can see that you already have made that CHoice, Carolyn which is Great! You have nothing else to do here now except try to enjoy your life, be happy as much as possible and help others. This is the key. Don’t worry too much about money or materials, just have trust that the higher power, god, the universe, whatever you wish to call it, will take care of you) And don’t expect life to be a cakewalk because it is not. That is our goal is to get out of here. We have all been caught in what they call SOUL TRAPS, it’s that bright white light that you see when you die (Its different for everyone, accoridng to their own personal beliefs, which ALSO PROVES that our minds are the most powerful thing. If heaven and hell were real, then all of the NDE reports would be the same. The fact that everyone has their OWN Experience proves what I am saying is true. )

          They cannot violate our freewill without tricking us first. If you are unable to remember any of your past lives, then that means that they duped you into coming back here to Prison. They made you feel guilty and told you that you must come back. You feel for it, so what they do is torture your soul, after you go into the light and erase your memories, basically tramatize you. The good news is, these soul traps have been destroyed by spiritual groups (or at least they claim they destroyed them, I hope it’s true) So this may very well be our last lifetimes here on this planet. We are getting to those “End times” That everyone talks about, and that is a GOOD THING because now the time is near, we can finally be free. Free from Pain, suffering and worry. We still will be ourselves…even MORE Real than we are now. We can still have sex, Eat, play, have kids and do ANYTHING We want in the next dimension. So, life is only going to get better….and hopefully it won’t get much worse before it does. If there were no good protecting us, there already would have been a WW3 and Tanaath assures us there WILL BE NO WORLD WAR III So everyone stop worrying and do not manifest anything evil with your fears. If we all stop being afraid this evil will take off and leave out of here like a Rocket on crack. lol

          I will come back with that link when I find it as well. Spirituality is the only way to go. Religions were created by evil, to further bring us down into the gutter.

      • smiledr. says:

        the Lord wants u all to u know unclean spirts r the ones who get u to curse
        ur bros n sis they r ur tempters they need u to sin away ur pure Energy to feed them bec they cannot receive gods Energy anymore since they fell
        your Ego is a lier that works ag. ur salvaltion from the dark forces
        jesus set the path
        remeber jesus sais IAM w u always until the end
        what part of always dont u understand ?????

  14. Brendelna says:

    You don’t understand..the Bible has been rewritten many times. Chapters were taken out and some books were lost or changed. I’m not trying to disrespect you or your religion in anyway.

    • Believer says:

      Dead Sea Scrolls 1948… solves that little claim of it being changed. Masoretic Text and Leningrad Codex are only slightly diffrent and it is only the book of Samuel that looks to have been revised, but revised only with language based revision. Doctrinal teachings are intact. The Dead Sea Scrolls then proved that only some word substitutions occurred and that doctrinal content is intact. Even if people try to make out like the DSS versions were changed from their own originals, people have to ask why from DSS 2nd Cent BC to 1st Cent AD right up until now, how the Bible more poeple have on there shelves than any other book is an almost complete doctrinal match to that being compiled by the Essenes at Qumran?

      Surely there is no other book in the world that can claim this, not even the Vedas can substantiate its accuracy to the extent that the Holy Scripture of the Jews can be using the Dead Sea Scrolls. Only the work of a very powerful all knowing God could have ensured the word of God was passed down with such accuracy throughout history. I was worried about the accuracy of what I was reading for a long time and after using Masoretic Texts and the Dead Sea Scroll research papers I came to the conclusion that these texts are supernatural in nature indeed, and there is none that can even so much as criticise them without coming into disrepute. They stand on their own two feet….just like in Revelation, of which I beieve the discovery in 1948 was the fulfillment of (physically that is), after the Book Of Daniel is fulfilled people will not question the supernatural nature of the Old and New Testaments. The signs of the times are starting to show the period we are living in at present for sure.

      I mean New Agers in the 1800’s (or the precursor to new agers) used to cite the mention of a fictional city called Nineveh in Daniel as evidence of its complete fiction…..that is until they were digging in the desert and dug up a huge city…Called Nineveh, and people still claim there are problems with Biblical scripture even though it has proven itself over and over again as being a cornerstone historical reference that can in fact aid in directing historical digs in order to find historical places.

      • DontbeIgnorant says:

        “The dead sea scrolls written in codes, so if your message aint shit, Fuck the records you sold, cuz if you go Platinum it’s got nothin to do with luck, it just means that a million people were stupid as FUCK”

        Immortal Technique.

        Bottom line here is not to believe anything you hear, only go with your inner mind and heart, or else you’ll NEVER FIND THE TRUTH. I can see you are on your way to that Carolyn. You’ll get there, just try to take my advice and you’ll see that I was correct on this. I also try not to have an EGO but we all need one to survive. That doesn’t mean we need to let it control us. The EGO can be evil if you let it get out of control.

  15. Gaz Parker says:

    Oh, I do understand… this is a common lie. If you do your research then you would realise how ridiculous this claim is. To help you get started take a look at this short video by Chris White.

  16. Gaz Parker says:

    Aquil, I was once considered to be a powerful medium. I engaged both personal mediumship and what’s known as platform work just like what John Edward does on his show Crossing over. I was involved heavily in the new age movement and did a great deal to advance this false religion onto others. Knowing what I know now, I dedicate my time to helping the lost break out of this deception.

    Click here to listen to my testimony:
    [audio src="" /]

  17. amanda burger says:

    Great video. Got some good information

  18. Spirit Frenzy says:

    You know, I have to step in here. I just realized I am an indigo. I finally did research on it and it explains all of the anomolies that were in my life. All the coincidences. But yet, I’ve always been attuned to spirituality. I personally believe religion as the tower of babel. All had the truth then it branched out into different languages. Now for you to say we are wrong and are demonic oppressed because of what you believe to be the truth, you are only showing your ego. Obviously you are not an indigo. An indigo is somebody who thinks outside the box. We all possess 4th dimension. We see around the limitations of what others see. Look man, I’m not trying to attack you for your beliefs. But I’ve studied it. I used to be an altar boy. I’ve been there. But then I slipped into a part of my life where I began to questions everything. See, the thing about Indigo’s i’ve learned is we are the voice of reason. We are here to help those who steered off their path of life or whatever way you want to say it. I’ve helped 2 people so far. One turned out to be my best friend. Now him and I are figuring stuff out. He’s a devoted christian and I am a spiritualist. We have our differences. But we always try to find a middle ground. If the bible is the one true thing out there, then what is our perpous of life? To read the book and die? That seems very flawed. I can assure you you are here to find out the truth. And nobody is born knowing the truth. Its a life’s journey. Religion cuts that journey apart. Does not mean God does not exist. God, LORD, exists. Jesus existed. The Devil can very well exist. And demons and angels are who’s fighting. Hello, we are indigo people. We are here to help you. Not hurt you.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      My friend you are sincere but I must tell you, sincerely wrong however my blog is dedicated to pointing this out.

      You mention you are here to help people and I believe that, most people want to be loved and there is nothing more rewarding than forging strong relationships through helping others. The whole indigo fallacy stands upon a set of religious foundations which include the hindu belief reincarnation and spiritual evolution (self godhood). It also embraces occult practices such as mediumship, divination and psychic work. It’s nothing new, secret societies have practised the belief that they too could find enlightenment (godhood) through various practices, many kings and queens believed they were born with divine. I plays directly to the ego, that’s why its so appealing. The hook works like this, its generally a sensitive person who has found the world to be more challenging than the average person seeks understanding from a word view. Not finding this they seek a spiritual path only to stumble on hidden knowledge (which is now becoming available to the masses) and get caught up in the seductive lies that make them feel they are special.

      I have kept your original message in quotations and answered them accordingly:

      “You know, I have to step in here. I just realized I am an indigo. I finally did research on it and it explains all of the anomalies that were in my life. All the coincidences. But yet, I’ve always been attuned to spirituality. I personally believe religion as the tower of babel. All had the truth then it branched out into different languages. ”

      On what authority have you come into realisation? Is this because you have read some new age books, watched some videos or chatted to other so called indigo’s that finally you have come to a conclusion this ‘feels’ or ‘sounds’ right to you? Therefore, without the authority of the word of God (the bible) you are free to come to your own conclusions which, I must warn you will only lead to your demise. How do I know this? Do your research… (it absolutely amazes me that no on actually bothers to learn more about why I run this blog).

      “Now for you to say we are wrong and are demonic oppressed because of what you believe to be the truth, you are only showing your ego. ”

      I know why you say that, but by accepting the Lord I accept I am nothing. My question to you is, where is the egoistic pride in that?

      “Obviously you are not an indigo”

      Who is? It’s just a set of bullet points that signify a set of personality traits, attitudes and an apparent opening to the spirit world with about 90% of these I was able to identify with. By the grace of God my eyes and ears were opened to this deception and I was able to break free.

      “An indigo is somebody who thinks outside the box. We all possess 4th dimension. We see around the limitations of what others see.”

      Yes, most of the new age books would agree with this. Lee Carol with instance has made a fortune peddling this false religious doctrine. There are others of course, Tsarion reckoned he taught a load of them, he’s been exposed as a fraud btw.

      “Look man, I’m not trying to attack you for your beliefs. But I’ve studied it. I used to be an altar boy. I’ve been there. But then I slipped into a part of my life where I began to questions everything. See, the thing about Indigo’s i’ve learned is we are the voice of reason. We are here to help those who steered off their path of life or whatever way you want to say it. I’ve helped 2 people so far. ”

      It always starts by doubt, this is what happen in Genesis 3, when the serpent (satan) put doubt in the mind of eve which lead to both her and Adams downfall and the rest of the human race. I have no idea how strong in the faith you was when you was serving as an alter boy, isn’t that the Catholic faith? I stick firmly with the Bible and use this as the blueprint to test not only the new world doctrines but the spirits that are guiding the authors of these doctrines. Question everything for sure BUT ALWAYS test the source! Be also aware that what you are defending was prophesied in the Bible over 2000 years ago, ‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears’ – 2 Timothy 4:3.

      “One turned out to be my best friend. Now him and I are figuring stuff out. He’s a devoted christian and I am a spiritualist. We have our differences.”

      I was a Christian before I was a spiritualist, as a spiritualist I learned that Jesus was not the son of God but a healer with a higher level of consciousness that we could aspire to. Spiritualism taught reincarnation, cause and effect (Karma) and the conversing with the dead (necromancy), it also engages in predicting the future through necromancy (false prophets). By embracing these religious concepts, this false religion the participant rejects the need of a saviour, they actually become the counterfeit saviour which is contradictory to the core foundations of Christianity, the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God. I can only speculate this Christian either does not know there core teachings of the Bible or has been convinced that spiritualism is something other than it is. Either way, this person is also deceived.

      “But we always try to find a middle ground. If the bible is the one true thing out there, then what is our perpous of life? To read the book and die? That seems very flawed.”

      Your argument is flawed… on two accounts. First of all, something is either right or wrong, even a white lie is a lie. The second part of your argument shows ignorance of the Bible. It is a book of life and holds the key to salvation, the victory over death through the blood of Jesus Christ. My friend, what if you are wrong? What if Jesus existed as the Bible so rightly shows us? You tell me to question everything, right? Then please don’t (for your own sake) refuse to question what ‘feels’ good for you. Even sunshine burns if you get too close.

      “I can assure you you are here to find out the truth. And nobody is born knowing the truth.”

      True but understand It is absolutely necessary to be born again to be saved and enter the Kingdom of God.
      St. John 3:1-7; I Pet. 1:23; Titus 3:5

      “Its a life’s journey. Religion cuts that journey apart.”

      Its entirely about accepting Jesus Christ as saviour. What happens here will effect the rest of your eternal existence.

      “Does not mean God does not exist. God, LORD, exists. Jesus existed. The Devil can very well exist. And demons and angels are who’s fighting. Hello, we are indigo people. We are here to help you. Not hurt you.”

      I think I have addressed your final paragraph already quite adequately so need to go over old ground. What concerns me is you lack of Biblical knowledge and incredulous acceptance of false spiritual teachings. So I challenge you to ‘question everything’, not just parrot this… listen to my testimony, look into the historical roots of Lucifarianism, Blavatski and the new age movement.

      God Bless you!

      • Prion Indigo says:

        what Bible do you have to stand on when the one you use is a version that has been corrupted by godless scholars intent on defaming Christ. I pray you will see that KJV is true. These other perversions are rebuked by our Lord, when he says that false teachers will add and detract from the scriptures (Rev. 22:18-19). And I can tell you that is exactly what they do.

  19. Spirit Frenzy says:

    I do question everything. THats why I am 100% non religious but yet still believe in jesus and god. Funny how that works I guess. I have studies revelations and genesis. The rest I do not care much for because they were dreams given to people. How can you accept those persons experiences but deny other people who have them that are not written in the bible. If its not in the bible its not true. Here’s my problem with religion. Instead of love and accepting of others it teaches to be biased. Deny other religions. Simply because it says to. It’s mind control. It’s been changed over the years. I know this. I dont like it. The koran is wrong. All other books are wrong. Because they arent the bible. Thats where I lost my touch with the bible. I began to put it off the petistole that I had it on and simply bunch it in with ALL OF THE OTHER religions. I have figured out every religion is a peace to the puzzle. Like I said, tower of babel. 1 religion got so close to god and god broke it apart into different languages/religions. It makes sense, does it not? I will not chose a side in life. That means you lose. I accept all because all is supposed to be connected in some way. Love all. Not scream witchcraft at me that I know stuff others dont.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      “I do question everything. THats why I am 100% non religious but yet still believe in jesus and god. Funny how that works I guess. I have studies revelations and genesis. The rest I do not care much for because they were dreams given to people. How can you accept those persons experiences but deny other people who have them that are not written in the bible. If its not in the bible its not true. Here’s my problem with religion. Instead of love and accepting of others it teaches to be biased. Deny other religions. Simply because it says to. It’s mind control. It’s been changed over the years. I know this. I dont like it.”

      Yes, these are new age teachings, for example, the bible has not been changed. Please refer to the video I posted by Christ White who proves this to be wrong. This is a guy who instead of being closed minded he actually did some research and proved his point. To state that the books other than genesis and revelation are just dreams is extraordinary, for example, are you suggesting the whole of the new testament is a dream, the book of Daniel contained prophetic dreams but was a historical event like much of old testament.

      “The koran is wrong. All other books are wrong. Because they arent the bible. Thats where I lost my touch with the bible. I began to put it off the petistole that I had it on and simply bunch it in with ALL OF THE OTHER religions. I have figured out every religion is a peace to the puzzle. Like I said, tower of babel. 1 religion got so close to god and god broke it apart into different languages/religions. It makes sense, does it not? I will not chose a side in life. That means you lose. I accept all because all is supposed to be connected in some way. Love all. Not scream witchcraft at me that I know stuff others dont.”

      No one is saying you are not sincere, this is obvious. What you trying to do is rationalise Christianity as a man made tool of manipulation whilst stating that spiritual practices contrary to Biblical teaching are the real deal, the genuine article. You was not born knowing what you know, you was manipulated into believing what you know. When I was working as a medium I believed the whole lie but I had my doubts because as you say, we must question everything. Well, that’s what I did, I asked God repeatedly over a course of months until he revealed the truth. I was willing to listen to God however I never expected to learn that Jesus really is who he says he is.

      • Spirit Frenzy says:

        I see your viewpoint. I believe I know why you think the way you do. So this can get very interesting. You have the viewpoint of my friend.

        So I may as well let you know that I do not know the true answers in life. I do not know which is wrong and which is right. Because of that I choose not to take a side. By taking a side, in my opinion, I forfiet my journey. I take everything im told, everything ive read, everything I’ve thought of as a piece to the puzzle. I will maybe never know the truth. But I am here trying to learn it. I do not know it. I am not saying religion is wrong. It’s just another piece. One very crucial piece. My spirituality is nothing different than your religion actually. I have my faith. My faith is that there is a good god watching over and not just the devil. I am not saying Jesus was not the almighty messiah. I’ve heard the messiah get thrown around in religions from all different places. They all have their own name. So I question. I do not deny. I never deny. Thats my problem with the bible. You’re with us or you’re against us. You must deny. I get denying evil. Thats different than putting the idea “deny what you are not told is right”. There’s a saying at this website I go to that is “deny ignorance”

        I am the middle ground. I like to think of my self as the voice of reason. Yeah thats does sound ego maniacle but I mean it as in I try to find reason through everything. Thats why I always get into arguments.

        And one last thing about the bible. It’s a book of parrables. Parables = 2. 2 = 11 11 = anti christ. Not stating thats true but if you know about sacred geometry and numericals then you’d know what I’m talking about. But the truth is the bible is in parrables. I have figured out that so far. Says one thing means another. Thats how I understand it.

    • Believer says:

      >>>Instead of love and accepting of others it teaches to be biased. Deny other religions. Simply because it says to. It’s mind control. It’s been changed over the years.

      This is simply not sound logic. It teaches that there is a ‘Way’ not ‘Ways’… 1+1=2 not 3,4 or 5….there is actually a correct answer to a question, you don’t need to believe in Everything just in order not to step on the toes of others. If you believe someone is wrong then it is PURE LOVE to tell them as much and to try to show them logic and reason. The Bible is trying to expose ‘the straight path’ rather than that of the Babylonian priesthood for example which was a mixture of all beliefs (Babel means Confusion) into one in order to appease many people even though the priesthood didn’t even themselves believe most of their own twisted doctrine, as long as people paid them hommage & tribute, they kept all of the real important information for themselves which is where the phrase Mystery Babylon The Great in the Book Of Revelation comes from; The Babylonian Mystery School which found its way into Kabbalistic and Hermetic Doctrines in Greece, then Rome and now into the mish-mosh known as Freemasonry today. This is what kept Babylon at the centre of the known world for so long, deception and mixing of unclean doctrine, so I would beg to differ and say that it is the acceptance of many doctrines which is the most effective form of Mind Control and that searching for the straight path in amongst the twisted is much harder and requires more effort and is much more likely to deliver a person onto the doorstep of real truth. I don’t need to agree with a Hindu for example that we worship the same God or a Luciferian that Lucifer = Jesus because it isn’t correct. Period. There is a straight path, and God sent one Son to reveal this to Gods chosen, and you either accept it or ‘follow after many lovers’ so to speak, which is the definition of something I won’t write here as it would be unkind.

      As for textual differences, and the Bible being re-written, I posted above about this if you want to look at my opinion about the 1948 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and what they reveal. At some point you need to seperate the Wheat from the Weeds or you will be left with really bad tasting bread my friend, so the Bible claims to be the doctrine of pure truth and it stands on its own two feet… it reveals there is a spiritual war going on, and if you can’t recognise it you might end up in the crossfire, so put on the Whole Armour Of God and fight on the front lines as an invincible beacon of truth and straightness, or be trampled under foot on the battle field. I will always extend my hand to pull people up off the ground however and place them back on their horse just as my Messiah did. Jesus was a remarkable individual and the light of the world. The best light you will ever feel.

    • Gundog says:

      Bout damn time! I gotta say I’ve been reading this little “gang war of words” and it took this long for me to find some intelligence in this sea of down right ignorance! First of all Thank You Spirit Frenzy for reminding me their is some intelligent folk out there. I got lost in a sea of B.S.
      Now back to Reality…..between the religous nuts that “choose” and I do use that word lightly, because the concept of free will is frightenly being scientificely erraticated. Choose to go through life with blinders on (I guess that’s why they call it faith) and the “X-men” Indigo’s I feel like its a gang war. Nah brah my gang better than yours cause my OG’s wrote some stuff down THOUSANDS of years ago wich contradicts itself and well to be honest been rewritten god only knows how many times. No pun intended, well yea it was. You bloggers aware of the little excersice known as Telephone. If not get educated. Anyways….shut up Blinders us X-men are better cause well were brought here by the grays to shower our uv light all over your hood cause were special like that!
      Meanwhile bothsides not realizing just how similar they are. Look if what you choose to belive makes you lead a life of wanting to help people and genuinly be honest healthy human beings and not rape and pillage but live morally and pass that code of ethics to your offspring then who is to say one is better than the other. Ultimately at the core were just animals. Like Spirit Frenzy said stop being so close minded take a look at all the faiths and see just how they’ve influenced each other. On the flipside if you happen to practice something that has you doing some evil s#!t remember there people that enjoy restoring balance.
      You can’t have light without dark,good without bad, yin without yang and yes HAM without BURGER!
      P.S. Sorry about the spelling and gramatical errors. I’ve been up well over 30 hours trying to get past this level in Candy Crush.

  20. Spirit Frenzy says:

    Also, I went to a lutheran church. I was baptized lutheran, not catholic. I know the good and bad about religion and there is a reason I am spiritualist. If Jesus was here and seeing how society is today on bible pushers and fanatics he would facepalm himself back to death.

    • Believer says:

      Jesus said that the path was narrow and the way to destruction is wide. The whole reason Jesus came in order to be crucuified is to save a small remnant who purely accept him and thus his father, so no he wouldn’t face palm, he would take the purity and return to his father with them. If you want to find Gold you have to pan through a lot of alluvial material. 1 Ton of material will render 1 gold nugget. The ‘fanatics’ you refer to maybe are these nuggets of Gold who are so arrogant as to suggest they are saved? Is this what you mean by fanatics or are you talking about people who claim that only their denomination (ie, Catholic/Protestant) are saved?

      Personally I believe that most people who deny Jesus are actually rejecting the principle of a seperation of spiritually pure people from the rest. This is a fundamental concept of the teachings of Jesus and it goes back into the Old Testament narratives of Noah and Abraham and how they were chosen amongst many to be pure and to continue with the good grace of God and his blessing; and they were definitely blessed. 1 + 1 = 2 and not 3, 4, 5, or 6, so in nature there is a correct singular answer and unfortunately the belief that everyone has to accept everyones belief in order to be politically correct is seriously flawed. To believe you have the correct answer to Who Is God? and What Does He Need From Me? is not to be a fanatic, it is purely to make up ones mind and remove the bum from the picket fence of indecision. The word Babel literally means Confusion, and it is what happens when lots of different stuff is forced into the same thing… all you get is confusion. Imagine trying to build a tower with indefinitely different sized bricks, it is destined to fall, and such concepts have no place in a world of true order; like the one prophecied to come after the Judgement; Lucifer is the agent of Judgement being the Executioner, and Jesus is the Judge and Jury.

  21. Spirit Frenzy says:

    I do believe in demons. But I do not believe us indigos are demons. I dont like satan. I personalliy want to be the one to end him. I hate the society of today because they worship him without knowing it. How does that make me possessed or a demon? I am on the good side and always will be. I’ve just been given spiritual gifts. Also, in the bible is states we all have spiritual gifts. Come on you knew that bud. You’re a bible guy. Indigos do not practice rituals. I’ve never heard of it. So how are we bad? We just have a higher conciousness. I got told I have 4th dimension at a very very young age. It’s not me being with the devil, it just means I was given a gift and explains why my life is not as happy as others. Its a reflection. Happiness on the other side is shows through suffering on this side and vice versa. Crystal beings. Reflection. Everything is relevant my friend. Please, do not look at us at bad people. If I was bad would I set 2 people on their spiritual journeys? Please explain that one.

    • truthseeker89 says:

      This thread is giving me some light, I’ve been going through some of the same things. I believe in GOD, the essence and love, but I know from reading there are many loopholes in the bible, one of the most troubling being the Jew and
      gentile theme in the old testament. Nevertheless, I’ve have my supernatural experiences of my own, and I this whole ordeal seems way too complicated to because of the lack of primary source.

      • Gaz Parker says:

        It’s very important that you question anything spiritual. Just because it happens to feel good, or seem loving and kind does not mean that it is.

        I urge you to keep an open mind… are you open minded by the way? Ok, then listen to people who were where you are now but discovered something new age teachings failed to warn them about.
        Note, question any feelings or thoughts that attempt to discourage you from either ignoring, partially listening to, skipping bit or totally disgarding these messages. Keep an open mind and question even your own thoughts.

        Listen to all of there, they begin with my testimony, as a medium.

        • truthseeker89 says:

          I Am Very Open Minded, But Idk Somethings Remain Unclear. Another thing that bothered me is the fact that I am African American and ice read somwthings about how slavery was condoned based on the son of ham theory, ironiclly ham is my last name, truthfully.

      • Believer says:

        In order for God to Bless ALL peoples of the Earth it was necessary for a Messenger Race to be chosen. God Chose Abraham, and he begot Isaac then Jacob (also Ishmael from whence Islam was to emanate from)…the physical circumcision in the flesh was so that they would retain their culture and ethnicity up until the coming of the messiah so that the Scriptures could be transcribed and disseminated out into the world. The Word had to be scribed and God needed scribes. The reason for chosing the Jews (correctly Israelites) was that a messenger race was necessary before they were to radiate out to all cultures and carry with them the direct message of God and to Bless ALL nations. This is stated many times in the Old Testament that the people of Israel were to be a blessing for the whole world. Zion initially meant a place of spiritual exaltation and a saving grace, but future Jews were soon to develop Kabbalistic Judaism when they mixed Cainanite and Babylonian Hermetic doctrines into base Judaic beliefs and deny the Messiah; this is where Fascist Zionism comes from, but it was never what the Jews were employed for in the Bible. Jesus warned about this when he said ‘those who say they are Jews but are not, and are the synagogue of Satan’. Look at what sits in the Holy Land presently? The remnants of 1 tribe out of 12 (13 actually Joseph was split in 2 Ephraim & Manasseh) and they treat Christians like outcasts and act as fascist as the NAZIs did towards the Palistinians and surrounding Arabs. They have an abortion policy second to none, and Kabbalism and Freemasonry are rife. So if you can’t understand the concept of the Jew being chosen, what ever you do don’t relate the Biblical Jew to that which exists in ‘Israel’ today as a spiritual Jew is simply someone who accepts Jesus, which Kabbalistic and Orthodox Jews certainly do not. Hope that helps, but if you speak up against modern Israel these days people call you anti-semitic as if you are a fascist when Christianity is anything but Fascist; if you’re violent and force people you are not a Christian, but Christians MUST stand up for Jesus as he is a dirty word in Modern Israel today much like the Pharisees and Saducees thought of him 2000yrs ago. Thankfully however many Jews are converting to Christianity…..and many Moslems, it’s good news indeed.

        • truthseeker89 says:

          Ummm, well I’ve read some of the kaballah, and I partially get what your saying or attemtpting. But that still doesn’t explain the contradiction of favoratism displayed. And modern day isreal used to be Palestine if history serves me correct, my ex gf is Palestinian and she has shared some of the horror storys of her great grand parents being pushed out. But I believe god and I know deep down in my heart, but a lot in me doesn’t trust and questions texts that man rewrite and publish with theyre true intentions unknown.

      • Gaz Parker says:

        Lots of people are getting supernatural experiences these days unfortunately. When I was young it was very rare, no one talked about it, not even the church. These days everyone is talking about but not the church and here lies the problem. They never test the spirits and blindly accept anything they are told by them. These encounters can manifest as a set of coincidental leading them to an outcome (desired by the spiritual entity). Sometimes they are told that they are special, that they have a special mission to save humanity, these spirits are seducing spirits. This type of spirit, although evil will come across as righteous and loving. They have been the source behind many of the worlds cults including Moromism, Jehovah Witnesses and Islam. All three leaders where seduced by spirits into thinking they had a spiritual mission. You might be surprised by Islam being mentioned but understand that Mohamed, whilst in the Cave rejected the spirits, quite accurately calling them Djinn (demons). Now Mohammed would have been called a pedophile in our society because he was married to a 9 year old girl. I am aware that the supporting argument is that sex with minors was a common thing back then in that culture, however, what drives a man to want sex with a child? Whenever a spirit tries to communicate with you how do you know if it is from God? I often get the answer “well, I promised me it was a good spirit” or “It told me not to question but to trust… so I trust it”. Friend, listen to me… they lie! Demons can appear as light, look and sound wonderful and loving and if you fail to test them they will take full advantage of you. My advice to you is to speak directly with God, ask him to open your eyes and ears and show you the truth and that you are open to that truth whatever it may be. Tell the Lord that you will cease all spiritual practices until then and ask him to bind all evil spirits that are or may wish to interfere with you. Should at any point a spirit try to contact you then test it. 1 John 4:1-3 shows us how to do this.

        1 John 4:1
        Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

        1 John 4:2
        Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

        1 John 4:3
        And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

        • awakened says:

          and when these kids start speaking of killing those who dont agree calling them witches or infedels, then i will see your point. you seem to be missing an important element here. i

  22. Natalie says:

    I would be very careful who you call demon-possesed. The Pharisees accused Jesus of being demon-possesed (Matthew 12:22-28). A church accused me of being demon-possesed because I wanted to pray in the prayer room. So I would be very careful before accusing people. If you are so worried pray about it instead. Only God can talk to people’s hearts. In fact Indigos has had a lot of dreams and visions about Jesus so they can hear from God. The church is the one that has rejected the Indigos who was suppose to be the last days spirit-filled prophets. But the church has rejected them. So the New Age Movement welcomed them instead. The church as a whole should be the ones asking God’s forgiveness for rejecting the Indigos and being hateful to them.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      New agers always twist scripture in an attempt to discredit Gods Word and this is no exception. I would urge you to do your research on the history of the new age movement. You will be shocked but just to help you on your way, look up the name ‘Helena Blavatski’ and the ‘Lucifer trust’.

      • awakened says:

        just so i dont feel like i didnt try, i gotta tell you that you should do your own research Gaz.. could it be that your satan is doing the same thing he did when Jesus was born? lets all decide these children are what we think they are and demonize them becuz they speak of loving others and healing the world…becuz that does not create fear and without fear no one can be controlled by demons..and that will make everyone listen to their hearts and then theyll start speaking to God and tryin to be like Jesus and oh man that would be a tragedy becuz God doesnt talk to dirty humans anymore and we are not supposed to think we can be like jesus……..anything of that sort is the devil for sure! …………dont worry tho, as long as you live from your heart you will see truth, whatever that may be. but please, please, do not associate everything together in one large lump of confusion. there is more disinfo out there about that the new age movement really is. all these “angels” talking thru people are not all from the same source, for sure there is demonic activity in the suppressing of these childrens souls. there is more to this whole thing then you can read or be told about. and if you try to say that listening to your heart is the devil, then i am sorry for engaging in debate with you. you will not see truth if you dont want to.

      • Prion Indigo says:

        Miss Natalie, was not encouraging learning the New Age movement in her comment; I would urge you to read it again.

        • SpiritLady says:

          hi prion. I havent got a response to the things I said about so called “luciferianism” either it seems that facts possibly are eluding this gentleman and he chooses to believe in only the things he thinks are right not things that are factually correct. Citing the same 2 people over and over again is not evidence of widespread “luciferianism” throughout mediumship. I am a working Spiritualist medium and I have never heard of it neither have other mediums who have been doing so for many years. This seems more like scare mongering to put people off something he doesnt believe in rather than actually allowing people to understand the true facts. If you dont believe in the devil how can you be a believer in lucifer as the main man so to speak. It is insulting to the intelligent mind to suggest that we do not know Lucifer’s alter ego and some how worship him. The fatherhood of God is the love of a father to his child God is God and his love is complete. “Love Divine all Loves Excelling.”

          • Phillip Hart says:

            Those 2 people cited repeatedly have massive influences over theosophy which is a wide spread spiritual belief that ultimately does praise Satan as Lucifer as the god of this world. Einstein was a theosophists as well as MANY prominent people in our society that lived and are living. To diminish these 2 peoples teachings as being just that is not accurate IMO. These teachings are the building blocks of which Lucis Trust and all it’s teachings are based off of. I highly doubt you have read Helena Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine” in which she openly states that Satan is the god of this world. She founded theosophy. Period.

    • awakened says:

      thank you

  23. awakened says:

    i love how the new thing is telling people that children who come here to love and teach love are demons. nice. it is obvious to me that the church, NOT GOD OR JESUS, is afraid of these kids. but the saddest part about all this is that those who talk about these kids like this really believe they are of the devil. that means when they speak of truth, you will all immediately throw it away without even thinking. THAT, my friends, is the great deception you are waiting for. maybe people should try to follow their hearts instead of other peoples version of reality, like these kids say. if you can look one of these kids in the eye and still believe theyre possessed by a demon, then i am sorry that you are so far gone. FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART AND DONT LET FEAR RULE YOU!

    • Ms.T.Y.Smith says:

      I don’t know why the focus is on CHILDREN who have this ‘indigo’ slant. People have been walking around for centuries with these gifts and abilities and for whatever reason, some get a revelation of Jesus while other’s do not. I think because of the times we are living in, children are in the forefront as the leaders for big things coming down the pike. I hear you when you say that judging someone who is a child, basically innocent, is just stupid. But the whole indigo movement capitalizes on the person, not on the Creator of that person. In essence, these ‘gifts’ were thus ‘given’ by Someone, not to make the Indigo the center of the universe and revered as a guide to follow with a great deal of trust, regardless of age, experience, and what their true North is. I have found in my many travels as a spiritual pilgrim that there is always, always, ALWAYS safety in who is being glorified. Is it a person or is it Christ who is getting the glory? Because when Christ is getting the glory, all Heaven breaks loose and freedom, joy, as well as unexplainable peace is the order of the day. When it is a person…well you have sites like these and people like them and writers like me :). A lot of energy going into ‘arguing’ our own point of view…which has its place and dare I say need? What I hope is that Love would overwhelm us and we would be led by that Love to Google something that would actually transmit some life back into our bones…a little thing called the Supernatural Word of God…you may have heard of it. The Bible is more extraterrestrial than anything Steven Spielberg or Oprah could ever touch. It is water, sunshine, and truly the Force of all human existence…it is God’s Love for everyone of us. We are special, precious, and apparantly deserving of an entire universe to explore and play in, ie NASA. I hope you have a good day today…and everyday after. Blessings and life to your spirit 🙂

  24. SpiritLady says:

    Oh my goodness… I am a working medium, I was also a born again christian and baptised etc when i was younger. What I do is not twisting being oppressive or hurting people. Through the words of those in Spirit comes great love and comfort.. How strange it is a religion that has caused myself and others pain and misery in their lives by being just judgemental and pushing views on people is saying that what I believe is wrong. Tragically I have seen a lot of this since finding my Spiritual path and certain people from my past have been less than supportive. I am helping not hurting and this to me is better than quoting a book which has been often compiled on hearsay of people living sometimes 20 years after the event. If you heard chinese whispers would you take it as gospel? excuse the pun. I am not being decieved, I am being loved and loving in return, which is similar to the aims of christianity? There is bad and good of course in all things but in my own views you work in the light and with love this is what will be returned to you.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Hello SpiritualLady,

      Please read this post which will shed some light on why I wrote this article and why I am an ex-medium.

      • SpiritLady says:

        Thankyou; as my response I would say that Spirit dont lie. Not in the experience of me and others who have been doing it for many years. Also, during your testimony you mentioned that at a very difficult time in your life, you didnt seem to be getting very much from your guides. Well, Sometimes they step back to allow us to deal with things which are painful. It is rather like the footprints in the sand analogy. They are with us but some things we must go through and learn through which is not easy as I myself know. But they will never leave and they will never give up on you. Through hard times myself the words I have been given have been ones that are of great wisdom and truth and have helped me through. I have some words from my guides on my page of Spirit Philosophy that may be of interest on this.
        I also have to say that where you mentioned trance sittings and a feeling of sickness etc, I have worked in trance a great deal and have not experienced that feeling. The electrics often are funny in your house due to Spiritual energy and your higher connection to the divine. Sometimes it may be yourself rather than Spirit which is doing this.
        I also want to say that I have and recently heard mention of knowing who the Spirits with whom I speak to are. I know who mine are because I have experience and faith in them. Surely this is the same as how you would attribute your belief in Christ. You have faith in him, you believe in him.. you havent tested you take it as truth. Now, I do question a lot of things because I believe an enquiring mind is better, and through experience, evidence and truth I have found my answer. I really do not want to sound rude, as I am not that sort of person. I have seen a lot of debate around these issues and since I have experienced similar it interests me. There is also a lot of myth around what Spiritualists believe with Christians. I had one lady tell me that they didnt know that we believe in God? Well the first of the 7 principals is The Fatherhood of God. This God is the God that you believe in and not some one else. 2) The brother hood of man.. is it me or is this sounding decidedly like your own believes in caring for one another and sharing.. The list goes on and on. However, I feel that it is important that people respect the good that us Mediums do in trying to assist people. Knowing the pain of grief and loss is so great and bringing comfort to others. Thanku and I sincerely hope that I didnt offend you

        • Catarina says:

          Wow Gaz, now I can see how God’s people are attacked by the devil… It is crazy to notice how these so called indigo children are sooo opressed and spiritually dead. You didn’t call anybody a demon or accused anyone of anything but their spirit were ofended. I’m a bit shocked to see how deceived these people are (sorry if I’m offending anybody but there’s no more time for pitty. Wake up!) I was also called an indigo child when I was deep in the occult but according to what’s going on in our world, I was “forced” to open my eyes and realise this big evil masterplan. From hollywood to music, the military and religious system, politics, science, pretty much everything has the hand of lucifer. But the guy was already defeated when our God Jesus died on the cross for us. Amazing!! The world will be doomed soon and there’s no indigo child that can escape from the wrath of God, So Please, repent and understand that satan is the only enemy. I believe your ego and pride and vanity won’t let it happen, right? Remember Only Jesus save, help and protect humanity, not you. God bless you all. Find the truth… the truth will set you free.

        • Gaz Parker says:


          You say spirits don’t lie but this is based upon your own experience which is subjective. Blossom Goodchild, still a believer of her spirit guides despite them causes her worldwiide ridicule and stringing her along even to this day.

          Also check this out the answer your other claim:

          • SpiritLady says:

            Hi Gaz. and no probs catarina x I have seen what you wrote now and really just had a few things to add. The first is that in your “breakdown” of our 7 principles, which I read with interest. The first one I noticed you said that “fatherhood of god” was an “attack” on the biblical God, Then you discounted that they afterwards said that others most probably including yourself believed in God as a gentle father caring and nurturing others. The first one is not an attack on the God of the bible but rather that people who use that version of God, which has as I mentioned previosly been the cause of war and fear in many, should perhaps re think and think of God as a caring one. The second issue I had was I said that my experience which as you said could be subjective, I also said it was the experience of many others who had done it for many many years, so surely not all of those people could qualify it as being subjective? Also. The whole “luciferian” thing. I have never heard of this. . As mentioned Spiritualists do not believe in a personal “devil” so if we do not believe in the devil why would we be luciferians? I think most people know the alter ego of lucifer and it would be odd if we were following something in which we did not believe. Maybe that is why you went off the Spiritualist tack on that one and on to Masons? which is not the same thing. The brother hood of man also is very much about caring and sharing and serving our fellow man.. does Jesus himself not advocate helping others and in his example are Christians not supposed to follow? So it is not priming any one for anything other than being responsible and loving citizens helping others in either word or deed which cannot I dont think by any stretch of the imagination be called wrong morally. As I mentioned Spirit Guides previously, you have a working relationship of trust in them, which is a very special thing. These principles are a wonderful basis for life and being kind to others.

  25. SpiritLady says:

    I wasnt offended I was having a conversation. I was pointing out facts and how what I do feels to me which incidently is not “Spritually dead”. Fact evasion seems to be a tenat of modern Christianity. You go quiet when you dont have the answers. Noticing there wasnt any intelligent discussion of what I wrote there.. I dont believe in Satan. Over the years Christians and I mean literally hundreds of years here have used the devil to get people to believe in what they want “Do such and such or you will go to hell!!” Through various times in the past people have done things they shouldnt through this fear. It has led to wars and things on occasion which is not a positive thing I am sure you will agree. The devil isnt real we have personal responsibility for our own actions. Nobody is coerced into bad deeds, we do that ourselves and when we pass to the Spirit World we will learn more and progress through what we have done down here. Its ok if you dont believe what I do. xx

    • Catarina says:

      I’m sorry spiritlady, I didn’t mean to leave a reply on your comment. I just wanted to give my point of view but not directly to you. Big mistake. Instead of writing it on “leave a reply” I wrote it under your comment. 🙂 Sorry! But anyway, I’m not a christian because I’m still sinning a lot and can’t get out of the world as Christ followers do but I know the truth. Very clear to me. And don’t mix true christianity with catholicism and the jesuit order, they are the ones who use the name of Jesus to make evil deeds, throughout history. There’s so much information on this subject. Research if you want. True christians have the character of Jesus and He was the most amazing person ever. God bless you!

    • Marina says:

      Spirit Lady, you seem like a very nice empathetic person and I truly congratulate you for wanting to help others with your abilities but with all the respect, you are naive and and being deceived.
      You mentioned that you don’t believe in the devil- it’s like you are saying you don’t believe in me for example but that doesn’t disapprove in any way my existence-I exist but you don’t know me personally, you are just unaware who I am or how do I operate. The same applies for the devil.
      Also, you have mentioned your experiences were true and your spirits never lied. I highly doubt you even questioned them. Read the experiences of the lady here-it took her many many years to realize that ALL her spirit guides were actually demons in disguise.
      Demons can pretend for a very long time they are entities from the light and never show you their true colors-unless you question them and see if they profess Jesus. Here is the relevant verse:
      1 John 3:24b–4:6
      And by this we know that he abides in us, by the Spirit which he has given us. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit which does not confess Jesus is not of God. This is the spirit of antichrist, of which you heard that it was coming, and now it is in the world already. Little children, you are of God, and have overcome them; for he who is in you is greater that he who is in the world. They are of the world, therefore what they say is of the world, and the world listens to them. We are of God. Whoever knows God listens to us, and he who is not of God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

      If the spirits pass this test, then kudos to you.Otherwise. please don’t back up your claims from your experiences which are entirely subjective. There is a large portion of mediums that confess there spirits guides aren’t always right or they are playing tricks.

      I know for a fact that no medium is 100%, and people that have a real 100% god given charisma are extremely rare and never boast about the gifts. Their gifts came from years of prayers, confessions, fasting and good deeds-they did not appeared suddenly.

      I can see how Satan and demons use you and they are actually very clever at that: they use your naivety and god given compassion for others, to make you see them as good entities but you will eventually find who they truly are-maybe even after 10 years but God’s love will reveal the truth to you.

      I’m sorry if I sound judgmental-I do not claim to be superior but I’m praying for your soul. If there is even a 0.1% there is hell and you will go there because you abominated and were deceived by demons, then you my friend are at serious risk.

      I’m curious to know your experiences after you have tested the spirits…I will be more than happy to apologize if I was wrong.

      • SpiritLady says:

        i am actually not so happy about the referal of myself as being naive.. I have always been one to think things through on quite a deep level. Also as I mentioned before, the experiences of one can be classed as subjective, the experiences of many not so. You dont sound judgemntal. I do question things and perhaps you would be surprised to learn that throughout my development and work with The Spirit I have been taught and do question. It is through questioning that we are able to grow a deeper understanding on all things not just spiritual matters. And I do not take things on face value rather gather facts and find information. There is a lot of research that has been done with scientists etc who were impartial that have proved the existence of Spirit and there good work. I have just written an article on this which I researched so I do know what I am talking about here. Thankyou for your prayers. i dont believe in hell as I am sure that you are aware.. thanks for your reply was nice to speak to you

        • Marina says:


          Are you questioning the spirits the way bible told us or “your way”, please mention more details…
          Again you missed my point and failed to use your logic- Let’s say that Hell doesn’t not exist and we simply seize to exist or we inhabit another dimension. But what if there is a chance that Hell really exists? Would you risk your life even if there is 0.1% possibility that Hell exists and you will suffer for eternity? Our life here is temporary….think about it.Hell or not you don’t want to risk your life here, that would be egoistical and foolish. There is more evidence of Hell than the opposite but I’m not going to list all the examples.

          The bible is very clear about fortune tellers (any type):

          Deuteronomy 18:10-13

          There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God,

          By the way I was an amateur tarot card reader my self and I was involved with the occult but not to the same extend as others. I asked God if this is a sin to open my eyes to the truth-and I realized what I did was demonic, silly and wrong and I stopped it.

          You have been swimming in deeper waters but eventually the Ocean will swallow you if you don’t open the eyes to the truth.
          Act before it’s too late…otherwise your judgment will be set and you will suffer.

          Your beliefs are simply based on personal experiences not facts or arguments. If you have real evidence that Hell or the Devil doesn’t exist, please state them…you are not doing anything just by throwing a “I don’t believe”, this is very common among people who have nothing reasonable to say.

          As for Indigos here, I doubt they are demonically possessed/oppressed but some are purely delusional. Some of the indigo traits such as bad social skills, hyperactivity, extra-ordinary creativity, resistance to authority or feeling different than the rest can be signs of a mental illness like psychosis, depression, bipolar or autism.
          I’m slightly autistic and have mild bipolar symptoms. I have an IQ of 140, I’m a loner and very sensitive individual with a tendency to help others through subtle ways, does that make me an Indigo? I don’t think so..
          Indigos are not as common, as they think-anybody can identify with some indigo traits, a person that fits all the criteria or almost all is a true Indigo.

  26. Ms.T.Y.Smith says:

    Thank you Gaz for your bold heading and the words that followed. It definitely resonates in my heart that you are telling the truth. I believe Christians can flow in the spirit but with God’s protection and for a purpose: to relate to our Father, have fun, and advance the Kingdom as a side effect! 🙂 I have heart that a lot of ‘well known’ ministers in America who flow in the supernatural. The levitate everyday with the Joy of the Lord, yet would rather die than have people view them as demon possessed. Levitation is simply a manifestation of heaven in one’s body. What is so frustrating is how much the enemy had ‘brain washed’ me and most to think that all manifestations are from him. Not at all. God is actually FUN. He is playful. The original Hebrew said that the Holy Spirit and Wisdom were full of delight and excitiement when God was shaping the earth…remember your first sand castle? Was it serious business? Doubtful. Also: I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Aliens are just demonic manifestations and are mentioned in Revelations as Reptilian, as you mentioned. It is frustrating to see the deception about these demons who can manifest real transporters and bodies…big deal…God manifested the whole earth and us; His magnificent beings who are eternal at heart. Aliens are cunning because they are ‘neutral’. Yet fear is still the fruit of any movie or documentation of them. Not peace. Not neutral feelings….fear. I just found out about Indigos this week. I’ll admit I liked feeling a part of a group of uniques for a minute, but we have that in the Body: they’re called prophetic intercessors :). I’m learning to acknowledge my gift of being sensitive to spiritual climates, then give it to God and not let it ruin my day, ie headaches. Thank you for letting me express some things that were on my heart. 🙂 Ms.T.Y.Smith

    • Ms.T.Y.Smith says:

      I apologize for not proofreading my response. Please don’t use that as an excuse to discredit me…unless of course you’ve never mispelled, in which case you have every right in the book to judge me mercilessly 🙂

  27. lola says:

    i think that we are been constantly told lies, by different faiths and religion, and its confusing i guess in my opinion is just try to live a life that is for good, like do as little harm as possible to others, live and let live.we will find out te truth when we die,for now its all just a guessing game.its important to hold hope inside your hearts,hope for a better life,hope for a better world and tomorrow. with all this crap we are consuming weather the food,air,water and chemicals everywhere its no wonder we are sick and having more cancer cases per year,big pharma selling us the idea a pill can cure everything, there is something wrong with the system.we all feel general if you follow the money trail,you will definitely find evil hiding there.who knows is there is a next life.good or evil waiting,but we do know good and evil in this world.i guess by trying to live a honest life may help you to find what your searching for.
    good luck to all of you,were in this together weather you like it or not.lets hope we find a better world together no matter what religion you support,once your soul is clean

  28. Love says:

    I am a true believer in someone superior from any other human, that you may call God, but I do not belong to any religion. To me your judgmental way of speaking is clearly of a christian who does not accept other ideas. You truly believe in what everything the Bible says? The Bible was written by people, man, not GOD, in different times where everybody was scared of everything even of entities that didn’t exist.
    I respect what you think, but I suggest you to speak your mind without been so judgmental and close-minded.
    Have a nice day.

  29. indigo says:


  30. Soean says:

    I am a born again follower of Jesus. I read the bible. I am a ordained minister. I seek the holy spirit. I pray often. I seek God and should way more than I do. I looked into The “Indigo Children” and found that I fit the bill perfectly. Do you think I have been or am demonically oppressed?
    I come with questions not judgement. Please pray and seek Gods word on these new understandings. Dealing with demonic spirits or labeling a personality as oppressed is very bold and can be very harmful. Please, Please ask God to open your heart to truths not to educated Guesses.

    God is love.

    • SpiritLady says:

      Agree 100 percent I have been watching this for a while.. Calling people posessed and oppressed is very hurtful.. Its pretty much all guess work and I think that all these sort of pushy views do is make people go further from what they want people to believe.. just a thought lol x

  31. Matthew says:

    They want to discredit us. They want to make like we do not exist. When in fact we are very real, and we have a strong grip on reality, both humanity’s and others. Many of us are spread over the globe but I’m organizing the few I do know. We can say the things you fear to hear. We can do the things you could only face while inebriated. I’m an indigo, though I’m also a very special case. The world is changing into a very interesting and dangerous place, make sure you’re prepared.

  32. Gabriella says:

    Gaz Parker, I’m not sure where you’re getting your references for this article. There are many indigos out there who are not demonically oppressed, myself included. Granted, we do have a higher risk of being spiritually attacked but this is not a pre-requisite for being indigo. Nowhere does it say this.
    If this is about indigos being psychic – which you seem to think is against the Bible – you are wrong. All of the quotes you posted in the comments section are from the Old Testament which, because Jesus died for us and our sins according to the New Testament, is no longer valid. Even if it is wrong to be psychic – or a sin – God will forgive us for that. That’s not up to you to decide. Also, where are you getting this thing about indigos thinking they’re gods? I don’t think I’m a god and I’m an indigo. I believe in God and Jesus, I wear a cross every day and I know my Bible. I have a very close relationship with God and I’m proud of it. I know more than one indigo that is like me in this way.
    As for indigos not being in the Bible, they are mentioned as a matter fact in The Book of Joel but not with this specific term as it wasn’t coined yet. Here it is:

    “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. Even on the male and female servants, I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”
    – Joel 28 & 29

    So if you think about it God works through us. That does not mean we believe we are gods in any way. The power comes from Him not us. There is only one God and I’m sure a lot of indigos would agree with me.
    I worry about someone who would make these kinds of sweeping statements with no references and no proof and post something so inherently negative. I will pray for you and I will be waiting for your reply with any references you have.

    Gabriella R.

  33. Jonny says:


  34. SpiritLady says:

    You are saying that I am being subjective and then quoting the bible at me.. the bible has been analysed also by scientists and is the most researched into book on the planet. They have found a lot of discrepencies and contradictions in the bible. Particularly the fact that a lot of it was written by people years after events happened on hearsay of others rather like a game of chinese whispers. This has been substanciated. forgive me, but now who is being subjective, just because it is written down doesnt make it any less “subjective” than I say, in fact probably more so in that some of those people werent actually there.. I am here. Ok the hell question. A lot of people over the years have used christianity and principally the idea of hell and being sent there to oppress people and frighten them.. there are examples of this throughout history. It is not a new thing or subjective it is documented google it. I dont believe in hell for a few reasons one is what I have just mentioned. Another is that I believe that I am responsible for my own actions and after I pass to the Spirit World I will be able to work on this more as well and progress.. I use the word believe because I assume that you also have your christian beliefs so just because mine are different to yours doesnt mean that I cant say believe that is not fair. I do believe what I do and I believe it because it is beautiful and true. What do you say to the fact that some mediums are able to channel jesus.. would these people have to ask jesus to go in his own name? How would that work.. and if it was so terribly evil I am sure that he wouldnt be working still to speak with people.Anyhow, I do not mean any disrespect by any of this and I hope none is taken I just find it interesting to share views etc

    • Marina says:

      Hello Spiritlady,

      You failed to answer my question on How do you test spirits. I’m sure that if you gave it a try the way bible told us, your soul would see the deception but I highly doubt you are capable of doing this because you are afraid to burst the bubblegum.

      As for bible contradictions, please check this sites here-not all scholars oppose the Idea that Bible is 100% God’s word.
      I partially agree that some people changed bibles verses to suit their purposes but that doesn’t disprove in any way that it was merely a man’s invention.
      Millions of people experience small or big miracles every day with many of them being extra-ordinary and impossible to happen in human means. Are they all liars or seeking attention? Some yes, but not all.

      Also I recommend you visit the site: Christ second warning ( where God appears and sends messages to a catholic woman named Maria. All the prophesies mentioned in the site have been fulfilled e.g the economic crisis, the election of a new pope etc.

      God clearly states in one of these messages:

      “On entering the gates of Hell you will then realize the horrible mistake you have made” and “Do not reject this life for the life you have been promised by Satan! You are being lied to. If you follow this path where God, or I, Jesus Christ, your Savior, is not a part, then you are on the path to eternal damnation. You will scream with terror when you realise the error. By then you will plead for Mercy, you will tear at your face, pull out your hair, but because you have free will, a Gift from My Father, it cannot be taken away from you. When you choose this false path, you will suffer damnation and burn in Hell forever. It is very real.”

      It’s not my intention to condemn you as only God has the right to do this and my soul isn’t better than yours.
      God promises a new paradise on earth for all those that keep his word and faith alive.

      I wish you all the best and I hope you’ll be saved from the deception. I truly believe you have some god-given gifts but please do not involve any spirits or tools of the evil one.

  35. Gaz Parker says:

    Hi guy,

    I thought I would quickly drop in a note here. Alternative spiritual teaching always skew biblical scripture. This is because more often people who get into new age teachings have not fully read, or should I say understood scripture and that includes many Christians too. Alternative spirituality is subtle and its core is based upon eastern mysticism mixed with western ideals. Spiritualism is a classic example which is a religion and has spirit inspired doctrines. The issue the Medium has when confront by a Christian in their experience they have tangible ‘proof’ of an afterlife. The Christian will struggle to convince them otherwise since the Mediums teachings are anti-christian to the core. The Bible states judgement follows death whereas the alternative spiritual texts such as in the spiritualism religion say no one is judged you just enter a new plane of existence and suggest our destiny is to evolve spiritually through many incarnations (which is taken from Hinduism). To address the Medium you have to take into account they ‘know’ they are right because they have experienced ‘proof’. The other reason why a Medium will not use the Bible to test the spirits is because they trust the spirits when they are told the bible is not accurate. You have to understand that a relitionship may have been forged over many years even decades with the Medium and their guide(s). What’s even more of a challenge is ex-mediums such as myself are often discarded by other mediums as people who were doing something wrong or having something wrong with them etc. It’s not their fault that they do not want to engage critical thinking, in their eyes they are the ones who are thinking critically and it is us Christians that rely on an old book for revelation. The only hope of than prayer is to highlight examples of what happens when the spirits turn on you. This is unheard of in the spiritualist church but I assure you many suffer spiritual attack such as dream paralysis and illness/depression without realizing the true cause of this. It’s difficult but here is an article I wrote today, towards the bottom of the article is a link to some resources. This is well worth a look for any Medium or psychic. We love you mediums and that’s why this blog exists and why conversations such as this exist. 🙂

    Please take some time to read my latest article on NAD:

    • Marina says:

      Well said Gaz, especially the part were you said “To address the Medium you have to take into account they ‘know’ they are right because they have experienced ‘proof’. The other reason why a Medium will not use the Bible to test the spirits is because they trust the spirits when they are told the bible is not accurate. You have to understand that a relitionship may have been forged over many years even decades with the Medium and their guide(s).”
      Spiritlady and other mediums in general are the perfect example of this-They are not willing to test the spirits biblically because they either fear what they’ll discover or trust blindly the spirits because of ” real experiences” and false “proof” . Some are lucky and find out before their deaths that they have been deceived by evil spirits (posing as good), others sadly will never get this chance-and we as Christians know where this leads to….

  36. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    OK! I am here to hopefully set things straight by asking some questions….I personally proved through common sense, that the bible is not 100% accurate…and if it were then it would be evil and demonically influenced. My first question (and the most important!) which no Christian has been able to answer correctly to this date-

    Question #1- (Directed towards the author of this blog and all other Christians) Let’s assume the bible is true, and you are correct and there is infact a hell, Jesus and all that. OK? Now, why in the world would an omnipotent/powerful/etc GOD allow Satan to deceive these innocent “children” when he has the ultimate power to stop it? That is not my real question though, it goes deeper…because I already know the answer that you would give to that question. Now we have to think….”What in the world is so important about the name “Jesus” It’s just a WORD….One person might call him “Mike the Dike” (not a joke, just a making a point on subjective views and how everyone views things differently) Heck we all speak different languages and the HEART should be the ONLY language we speak in my personal opinion…but here is MY REAL QUESTION NOW…..WHY is it nessecary to “accept the name Jesus” rather than just accepted God as a whole….Is it because Jesus had so much pride that if we don’t acknowledge his true name that we should all suffer for eternity?(If that were true, Jesus would be one of the biggest assholes known to man in my personal opinion)Or is it because God simply doesn’t have the power to save or send people to heaven without reciting this name? LOL I can’t figure it out and I use common sense to figure things out myself. Anyone with common sense should know that “Jesus” is just a name or word, and EVEN IF HE IS REAL (Not saying he’s not, as there’s no way to know for sure) why in the world would someone that DIED FOR OUR SINS, then REJECT US and send us to hell simply for not saying his name? For example (incase I am not clear here, it’s hard to explain my question) what if we believed in God, believed in good, Love and helping others, but simply did NOT believe in a bible that threatens to have us consumed by Satan, simply because we didn’t give in with our fear and accept an entity or a character which we have no way of knowing if he even exists or not. And even if you DO have the gift of knowing, that doesn’t mean everyone does!

    All these poor people who have never heard of the bible or god, and the Jews, they are go to hell or God makes a special exception for them? Lol It is said that God can read your heart and this is one of the things that I do believe….It’s obvious that God can read your heart. Therefore all GOOD HEARTS SHOULD GO TO HEAVEN and ALL EVIL ONES SHOULD BE DESTROYED….make sense? And being “god” and all powerful, he should be able to have the power to do this. But instead the bible teaches us, that we go to heaven based on what we believe, and not based on how “good” of a person that we are. Therefore with this logic, Heaven will be filled with many BAD people, simply because they accepted the name “Jesus”

    Again, what is so important about the name? Nobody and no Christian can answer this correctly, because there is no correct answer. It proves the bible wrong 100% if you have the ability to think outside the box (Which means letting go of your negative emotion “Fear”) It’s amazing what the “devil” can do to people with this one emotion, and control them to the point of accepting something they don’t even know about….All just to go to Heaven! Fear is the way that they control people. God of the bible killed millions of people, and I don’t like murderers I’m sorry….even if he did it for the better good of us all….It was wrong, because he wasn’t FORCED to create these evil people to begin with.

    Also another MAJOR flaw in the bible- SATAN REbElled and is a fallen angel. LOL!! So Heaven is that crappy of a place to where you would get Jealous, have too much pride and then fall away? If so, then it CANT BE HEAVEN. In TRUE HEAVEN, is PURE LOVE AND THERE IS NO JEALOUSLY INVOLVED, that means it is not possible to “Fall from heaven” that is just a story made up by stupid greedy evil “people” in order to control you like puppets. Your fear is now ruining your life and preventing you from connecting with others, all in your own selfish persuit of going to “heaven” ….Let’s not worry that our kids are going to all be in Hell suffering, you’ll be eating an Apple with Jesus on the mountain! Who cares about the kids? You can look forward to seeing them one day….After you get Jealous of God and decide to fall. LOL I cannot believe that one emotion such as FEAR can make people believe in something that ludicrous.

    God is real, God is LOVE that’s all I KNOW. I do believe in Aliens and some of them surely are “Evil” in my opinion, since Evil has to have a meaning, they are not of love, but they might be here for a purpose as well or they wouldn’t exisit! Everything has meaning, and as the author said, Ask god for truth…Well I’ve done this, I prayed to Jesus from my HEART, and none of it ever worked for me. That’s why I am now a believer in myself, my own heart, my own experiences, rather than some “Book” that was written by Hostile “beings” I have no idea who wrote the bible…and I don’t care who wrote it. The point here is that it is not true.

    All arguments welcome! I don’t get offended easily, other than that people are just so stupid now a days by giving in to this fear…and it is surely ruining our planet. That is why the Indigo children are here, is to give it a balanced and level playing field….WE CANNOT BE BRAINWASHED….No book, and No lies, or Threats (such as you will go to hell or be “Stoned” to death) can make us turn away from the TRUTH which lies in our hearts….

    And finally, I have felt true (God’s) Love before and it’s within me…and it does NOT resonate with what the bible says at all. True love means that EVERYONE IS FORGIVEN AUTOMATICALLY AND AT ALL TIMES, NO ONE is a SINNER, and EVERYONE WILL BE ON THE SAME LEVEL ONE DAY AND WE ALL DESERVE TO BE AT PEACE. God would never inflict toture or suffering upon anyone, and he would never allow the Devil or some piece of Jealous crap to steal away our god given Souls. God’s Love is simply pure and it does not discriminate between race, or religion. In other words, you could be a total Satanist and be lost in life and God still loves you the same as he loves the brainwashed Christians. We all will get to heaven one day, but it will take longer now that most of us are “stuck” in the box.

    I have already been to the 4th dimension, live and awake. I could see through everyone they looked like Ghosts. I was not dreaming….I simply ate a bunch of NATURAL MUSHROOMS that brought me there. Trust in Nature, DO NOT TRUST in artificial things like the “Bible” …

    The Bible does not grow on trees.

    I hope I’ve proved my point here, as truth cannot be spoken in words.

    Take care everyone and just know that we are all connected and the only way we will break free from the evil is to STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER as we are all ONE..

    Peace to all, The war mongers and robots will NOT survive….WE ARE FOREVER THOUGH….

    • Marina says:

      Your questions are very reasonable but I think you are misrepresenting some facts.
      You are falling in the trap to use your limited human logic to explain spiritual truths. No human being no matter how smart he/she is can have the answers concerning everything about life, death and God-some are close but none is perfectly knowledgeable-we are simply mortal creations with limited logic.
      Anyway I’ll try to answer your questions:

      Your rejection of the Hell Doctrine is just a knee-jerk emotional reaction. The ones who reject this are usually the ones who want to justify their sinful lifestyles and never show remorse for their actions. Or they are simply thinking “God is omnipotent and good-how can he send his own children to hell and let Satan deceive them?” If there wasn’t fear of Hell, people would commit the same crimes again and again and the world would be 1000 times more chaotic and evil (I cannot even think about it). God is benevolent but he is also FAIR. He has every right to punish his disobedient and evil children and reward the good ones just like a human father would do-it’s perfectly justified and reasonable.
      Other religions (e.g Buddhism) may not exactly talk about hell but they have some common ground:a form of divine punishment or reward which will strike you in this life (or another).
      As for the statement “Accept Jesus as your savior and you’ll get saved” this merely a human invention. I was raised in a greek christian orthodox home and no parent, priest or public figure ever told me this all I have to do to get saved-this is only recited by wishy-washy (american)Christians who are lazy to do more than that and don’t know better.
      Saints for example (who are performing miracles even nowadays) were battling with sin and their own flesh all their lives to get saved and be one with God. They didn’t not just “accepted the Lord in their hearts” they fought every second to reach God.

      Regarding Satan, there are literally thousands testimonials that claim to have seen him or experience his evil power. I’m not gonna list any testimonials because I doubt if you’ll read them.
      Some are purely deluded or under the influence of substances, some others had REAL experiences. Again, just because you haven’t seen him personally it doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist-after-all his greatest trick is to make people think he never existed.
      I had the same question when I was a teenager and I decided to ask a well-known priest: He told me “I’m sorry my child, but the Devil really exists” and he implied he had personal encounters with demons. The same priest was seen floating in the air when he was praying in the altar some years ago-two people saw him (including my grandmother) but he never wanted this to leak.
      There are so many similar stories-are they all liars? I don’t think so…

      God cannot simply banish him because like all his creations he gave him the gift of free will- but he misused it to make the children of God turn their backs on their own Father.

      God didn’t want to make robots or create “artificial” love-this isn’t perfect love. Perfect love is achieved when someone loves the other because he/she chose to, not because he was brainwashed and had no other option. Let’s say for example that you love “Kathy” – would you feel the same for her or feel satisfied if Kathy was a robot designed to love you “artificially” or would you feel truly victorious if she was a real human being with free will and chose to love you back? I don’t think you would choose the first.

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:


        Thanks for the lenghty response, I will respond to each as I read along. First I want to AGREE and say that no human
        knows everything about everything….that goes for the people who believe in the bible as well. Therefore you have to
        admit the Jesus and the Bible may not be truth. But what I am personally stating is not that I know everything,
        I am stating what I do KNOW and I do KNOW for a fact that God is LOVE and that god would not send ANYONE to hell,
        no matter what the circumstances are. I know this for 100% because I was given the gift and the answer through repeated
        spritual activities. So I know this in my heart and I’ve FELT it. Truth is a feeling and it cannot be explained in words
        that well….Even our english language is so seriously flawed (I believe it was made this was on purpose through malicious
        or hostile entities) so that we cannot possibly express ourselves with our languages. But I can tell you 100% truthfully,
        rest assured that there is no real Hell, other than what you create for yourself. So, there is NOTHING TO FEAR…other than

        As for the “Knee Jerk” reaction that you claim, I don’t think so…I’ve thought it through logically before and now
        I do know from the psychic feelings that I have gotten that Hell, as described in the bible, does not exist and is
        just a scare tactic to control the masses. Religion was another scam created to seperate everyone of us, which
        is effectively destroying our true power and pototential. In other words, the real “God” which is all of us,
        has been surpressed. But yes I am remorseful for my “Sinful” actions, those which I know were wrong…but I no
        longer am a “sinner” in the sense that I am an evolved human being (Or indigo) and I only do what I feel is right in my
        heart. That means I do not lie, steal or judge others. If I tell a white lie, that is OK because that is so I don’t
        hurt the person’s feelings. So, back in my youth I did some terrible things which I surely am sorry for, but I don’t
        do those anymore. And of course I have my weaknesses as everyone does, and there is also nothing sinful or wrong
        about this. NONE OF US ARE SINNERS!!! That is the BIG LIE TO MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY! Everyone starts out ingorant
        and everyone will find the turth one day and once you find Love and truth (God) then, and only then will you stop
        doing “bad” things to one another. But again, it’s none of our faults as this is the way it was designed for us.

        Not a single one of us here, asked to come into this world and be bad people, and none of us asked for ingorance, we
        were FORCED into it, so therefore a true god (Even though no single god exists, as I said before) would NEVER blame
        us for HIS mistakes. If the bible were true, it would be GOD’S FAULT that sin exists. None of us are responsible for
        HIS CREATTION. Starting to make more sense now?

        I totally disagree about your statement if there was no fear of hell that there would be 1000x more evil…If there
        was no fear of hell, then we wouldn’t be blocked out from the LOVE and the world would be a beautiful place. Seriously,
        The bible is that dangerous! That’s why I recommend that NOBODY READ IT. It’s full of lies anyway. Also, why would FEAR
        of hell turn a “bad” person “good” or an evil person to be good? It wouldn’t. Fear doesn’t make you a good person. That’s
        like saying a bank robber is not a robber just because he didn’t rob a bank because he didnt want to get busted by the

        Also your next statement about how god has the right to punish people, as a father does his child is also ridiculous.
        A father doesn’t send his kids to burn in hell for eternity. He might teach them some discipline or even GROUND them
        for 1 month under extreme circumstances….but NEVER in a MILLION YEARS would a loving father send his kids to eternal
        destruction. This alone, should tell you the bible is false! It does no good what so ever to damn your children forever
        and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever… and ever…lol you see where I’m going with this? The bible is so flawed
        they had to use FEAR to get people to even think of believing in it. And again you used the word “Evil children” but
        the thing is, children are not evil just because they don’t know who Jesus is! Are you kidding here? Do you still have
        any braincells left? Lol Sorry I just had to ask because you seem to be a thinker writing the long email, yet you’re denying
        every true thing that I’ve said…and you’re supporting all the lies that the “Bible” has said. Maybe you’re truly that
        afraid that you’re just blinded.

        You mentioned other religions, well every single religion is fake and made up to seperate god from itself. So disregard
        all religion if you wish to find the truth, you can only find it through yourself. Trust me on this one.

        Your next statement confuses me…are you now saying that believing in Jesus is not a MUST in order to get to heaven?
        If that’s what you’re saying, then you’re contradicing the bible.

        Now, regarding what you said about satan…No these people are not “Liars” they simply have created a hallucination
        within their own minds. I’ve done it many times. I have met the devil before, believe me. He haunted me for a while
        when I was taking drugs. But he’s all in your mind. Your mind is so powerful
        that it can easily create a demon or a devil like that. I’ve done it many times and it IS Supernatural. And it LIES
        WITHIN US! I hope you concentrate very hard on my words so you can break free of the trap you are in right now. Even
        if you’re a disinfo agent, you still need to break free, as the demons are USING YOU and they care not for your work,
        or your life. Trust me. Evil has no boundries. Now I am not saying I know everything, I don’t know exactly who
        these hostile, evil, “beings” are that are tormenting people, but most likely just aliens or demons/non human
        entities that we manifested
        ourselves along the way. It’s hard to put my “Truth” feelings into words. But one thing I know is that I used
        to get scratches from demonic entities. That doesn’t mean that the devil, and hell and the bible are truth.
        I do believe in Ghosts as well, I’ve had my share of experiences with them as well.

        Now your last paragraph really confuses me, because I never said anything about god being artifical love. God is REAL
        UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and that’s that. That is 100% truth right there and that’s all anyone needs to KNOW AND FEEL
        is GODS LOVE and they will NO LONGER BE IN FEAR OF GOING TO HELL, no matter what they chose to do or believe in, with
        life. And you mentioned God giving Satan free will, so he can’t destroy him? LoL then he’s not that powerful is he.
        He didn’t even give us free will to fly, so why would he give Satan free will to destroy? Sounds like he isn’t that
        smart either.

        Use your brains here and you should logically KNOW that God of the bible cannot possibly be real. But once you FEEL
        what God truly is,(LOVE..and you cannot put that into words) then you will absolutely 100% know, without a doubt that the
        bible is LIES written by the same people that control everything and poison your food and cause your cancer.

        Cancer is an easy disease to treat by the way. So, it proves even more how brainwashed the Author is, because I read
        how they though curing cancer was a lie. I’ve done it myself!! I had skin cancer for 2 years, and I ate some Apricot
        Kernels and guess what? Within 2 days the cancer was COMPLETELY GONE!! And No I’m not lying about this. I have no
        reason what so ever to waste my time coming on here with lies like that. But the corporations CERTAINLY have reasons
        to LIE and say that Cancer cannot be cured. They are making BILLIONS and TRILLIONS from the ignorant people who
        spend money at the Hospitals. They are just paying to kill themselves. I haven’t been to a hospital for over 15 years
        and I will never go back no matter what. I break bones and get into car accidents some times and I still wouldn’t set
        foot in those places. YOu’re just supporting “Evil” when you do that. Everyone can take responsibility for their own
        actions/Health and cure themselves. Cancer is just another “profitable” business for these psychos.

        PS- Also consider how ridiculous the argument sounds that these innocent blonde haired blue eyed children are from
        the devil! These kids are not deceived by the devil, they probably aren’t even old enough to understand any religious
        stuff anyway. I just saw one at Wendey’s…He looked at me and just smiled, he was so cute. Definitely NOT evil
        or oppressed by evil, as the author of this blog claims. That’s so absurd I almost think you guys are disinformation
        agents just spending your time trying to brainwash people. Just know that the ROBOTS WILL NOT SURVIVE!! So if you guys
        are dis-info agents you’re wasting everyone’s time..Please don’t take offense if you are a real person, it’s just so hard
        for me to believe that anyone would believe this crap about the devil falling from Heaven.

        One other point to make- No one goes from being Good to bad…It’s just not possible once you have a pure heart, it stays
        that way forever….you go from Bad(or ignorant, selfish, etc) to good. It’s like with time and practice
        you get better with everything, the same goes for us spirtually. So, the author claims they are a former psychic, which
        is not a bad thing, but now they are a Christian, which also isn’t a bad thing if they are true and they do love everyone
        equally. But it would be going from “Good to bad” to fall out of Heaven and down into the fire.

        Ok, so I’ve debunked your entire argument….NEXT CHRISTIAN WHO THINKS THEY CAN ANSWER, STEP RIGHT UP! No one has been
        able to so far…and that’s because you can’t. You can’t prove the truth wrong, it’s just not possible.

        And lol let’s say you guys are Dis-info agents (Because I can’t see why normal people would come on here and waste time
        with these long arguments) well, all you are doing by putting lies out there, is allowing the TRUTH TO COME OUT!!
        LOL so I can say “Thanks” either way! But if you are a real, caring, person, who simply has been duped and deceived
        by the bible, then I can tell you to please open your mind and ask God yourself for the truth. I did, and I got the
        answer. The bible is not it!!

        Peace to all.

  37. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    I said it best one night with one statement…”You can be one with God…or one with the Robot”

    Most of us have chosen to be “One with the Robot” which was a big mistake so now our job, as indigo children are here to enlighten people to the fact that Religion is a scam and was made to control people…and it certainly doesn’t come from God, religion comes from the “Robot”

  38. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    And the fact that we were given the god given power of love, and that we have the power over all demons, shows to me that we are a part of god and god is a part of us. That is what I meant by we are all god, there is no other correct way to look at it. If you start seperating things, then you now have war, racism, etc, etc The real god is so simple- LOVE….How in the world did we go so far astray from a stupid emotion like “fear?” Crazy….But even with our LIMITED freewill, we have enough to break free and be with god. But we are the only ones who can do it. There is no “Single” god who is coming down to save us….If there were he would have done that long ago and there never would have been innocent kids getting raped and killed. So, the bible is extremely false when it comes to a lot of important issues. You’re better off not even reading it. Ask for answers from within, don’t look for them in a book. Books are good to read in order to verify things you already knew, or to connect things, dots, the whole picture. But the bible is Evil now, so I don’t recommend reading it, not to mention it’s extremely hard to understand and VEEERY BORING….But the worst part is that you might get trapped by the FEAR It causes and it can ruin your life as you know it.

  39. Marina says:

    You are wrong my friend, you still have time to change your mind. Hell is mentioned in the bible many times and there are many hell testimonies that indicate there is Hell.
    Here are some:

    Are you claiming that all these people are liars and trying to scare us? these people were atheists, rebels and backsliders before and have devoted their life to warn others of the dangers of hell and the promise of paradise for the righteous. I can spot a liar from a mile but the majority of these people are saying the truth.

    As for NDEs that do not mention any hell, it’s almost proven that the tunnel and the light these people see (or pleasant darkness or other places and conditions) are merely tricks and delusions of the brain who is still alive. A psychologist who studied the issue confirmed this. If you closely study them they share little similarities which is a proof that their individual brain manufactures the experience.
    Whereas in Hell, virtually all accounts are 90% similar: utter darkness, screams of terror, shame, extreme heat, extremely bad smell and people getting punished according to their sins on earth.

    I pray that God will show you the reality of hell and hope you’ll get saved before it’s too late.

    Your pride,anger and reasoning is blinding you.

    “Dearest Jesus, I present to You the soul of my brother and sister, who has abandoned their soul to Satan.Take this soul and redeem it in Your Holy Eyes.Free this soul from slavery to the beast and bring it eternal salvation. Amen.”

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      Was this in reply to my post? You did not address a single issue that I mentioned. So how am I wrong? PROVE IT! Just because the “bible” says so?! LOL again, WHY in the world do you have to say the name JESUS in order to not be burned to death for eternity? IF the bible IS true, I would rather NOT go to heaven anyway, as the “heaven” described in the bible is not really heaven. You have been duped and deceived my friend, and I fear it is too late for you, as you are so far gone that you didn’t address any of the issues and even contradicted yourself in the process.

      I thought no human can know everything? If that’s the case, then how do you know that I’m wrong?


      • Marina says:

        You failed to read some points my friend.
        Just by saying Jesus name won’t get you saved-this is just a human invention. As I mentioned earlier saints devoted their whole lives to keep God’s Rules, they didn’t just say the name “Jesus” to get saved and avoid Hell, so please don’t make a fool of your self-only lazy ignorant Christians believe this crap.
        I understand your concerns but again you are using your limited logic only- I’m using both my logic, my intuition and biblical truths to explain the case.
        People cannot swallow the harsh truth easily.Your attacks and anger (it’s obvious) do not surprise me. Some people like you try to justify small or big sins and accept utter emptiness (instead of Hell) because it doesn’t really suit them and it clashes with their human logic.
        I do not claim to know everything about God-but if there is a slightest chance there is Hell would you risk your temporary life here and be doomed for eternity?
        People like Hitler have committed huge atrocities when they were alive. Do you really believe that all these people in the afterlife should be on the same level with good souls who had smaller sins? Really? This is absolutely unfair and the definition of nothingness
        Anyway I hope God will give you a last chance before it’s too late for you-I’m not going to convince you, it’s useless…

        • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

          Hello Marina,

          Well my “Anger” is not really anger, is frustration for trying to save the ourselves, as I watch us walk off the cliff….That is another trait of indigos…Sorry if you dont understand or are not on this level, but one day you will…

          As for Saying the name Jesus, I didnt mean that’s ALL you had to do, (See how bad our language is flawed? IT was created this way on purpose to keep us from connecting and keep us arguing and sperated from ourselves…WE ARE ALL ONE…Make no mistake about that) But the bible specifically says (and even you said) that PART OF THE EQUATION of going to heaven, includes Jesus. Are you telling me, we can deny Jesus and still go to Heaven?? If so, then there is no argument here, I agree. But obviously the heaven is not how the bible described it. It’s ALL IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER….

          Now let’s get to my opinon on Hitler…I believe (even though I dont research history, since it’s all a big lie as well) but I believe if Hitler existed, which again there’s no way to know for sure, you could be duped, but I do agree that he probably did exist because we are seeing it now, our gov. is basically hitler reincarnated. The denver airport is shaped like a swasticka. Research that! They got underground shit goin on. Anyway, I don’t believe ANY HUMAN is guilty. It’s the ALIENS OR CONTROLLERS OR GOD WHO IS “Guilty” They are in charge of the human race and they control what we do. Hitler, if he WAS human (I have no clue as I dont research boring fake history crap…if it were real I might research it, but I found out they lied to us….the textbooks are false…what you learn in school is false. What you learn on TV is false. What you learn from your friends and peers is false. What you learn from the internet is FALSE. There is no truth in words, only from your heart. What is so hard to understand about this? And no I am not angry I just have a serotonin dysfuntion and again I apologize if I’ve offended you for being open minded and a bit aggresive with my posts but I need to get my point across for the better of humanity (Even though very little will read this, its still important to emphasize my points since English absolutely sucks)
          But anyway, sorry I rambled, but let’s assume Hitler was human, as you are assuming he was. He DOES NOT GO TO HELL IF HE DOESNT BELIEVE IN IT! And he was not guilty., as he was under MIND CONTROL. And he will realize his faults the instant he dies. But if he is evil, then he will be destroyed along with all the other “Evil” and it will be the collective conscious that destroys it. There is no GOD.

          PS- You still havent responded to ANY of my points….if you think you’re up for the challenge, please do respond…lol

    • Tez says:

      Marina, I agree that there is a hell and the Bible speaks of it many times but…I do not believe that people have went there and came back because there is no evidence in scripture for that. In Luke the account of Jesus talking about Lazarus and the Rich Man, the Rich man went to hell and ask for Lazarus to go back and warn his family but Abraham said no, they have Moses and the prophets to warn them just as we have God”s word to warn us. He was not allowed to come back so I do not believe anyone today is more special or important to be allowed back either. I’m sorry but I have to believe God”s word.

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

        So, you believe “God’s” word, but the words in the bible did not come from god. If they did, then they wouldn’t be so harsh, evil, and full of untruths. How do you explain the downright contradictions in the bible? And how do you know that the bible is actually God’s word? You are just trusting something that is dangerous, but that is your choice I guess. Hopefully you’ll open your mind and starting thinking for yourself soon…

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

        Oh, I just read a previous comment I wrote, and I dont want to contradict but I HAVE BEEN TO HELL AND HEAVEN and I can say that are just states of mind. I went to “Hell” when I visited the 4th dimension after eating nearly 100 psilocybe mushrooms (Big ones..and bullet heads) I waaaay over did it, but I read in a book that overdose is not possible so thats why I went to this extreme….but anyway I thought I was in hell as time completely stopped. If you wish to read the story simply type in 3 POUND SHROOM TRIP INTO GOOGLE to find it. I wrote it over 10 years ago and the experience itself was over 15 years ago. But that was hell for me, everyone seemed to be zombies and I could see through people. I had no idea I even ate any mushrooms at that point.
        And I’ve been to heaven on MDMA which is another drug which reacts on the serotonin on the brain. Nothing in this world can beat that experience.

  40. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Oh and one other thing which disproves the bible entirely-

    What is heaven to one person would be hell to another, and vice versa. Not everyone is a freaking Robot who thinks and likes the same things. I would find the heaven described in the bible to be an extremely boring and lame place, not to mention it would be filled with idiots and hypocrates, so I’d rather not go there, Thank you. I would rather not serve a bloodthirsty evil maniac like the bible decribes God to be. They even make Jesus sound evil and now people are worshipping this?

    That’s part of the problem here….but again, Heaven and Hell is all subjective, in the eye of the beholder…and to PROVE it wrong even further, all these reports from people are different. The ones that are the same are made up and yes they are lies, people were paid off to lie. I’ve already researched this. And yes DMT is realsed in the braiin at death so the light is just another hallucination, just as the REAL, True hell experiences are the person’s own experience….it is NOT the same for everyone, PROVING that it’s ALL JUST A HALLUCINATION.

    Wake up people!!! We need to band together or we truly WILL Experience HELL On this EARTH!!! Mark my words.

  41. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    One last thing-

    If there was a hell, WE”D ALREADY BE THERE!!! That to me, is common sense. This is NOT the first time we’ve lived or been alive, we are eternal…and we’ve all been here forever. There is no sense of time in the next dimension. So, even if Hell was an eternity, you wouldn’t sense it anyway. The bible is so flawed it’s not even funny.

    And obviously it’s flawed to think that we just popped out of nowhere in the 90’s….LOL

  42. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    It’s websites like this which are extremely dangerous to people, so I hope I’ve provided good enough proof to SAVE people from the FEAR that the bible causes. INDIGO CHILDREN ARE SWEET, SMART AND AWESOME AND ARE STRAIGHT FROM GOD, NOT THE DEVIL. THEY ARE HERE TO HELP CLEAN UP THE EARTH FROM THESE PARASITES. And this will be accomplished one day…No matter how many toxic drugs the world tries to shove down their thorats, they will eventually SEE THROUGH IT like I, and many others, have.

  43. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    And again, let me ask you personally Marina….Are you really that excited to go to a heaven where you’ll be serving a God who has created Evil and allowed his children to suffer and perish and be deceived (As you guys believe)???? YES or NO? I sure as hell wouldn’t be. Like I said, the last place I want to go is with an Evil, worthless God that does nothing to help his children in need. If what you guys said was true, that would be sooooo cruel to allow these innocent kids to be deceived by something that they aren’t even aware of.

  44. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Oh and if Jesus was true, then I ask him personally to tell me that he Loves me. Jesus has never said to me, even one time, that he loves me. Infact Jesus has never even talked to me. He just ignored me when I tried. I tried again and again until I gave up and realized how silly it was. If jesus were real, and powerful, and good, he wouldn’t leave his brothers hanging like that when they need some love.


  45. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    I ask any of you who are in doubt…TRY IT YOURSELF…

    ASK Jesus to speak to you and confirm to you that he truly loves you, and wait for an answer…you will never get one. And that’s because Jesus is not alive, and even if he were alive, I seriously doubt he would hear your question anyway….LOL

  46. SpiritLady says:

    Having just read with interest all of this. I have to say that I am in Agreement Dont.. (Sorry your screen name is a little bit long lol) That Our loving father God would not allow his children to suffer this way. if you reprimand a child you do not as described in one of Marina’s links allow them to be turned upside down in a vat of fire drinking only acid and spraying acid on yourself if it was perfume. (had to beg the question if you were in such a place of horrid torment would you really be spraying perfume anyway?) You would allow a child to redeem himself after a time and not ignore their desparate pleas for help as we also read in these anecdotes. And I noted that a lot of these things were dreams or visions and with dreams they are often to be interpreted differently from what they seem. Dreams contain fractions of thought process throughout the day and if a particularly religious person had a dream about hell or even if they had been studying certain segments of the bible recently for other reasons it is entirely possible that they would have dreams about hell. It seemed kind of movie like in description as well the kind of thing that sells books as if someone had an incredibly active imagination. I am sorry but where you say that peoples positive experiences of NDE have been proven wrong it is ridiculous that that you say negative ones are true really because you are trying to terrify people into believing in a place where that Chanel number 5 is really not as it seems. Hell was created by people who were trying to control the masses and make them subservient to what they wanted. They wanted a people who would do things their way and fear the consequesnces if they didnt. As Karl Marx famously said “religion is the opium of the people” if you have a subserivent people then you are also able to act as you want with little question.
    On a different topic with regards to questioning the Spirits and my proof that they are real, There are numerous googleable experiments that have been carried out that have proven the existence of Spirit and that they are accurate in what they say. Have a look for it. Spiritualism is scientific belief and that can be proven. This means that what I am saying is not “because they promised me they were good” it is because I KNOW they are good. I am happy that I am in my beliefs There is no hell fire we are responsible for our own destiny and for those that end up in the lower levels of the Spirit world there is always Eternal Progress.. we do not have to stay there. I am sure that this is a more appropriate view of father Gods love for us, he wants us to be progressive and strong Spirit. He does not want to condemn us to a hell that doesnt exist. Incidentally, one of the people in the Vat of fire was John Lennon, I have heard of a lot of contact with him in Spirit so I am surprsied to hear that he is in fact having his face burned off and worms coming out of his eyes… it does sound a little bit ridiculous when you look at it that way if you are being rational.. also incredibly disrespectful to the memory of the poor man. I am sure his family would not like to read that little epistle of Marina’s. How ridiculous!

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      Hi Spirit Lady,

      I’ve just read your other post and here is my reply to it-

      I totally agree with your viewpoint about spirits, these HAVE been PROVEN true, unlike the Bible, which has been proven False. I personally used to get attacks from negative entities…you can research this on google if you’d like….as it turns out it’s happened to many other people besides me. These people are not making this up! What I am referring to is the “Demonic Scratches” that appear on your body out of nowhere. It can happen while asleep, or awake, and you can “feel” and see them happening while it happens, so that confirms 100% that you are not scratching yourself. Normally the scratches come in 3’s….Three long scratches down your Arms, Legs, Or Back is the most common places. You may have even seen this on those paranormal TV Shows, or Unsolved Mysteries….

      The first time I got the scratches I was about 17 years old and it happened in my sleep. And it wasn’t 3 of them it was 6 or 7 of them, I can’t remember now, but they did freak me out at the time, as I just “knew” it was demonic. The scracthes were pefect and thick and I had no fingernails at all, and they were in a evil design. It was like 5 scratches in a row, and one scratch going through the middle of those five scratches diagonally. Very evil looking. Well, after that incident I received them probably more than 50 times over the years and everytime after the first incident they did appear in 3’s although one night I received 27 of them! But they were all in 3’s…meaning I was scratched, in sets of 3, NINE different times in one night. I was awake and felt and saw each one of them. They actually just burn a little, they don’t even hurt much….but you can feel and see it as it happens.

      I found out the reason why they do this to people is to invoke FEAR out of them so that they can feed off the energy. Well, I wasn’t afraid anymore I even commented out loud “Maybe It’s not a demon, maybe it’s a friendly ghost who just likes me and wants my attention, because they don’t really hurt!” And after I said that, I never received another scratch again, and to this date I still haven’t. So, it knew it couldn’t scare me anymore so it stopped bother to waste it’s energy to do it. So, these experiences alone, to me prove that there are spirits out there, to see physical scratches come on your body like that, and I knew it couldn’t be some skin reaction as they had patterns to them and they have also happened during haunting shows on Television, so I just connect the dots.

      As for God and Christiantiy itself, I definitely believe in a higher power and what “God” is to one person, may be different to another….but I think with the Bible, it somehow got curropted long ago by man. I think it’s possible that some of it has merit to it, but a lot of it is just nonsense, especially the fear parts. And I agree with you, about the lower dimensions and the darkness which some learning souls might end up, but that is simply a part of their eternal journey and noway will they stay there “Forever” That just make no sense. No one can even comprehend or grasp just how long “eternity” actually is! It’s forever and ever, and that gives us all plenty of time to advance our souls to live in peace and harmony. But along the way we get lost and sometimes we want to help others so we incante back to Earth and the lower dimensions. This all totally goes against the bible, and I believe they don’t WANT US to know this stuff. These are like secrets…that is why they want an army of bible thumpers to do their bidding for them, to try and brainwash as many people as they can, so that we are scared or spirituality and the fact that we truly are all connected as ONE. That is the biggest threat to them.

      I look forward to the author of this blog’s response to my posts and the website I linked to, to see if they can even possibly come up with a sensible argument behind all this. The only argument I Can make for the bible, is that it has been edited and flawed. Maybe it was true at one point? I do see a lot of valuable info in their if you can read between the lines. For instance, I came up with this….SIN could stand for SafetyInstructionNotes because a lot of what is described as sin, is just safete precautions…such as Not stealing or Lying. If you live an honest life, it will be a better one. So of course they mixed truth with lies in order to further confuse people. I think it’s the PTB fault that we even have theives and liars. I don’t blame a single one of US.

      Well, Take care

  47. SpiritLady says:

    Another thing that has just aoccured to me about this description of hell.. in the link there it was called something like 7 people visit hell this is what I am refering to. All of the things that are happening to the people in hell are things that would cause the PHYSICAL body pain.. fire, acid, worms eating etc. The SPIRIT of a person is not a physical body it cannot be hurt with any of those things it simply cannot as the physical body can. That doesnt make sense sorry.. just felt the need to point it out.

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      You’re definitely correct, I thought the same thing. How can one suffer for eternity? After a while they would get used to the suffering and it would no longer be suffering. It’s just a flawed concept, and as you said it’s not a physical place, although the scare tactics make it out to be one. I will respond to your other post in a moment I have not read it yet.

      PS- Here is a funny website I found online, it has 50 different proofs that the bible is not true. Some of it is halirious! I haven’t even read them all yet. Even just one of them is all you need, as if you know the bible tells even ONE Lie, then you can’t trust any of it!

      I would like the author Gaz Parker, to please check out this website and please debunk PROOF #1 and explain, and if you can do that we can move on to PROOF #2….However it is pretty much impossible to debunk them, as they took the scripture literally word for word.

  48. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Maybe we can help save GAZ and the others here and convert them back to psychics! It’s much better to be psychic, than it is to be Christian! And much safer too…Being Christian and believing in Hell could POSSIBLY be very dangerous. I’ve heard the Christians say to non-believers—
    “Well if I am wrong, I have nothing to lose, but if you’re wrong, then you will spend an eternity in Hell”….

    Well I kind of disagree because the mind is SO powerful that these Christians may actually create a Hell in their own mind, and through their own feeling of guilt or sin, they may end up there, when infact it’s all in their mind. That doesn’t mean they would be there forever though, but I’d rather NEVER GO there or even imagine or think of such a terrible, worthless, place.

    So, it’s best to just use common sense and research everything so there is no need to be afraid of something that doesn’t truly exist, outside of your own mind.

  49. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    And I never said we all go to the same level when we die. There are different levels. Misguided people will end up in the darkness for a bit, but certainly not for eternity. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds to go somewhere for eternity?? It’s just not possible. You obviously cannot comprehend just how long “eternity” is, but if you’ve been to the 4th dimension you’d know that there is no time, so therefore eternity doesn’t apply in that sense since it refers to everlasting time, when infact the afterlife is another learning experience and we move from stage to stage. Sorry I probably contradicted again but that what we get for speaking this language.


  50. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    You dis-info agents are just making yourselves look stupid now….You’re gonna keep ignoring and denying all the proof and facts I’ve stated, and act like they are irrelevent? Lol I’m still waiting for a response that proves me wrong! It will never come! Because it’s possible to prove the truth wrong.

    And if you do answer, you need to address each point, and if you cannot then obviously you are in doubt! Again I am not perfect(Except with love we are) and either is the english language, but I think I’ve made my points clear and I think you are AVOIDING THEM….And you keep coming here acting like a Christian, but I’m not buying it. I have psychic potential and I can tell that you are most likely mis-info agents. Who the heck goes from psychic to Christian?? I am sorry but that cannot happen. You would never devolve yourself from psychic to Christian unless you agree with my points, that Hell is not real. All psychics know that Hell is fake….and all people with common sense know that hell is not fake. There are so many lies planted here for a REASON, and people need to wake up and start thinkiing for THEMSELVES and now let some “Book” tell them what they should think and do….that supports a generation of ROBOTS…The bible is CLEARLY EVIL and anyone with common sense knows this.

  51. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Fear must be a VERY blinding emotion….

    And sorry for the typos in the previous post, I meant to say it’s NOT possible to prove the truth wrong. But I challenge you to do so anyway…just so everyone can see that you are unable to do it. lol

  52. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    All people with common sense know that Hell is fake. (just clarifying another typo…but this is a good opportunity to point out how flawed the english language is…) Well, common sense is another “eye of the beholder” term. It can mean, Brainwashed, (since that’s the norm now-a-days) but what I meant by common sense, was not brainwashed, but how we are normally WITHOUT lies and negative influences and frequencies. So, therefore common sense to me, is what we SHOULD BE, not what we are. Infact most people tell me that I have no common sense, when infact I believe the opposite…but I agree, it’s not COMMON to be psychic now-a-days, too many dumbed down people now thx to the EVIL….

    Ok just had to get that out so you can see an example of how you cannot communicate effectively without explaining every little thing in detail. Psychic is the way we were MEANT to communicate…not some man or alien made language. “God” will put a stop to that.

  53. Marina says:


    You failed to answer if you have tested the spirits biblically and you tried to change the subject to Hell’s existence. I challenge you to give me reading using your spirit guides even though I think you’ll find an excuse not to give me one.
    If you succeed (or better of your spirit guides succeed to read me accurately, I will stop attacking you). This is a challenge for an open reading on the near future. I cannot give you anymore info other than my name and possibly my age.


    I was sometimes a big fan of the ancient alien theory. I truly believed that Alien Gods created us
    and that evil aliens created religions (including Christianity) and the fear of Hell to manipulate humanity and keep us at the same level as animals. You seriously remind me of myself two years ago-I had the same beliefs and concerns as you. I researched the subject extensively and I found 100% proof that Aliens and UFO’S are a demonic deception of the end times for the reasons below (taken from:

    1) “Alien Abductions” stop in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and can be terminated as a pattern in a person’s life.

    This first point has been documented by Joe Jordan, who started as a MUFON researcher in 1992. After years of focusing on UFO sightings, in 1997 he co-founded the CE4 Research Group, to focus more on research pertaining to “alien abduction” reports. Their research has been documented in over a dozen books mostly by Christian authors, that there are hundreds of abduction experiences that have been stopped by using the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Of the hundreds of cases the CE4 Research Group has worked with since 1997 who have been able to terminate the alien abduction experience in their life, over 95 former abductees have allowed them to share their personal testimonies on the CE4 Research Website. For many people, this research actually settles the issue, proving that the experience is spiritual in nature, and not genuinely extra-terrestrial.

    You can read a synopsis of their research findings on the CE4 Research Group website:
    And their collection of testimonies of former abductees are online to read and listen to here:
    CE4 Research Group – Former Abductee Testimonies

    Or continue to Part 4: “Alien Abductions” Stop in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ

    2) “Alien Abductions” match the abilities of fallen angels as described in the Bible.

    The second point has been elaborated on in detail by researcher Paradox Brown, in her online book, “The Bible Physics and the Abilities of Fallen Angels”. When the biblical accounts of interactions with angels and fallen angels are compared to modern alien abduction case reports, it becomes clear that the abilities of fallen angels as described in the Bible can explain what abductees experience in their encounters. She summarizes,

    “The Bible summarily teaches several things about Visions caused by angels… The Bible teaches that Fallen angels can cause False dreams and False Visions. In False Visions causes by Fallen angels:

    1. A Vision can seem totally real to a single bodily sense (like sight) or to all of the bodily senses, and a person’s self-perception is usually that they are in their body.
    2. A Vision can affect one person or multiple people, though they may perceive it differently
    3. A Vision can occur in a waking state, or in a trance state
    4. A Vision can be causes by a visible angel, or an invisible angel
    5. A Vision can involve some physical effects that remain afterwards, such as objects that remain with a person, and bodily effects, even internal ones.
    6. A Vision can involve manipulation of a person’s perception of time, like an hour in a minute.
    7. A Vision can contain just about any landscape, or any sort of characters, and can seem to involve travel, even though the person doesn’t actually go anywhere
    8. A Vision can seem so real to the bodily senses that it is indistinguishable from reality, even in the case of people who are experienced with Visions, though God knows and can reveal the truth

    … Beyond false messages which fallen angels can communicate in False Visions or dreams, they can also use False Visions and dreams to simply harass and frighten people, to a terrible extent… the Bible teaches that fallen angels can victimize people with their ability to cause dreams and Visions, using these to scare and terrify, even to the point of severe traumatization from them… fallen angels can also cause False Dreams and False Visions to communicate a lying or deceptive message, false information, to a person with the intent that the person might become a false prophet, who shares the false message as truth… after looking at several “alien abduction” cases it seems that the abilities of Fallen angels to cause False Visions (and all that entails) and terrifying dreams, as well as elements of Physical manifestation, are sufficient to explain what abductees experience.”
    -The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels, by Paradox Brown

    Along the same lines, Dr. David Allen Lewis and Robert Shreckhise wrote in the early 90′s

    “The point to all of this is that a spiritual explanation fits entirely with the UFO effects. Beings from a higher dimensional plane than our own, who are able to manipulate energy, could generate an appearance of mass, speed, and physical effects. Given the ability of deceptive manipulation of the minds of people, they could also give an impression of alien entities, actual physical contact, and what their ships look like on the inside. The ability of Satan to manipulate the minds of people, especially those who reject the Creator, is documented not only in the Bible, but in actual case histories.”
    -UFO: End-Time Delusion, by David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise, pg.129

    You can read a detailed Bible study on the abilities of fallen angels, along with a comparison to modern alien abduction case reports, here:

    Part 5: “Alien Abductions” Match the Abilities of Fallen Angels as Described in the Bible

    3) “Aliens” bring primarily deceptive anti-biblical messages, as is reported by abductees and contactees.

    After reading through the documentation of what abductees and contactees report that the “aliens” tell them, it becomes clear that either the aliens are right and they’re telling people the truth, which means that everything the Christian church teaches about God and the Bible is a lie, or the Bible is right, God is true, and the aliens are lying. The aliens’ messages are “concerned primarily” with indoctrinating us to misunderstand, dismiss, and ignore what the Bible actually says about Jesus Christ, The Bible, God, and especially about the Last Days, and to trust in them. To sort of sum it up, let me submit to you the conclusions of some other well-known Christian authors who have studied this same material.

    “An examination of the evidence indicates beyond any doubt that a primary agenda of the alien visitors – whoever or whatever they are – is to change what human beings think about God and His Word (the Bible) and to replace exclusive Christianity with a religion of universalism.”

    -Ron Rhodes “Alien Obsession” -drawing on Bill Alnor PhD’s “UFOs in the New Age”

    “If the alleged messages that contactees are receiving are true, then the Bible is not true. God is not what or who we think He is. Christianity must be radically altered to fit the new paradigm.”
    -David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise “UFO: End Time Delusion” from the Introduction

    Just a little food for thought….

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:


      Thanks for coming back with some details to back up your claims. Well, I’ve researched some more and boy what I’ve found is shocking. This goes beyond any acient aliens. Ancient Aliens theory was actually pushed and FUNDED by the illuminati…so weather true or not, (We can’t know for sure) It’s all still a religion which I am not buying into. I am not buying into ANY Religions what so ever. And sorry to say but Christianity is “Just another evil religion” ….you said you have 100% proof that Aliens are deception end time demons in disguise. Well, I can already see holes in this. You do not have any proof what so ever. These people who had these experiences, who claim their abductions stop in the name of Jesus could of A. Either been paid off to make up these stories (And believe me, this happens ALL THE TIME, people are PAID TO LIE…I am on the other hand am not being paid a cent as there is no money to be made from my statements. I am not selling or promoting anything.) PEople will pay people to promote Jesus, and that is sad. Jesus is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They decoded some illuminiati movies which showed clearly that HEAVEN IS A SLUAGHTER HOUSE!!! I Will post some links to back this up.

      BE VERY CAREFUL CHRISTIANS….If you believe in Jesus, YOU ARE DOOMED. I am not using scare tactics here, I’ll leave the scare tactics to “Jesus” ….Jesus is really just another Criminal who will be defeated in the War. Jesus doesn’t want to save you, he wants to EAT YOU…..He doesn’t love you at all, He absolutely wants to DEVOUR YOUR SOUL…..So, eveything you’ve been told is a lie. If Jesus WERE ACTUALLY A GOOD GUY, he would have never, ever, been allowed to have his name mentioned on Television. The truth is far more complex than some Book can explain to you. Therefore, the bible is NOT the truth. Just because there are some true ideas in it (Just like what you mentioned about the FALSE VISIONS…Now I agree with you about this….But that is what you are doing is mixing truth with lies, just like the bible does) But the false visions are TRUE, I have gotten them before…

      Guess what else is a FALSE VISION? The LIGHT YOU SEE AFTER YOU DIE…is actually a SOUL TRAP! So, everyone…DONT GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT…The light is NOT HEaven, and when you do go into it (This has been verified and 100% proven, NOT from paid SHills, claiming Jesus saved them) when you go into the light, your soul actually goes to the Moon, and prepares for RE-incarnation (or RE-inCARceration!) This is a prison, your body is a prison for your soul. And many are doomed to repeat this trap and they keep feeding their soul energy to theives, forever and ever until they finally figure out the LIGHT IS NOT THE WAY, the light is a trap to lure you in. Don’t fall for it.

      Also another way to explain these people who said their abductions stopped, is that possibly they were telling the truth and were not paid. But even so, this doesnt prove that Jesus is a good guy. Jesus is Evil and therefore he has DECEIVED These people into thinking their abductions have stopped, in the name of Christ, when infact their memories of the abductions have simply been ERASED> They are still being abducted, believe me.

      I will come back with some links later, to back up my claims. This has all been proven. ….Just remember everyone….DO NOT GO TO THE LIGHT AFTER YOU DIE…IT IS A TRAP!!!!!! You’ve been warned.
      Take care.

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      Hello, Hello, Hello

      Have any of you heard of Taanath? Check out her interviews on Youtube. She is an amazing member of the Silver Legion who is an incarnate here on earth (Willingly, not forced into it with her memories erased like most of us) in order to help us humans out. She says they have already destroyed a reptilian, draco cube in the universe, which was another soul trap. She is not lying or making any of this up, she is sincere and is not making any money from her “Campaign” She is simply chose to be here to help out humans and she has ALL OF HER PREVIOUS MEMORIES INTACT from all previous lives. She is an amazing person and one of the only FEW PEOPLE now a days who actually speak UNDILUTED TRUTH.

      Anyways, there is NO NEED TO FEAR ANYTHING. These groups are working to save Humanity…and while we do all need to take our part and contribute here, I think that will happen automatically once the awareness rises more and more…and once the new age is upon us in terms of enlightment for the masses. People need to wake up to what is going on around them. And if you want some refreshing news, just go to Youtube and Check out TAANATH….and THE SILVER LEGION. They are here fighting for us, in this deminsion and the next.

      PS- And don’t worry about “Jesus” ….If he is who he really says he is, then he loves and forviges you no matter WHAT you say or think about him. This means, you Should NOT WORSHIP him because he wouldn’t expect you to worship him. And if he is reptilian then you’re making a big mistake.

      Peace to All. The good times are coming soon.

    • SpiritLady says:

      Ok marina just seen this, I have been away on holiday and am back nw just sorting bookings etc been busy sorry. In answer the type of reading you qre asking for is a psychic reading this involves linking into a sitters aura and getting info to assist with direction. I think that possi lbly you don’t understand how this works as this type of reading does not involve guide communication it is a blending of energy and the use of intuitive power which we all have. Instinct it is often called this is often where you would get a fortune or future. Although I am able to work in this manner I am primarily a Spiritualist. we are working with our guides but also your friends and loved ones in Spirit to prove that life goes on after what we call death here in the physical plane. We are not fortune tellers and I do not predict futures. I have or will.not be testing spirits as we work closely together and in doing so test each other in many ways dai

  54. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    By the way, I dont trust in ANY ALIENS …OR JESUS…It extremely dangerous to trust either one, when infact you have no clue who you are actually WARSHIPPING (Worship=WARship) You can find all the messages and truth you need in codes. PRAY=PREY You are PREY For Jesus to CONSUME. Trust me, the truth is out there but you all need to find it. Don’t ever trust or believe a word you are told, including my own words. Find out for yourself…this is the only way to find the truth is to find it on your own and not believe ANY MAN or ANY GOD, ANY ALIEB or ANY BOOK.


    • Marina says:

      I really applaud your courage to post all these but are you implying that Jesus is a reptilian and not who he really is?

      It has been said many times in the Relevation and Apocalypse, not to mention other visions that people would be greatly deceived and try to discredit bible and its loyal followers,something you do here.

      As for the reptilian/grey agenda, this merely a demonic scapegoat. Satan is already using these demons (reptilians), posing as his alien enemies. At a later stage he will defeat them, masquerading as a member of the Aryan (blonde humanoid) Alien race with some other top ranking demons. He is extremely careful with this tactic and even the elect or the most intelligent (people like you of course) will be deceived. This has to be the biggest deception of all times.

      There are a few sites that claim than Enki/Lucifer/Satan is the true father of humanity and that the false trinity is merely a reptilian conspiracy- your ideas match up with theirs really.

      I used to believe in this crap, like you do now and I was extremely confused. I asked and prayed to both parties to give me an answer- nobody replied at first. Then I felt God’s guidance all the way and that my ideas will lead me to hell if I don’t repent. I didn’t get frightened, I felt God’s spirit inspiring me to accept the truth and encourage others to do so.

      The time is near, and God will make his presence known to each and everyone of us, giving us a chance to repent before it’s too late.

      There will be floods and earthquakes soon, and they will affect nations infested with the sin of abortion, self-obsession and homosexuality.

      We’ll see in time whose right or wrong….I hope we all make the best choice. before it’s too late.

      • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

        Hi Marina,

        Well I think you have it completely backwards. I consider SATAN to be the “Scapegoat” for people to blame their troubles on..when infact it’s not just one guy who’s causing us all these problems. Christianty is just another religion…and there are NO True Religions! They are all based off some kind of truth of course, or else nobody would have believed them at all. So, they have done a good job at fooling you and bringing you back to the wrong side. There would be nothing wrong with you having your own beliefs….if it wasnt for the fact that these are malicious entities trying to take you over with your own fear or emotion. What you believe becomes true to you when you die. If you believe in Heaven, that is what you’ll see…but I can tell you that it is an illusion or “Death” trap or Soul trap, to get you reincarnated and forced back into another body.

        Every being has free will enough, to chose what they want to believe WITHOUT punishment from any god or any being. Therefore, neither Satan, Nor Jesus, Nor God (all 3 who work together) will punish you, or be able to punish you, for making the choice to believe what you wanted to believe. However, you CAN punish yourself and this has also been documented, that after we die, WE ARE THE ONES WHO JUDGE OURSELVES and we are All ONE besides, we all come from the same place. But the dynamo of this universe is War so that was unavoidable.

        Check out TANAATH please on youtube, she is part of the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF PLANETS and THE SILVER LEGION which is protecting Earth, Humanty, along with many other planets and races, from dark forces around this universe. They are doing their best to prevent WW3 from breaking out, as there is nothing more those evil reptilians would love to do than get this war started in full force. So, please everyone, take the time to check out Tanaath and I guarantee you will be hooked. She will answer or explain in detail, things that most people would like to know about this world, or the next dimensions. She is the leader of the Silver Legion and because she was not tricked into being reincarnatated, but rather she WILLINGLY Came back here to Earth to help, now she has ALL Of her previous memories intact from pervious lifetimes, so that she can give accurate advice. There is no way these can be false mmories since she clearly remembers everything from her past, and each life.

        I stand by what I say. It is more dangerous to blindly believe in Jesus as your savior, then it is to simply believe in YOURSELF. You are more likely to go to hell by believing in it, or by feeling guilty, or by manifesting it yourself. You need to know that you are Love and Light and you are not guilty of anything, and it is not OUR(humans) fault that our planet is being destroyed by hostile entities.

        PS- Why would I need “Courage” to “Post” my thoughts? Wouldnt the courage come from actually THINKING this stuff to begin with?

        PSS- To answer your question, yes I am theorizing that Jesus is a Reptilian or a Hostile force…and that is why the illuminati is promoting him so heavily. The illuminati is not your friend. And they are just as much under mind control from the reptilians as any other disinformation agent is. If any promises were made to them, they will not be kept. They are also just scapegoats. Notice scapeGOAT…GOAT is the sign of the Devil…..So the Devil is the ScapeGoat like I said. It’s common sense, you don’t even need to use codes to figure it out.

        • Marina says:

          Sorry, I can’t take seriously someone who associates Jesus with a sausage, just because it’s spelled backwards that way.

          Seriously, what kind of logic is this? If my surname I inherited from my ancestors is “Kcis” does that make me “sick” because when spelled backwards it’s “sick”? give me a break…

          You are doing good for a troller, I must admit- you almost got me fooled.

          • DontbeIgnorant says:

            LMAO!!! Lol well I was kidding about the Sausage. Although it was an example to show that ANYTHING can be true, if you make it that way in your mind. I just came up with that. But I am not joking when I say to check out Tanaath and please listen to the interviews. She is a member of The Silver Legion and she remembers ALL past lives. She WAS a Christian and after she had these visions, she converted to Wiccan. So, her being a Christian, she could not have been targeted for false memories, as your “cop out” tries to say. She is geniune and she has debunked Christianity.

            Tanaath said it best- Anything that tries to promise you Eternal life(Christians), something that you already have, is malicious and is not in your best interested. The whole concept is a reptiod concept. The reptoids maintain the bible, that you so blindly put your trust into. These guys want to ENSLAVE you, NOT Empower you!

            • Marina says:

              Ok, I’ll watch these interviews.
              Do you have any specific evidence other that what this woman claims?

              I’ll present mine as well ( taken from

              “Various high-level Satanists who have escaped from the Illuminati by God’s power were eyewitnesses to Satan appearing at the Rothchilds. They testified they witnessed Satan showing up at the Rothchilds as a very beautiful man who can shape shift, (at times his feet would be cloven hoofs). He wears a black tuxedo to gamble and play cards (winnings are sexual victims) & a white tuxedo when present just to socialize. He can also shape shift into a reptilian. As a sincere researcher, I must report that lots of info about shape shifting reps has confronted me in so many independent places in such a wide variety of historical periods that this bizarre topic must have some importance. I’ve withheld my findings for years, because I feel quite tentative about my results. David Icke gives details of this strange topic & his bold views in The Biggest Secret.” – Fritz Springmeier (Bloodlines of the Illuminati).

              The Reptilians allegedly interbred with humans. The fact that these Reptilians can supposedly interbreed with humans doesn’t make sense. Can humans interbreed with crocodiles? Why then should be believe that it would be possible to breed with a Reptile-like species which evolved on a planet far different from our own? Is it more likely that we would, by pure chance, have the capability to interbreed with this distant biologically far-separate alien species, or is it more probable that these supposed Reptilian aliens are really just role-playing traditional Christian demons, which, as the Bible states, are sexually compatible with humans?

              • DontbeIgnorant says:

                “Can humans interbreed with crocodiles?”

                LOL Marina…That’s a really funny comparison. I would say “No” Humans could not interbreed with Crocs. But anything is certainly possible. I know that getting “Head” from a Croc would be interesting…I can’t imagine what intercourse would be like! LOL

                Ok but in all seriousness, certainly I believe that interspecies mating could result in wierd offspring. Just watch the videos first, or at least one interview and let me know your opinion. I could provide more proof to back them up, but it’s kind of hard to provide proof on a spritual matter. I can assure you that these people are not here to hurt you, because they are not spreading fears (Fear is dangerous, it can manifest into reality) and they are matching up with a lot of the psychic visions I have gotten (And believe me, God is not some Evil bastard like the bible makes him out to be…and there is no devil that gives people false visions either) The false visions are a whole nother topic, but I have gotten plenty of them myself so I know what you’re talking about there. False visions do exist, that is truth, but like any spirtual message, you need to take with a grain of salt, because there ARE GOOD AND EVIL spirits out there, in which the evil ones would surely lie to deceive you. And the good ones are here to guide you. So, don’t just believe ANYTHING you are told and same goes with the bible, as well as my own messages. Just remember, anyone who puts fear into you, is a negative force, and is not to be associated with.

          • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

            Christians, Think about this wisdom for a moment – (And GAZ, you too! You haven’t even bothered to come back
            to try and dunk my argument…and I know you won’t be able to, but at least admit you are wrong and take
            this site down if you can’t back up what you claim with proof!) I’ll show you proof that your
            religion is a scam, just read below…The real life scenarios…and the PROOF comes from your heart.
            (Although they did prove christianty wrong already so really there shouldnt be any argument here, but until
            this scam disappears altogether, there will be believers and people who will be duped. The churches need to
            go and they need to get rid of the religion from television so nobody can have access to it. But of course,
            until the Illuminati(Evil) stops controlling the media, this will not happen. Illuminati/Reptilains created
            all religions, including Christianty)

            But anyway, Imagine a Bum, who does nothing with his life. Maybe he lives at home with mom, maybe
            he lives out on the streets. Imagine all of the couch potatoes who do absolutely nothing with
            their lives, except watch TV or sleep. These people never helped anyone…but then again they NEVER HURT ANYONE
            either….These people may or may not believe in Jesus, but imagine the MANY who
            DONT believe. God is going to punish the shit out of them? Yet they are not bad people at all, nor are they evil.
            Is this really the kind of cruel god that you want to serve? Serve him forveer and ever?
            A god who lies and says he is loving, when his actions clearly show the opposite.
            A good analogy would be comparing God to a Narcissist. They are charming and tell you(lie to you)
            that they love you…but once you see who they REALLY are, you know they are monsters and their abusive and cruel actions
            PROVE IT!

            But back to my story…The poor people who dont do anything with their short lives.
            They are simply poor and never got out, to live life.
            But let’s say, even while being at home all the time, or on the streets, maybe due to money factors,
            that they don’t “sin” in the sense that they are honest, and they dont harm anyone. They don’t Cheat, They don’t Steal
            (That’s why they are broke! The “Government” can steal their money though!) Now, ask yourself…do
            these POOR people deserve eternal suffering? Lol absolutely NOT, its actually the opposite. they deserve to live a LIFE
            full of LIFE and LOVE and being able to experience the many different things the universe has to offer. If you’re
            right and I am wrong here, then I guess we can at least agree if I was god, I’d certainly be a lot more nice
            and forgiving than your god. I would never send anyone to hell…For all the people who don’t believe….too bad
            for you that I am not god. LOL

            Anyway, back to the story….
            These people sadly missed out on life, love and happiness in the current lifetime. And most of them,
            it was NOT THEIR FAULT…and they had no
            control over the situation. (Although according to your religion, your evil GOD DID HAVE CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING!)

            Only in eternal life, can you manage to make this possible to experience all the great things life has to offer. Our short
            lifetimes are not significant enough to matter about anything. If your religion was true, and god was actually loving
            not only would he NOT send us to hell, but also he would have given
            us LONGER…a LOT longer to find our true selves, before he accepts us to Heaven… and not judge us for eternity,
            based on a very short life of ours which is a tiny fragment of “eternity”
            100 years is NOTHING. Believe me. If god were real, this would equate to about 1 MILLI-SECOND to Him!

            If your religion was true, then sadly these poor people would never have this chance to live
            and experience life, as they will be doomed to eternal suffering in hell.
            All because they didn’t believe in Jesus or accept Jesus? And keep in mind, Jesus is A guy they have never met,
            and God knows that these people have never met Jesus and yet
            and God expects you to blindly trust
            strangers? LOL ok, so I guess that’s good advice to give our children. If you agree with your god’s reasoning,
            you might as well recommend that your own kids just jump in the car with anyone who asks you long as they CLAIM
            they are SAVIOR! And if they don’t get into that car,
            they will be grounded and abused for eternity!! LOL LOL LOL

            Let’s forget about all the stuff that PROVED or DISPROVED
            Christianty for a moment and just think about what I am saying with your heart and mind.
            Is this fair? Why would god have set things up like this? He is all powerful
            he surely could have avoided “Good” people going to eternal suffering? But obviously your God is not as “Holy” or
            “powerful” as he acts or else he wouldn’t even think of allowing a poor, harmless person into a terrible,
            evil, awful place like “Hell”

            What are your thoughts on this? Any Christian out there, please respond. This is not limited just towards Marina.
            This is real life, there really are tons of people who do nothing except sit at home.
            And many dont believe in Jesus, so do you really think God is REAL for damning harmless people? (Keep it Real God! lol)
            Just use your heart for this one, and forget everything youve been told for a moment! And let me know your response.
            Then I think we can agree together, that your god, and your religion is WRONG and our HEARTS TOLD US SO!


            Basically my advice to all christians is to stop making excuses for your “fake and evil” god, and start thinking
            for yourselves, using your own, heart and body and mind. I mean, the REAL god gave you your heart, body and mind!
            So, don’t deny it just because some “Book” written by MAN told you to!! Very dangerous to listen to MAN over your HEART.
            And Christians are listneing to MAN and NOT their HEARTS.

            Point Proved.

  55. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    Jesus spelled backwards= Susej which sounds like Sausage…..Sausage is very yummy meat…Jesus wants to consume your soul like Sausage. Lol but no, this isn’t really a laughing matter.

  56. DontbeIgnorant says:

    So the REAL Trolls here are the ones who wrote the Bible, and all you Christians are doing by spreading this fear mongering, is doing the work of the devil himself. (Even though, again the devil himself is only scapegoat, I am using that phrase to make this conversation easier to are infact doing the work of the reptilians and they are of the dark forces) WAKE UP MARINA!!

  57. DontbeIgnorant says:

    Also you mentioned David Icke. He is just another Fear Mongerer working for the Kabal. He is the one who is to distill fear and hopelessness in the minds of the people “looking for the truth”
    They have all sides covered…except they dont realize they are outnumbered.

  58. DontbeIgnorant says:

    Also you have to understand, as do all Christians, that the BIBLE WAS WRITTEN BY THE REPTILIANS (The enemy of humans, the guys who took us hostage and enslaved US and OUR PLANET) So it was set up perfectly to fool and trap people into thinking it must be true, because a lot of it matches up. When infact, it was a clever conspiracy between the reptilians to enslave the masses. That is why they had all sides covered. They are able to go into past present and future. Keep that in mind. So, they knew already about our saviors so they in turn, in advance, dubunked them as demons in the bible…DO NOT TRUST IN THE BIBLE PEOPLE!!! Please do not, for our own sake!!!! Use your HEART and BEST JUDGEMENT within you to find “God” ;…God is not some jealous maniac…believe me!!!

  59. Marina says:

    I must admit, your ideas are interesting and thoughtful but my instinct tells me otherwise. As I said before I knew already all this stuff you have told me here (reptilians, galactic federation, aliens). But I never felt secure, or that I found the truth.I was more confused and paranoid as ever and nothing compared to the peace and love I felt when I believed wholeheartedly to the Christian God. But again, this is just my personal experience. I’m not that close-minded to reject anything presented to me because I was raised to believe that way, but as I said before something feels wrong.

    A famous indigo adult and researcher from Greece (Toulatos) told in one of his speeches that “truth” has a certain etheric frequency. When we are given the truth we react in different ways (some accept it, others reject it) but they ALL know in their hearts and minds that this is the undeniable truth. Lies can be presented as truth and they may deceive many but they will sooner or later find out the truth. The truth is never really suppressed, it will always come out in the end I no matter how many dark forces try to destroy it.

    I have also spoken with various occultists and spirit summoners who go as far to summon Goetic and other demonic spirits. Some describe their appearance as aliens of certain races like the grays and reptilians which is quite interesting. Most of the descriptions agree with other summoners. So here we have two main possibilities 1.) The Goetic spirits are really entities from another alien dimension with the ability to shapeshift 2.) The Goetic spirits are the fallen angels of the bible, masquerading as Aliens to deceive the summoners and people in general.

    I have also researched accounts of people who escaped the Illuminati and masonic lodges but they all agree in one thing: They DO NOT TALK ABOUT ALIENS. They all talk about a powerful being with attractive facade who can shape-shift in any form and gives them instructions on how to rule the world. I can provide references if yo want…

    You have said that you saw God in one of your visions. How can you be so sure that a evil spirit is not deceiving you, posing as God to distract you from the truth? You already said yourself that visions can be fake.

    • DontbeIgnorant says:

      Wow Marina, your first paragraph sounds EXACTLY how I would explain my experience with
      Christianty. I tried to study and believe in it, but it simply never set “Right” with me.
      I felt like it was just too ILLOGICAL and too many questions and empty feelings were left
      unanswered. I even asked Jesus into my life at one point, as well as Yashua and Yahweh names.
      None of it worked for me. Nobody Holy ever came into my life, except for myself. And my same
      holy self, never once left me feeling that I’d go to hell for simply questioning the unknown.
      I finally reazlied that the whole thing was a HUGE SCAM, and a dangerous scam at that. I
      am surprised the LOGICAL and SANE and Rational explantions that Tanaath talks about with
      her past lifes, doesnt set right with you. Maybe it’s still that Fear lingering from within
      because you’ve been reading the bible too much or whatever. The bible, if true, would be
      one of the sickest and most scariest/boring as well as confusing Books ever written. It has
      many different authors, none of which is the word of God. You are trusting in the wrong thing
      Marina. But please keep and open mind, and find your path. I can see that at least you admit you
      could be wrong. I have to say though, in my case I know for 100% I am right here, even though
      no one is perfect, I know for 100% through my heart, body and mind, that Heaven and HEll are NOT
      real, and after we die, we simply move on to the next life, but we keep the same soul and spirit.
      So, if you are evil here on earth when you are alive physically, you will die as an evil spirit.
      3d earth is a place to do some groundwork to prepare for the next level of life, which is coming
      soon, according to these people.

      As for your question, in your last paragraph about how I know if my visions are real…I don’t
      until they come true or false. I dont recall seeing “GOD” in a vision, because ALL THAT “GOD” is, IS ALL OF US. So, “God” is not one being or one entity. There is no “One God” But a “God ONE” If that makes any sense.

      Thing I do KNOW in my heart, (and anyone can understand this)
      is that GOD, as portrayed in the bible, IS FALSE. There is no argument here, as this is HEART
      FELT and so I wish you the best and also to everyone else here. Please, do not fear god anyone.
      God is not someone who thinks or punishes. He is all of us together as ONE.

      ps- I know Tanaath and these other people who she speaks with, are not getting false visions because she remembers details about everything regarding all kinds of stuff. There is no way the Devil, if he existed, would be able to give so many people that kind of IN DEPTH information, simply from visions. These are real EXPEREINCES that these people have had, during past lives. Everything they say makes perfect sense, but the bible does not make sense. That is why I am surprised that you are saying the Bible set right with you, but the Aliens did not.

      The truly open minded people who havent made up there minds yet, at least admit that they could be fallen angels OR Aliens. It just depends on the way you look at it. The truth is, GOD DOES NOT JUDGE US, (Remember a single “God” does not exist!) WE ARE GOD and WE JUDGE OURSELVES….Just remember that because that is the 100% truth. Ask anyone who has been to the other side, or ask any person with wisdom and they will tell you the same thing. It’s common sense to us…but I guess it’s not common sense to Christians…which is sad.

  60. DontbeIgnorant says:

    Marina, here is another way to look at this-

    OK, Imagine what I said about the Bible being WRITTEN by the REPTOIDS, to be true for a moment. Now also take into fact that the REPTOIDS are the DEMONS that the bible speaks about! They wrote a book about themselves and their own deceptions! So, in short, to keep it simple to YOUR belifes, SATAN IS THE ONE WHO WROTE THE BIBLE….Ok? Focus on that here for a moment, so I can show you exactly how you’ve been deceived, in the very manner that you thought OTHER were deceived!

    So, the “Devil” wrote the bible (And yes this is pretty much truth, Retoids could be considered to be “Devils” as hey are evil and from the dark forces) So, now you have to see that you are the one taking in and soaking up the devil’s lies and deceptions. The bible is the single tool that is used to deceive you. So, these devils were clever, so they throw in the stroy in there, to keep you brainwashed even more, about how the OTHER people who DONT beleive in the bible will get false, deception from the devil. And it worked! That is why you are so sure that we are wrong, and that you are right. When infact, it is the opposite. The false deceptions come from the devil, when you read the devils WORDS. The words in the bible are NOT that of God. So, they had all bases covered. They wrote this book, knowing in advance, what would happen in the future (Remember they are interdimension, these demonic reptoids are) and they knew that the clear minded people who were not blinded by fear, would see who GOD truly IS (and that is all of us together…God is everything…he is not limited, as the bible makes it out to be…..actually we shouldnt call God a “he” since again, GOD IS EVERYTHING)

    But I hope you can see now, how you’ve been duped and how it actually works the opposite of what the bible says. The people reading the bible are the ones being deceived and the people who think for themselves are the ones who are coming to a common, collective truth. And the truth is, we are all ETERNAL and don’t let any reptoid convince you that you need to be a Robot to find eternal life. That is all a bunch of Bull. And you know very well, that it is a robotic concept to force people to believe in something that they simply don’t believe in. We all have our own minds and beliefs. That is why I am not threatneing you with anything here, for simply not agreeing or believing what I do. But I am just trying to help save you from a life of Evil. I know I got really bad feelings and vibes from the bible. I just wish others were as psychicly aware as I am. The bible will not lead you anywhere good, trust me. Nor will Jesus. You have to lead yourself, so everyone who is reading the bible, should STOP NOW, it was NOT WRITTEN BY GOD, you’re being DUPED.

    • Brittany Acker says:

      So.. a few months ago, I was very adamant about the Indigo Children concept being a good thing, and I was challenged by a Christian using verses from the Bible.. and I want to say that I am currently nearly finished with the Old testament.. and I find that I actually agree with the person who challenged me. I have always felt a connection to the God of my understanding but reading the Bible took it to another level. That book is absolutely indescribably amazing. It’ll change your life if you actually read it and take the time to understand it. Before, I thought I knew enough about the Bible to have an opinion.. saying things similar to most people that the Bible was written by man and so on.. but seriously.. if you haven’t taken the time to read the book from the beginning onward, I feel that your opinion on it is actually invalid. Mine was. And I can tell you that I am absolutely certain that Jesus is the son of God and that God is very real.. not because I was taught to think that, but because He responds to me. If you or anyone wants to question his existence, I suggest you bring it up with Him, himself, rather than relying on any human ‘research.’ I would never trust a human being to tell me if God is real or not because He already answered that for me. Don’t hate on people who found Him, because someday, you might find Him, yourself. But that’s between you and Him.

      • DontbeIgnorant says:

        Lol Brittany, I am not hating on God. And you refer to God as “Him” But I am sorry God is not a “him”. And I am not denying that Jesus spoke to you. It’s certainly possible to speak or channel with dead spirits. Jesus is not alive any longer, and he is not God. That is where you are going wrong. And the bible does have the power to make people think God exists, when infact there is no single “God” as I’ve explained to all of you. And you’ll also believe all of the dangerous LIES in the bible, which were written by reptilians. This is why people need to KNOW that the bible is NOT the word of God. Not even close. But it is the word of “beings” and negative entities who WISH They were god. These reptilians at one point even thought they were god. But they will be defeated. And all humans have some reptilian genes, but that doesnt make us evil. We were enslaved by Evil and luckily there are good forces out there to protect us.


        Peace and Love to all

        • Brittany Acker says:

          Hun, YOU have been deceived.

          • SpiritLady says:

            Never a dull moment here at New age deception lol.. its certainly filling my email inbox. Interesting views tho

          • DontbeIgnorant says:

            Brittney, I tried posting this yesterday but I got cut off. Again, please check out Tanaath before you blindly believe what the bible tells you. There is no possible way she could be deceived, because she remembers all of her past lives (unlike me and you, who were DUPED to come here and reincarnate on Earth)

            Oh and I did try talking to Jesus myself at points in my life. He never answered. So, he doesn’t talk with everyone. I am glad now that he didn’t answer because I found out the bible is full of Lies. Just finding ONE lie in the bible is enough to take it and throw it in the trash. But we have found TONS of lies in there, as well as we have proved it wrong entirely. There is no one “God”

            Anyway, that is why I have not, and will not ever read anymore of the bible, unless it’s just silly quotes that people post here on the internet.

  61. DontbeIgnorant says:

    One more thing- Brittney, If I have been deceived, as you say, can you please tell your God to go Fuck Off? I don’t like a “God” who allows his children to be deceived by his other children. Especially the ones who look for the truth and question everything like I do. Tell you god to go screw himself, for supporting stupidity. If you BLINDLY believe in the bible, and discredit everything your friends and brothers say, THEN you get your spot in “Heaven” LOL….Well it’s not really a laughing matter as Heaven is actually HELL. If you believe in Jesus, normally you end up back here on this planet (This Planet is Hell right now because of the dark forces that invaded) There is no actual “Hell” as the bible describes…but there is this prison planet that we’re currently trapped in the endless reincarnation cycle. The reason it’s best not to believe in Religions, is because these evil “beings” use it against you once you perish from this physical body, you will hallucinate a bright white light, (or whatever religion you believed in) and from there, you are tricked and duped into getting your memories erased and coming back to Planet Earth. What a SCAM and a HUGE waste of time!!!

    Just keep an open mind Brittany and always question everything. If you do not, you will end up in a very bad spot. It’s just a good thing we have people protecting us and destroying these reincarnation traps that are in space. So, I think you will be OK either way..but if it weren’t for groups like The Silver Legion, you would be screwed. So, at least check them out and give them the time of the day. They are not bad people. Lol they are helping to save Humanity. Does that sound like something that came from the devil? Or do the EVIL Threats in the bible sound like something that came from the devil? USE YOUR HEART HERE AND YOU’LL EASILY SEE THE TRUTH.

  62. DontbeIgnorant says:

    The Truth=

    Silver Legion=People trying to save Humanty=GOOD
    God=Word of God=Bible=Death Threats=EVIL

  63. Marina says:

    Hello Dont be ignorant.

    You said you have contacted Jesus many times but he didn’t respond. Did you really pray with all your heart that he reaches you? how many times? did you go to church? were you good and positive enough or screamed his name in vain just to test if he is real?

    I know that my argument (which i mentioned earlier in another post) sounds childish but let’s say you are right and I’m wrong. The only thing that I have to loose is my soul being devoured by reptoids and forced to reincarnate again with no memories of my previous life. This is way better than eternal torture, right?. But if I’m right and you are wrong, your beliefs will have eternal consequences (not to mention the other people you had led there with your beliefs when the followed you).
    I know, I shouldn’t give in to fear but I on the other hand, I don’t want to risk it. I also feel peaceful believing in the concept of the Christian God, it’s not just “fear”, I can’t properly describe it but I feel secure knowing that there is a benevolent -yet just-God who created me and loves me, I cannot prove his existence but I can feel his presence personally.

    The belief that we all reincarnate or stay in another dimension clashes with my own code of ethics. I cannot accept the idea that good people and bad people are equal and all have the same afterlife fate, it’s not fair and will never be.

    Anyway, your arguments have succeeded to make me doubt a bit, but still something is off and I’m not yet being convinced 100% about your point of view. It’s not that I’m biased,I’m just feeling something is too far fetched with all this kind of stuff.

    • DontbeIgnorant says:

      Hi Marina,

      Well, if you were right and I was wrong, then yes I agree the punishment of eternal hell would be worse than reincarnating. I’m just thankful that I’m not wrong here. I don’t claim to be perfect but this is just one of those truths I found in my heart. I’ve seen too many things to debunk Christianty as well, and I’ve personally proved it wrong (At least to myself I have) If I thought there was even a 1 in a Trillion chance I was wrong, I’d be scared. But I know 100% I am correct, luckily you can get the full truth from your heart in some cases and this is one of them. It’s a feeling, that once you feel, you will know it cannot possibly be false or deceiving. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s about as real as you get for living here in this 3D Earth realm.

      As for asking Jesus, I tried it several times and I just figured he doesn’t answer everyone, so I didn’t give up on him right away, I went a while and really never thought about it too much after that but he never did show any signs of himself unfortunately. But I found out later than the whole religion was created by Reptoids, and reptoids are known to be evil, so I guess it doesn’t matter much now. I wish we did have a saviour, that would be cool, but unfortunately the reality is we do not. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t groups working to protect us still. And I do thank “God” for that.

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      One more thing about my point that you SHOULD NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS AS SAVIOR,
      is that, I know I am 100% correct here, so there is 0% risk of Hell, however if you DO believe in it, you have 100% certainty of going to Hell, to experience pain and suffering, here on earth just as we do now. So you MUST NOT BELIEVE if you wish to save yourself from this “trap” If you continue to believe, out of fear of hell, you will continue to be trapped and never free. You have to free yourself sooner or later, and that starts with finding the truth, wisdom and courage from within you to question everything that you are told. Including Fools who like to write silly books and claim they are god.

  64. Jack says:

    So everyone here has an Idea on the things important right? I imagine that if we are all indigo children we all have the same idea of what I am talking about?

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      I know what you’re talking about… The IMPORTANT things….LOVE! Is that it? If so, then yes, we’re on the same level. Love is the most highest emotion you can experience here. I love it. Lol Hate is also important though as it was the mirror image of love. However, we did not need the Hate to be so extreme as it is now, that is where things went wrong. Balance is always good here in the 3D

  65. Paracelsus says:

    For everyone in here, I follow Lucifer – not the “devil” you christians so like to say – but the Lightbringer. I follow him because I’m a rebel.
    “Why?”, you ask yourselves, “Why a man should follow the path of the ‘enemy’?”
    Simple, because he (Lucifer) “rebelled” for his love of mankind, receiving the domain of Eden. He saw that a great evil will come in the future, and for this, he received permission from God to give to mankind the knowledge of good and evil to better prepare ourselves against the great evil that reveled, in time, to be his own servants: the Archdukes, the true traitors of the called “Great Experiment”, where Lucifer, with autorization of God, received the domain of Eden to create a inteligent species with MAXIMUM SPIRITUAL CONCIOUSNESS AND POWER – also known as the “Babel Plan”. Unfortunately, his Archdukes, jealous of the human power and afraid to become servants in place of lords of mankind, created a plan that, in time, destroyed the process that could give to mankind our maximum potential: the Nephelim, a abomination made of a rape (no other term is used to define this) of a traitor and a mortal woman. These “beings” were created with a simple purpose, to control and enslave mankind, not only physicaly but spiritualy, and destroyed our benevolent teachers and caretakers.
    Lucifer, in his grief after discovering the treason, used his sword of fire to make battle against, until that time, were his most closest followers and advisors. The battle were so titanic in proportion that mankind, in fear, closed his third eye, losing the connection to the spiritual world. Lucifer was victorious, condemning the traitors to be imprisioned into the dephts of the earth.
    Unfortunately, Lucifer could not unmade what was done: the “Great Experiment” was lost, and Eden was destroyed.
    But Lucifer Morningstar, the Light of Hope, knew that if he have patience, the “Great Experiment” could be remade again, but, of course, with him alone, it would take time.
    Now, the “Great Experiment” are, after millenia of wait and preparation, begining to bear fruits – mankind are become aware of its true, INFINTE SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL. But there are others – the ones who follow the Traitors – who, in their insanity, still wish command and control over mankind and suck them dry of his spiritual power and do the greatest abomination: transform our world, the last pieces of Eden in a place who only could come from the mind of a derranged monster.
    But Lucifer are still guiding us, even alone, against the forces of darkness, ignorance and despair.

    • DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

      That’s a nice STORY…but it’s not true. Keep looking and you’ll find that Lucifer and God are make believe characters. God is just a Super Psycho playing the part of god. And Lucifer is playing the part of Enki, Satan or whoever. There is NO GOD AS STATED IN THE BIBLE, AS IF THERE WERE A SUPER NATURAL, GOOD BEING LIKE THAT, WE WOULD ALL BE SAVED RIGHT NOW.

    • Marina says:

      Very interesting story and I truly believe in an entity called Lucifer.

      The fact that Lucifer and his legions decided to “liberate humanity” now but didn’t do so thousands of years before doesn’t tell you something?

      If so called “magnum opus” and human immortality are achievable, then why no human being and especially satanist hasn’t reached there yet? (They all die eventually at a relatively young age). That is a sure indicator that Lucifer is a liar…

      Lucifer will always be No2 but I see why you are worshiping him.
      You think the emperor has put his best clothes, but in reality he is naked. He mixes lies with the truth so you will believe his lies and fully embrace them as truths that “supposedly” are for the benefit of mankind.

      You have my prayers… I see you are a good person but you are being deceived!

  66. DontBeIgnorantWEAREGODandweCANLOVEandstopTHERape says:

    There are Mini Gods…which do exist…and are much higher than us humans are…However, they still do not have the power to save us from ourselves. We need to take some part in that.

  67. Nope says:

    WOW! Are you stupid. Seriously?? Is this still the crusades?? Modernize to this day and age you uneducated twat. Not liking authority has nothing to do with it, it’s not liking authority telling us what we can do and can’t do without a real reason besides ‘cuz I said so’ Indigos are not demonic and are not evil. Your head is still in the typical one track mind way of thinking where you see these powerful people as a threat. Because they have more mental ability than you. That MUST mean their possesed or demons. LMAO talk about the Salem witch Trials all over again. You dumb people who believe everything your told. SMH

  68. Jack says:

    I am creating a science project, I have a feeling his one will get an F but the F will give a compelling metaphor.


    The animals understanding of life, how existence is not relative to how you see it.

    is a rat able to see our reality, and if the rat can not see it, is it real.

    Hypothesis;I believe that the rat will be able to distinguish between reality and other wise.

    ~Items needed~

    1~ a phone

    2~ a rat

    3~ a cage and food for the rat

    The project steps (presentation wise)

    Step one~look at phone and call it a phone.

    Step two~ put phone in cage with rat.

    Step three~ call phone

    Step four~ yell at rat to answer the phone.

  69. Dennis says:

    My God, you are extremely delusional. A so called ‘Christian’ who knows how things work, but in reality you haven’t got a clue as to how things really work. You just parrot whatever you hear without knowing the first thing about it. You can’t even call yourself a Christian because you have no clue what Jesus’ message really was all about. Wake up dude! Heaven is not something you need to deserve nor is God something seperate from you. It is all here, now. And Indigo children are a real phenomenon, and they are NOT demonically oppressed. How can you even believe such bullshit? I know why you believe this crap, you believe too much. Believing is stopping you from actually experiencing, and seeing what’s REALLY going on. Perhaps one day you’ll see, I sincerely hope so.

    • Marina says:

      “Christian” people mocking others in the name of freedom and modernization of traditional christian values are a sign of our time prophesized by many visionaries (take Maria divine mercy for example).

      I can’t even count how many times I heard this phrases:
      “All sins are forgiven automatically” , “You are close minded” , “There is no Devil” , “God doesn’t judge us” “All people go to Heaven” “We are GODS” , “There is no HELL” which are merely new age/satanic beliefs disguised in a veil of goodness to appeal to weak-minded and luke-warm God believers.

      The truth is hard to swallow and it’s not accepted by many….I hope and pray they’ll realize their errors and seek salvation before it’s too late.

  70. Jack says:

    I really hate everyone on this website…… Everything with them is between, I hope you realize and I hope you know. It seems pretty much like blind mice fighting each other with out seeing each other……..

    • Marina says:

      Actually you are right in the sense that nobody here is perfect and we shouldn’t fight each other. But “hate” is a strong word…if you”hate” the discussion you can go somewhere else. We are not “fighting each other” we just disagree in some points…

      • Jack says:

        You are disagreeing with everything each of you say, in some form of showing off ego, I hate the ego in these conversations, not the fact that you are arguing.

        • SpiritLady says:

          I have to say I have been watching this everytime it comes up in my email inbox and have not got involved because I have noticed little scope for sensible discussion recently. Its rather like everyone shouting from their own soapbox.. Not for me sorry… Plus Mr Parker seems to have eluded us to make posts about 666 symbolism on Marmite packets so there is no order just argument and I find that most frustrating. I am happy to discuss any bodys views in relation to my own..

        • Marina says:

          I do not disagree with the main author of the site, nor the true bible believers that state their views here. And I deeply apologize if I come across as egomaniac but this is not my intention. I consider all the people here as good and intelligent irrespective of what beliefs they have regarding the subject. Each has a very interesting thing to say and all arguments are appreciated.

        • Jack says:

          You don’t seem to understand the main Point of my statement……. I am not saying that these people;everyone in this site, seems to be arguing with such an ego that makes a sort of blind mouse effect, of 2 people thinking blindly about their own subject when they seem to not have reflected upon the other subjects that others are bringing up, which leads to horribly dull minded conversations of me knowing all about this and you knowing nothing….

  71. Cheyenne says:

    Indigo children and their ways of spiritualism are nothing to look down on. The new age is amazing and we are going to change this world, that is in turmoil, for the better. Christians need to open their closed eyes and realize christ was an indigo child as well and he is who set this example for all of us to follow in his footsteps. Indigos are anything but anti-christs, I am an indigo who truly appreciates his existance. No matter what you believe in, it is all the same thing.. Just a different “chapter of the book”. All the good people in this world need to put all of their beliefs aside and figure out THE TRUTH. By becoming more spiritual and opening your third eyes the truth will be as clear as day. Those who argue or cause war over religion are to be helped, those who do not believe in anything need to be helped, and I will pray for you. Namaste, Amen, Peace love & happiness.

    • SpiritLady says:

      Agree huni God Bless you xx It is a case of looking for the truth in our indiviual journeys and walks with Spirit, and working out what will take us to the highest and brightest place. 🙂

  72. SpiritLady says:

    We are each responsible for our own destiny and with the help of God and realising this we can go on.. We need the love of each other and of Spirit every day

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  74. Just because you want to be psychic doesn’t mean you are, and just because you can’t hear god, doesn’t mean god’s not trying to talk to you.

  75. Tim says:

    Listen to this dude Gaz, he knows what he’s talking about, although he doesn’t use elaborate and convincing words to drive his point home like a lot of people with indigo capabilities do… but he’s 100% legit

    I myself am an indigo, and God has tried to show me that this ‘thing’ (attitude, capabilities), isn’t from Him for a while now… until i read this post.. heck, right after I’d read this post, some of the evil spirit associated with the indigo came out of my body… Thank You for your ministry Gaz…!

  76. J says:

    Not all want to become gods I’m an indigo child and possess psychic abilities and I read the bible I believe in God but not religion ….

    • Anon says:

      Spot on. I’ve recently come to terms with my abilities and since I’ve been getting many signs from “god” or the universe. The problem is trying to explain to my friends that I’m not Christian, I just know, you know?

  77. Anon says:

    I am an Indigo child and I can tell you that we are a literal god sends. We are here for a reason and we only want to help. I have had a few demon encounters in which I was given an option to join them, but I know better. I’m here to help, and god is on my side.

  78. trinity says:

    That is true I just read on wikipidia about indigo children because my friend all of a sudden started talking about this stuff. I looked at her funny cuz it sound like something Oprah had talked about plus indigo children sounds like many other religions but she’s convinced that it’s not a religion and everytime I mentioned about god-I got shut down. Told I was labeling and being closed minded. :/plus when I mentioned the church I got shot down this indigo thing is hard wired shut. No freedom to express my own bebelief. I try to be “open minded” but since when is having a religion about hippies OK? I can be a hippie minus the brain washing. Sorry about the rant.. I just now realized why shows like the Aquarius are on TV now.

  79. Andrew Phillips says:

    I don’t know you or Waz or Andrew but I know God and have since Birth. You can believe or not but trust that there are eternal truths guiding me and others like me. Release yourself from Concepts and go within for His wisdom. I can say that 99% of the world doesn’t know who or what God really is (I Am), nor how to address him and utilize the consciousness that we exist I’m and from. God us the source and we are slices of Him. I can tell you that I am a shamin and was in a past life. I am indigo if you prefer labels and being so is very much real, an eternal truth. No worries to those with doubts. The cycle of greed and self, money and possessions ended and the cycle of enlightenment and love, of knowing our true selves is here. God has allowed for disbelief and I’d be happy to explain further. I’m happy to explain the gap between evolution and the Bible as well. God is real, God is you! Love to all. We will rise!

  80. Ashley E. Herrick says:

    The Bible contains only truth and no lies, despite the demons I may have. God is not Lucifer, and Lucifer is not God. Lucifer is UNHOLY, despite what the demon or demons I have tell me.

  81. Pingback: 10 Bizarre Aspects Of The Indigo Children Movement | AbcNewsInsider #1 sources for news

  82. J says:

    Heh. I can confess I saw myself as an indigo child/starseed and had pshycic abilities… But one day I got so overwhelmed by feeling too much other peoples feelings and thoughts so I broke down and quite randombly started to beg for forgiveness. Then Jesus showed me what these things are really about. They are demonic, the end. They are…. And I was deceived… This is quite serious thing what is going on… that new age is just eating young souls, who are broken .. by saying they are something special. Uh oh… pride pride pride…. it goes all back to pride, wanting to be something special…. and usually it starts with broken feelings, that seek to be filled.

    Also… Jesus showed me in a dream how those indigo and lightworker things really work. He literally showed me that while those lightworkers (all those new-agers) are “channeling” etc, there is actually a demon who is possessing them and making a false-light around them. Then the person is lost in this “energy” and they dont even question that what if it is not theirs and what if someone is deceiving them. Because there is …. I clearly saw it and I clearly know I was deceived myself. And then that demon, who is deceiving them, they cant sense him as evil, because he disguises himself as good and light …. But inside he is completely and deeply disgusted with that person who he is deceiving. Demons hate people. But they do what they do … just do get what they want – souls!

    I feel sorry for new age believers… They think they are on the right path. But the truth is that even satan himself diguises as an angel of light. Ofcourse you are pshycic and you channel and you read thoughts and get information, but …. the truth is you get it from the dark side and the dark side presents itself as light. 😦 They stimulate their ego’s and pride (that have got hurt in the past) and they use MK-ultra. First they break their self-image (or poison their unconscious) and then offer a solution. New age is kind of all about mk-ultra.

    And of course you had a past life and you remember it…. but only because demon gave you this information. There is no reincarnation. This is really dangerous thing to believe in. Very demonic. 😦

    Ahhhh.. All of this is really really serious and wrong. If anyone is reading my comment and is into new age, then I just really wish you would stop… just to consider the possibility that new age is a trap, because if in the end (when it is too late) you find out that you were deceived, was it really worth it?

    I could go on with this topic. Jesus has showed me how this lie works, because I was in that lie. He took me out of it. And I was never a believer before…

    God cares about your soul… Take time to figure out the truth.
    Sorry, my english is bad. 😀 But I felt like sharing my experience with new age, that turned out to be demonic. I just reallllllyy reallly hope someone would stop and reconsider the true reality.
    God blessss ya’lll.

    • NightmarePersonalityDisorder says:

      See it’s comments like this that boggle my mind. First off, how do you KNOW it’s not Jesus who is deceiving you? And that the indigos are actually good, and not demonic? How do you know that Jesus isn’t the demon? YOu just opened up your heart to an unknown entitiy, claiming itself to be god, with no actual proof. And then you go and blindly trust what it (or he) tells you. That to me, is insane. To believe in an evil god, who allows poor little children to be deceived by the devil. What kind of “god” is that, to allow poor children to lose their soul over something they had no control of. If anyone here really wants to spend eternity with a god like that…then all I can say is Have fun. You religious people are the ones who are deceived. Bottom line, it’s plain as day for anyone who is awake and not under possession to see. You are possessed now, J, I hate to say it but you allowed this jesus (Hey ZUES) entity to come into your mind and heart and now it’s deceived you as to what the true light is. The true light can only come from within us. Period. COmmon sense will tell anyone to avoid a dangerous god who allows his children to have their souls stolen by some devil. Either god is powerless to stop it, or extremely cruel to let it happen. Either way, that is NOT god.

      • bubbles says:

        Eternal life offered to us by Jesus Christ through His blood sacrifice is firstly a GIFT and secondly a CHOICE. Jesus Christ didn’t have to die for us to redeem us from our sins; but He CHOSE to leave his kingly throne in heaven and lay His life for us. So, you say God is evil to allow his children to be attacked by demons but then again He has fully equipped you to conquer all kinds of devils and demonic spirits. If only YOU would just READ His Word and FIND OUT how He has!!!!! We have all sinned against God and the wages of sin is DEATH. It’s the only way you can make amends with God. With YOUR Life. But the God who you say is “evil” came and provided a life which was BLAMELESS and INNOCENT to take the
        fall for YOU and YOUR mistakes. JESUS CHRIST came and took the fall!!! God gave away His ONLY Son to take away the sins of all the people who have EVER lived on this planet and then you call Him “evil”?!! Shame on you.
        Consider this: if you feel this FREE GIFT of salvation through Jesus Christ is too good for you and you can pay for your sins in a better way GO AHEAD. It is a CHOICE. You will pay accordingly with your life in Hell FOREVER as you should have but through God’s unmerited and undeserved favor on your life another way was made for you which was easy and light.
        God is not mocked people. Whatever a man sows that he shall reap. I pray that you consider your soul of more value than you do now. The only person who can save it is Jesus Christ who you say you cannot trust……..

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  84. Taylor says:

    Have you considered the person really is an indigo here to lead others to enlightenment, but somehow became possessed, highly likely due to him being so bright he attracts dark evil. Hes living a spiritual battle daily.

    • Taylor says:

      I’m speaking from much experience w a person like this. Also being sensitive to things unknown helps recognize these ppl, I was fooled hard, her saw signs I ignored though, youll know. This one tried to take my soul my light, he was the brightest one.but it was a trick. Its out of this world. But third level of possession w gifts, very dangerous combo.I have gifts too, but I’m a crystal child, I don’t see myself as special or entitled. Im here to usher in the new enlightened world, and its a battle for me too, but I do not succumb to evil. I fight the good fight and when I fail its heartbreaking. I’m a humanitarian. And ppl are not always kind, some give up on humanity. My mom is very sensitive, extremely

  85. Maria says:

    Hi there, I would love to talk to you in regards to your article.

  86. Portia says:

    I reject the New Aged view of indigo children, however, as a believer in Christ I am also indigo and am saying that this movement totally misinterprets the meaning of indigo. Please ask the Holy Spirit of Wisdom to guide you when writing these articles. Ask the Holy Spirit what is the real meaning of indigo children and you’ll be surprised. As an indigo I do manifest psychic phenomenon and knowledge of the Ruach Olam, its not occult, its just you operate at a different (or higher) dimension in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, some indigo’s do dabble in the occult at times (I DON’T). This article is not entirely lead by the Ruach Ha-Emet (Spirit of Truth). As in everything else when Satan shanghai’s Gods truth it gets a bad name!

  87. stacy says:

    1947 was the year of the Roswell crash and when Israel was formed. A year later in 1948, a genetic bloodline study was started in Britain to locate gifted children to be used for espionage by the intelligence community. This was called ‘Project Anvil’ but changed its name to ‘Project Oaktree’ in the 1950’s. Oaktree was under the command of the NSA by this time and was being run from Harwell genetics laboratories in Oxfordshire.

    Project Oaktree was actually set up to locate the descendants of the ‘Tribe of Dan,’ which is the so-called ‘Lost Tribe of Israel’. These middle-eastern people were of white skin, and the descendants are not actually lost but kept secret

    The Tribe of Dan travelled from Dan (‘Kaish’ in Hebrew) just below Mt Hermon and went up into Greece around the time of the Exodus. In Greece, they were known as the Spartans. From Greece they travelled to France where they were the Merovingian Priest-Kings and other French Royal lines. From France they travelled to Scotland, Ireland and America. They were known as the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ in Ireland and Celtic clans, such as the ‘Campbells’ in Scotland

    The Lost Tribe of Dan is an advanced race of warriors and sorcerers and can harness electromagnetic energy, originally sourced from Atlantis

    This is a very holy bloodline with powerful PSI abilities. The Luciferian religions believe that by abusing children and people of this bloodline, they are directly attacking God.

    these people are mainly of Celtic/blue blood (aristocratic) genetics **Indigo children are usually born into Rh negative bloodlines, even if they are Rh pos usually one of their parents is Rh neg or carries it recessively**

    Individuals of Celtic blue blood lines have an RH-negative blood factor. This is a very rare blood type and makes up about 5-10% of the population. RH-negative means oxygen is processed in the blood differently to people with RH-positive blood. The amount of oxygen processed by the body makes all the difference in unusual abilities.

    The NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines, and these people are mainly of Celtic/blueblood (aristocratic) genetics. Individuals with these genetics have a predisposition to paranormal/PSI ability, as these cultures have practiced psychic abilities for generations in ancient rituals that have their modern expression in freemasonry; therefore, it is in the genetic memory of people of these bloodlines, even if they have not practiced psychic ability themselves.

    The Celts called themselves Iberi, Hiberi, or Iveri which are all derived from the Biblical Hebrew pronounciation of the name Hebrew.

    The Irish Book of Fenagh records the Basques settling in Ireland. The book also documents the descendants of Noah settling in the basque country” Modern DNA studies confirm this connection and back up the irish book of fenagh.
    “Spain in that day was the land of the true Iberians- the basques-(and catalans)that is to say, the Atlanteans” Quote from Ignatius Donnelly in his book called “atlantis,the antidiluvian world” He said this back in 1882 and many years later we know he was right.

    the 2 darkest spots in spain are the basque country and catalonia.Why are the basque country and catalonia more italo celtic than italy you ask?Because we are the original italo-celto-germanics that settled europe,etc

    “Recent dna tests have proven the Picts were closely related to the Basques of northern Spain”

    “The Basques are known as Europe’s “Indians” or Europe’s “First Family”, since their language and culture is more ancient than any other in Europe” And the goth phoenicians founded europe and basques are the oldest european culture and speak the oldest language because we are the goth phoenicians.

    There are some genes that identify Picts. Y DNA lines are Haplogroups J and I. mtDNA haplogroup H & U.

    If you are of blue blood you will have the red hair gene

    The bloodline families can be traced back to Ramases in Egypt, the red headed King.

    “The Basque and Catalan regions, these were the bastions of the “Grail” families, this is where the descendants of Jesus and his family, lived (live) in the Middle Ages, this was “Grail”-central.

    Genes link Celts to Basques

    The Welsh and Irish Celts have been found to be the genetic blood-brothers of Basques, scientists have revealed.
    The gene patterns of the three races passed down through the male line are all “strikingly similar”, researchers concluded.
    ‘Statistically indistinguishable’

    Both Irish and Iraqi mythology revolve around the secret teachings of the blue stones of E.A. In ancient Irish religion and mythology Tara was the sacred home for the Ari (later the Ari-ish or Irish) who ranked below the Illi gods, yet above the people. Ireland (Ari-Land) takes its name from the Aris or Arians. Ireland is considered the Great Motherland of the Aryan race, otherwise known as Atlantis, Thule or Tula.

    Aryan or Ari-an is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘noble’. The concept of the Aryan race has been wildly misinterpreted. The root of the misunderstanding is in the Sumerian claim that E.A. and the Pure Lady Ninhursag (Mari) cloned the first model of human as a slave race. Into the blood of a second ‘advanced’ human, the Ari or Illi, they put sacred knowledge.

    He then separated this new human from the others, taking them to an island home, Poseidon/Atlantis, of which he was the Pa-Tara (father) and founder, the Potei-don or ‘Lord of Wisdom’.

    His half-brother Enlil, who sought to keep humanity at the level of dim-bulb, Earth-bound slaves, opposed him. Tara is, conceivably, one of E.A.’s laboratories of enlightenment and the place where he brought ‘the Children of Atlantis’, the lost tribe of Enki, after their banishment by Enlil. Irish mythology insists the secrets of E.A. and his lost tribe remain hidden beneath the soil of Tara.

    The Irish make clear that post-cataclysm Atlantean mythology, including that of the blue stones, originated in Ireland and spread to Sumeria, Egypt and India… and Southern France.

    Among other uses the blue stones, called Blue Apples in Southern France, were used to open gateways or passages to other realms. Gnostic Christians maintain they were present at the Crucifixion.

    Afterwards, they were in the possession of the Cathars who were taught the secrets of the blue stones by Jesus. According to Irish belief, E.A. is the root for Iessa, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus.

    Enki (E.A)’s story was attached to archangel Michael in the new testament. In the best-selling science fiction book series called The Horus Heresy, the Watcher wars are detailed in incredible detail. The guys writing these books are either high level masons or part of the intelligence community. Michael was the genetic father of the Tribe of Dan

    The great teacher of which the New Testament and Christianity were founded upon (and seriously twisted the teachings of) has been called by many names: CHRISTOS, CHRIST, JESUS, JESUS CHRIST, ISA, IISA/EESA/ISA, EISA, YESHUA,/Jeshua Esu, Esu Immanuel, and his name in his native language aramaic is Eashoa’ M’sheekha
    In arabic is Eesa

    Eesa Latinised to “Jesus”
    The Quran refers to Jesus as Eesa, and this name is used more times than any other title, because this was his “Christian” name. Actually, his proper name was Eesa (Arabic), or Esau (Hebrew); classicalYeheshua, which the Christian nations of the West latinised as Jesus.

  88. stacy says:

    The number 666 relates to the carbon atom, and man. Carbon-12; one of 5 elements in the human DNA is composed of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons, which equates to 666.

    Carbon-12 is the most abundant of the two stable isotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon. Its abundance is due to the Triple-alpha process by which it is created in stars, and as Carl Sagan had once said, “we’re made of star stuff.”

    The English name carbon, comes from the Latin carbo for coal and charcoal, whence also comes the French charbon, meaning charcoal. Proof of 666 is found in the bible via Isaiah 6:6 – “Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with tongs from the altar. ” The name Seraphim meaning “the burning ones”, are the first hierarchy of angels who some call demons that were Cherubim and Thrones. Beelzebub was a prince of the Seraphim, just below Lucifer.

    Lucifer is another word for phosphorus. The Latin word corresponding to Greek Phosphorus is “Lucifer.” Phosphorus (Greek Φωσφόρος Phōsphoros), a name meaning “Light-Bringer”, is the Morning Star. When phosphorus is combined with the elements below and carbon, it forms our very DNA.

    When combined with oxygen and hydrogen, carbon can form many groups of important biological compounds, including sugars, lignans, chitins, alcohols, fats, aromatic esters, carotenoids and terpenes. With nitrogen it forms alkaloids, and with the addition of sulfur it also forms antibiotics, amino acids, and rubber products. With the addition of phosphorus to these other elements, it forms DNA and RNA, the chemical-code carriers of life, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the most important energy-transfer molecule in all living cell.

    Nucleotides are biological molecules that form the building blocks of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). Each nucleotide has three components: a phosphate group, a five-carbon sugar, and a nitrogen-containing base. The phosphate groups and the sugars form the backbone of each strand of DNA or RNA. The phosphate is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and also the phospholipids that form all cell membranes. Phosphorus (Lucifer) is just the ‘spark’ in our DNA that makes us fire.

    When the 666 of Carbon is combined with the elements above and mixed with Lucifer, AKA Phosp-Horus, we get a combination or reaction of chemical elements that forms DNA and RNA. This magical god given chemical-code carrier is the very code for all life, and of course, it is the number of a man; his number is 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons, Six hundred threescore and six (666). Various chemical elements when combined with Carbon, forms our very material reality, or what some may call, the Matrix.

    John the Baptist said of the coming Antichrist and the Number of the Beast: “ Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast : for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

    the truth is that this number was passed down to us for the Apocalypse (unveiling of something hidden), to help us identify this beast man with the mathematical number 666

    Man was created on the sixth day. The number 6 represents man and is not a perfect number. Therefore 666 is “man’s” number, and stops short of the perfect number seven. The first letters in the name of “Christ,” are Ch and R, and they represent seven hundred (700), the perfect number. Our body has 7 parts, the head, chest, abdomen, two legs and two arms. Christ was crucified at Golgotha, which was the place of the skull.

    The figure 144,000 does not represent a limited number of people but is a mathematical formula for the activation of the God-Code DNA. Servants of the Divine Creator have a DNA encoded to the 144,000.
    The power of this Divine Plan is that once the 144,000 DNA code is activated in a few beings, it will awaken in all six billion, which is every soul on the planet. This activation is destined to occur once a critical number of humans awakens to higher states of consciousness. It will alter the hologram of the collective mind and hence the hologram of the nature of reality.

    144,000 is the number of souls that must attain Christhood (i.e. ascend) and will reactivate the Christ Light into the Christ Grids to transmute Mother Earth and humankind.

    *The God they tricked us into worshipping is an ET who genetically altered us to be a slave race shutting down 97% of the human DNA blueprint. Leaving us with only 3% activated-2 strands, which left us in a state of lowered consciousness that resembles sleep. A form of a trance. NOT FULLY CONSCIOUS we wouldn’t know otherwise because we are born like that*

    our “junk DNA” is NOT junk!

    However, just because it was disabled does not mean it’s gone. The blueprint is still there.

    12 gates of heaven-12 stranded double helix divine human DNA blueprint

    WE WERE THE ANTI-CHRIST THE ENTIRE TIME. Born with the mark of the beast. Homo sapien is becoming homo luminous with the activation of our crystalline DNA, aka super sapiens. Switching from carbon 12 to carbon 7 which equates to 616. Anti Christ to Christ Conscious (fully conscious)

    This is what the real Jesus really taught. The red pill of escaping this saturn moon matrix we have been enslaved in unknowingly. He taught the red pill which is CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Christ was a title, not a name. He wasn’t the only one to hold that title either. He tried freeing people from religious dogma and teaching we could do what he did.

    The Jews of Jesus’ day accused Him of blasphemy for claiming to be the Son of God: “Because You, being a Man, make Yourself God” (John 10:33).

    His response is intriguing: “Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your law [in Psalms 82:6], “I said, ‘You are gods’ ”?

    The Hebrew word translated “gods” is elohim, which literally means “gods” or “mighty ones”—although it is often rendered as “God” in the Bible. That’s because, although plural in form, the word elohim is often singular in usage.

    Number 33 is a Master Number (Master Teacher)
    Number 33 also relates to 3×3=9 which is the power of creation and the God of All or Truth. The Amon (AMEN).
    33 is the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14=33. Amen is the God of Truth.
    33 represents Christ consciousness.
    Jesus was crucified at Golgotha (place of the skull) at age 33 in the year 33 A.D.
    God corresponds to 1/3 (33.3%) as seen in Revelation 12, where the great red dragon is sweeping 1/3 of the stars from heaven.
    The number of turns in a complete sequence of human DNA equals 33.
    Mount Hermon is at 33 degrees latitude and longitude. (In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Grigori; “Watchers, Sons of God or the Nephilim,” a class of fallen angels descended to Earth.–fallen angels are ET’s–not all are malevolent
    **The divine name Elohim appears 33 times in the story of creation in the opening chapters of Genesis**
    The first Temple of Solomon stood for 33 years before being pillaged by King Shishak of Egypt.
    King David ruled over Israel for 33 years in Jerusalem.
    33 is the alleged age that Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedonia) had died.
    The Grand Orient de France of Freemasonry founded in 1733.
    33 is the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
    Harry S. Truman, a 33 degree Mason, became 33rd President of the United States.
    1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.
    A normal human spine has 33 vertebrae.
    Rare human spines have 34 vertebrae.

    Jeremiah 33:3 – Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
    Ezekiel 33:33 – And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.

    “In Spiritual Numerology, ’33’ symbolizes the highest spiritual conscious attainable by the human being.”-Elizabeth van Buren, “The Secret of the Illuminati” (161-2)

    My life path # is 3. My crystalline DNA activation (junk dna) happened when I was 33 (christ consciousness) the same age Jesus “ascended” into heaven. Ascension is not talking about dying and going to heaven. It’s talking about your DNA ascending into higher consciousness. Jacob’s Ladder? Jacob became Israel. ISRAEL-ISIS RA ELOHIM which represents the feminine divine energy associated with the moon/black sun (ISIS) the divine masculine energy associated with the sun (Ra) together are the energies of God, Elohim is PLURAL Gods. Since we have the DNA of the Elohim we are also the Elohim. The Elohim were also known as “the shining ones.”

  89. stacy says:

    Numbers have a big role in everything. Because everything is energy, (including us) and all energy has a vibrational frequency, everything is a code in the matrix. Including your date of birth. Even your thoughts are energy. Your brainwaves actually create electromagnetic energy.

    The brain has the ability to receive, give off, and manipulate radio waves.

    If you hold a glass or a shell to your ear, the static-like hissing sound (like the sound of rushing air) is the glass or shell acting as a container and “capturing” the radio sound waves that the brain is giving off. The brain has a telepathic receiver and transmitter that uses sound waves. In fact, thoughts are simply scalar sound waves that most people cannot see but are very real.

    Hence “Tele”pathy, “ Tele”visions, and “Tele”phones.

    sound is the secret of life, and PHD scientists who work for the NSA know this well. That is why advanced physics is kept so secret and out of the public domain.

    There has recently been a film released called The Secret, which claims that a person can create the reality around them using their thoughts.

    Hell doesn’t exist. Since our thoughts as a collective actually create our reality, the only hell is the one we create ourselves on 3d earth.

    You also don’t need to ask anyone to be your lord and savior or follow any bible to experience the after life.

    SCIENCE can prove your consciousness survives physical death.

    All matter is light-energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and this is why matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. All knowledge, thoughts and intentions on a planet together form the collective consciousness. Our society is a reflection of our collective consciousness.

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
    -Nikola Tesla

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
    -Nikola Tesla

    “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”
    -Albert Einstein

    TESLA: I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator as a ring around Saturn.
    Mankind is not ready for the great and good. In Colorado Springs, I soaked the earth by electricity. Also, we can water the other energies, such as positive mental energy. They are in the music of Bach or Mozart, or in the verses of great poets. In the Earth’s interior, there is energy of Joy, Peace and Love. Their expressions are a flower that grows from the Earth, the food we get out of her and everything that makes man’s homeland. I’ve spent years looking for the way that this energy could influence people. The beauty and the scent of roses can be used as a medicine and the sun rays as food. Life has an infinite number of forms, and the duty of scientists is to find them in every form of matter. —6 tones of God’s creation the secrets within your DNA about the 144,000 mentioned in the book of revelations –Crystalline DNA Activation frequency

  90. stacy says:

    Tech Billionaires Now Asking Scientists To Help Break Humans Out Of The Computer Simulation We Might Be Trapped In-

    Welcome to the matrix. I just gave you the Red Pill.

  91. stacy says:

    All Christians meet on Sunday, celebrate for their gods birthday on December 25th which is the rebirth of the sun god day, with origins going back to Nimrod, Semiramis and baby Tammuz (The original nativity scene) Satan is known as the sun god. (Revelation 9:11) And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon. (Apollo the same name for the Greek sun god which means destroyer, which is a metaphor for Satan)

    The pentagram – or pentacle is considered both divine and magical by many cultures because if you draw a pentagram, the lines automatically divide themselves into segments according to the Divine Proportion. The ratios of the line segments in a pentacle all equal PHI making this symbol the ultimate expression of the Divine Proportion. For this reason the five-pointed star has always been the symbol of beauty and perfection associated with the Goddess and the sacred feminine. The Sacred Geometry of nature, again is all about the Goddess, Mother nature, who created us all.

    The patriarchal religions originated out of pure hatred and jealousy of women. Because we can do one thing they could not, carry life. Which is why women are told to “submit” to their husbands and some people still think women shouldn’t be allowed to be spiritual leaders and i’ve even heard some pastors say women should not even speak in church.

    If people still think immaculate conception is real they need their heads examined.

    The Book of Genesis (in its English-translated form) tells us that Cain was ‘a tiller of the ground’. But this is not what the original texts say at all. What they say is that Cain had ‘dominion over the Earth’ – which is a rather different matter when considering his kingly status.
    In fact, the Bible translators appear to have had a constant problem with the word ‘Earth’, often translating it to ‘ground’, ‘clay’ or ‘dust’. But the early texts actually referred to ‘The Earth’. Even in the case of Adam and Eve, the translators got it wrong. The Bible says: ‘Male and female he created them, and he called their name Adam.’ The older writings use the more complete word ‘Adama’, which means ‘of the Earth’. But this did not mean they were made of dirt; it means that they were ‘of The Earth’ – or, as the Anchor Hebrew Bible explains in absolutely precise terms, they were ‘Earthlings’.

    The Sumerian records state that Adam and Eve (known then as ‘Atabba’ and ‘Ava’, and jointly as the ‘Adama’) were purpose-bred for kingship at the House of Shimti by Enki and his sister-wife Nin-khursag. In Sumerian, the word Shi-im-ti meant ‘breath-wind-life’. Nin-khursag was called ‘Lady of the Embryo’ or ‘Lady of Life’, and she was the surrogate mother for Atabba and Ava who were created from human ova fertilized by the Lord Enki. It was because of Nin-khursag’s title, Lady of Life, that Ava was later given the same title by the Hebrews. Indeed, the name Ava (or Eve) was subsequently said to mean ‘Life’. And there is an interesting parallel here, because in Sumerian the distinction ‘Lady of Life’ was Nin-tî (Nin meaning ‘Lady’, and tî meaning ‘Life’). However, another Sumerian word, ti (with the longer pronunciation, ‘tee’), meant ‘rib’; and it was by virtue of the Hebrews’ misunderstanding of the two words, tî and ti, that Eve also became incorrectly associated with Adam’s rib.

  92. stacy says:

    Enoch is Enki’s grandson Thoth is also believed to be a prior incarnation of Jesus. Yes reincarnation is very real. Some of us remember past lives with shockingly accurate details. These memories are shut down upon birth. Hence the need to disable 97% of our DNA. It’s still in your subconscious though.

    Even each stone within the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone. The sarcophagus in the centre of the Great Pyramid is tuned to the frequency of the human heart beat.

    Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at the Great Pyramid and other sites in the South Americas, demonstrate the pyramids to be voice-activated “geophysical computers.” Intoning specific ancient sounds, the scientific team produced visible standing waves of light, above and within the pyramids and were even able to penetrate, hitherto, inaccessible chambers. Subsequent discoveries indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

    The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a “language of Light”. Known to the ancients as HIBURU. It is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.

    Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light.

    The “keys” Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic “Power of the World”. The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states.

    As the ancient texts declare,
    “If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods.”
    DNA, the ancient cabalistic “Tree Of Life” portrayed in the Biblical Torah, is now coming to be viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed tape recording.

    Many modern scientists, regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses. The legacy of Thoth/Enoch suggests this “language of Light”, the harmonic science of the ancients, could actually affect DNA.

    The knowledge of Thoth/Enoch implies humans are meant to evolve beyond our present terrestrial form, as the Bible tells us, “we may become greater than angels”. The Egyptians record stories of the “Star Walkers”, occasional individuals who, like Enoch, traveled “beyond the Great Eye of Orion” and returned, to walk like gods amongst men.

    Despite the bleaching of semi-divine beings from modern consciousness, could it be possible, as the ancient texts insist, we are destined to “become as gods”?, are the Mayan “Lords of Light” and the Egyptian/Tibetan “Shining Ones” really a higher form of human or a hybrid (alien god/man)?

    According to the “calendar in stone” of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called “Phoenix Cycle” of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word PHOENIX, derived from the Egyptian word, PA-HANOK, actually means, “The House of Enoch”. This does NOT mean the world will end… but the Age. We should then be entering the Age of Aquarius… an Age which promises to be filled with Hope and Love.


    To travel in space is to travel in time. It does not exist outside 3rd dimension. Technically time froze 26,000 years ago when Earth plummeted into 3rd dimension locking us in a black hole

    the past, present, and future are all occuring simultaneously. which means DEATH IS AN ILLUSION.

    Your consciousness (soul) is immortal.

    We’ve been under quarantine cut off from connecting with other life in other dimensions. Which includes deceased loved ones.

    The quarantine will be lifted soon. You will all know what I am talking about when it happens. Not a person on the planet won’t know what’s going on it will be that massive. It is NOTHING to fear. They want you to be in fear thinking the world is ending. That’s because fear is low vibration and keeps us trapped in the frequency fence called the matrix.

    The sky you are looking at is a holograph. So is the sun. Those who are now fully conscious beings can close their eyes and see right through the holographic sun. It looks like it’s raining 1’s and 0’s. Everything is a code in the matrix!!! You can go right through the sun. It’s a hyperdimensional portal. Heaven and Earth used to be in the same dimension.

    When Jesus said no one gets to the father but through me it really means

    NO ONE GETS TO HEAVEN (higher dimensions) WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE SUN (hyperdimensional portal)

    We are living in the most exciting time EVER on this planet. What is going to happen is UNPRECEDENTED.

    You are all alive right now for a very good reason. You will figure out your mission soon enough.

    One thing that will keep you from your gifts and your divine DNA is religion, politics, paying attention to media fear porn.

    UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX, go within, meditate and you will find your soul mission

    This does not mean Jesus won’t be back. He will come back but not until enough are awakened and the veil has lifted. He didn’t die for our sins. No one can clear your karma for you. So once enough are awakened to this and the quarantine is lifted he can come back. We have to do the work first though.

    When the veil is lifted everyone will be able to communicate with deceased loved ones.

    We were promised new bodies and eternal life right? THAT IS WHAT THIS MEANS

    but you do not need to be “saved” or believe in any religion to achieve it.

    The company of heaven is already here, HAVE NO FEAR
    they love us all


  93. liza says:

    Always question everything you read. Take nothing as gold. Now, we know nothing good can come from demonic influence. Indigo feel the need to help people to many other things.

  94. liza says:

    Demonic influence can never do good for humanity or want to. Indigo want to help.

  95. Kalyn says:

    Please help me everything’s backwards here pleaseed

  96. Ms Truth says:

    You’re a damn moron, who’s been brainwashed by the catholic churches edited theology. Your definition of indigo is also narrow and misguided. Plus, you write like a ten year old; learn how to proofread. You are nobody any true indigo would choose to keep around, I think you were outed and are bitter. Keep your prayers for yourself, you need them far more than we.

  97. Ms Truth says:

    Sigh….so many of you commenting are obvious frauds, as true indigos know how to convey ideas succinctly; and are not blowhards. Words are precious, speak with prudence. Stacy, you are not indigo, youre an insufferable narcissist with delusions of grandeur. We all know that Christian doctrine has been skewed, but your dosmissal of Christ as salvation is also misguided. It is this belief alone that feeds the soul and gives it the strength to break free of these restraints we are currently enduring. But you dont have to worry, you aren’t part of it.

  98. Sasha says:

    But see, you’re not speaking on those who are true “indigo kids”. And to be fair, I don’t like that term, I just like something to call the compassion and understanding I’ve gained out of suffering. I believe in one God. The same as you in fact, but Jesus was a mere representative of God. He is not god incarnate. God is not a being. As he said himself “I am”. If anything other than love comes from religion, it’s an evil one. Some of us do feel strength through our pain and do believe it’s a gift to share with others to help them too. Hardly demonic

  99. Mickennah says:

    I kind of get where your coming from. I do get that a lot of kids are misdiagnosed as indigo children, especially those with narcissistic parents. I also understand indigo children “can” be very bratty at times. Believe me, I used to give my parents utter hell when I was younger. Even worse now because I’m just starting to enter my late teen years. But I do know where your coming from. New age can be frustrating and it’s best not to believe every word of it without scientific proof to support it. But these two men you have wrote about. What exactly do they have to do with indigo people??? You never really explained your idea properly and you actually went very off track with your text. You were talking about how you went to meetings and you built your idea up around only two men who might not of been indigo adults at all. You also wrote about your own personal experience instead of actual fact. And don’t get me wrong I do believe I am in fact an indigo child. But I am also a real, living breathing person. I would love to believe that I am some airy fairy golden kid who has magical superpowers but if I did I would be lying to myself. I’m a 14 year old girl who might just have abilities that are a bit more in tune than other people. And just like I have explained a lot of indigo children have to be trained like everyone else to let out their psychic side. We aren’t demonic. We are people who want to help make the world better.

  100. Christopher Scott Young says:

    Indigo is an old term name, they call themselves “players” now. Two groups of these players. It’s the souls they are born with that is of God or of Devil (those that rebelled against God in the very beginning) that have incarnated many times. Edgar Cayce gave readings there would be an influx of these souls at the end of the age we are in, my guess 4 generations now, first being born in the 1940’s when Israel became a nation. They have shown favor for each other and have infiltrated many institutions as teachers, leaders, managers, and supervisory positions and those “players” who won’t go along with their conspiring plans to coexist to create a world for their own liking are targeted for harassment (gangstalked). They are the wheat and tares seeds, meaning from birth. Those of God that conspire are the wicked servants in the Bible, those that were invited to the wedding but chose self interests instead (lukewarm). Those faithful servants that don’t go along and are targeted often become destitute, which is the goal of the gangstalkers. They (gangstalkers) try alienate these faithful from their own families and friends and from employment (persecuted).

    • Christopher Scott Young says:

      Excerpt from the Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15

      9. As to those things that deal with the mental of the earth, these shall call upon the mountains to cover many. As ye have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in the political, in the machinery of nations’ activities, so shall ye see those in high places reduced and calling on the waters of darkness to cover them. And those that in the inmost recesses of theirselves awaken to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those places that have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as teachers, from the throne of life, the throne of light, the throne of immortality, and wage war in the air with those of darkness, then know ye the Armageddon is at hand. For with the great numbers of the gathering of the hosts of those that have hindered and would make for man and his weaknesses stumblingblocks, they shall wage war with the spirits of light that come into the earth for this awakening; that have been and are being called by those of the sons of men into the service of the living God. For He, as ye have been told, is not the God of the dead, not the God of those that have forsaken Him, but those that love His coming, that love His associations among men – the God of the LIVING, the God of Life! For, He IS Life.

      • Christopher Scott Young says:

        Joel 2:2-3

        2 A day of darkness and gloominess,
        A day of clouds and thick darkness,
        Like the morning clouds spread over the mountains.
        A people come, great and strong,
        The like of whom has never been;
        Nor will there ever be any such after them,
        Even for many successive generations.
        3 A fire devours before them,
        And behind them a flame burns;
        The land is like the Garden of Eden before them,
        And behind them a desolate wilderness;
        Surely nothing shall escape them.

        Daniel 7:9-14

        Vision of the Ancient of Days
        9 “I watched till thrones were put in place,
        And the Ancient of Days was seated;
        His garment was white as snow,
        And the hair of His head was like pure wool.
        His throne was a fiery flame,
        Its wheels a burning fire;
        10 A fiery stream issued
        And came forth from before Him.
        A thousand thousands ministered to Him;
        Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.
        The court was seated,
        And the books were opened.
        11 “I watched then because of the sound of the [c]pompous words which the horn was speaking; I watched till the beast was slain, and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame. 12 As for the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away, yet their lives were prolonged for a season and a time.

        13 “I was watching in the night visions,
        And behold, One like the Son of Man,
        Coming with the clouds of heaven!
        He came to the Ancient of Days,
        And they brought Him near before Him.
        14 Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom,
        That all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him.
        His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
        Which shall not pass away,
        And His kingdom the one
        Which shall not be destroyed.

  101. April Johnson says:

    Not true. There may be some that believe they are Indigo Children but are not and may be demonic in nature, but true Indigo children and adults are not. I am an Indigo Adult and spent my whole life loving God and being a very loving and giving and trying to live my life right everyday. Indigo’s are here three purposes and that’s to spread love, be a system buster in society and the world, and to usher in enlightenment/knowledge. Maybe some of the Indigo’s you have come across, accidentally strayed from the right path, but it is wrong to say all are demonic, because it is furthest from the truth. We all are a different expression of God in human form, having a human experience, which makes us all divine beings because we all come from the source of God/The All. What you are saying is only an opinion, only God as the right to judge. Judge and be judged. With this being said, I wish love peace, abundance and harmony and may God continue to Bless you.

    • Chris says:

      Two groups of Atlantis

      The Sons of Belial were of one group, or those that sought more the gratifying, the satisfying, the use of material things for self, WITHOUT thought or consideration as to the sources of such nor the hardships in the experiences of others. Or in other words, as we would term it today, they were those without a standard of morality.

      The other group – those who followed the Law of One had a standard. The Sons of Belial had no standard, save of self, self-aggrandizement.

      As so oft indicated, in periods certain individuals or groups of souls enter… great influx of Atlanteans that have had and are having such a detrimental influence in the affairs of the world today… Edgar Cayce

      Matthew 13:24-30

      The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

      24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.” ’ ”

      Matthew 13:36-42

      The Parable of the Tares Explained

      36 Then Jesus sent the multitude away and went into the house. And His disciples came to Him, saying, “Explain to us the parable of the tares of the field.”

      37 He answered and said to them: “He who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. 38 The field is the world, the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked one. 39 The enemy who sowed them is the devil, the harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are the angels. 40 Therefore as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of this age. 41 The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness, 42 and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.


      con•spir•a•cy kən-spîr′ə-sē►
      n. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
      n. A group of conspirators.
      n. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a purpose through unlawful action.



      Those that think nwo in their heads and use their hands to build this nwo thought-idea.
      Revelation 14:9-10 If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

      Many of those “aware” from these two soul groups have been played by their own by not getting the lifestyle, position, wealth, and opportunities that has been taught and promised.

      Two soul groups wheat and tare, good and bad figs, indigo players “aware” conspiring to create a two class worldwide society, players-ngo, rulers-servants, masters-slaves, rich-poor.

      Many of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation indigo players of the good fig-wheat soul group that have acted in ignorance from being misled by the betraying traitor lowlife scum 1st generation, those born in the 1940’s, have the opportunity for repentance but may have to make sacrifices that involve shunning friends and family or be alienated by them and giving up the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.
      Luke 12:48 But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more

      If the general public (ngo) knew how they were and are being taken advantage of and discriminated against there would be an outrage.
      These indigo players, aware of abilities from both soul groups favor their own in giving positions and opportunities over the ngo, those not aware of abilities.

      The devil tare soul group that rebelled in the beginning are beyond any hope of salvation at present. These souls will be banished from entering earth for 1000 years, after their return will have the opportunity to be accepted and restored.

      Revelation 14:9-12 King James Version (KJV)

      9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
      10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
      11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
      12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

      Daniel 2:40-43 King James Version (KJV)

      40 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise.

      41 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

      42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

      43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

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