Randall N Baer – Inside the New Age Nightmare 1 – 10

Randall Baer, a former naturopathic doctor, was an internationally known authority in the area of crystals, sacred sciences and spiritual teachings.

Formally a co-director of the Starcrest Academy of Interdimensional Law and Science in Northern New Mexico.

The week he published his book “Inside the New Age Nightmare” Randall met a puzzling and untimely death. Upon completing a lecture tour in New Mexico on the topic of the New Age movement , his car ran off a mountain pass.

The price many of us pay to expose the truth.

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About Gaz Parker

I was born with the ability to see spirit entities. I learned to ignore them for most of my life but during 2004 I had a kind of spiritual awakening so i thought. For years I questioned it until I asked God to show me what this is. God showed me the truth and I realised these spirits are evil, they are demons. Jesus never left me, he love me and he loves you too. My audio testimony can be found here. Contact me here: newagedeception@gmail.com
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51 Responses to Randall N Baer – Inside the New Age Nightmare 1 – 10

  1. Many people are interested in the life and mysterious death of Dr. Randall Baer, but there has been media silence on this topic… until now.

    As an insider and first-hand witness to these historic events, I am likely the only one alive who knows what happened and is now willing to talk about it. I have never discussed this information in a public forum because of the dangers involved. But certain external aspects have changed, and I am now willing to divulge the truth.

    I worked hand-in-glove with Randall and Vicky Baer for several years in the early 1980’s while Randall was writing his second book: The Crystal Connection A Guidebook for Personal and Planetary Ascension. It was a strange and dangerous association.

    I was the psychic/designer who provided most of the concepts and schematics for the crystal-based devices featured in his second book. My contribution was vaguely acknowledged in the book, just enough to protect the Baers from plagiarism, as they absconded with my intellectual property without our agreed-to compensation.

    Randall was a very strange person, and his wife Vicky, even more-so. Both had very unsettling energy. They were secretive, dark and unscrupulous. To see them together was jarring: he was blond and physically fit, the perfect Arian poster child. His wife Vicky was morbidly obese, of Gypsy blood, and was a practicing witch. Together, they were a real-life Adams Family.

    During the time I was designing the devices, many scary events took place. My partner Diane and I were snowed-in above Georgetown, CO for six weeks while creating the illustrations. Georgetown is one of the most haunted places in America. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ-vYy5ORmo&feature=related

    During the project, I was assisted by unseen entities who channeled the device schematics and drawings to me. It would take hours to recount all of the bizarre goings-on that happened during the production phase. But one event stood out above the rest.

    One night as Diane and I were sleeping, I was startled awakened by what seemed to be an electrical shock. Turning over in bed, I saw that Diane was encased in a violet colored field that extended a few inches from her body. I attempted to reach out and shake her awake, but as my fingers passed through the violet field, my entire arm went ice cold and numb to the bone. Yelling at Diane failed to rouse her. It was as if she was paralyzed with her eyes open, unblinking.

    I then saw a thin beam of violet light (like a laser) aimed at her feet. Jumping out of bed, I followed the beam to a large amethyst crystal. It was part of a crystal energy grid-work we had constructed on a table at the foot of the bed. As I reached for the crystal, I got shocked, with numb fingers again, but with a little extra muscular effortwas able to turn the amethyst point 90 degrees. This disconnected the grid from the beam, and the violet light faded to nothing. In a few minutes, Diane awoke, bewildered and shaken, but after a while was O.K. This was just one of the strange things that happened while snowed-in that winter.

    When the drawings were finished, we drove to Los Alamos, NM to hand-deliver the designs to the Baers. Several attempts to ship the drawings via UPS and FedEx had failed, with the drawings being “lost” in transit. So the Baers asked us to drive them personally to New Mexico from our home in Northern Colorado.

    Along the way unseen forces tried to stop us several times, with each attempt becoming more alarming. When these attempts failed (my partner Diane and I were well-versed in spiritual warfare and psychic self-defense), invisible hands took hold of the steering wheel of my van and tried to steer us off the road, and down a sheer cliff over 1000 feet high (route 520 approaching Los Alamos). The wheel pulled out of my hands with such force that it tore skin from my hands.

    Just about to hurtle over the edge, I cried : “Jesus help me” which was strange, because I was a Buddhist at the time. But the invocation of His name worked, and the unseen hands immediately released the wheel. When our heartbeats returned to normal, we continued out drive, hyper-vigilant to any more attacks.

    When we arrived at the Baer’s in NM, it just got stranger and stranger. When we told them what happened on the road up to Los Alamos. Baer said nothing. He accepted the packet of illustrations, thanked us, complimented us on their quality and originality, then politely asked us to leave. We had earlier been invited to spend the night with them at their home, but ended up spending a very cold winter night sleeping in the van.

    After our meeting and curt dismissal, Baer cut off all contact, refused to pay for the illustrations (two solid months of work), and had a local artist recreate (trace and slightly modify) the illustrations and device schematics; thereby skirting the possibility that we would sue him for breech of contract. I was not that upset, as I just wanted to distance myself from the bizarre couple and invisible dangers that had plagued us.

    When I heard of Baer’s untimely death, I knew immediately how and why his death had occurred. The same fate almost happened to Diane and I years earlier.

    His murder was inevitable, because he had toyed with forces beyond comprehension, then shifted allegiance from one side to the other.

    Randall Baer was a con man, a snake-oil salesman who surfed the new age wave movement for fame and profit. But he got in over his head, and died trying to defect. I have no doubt that his “conversion” to Christianity was just another way to fleece the flock out of their hard-earned money, as New Age profits were dwindling and evangelical Christianity was the new rage. Baer went where the money was.

    In the larger scope of things, I think Baer got what he deserved. He had led many people, like myself, into extreme spiritual and physical peril for financial and egotistical gain, with little concern for their immortal souls.

    The fact that he changed his metaphysical garments made no difference at all. He had peddled new-age snake oil, then began selling evangelical Christianity, which many insiders know has been subverted into doing the dirty work of the Satanic Illuminati. Evangelical Christianity has done a marvelous job subverting the true message of Jesus into something purely evil.

    Just consider the evangelical forces that propelled George W. Bush (a member of the one of the most notorious Satanic Families on Earth) into the presidency. It is known by insiders that the Bush’s are Satanic royalty, as W’s mother is the daughter of Alestair Crowley and Pauline Pierce. (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3E2uqTIJ08 ), and George H. Bush is a seated member of the Grand Druid Council, also known as the Satanic Council of Thirteen. The Grand Druid Council controls the thirteen royal bloodlines of the Illuminati.

    Good job evangelical Christians! You have been serving the devil you so detest with all of your hearts and souls. This is exactly what Dr. Randall Baer promoted, and eventually he payed the piper.

    Appalled and lost is disbelief? See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_evangelist_scandals

    If you have any questions about this topic. Feel free to email me.

    • tanyamarie13 says:

      Hi Mr. Conway,

      I appreciate your insight. I actually just read Randall’s book “Inside the New Age Nightmare.” I have been in the New Age circles for 13 years. I was working on some writing projects, doing research, and started putting the puzzle together that most of this movement was started by Satanists. As a person who rejected Biblical Christianity for over a decade, I certainly didn’t believe in this stuff. I was horrified. But truth really started to speak to me. I am still coming to terms with my findings, and I have started reading Scripture which is making a LOT of sense. It is explaining so much about these times we are in. I was a part of the truth movement- as you seem to be based on your recent post about the state of the world… most of which is true.

      In fact I am in agreement with nearly everything you said about the state of the world, controlling elites, their plans, etc. This stuff is real and much is being prepared behind the scenes. The only difference is, I used to also write about the “shift”. I waited for it in 2012 and when nothing happened I thought well, maybe that date was just the start of a process… but through my research and my cries to know the truth, I finally realized everything I had come to accept in my new age philosophy which I had espoused for so long was actually a big deception. A very clever one too, because it is in the guise of love and light and appeals to “truth seekers. Randall’s books was quite helpful for me.

      One thing you said here really confused me. You wrote… “Just about to hurtle over the edge, I cried : “Jesus help me” which was strange, because I was a Buddhist at the time. But the invocation of His name worked, and the unseen hands immediately released the wheel.”

      You clearly admitted here that the use of JESUS name worked. After I started to see through the new age deception I was plagued with nightmares and the only thing that worked (which I finally tried, much out of character for me) was to PRAY TO JESUS. I have been a tree hugging, palo santo burning, moon cycle ritual doing, crystal healing, psychic reading (20+ decks) meditating, channeling, nature worshipping, new ager for 13 years. But when I see truth, no matter how much it goes against everything I thought I knew, I have to acknowledge it. I am wondering why, even though Jesus apparently helped you from demonic attack, you still seem to cling to New Age ideology. They are not compatible. I’m asking in pure desire to understand and not to be facetious.

      It seems through your writing that you chalk this experience up to your involvement with Mr. Baer. That may be true, and I certainly have no way of knowing. But either way, it seems to be a demonic attack and the use of Jesus’s name helped you. (In scripture Jesus says demons may be cast out in his name.) Maybe you might reconsider that TRUTH is not in fact Relative, but absolute. I can’t say I’m “saved” because I am still learning and in the process of deprogramming my new age brainwashing. What I can say is that if we claim to be SPIRITUAL TRUTH SEEKERS willing to test various ideologies and embrace them, then certainly we can at least CONSIDER the testimony of Jesus Christ.

      I personally have trashed over 40+ new age books, artifacts, 20 oracle card decks, etc. Somehow that light was never true and always felt empty. I am more fulfilled now than ever knowing I don’t have to BE GOD!! I am NOT. I can LEAN on God instead of trying to evolve into one. I hope you will all find the TRUTH!

      Much love to all.

      • Dear Tanya Marie, I read your reply with great interest and feel you wrote it with eloquence. I’m in my mid 40’s now, and was into New Age since my early teens but left 18 years ago. Like yourself, I had many questions and agree with the issues you raised. In the past 18 years, I’ve met many who experienced what we went through and who also turned to Jesus. I’d like to ask you Tanya Marie if you are on Facebook? Plus, I’d also like to ask if you’d please consider adding your story to my Blog? It lists others’ stories, some of whom have spoken on tv & radio. If you would like to do that, plz let me know! God bless you, Laura.

        • tanyamarie33 says:

          Hi Laura!

          Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated! Yes, I am on Facebook, I just started a new page because I was trying to disassociate with many of the new agers I connected with through my old one. You can find me here, https://www.facebook.com/tanya.almeida.92

          I would also love to add my story to your blog! Thank so much for asking. It is very comforting to see others who are going through this experience! I am lucky to have some Christian friends but I feel like former new agers can really understand what its been like more than anyone. I would have to write my testimony when I have time. (Currently full time student, work, and writing internship for me is keeping me busy! although its hard to concentrate on anything else but this spiritual journey!) Thanks so much and please add my facebook!


          • Many thanks Tanya for your kind reply. I look forward to getting to know you – when you have a little time from studies, work & writing internship. Hope that’s all going well for you. I sent you a friend request on Facebook & would love to add your story to my blog, whenever you have time! There’s no rush! God bless you, Laura Maxwell.

          • Kyle H says:

            Tanya I read your commentaries and story and would like to be your friend. I am also trying to be a good Christian and have read a little into new age things/quantum jumping. I just want to find the truth too.

            I am always looking for more deep souls to converse deep things with. 🙂


  2. Say what? says:

    Man, Mr. Conway ,if what you say is true then you have every right to be angry at this man for cheating you out of money that he rightfully owed you after 2 months of hard work.
    I’m sure that sucked.Anybody would be angry.I can’t blame you for still being angry.

    But to say that this guy deserved his death at age 33 is pretty harsh IMO.Maybe someday you’ll come to see that.

    • wbruceconway@gmail.com says:

      Say What? I said: “In the larger scope of things, I think Baer got what he deserved. He had led many people, like myself, into extreme spiritual and physical peril for financial and egotistical gain, with little concern for their immortal souls.”

      Does this sound like sour grapes from not getting paid? My only concern was for the spiritual welfare of others, even yours…

      Karma is Karma. Anyone who has led so many astray gets what they earn in the end; this is simply cause and effect. This is the way of the universe works. The fact that Baer switched sides in the end, becoming the ‘darling’ of the pro-christian anti new age movement and a martyr, changes little.

      I am amazed that all you got out of this cautionary tale is that I am angry at not getting compensated by Baer. You missed the meaning completely… must come from skimming life with an abbreviated attention span

      W. Bruce Conway

      • Gaz Parker says:

        Ok guys, lets break this up…

        Bruce, I can see how your original note could have been misinterpreted so thank you for the clarification. I don’t see why you would make this up, after all the guy has died and hopefully in heaven now. I can see why you made this post, it must be difficult reading about Baer in a positive light. Whatever he did to you I can only hope that one day you can forgive him, at least for your own sense of peace.

        His swing over to the Christian faith is not uncommon, many of us (including myself) ex-new agers have experienced both sides of the fence
        so to speak. From what Baer was saying in his book and from his audio I found it difficult to detect he was lying. Weather or not his message
        was from the heart I can personally relate to a great deal of what he says so in one sense despite your doubts his last act actually helps people
        and is still. Obviously you’ll disagree but that.

        On the subject of Karma, if you have Karma then you have reincarnation. India is probably the best test case to measure the reality of Karma. According
        to New Age teachings Karma is localised with re-birth in families. Its fair to say that a steady upward trend of ‘getting it right’ would emerge on the Karmic
        wheel to show a general improvement of lives within India. How tragic it is then to find a prolonged worsening of lives within India with each Hindu and Seek
        wishing their current life away hoping for a better live next time. There is no evidence it exists. Equally, when people mention Hitlers Karma the idea of
        instant Karma is shifted to Karma over life times. Isn’t it convenient that according to New Age thought Baer got his Karma instantly for his alleged
        actions toward you whilst Hitler, a sick psychopathic mass murderer too his own life (his free will) and therefore never faced his Karma. The problem here
        is there is no way to prove it and so the alternative is to offer sketchy, subjective explanations. For example, we could say that Hilter could not face his
        full Karma in this life time due to the sheer weight of his ills and therefore will face it over many other lifetimes.

      • Kyle H says:

        Abbreviated attention span? Nice word play!

  3. Stephen says:

    No offense Bruce Conway but some of what you said sounds like new age mumbo jumbo eg “George H. Bush is a seated member of the Grand Druid Council, also known as the Satanic Council of Thirteen. The Grand Druid Council controls the thirteen royal bloodlines of the Illuminati.”

    Also no offense to anyone else but I think the vast majority of new ager’s will be going to heaven because many are good people. Many even believe in Jesus and almost all believe in God. I also hope that that a person who grows up in the the middle east with no bible in sight and no idea about Jesus will also go to a better place after death if they follow their heart (the holy spirit) and are good people (just to give perspective on what I hope true reality is, I have met many amazing people in life who follow their hearts and are non believers, I don’t believe they will go to hell or have their souls wiped from existence either, I am also sorry to God if I am wrong in hoping for this and I believe he understands my reasons for feeling this way, I love you all, I love you God 🙂

    The kingdom of god dwells within me as it dwells in each on us.

    Ps. Bruce regarding your opinions on karma and people getting what they deserve, I don’t want to be rude or imposing but try and listen to Jesus/God within yourself and through the Bible.

    • jbw says:

      “No offense Bruce Conway but some of what you said sounds like new age mumbo jumbo …eg “George H. Bush eg “George H. Bush is a seated member of the Grand Druid Council, also known as the Satanic Council of Thirteen. The Grand Druid Council controls the thirteen royal bloodlines of the Illuminati.”

      You’re DEAD wrong. You’re conflating ‘New Age’ nonsense (satanic deception) that DOES abound with the ACTUAL power structures that ARE the movers and shakers of the World Government now being birthed, a DEADLY mistake to make.

      “Also no offense to anyone else but I think the vast majority of new ager’s will be going to heaven because many are good people. Many even believe in Jesus and almost all believe in God”

      This ‘reasoning’ is laughable. Sooo, “almost all believe in God” type folks are going to Heaven??! Really? You mean, to say, that when Christ said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” He REALLY was ‘saying’ that you DON’T HAVE TO believe in God??? Remarkable ‘logic’ on your part here….THIS leap of reasoning is a GREATER one than the leap of faith that is required to believe in God! Wow.

      • Kyle H says:

        In their defense, I think pardons are in order for those who have never been exposed to a Bible/The Gospel.

      • lemondrop87 says:

        You are soooo wrong in thinking that there will not be some good people in hell!! There will be many good people in hell, but there will be good people in heaven also but only because they have accepted Christ as their Savior.. In other words John 3:16 says; “For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on him shall have everlasting life.” As plain and simple as that!! So think about that, will you?

    • Wonder woman says:

      Hi Stephen,just Wanted to clear something up ,people from middle east( i assume you mean muslims) have heard About Jesus,peace be upon him,als Well as Mother Mary ( there is a ENTIRE chapter called Maryam,meaning Mother Mary in THE Quraan),Mozes,Noah etc.IT is all in our revelations,The Quraan.he was a great messanger of God,à Messiah ,he Will return,this are our beliefs,furthermore,if any muslim rejects Jesus pbuh, he is considared an apostate.We love Jesus peace be upon him,we CANNOT even say his name without saying peace be upon him,since this is a high from of respect.However our beleif is that salvation comes throug pure monotheism,beleving in 1 God with no partners( not 2,3,4 etc deities)., christians call him Abba,or father God.we call him Allah SWT.hope i cleared Some misconceptions About Muslims and Jesus peace be upon him.Wish you all THE best now you cleared yourself from THE newage!

  4. reBecca says:

    Thank you W. Bruce Conway for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I’d love to hear your perspective on the book, Window’s of Light, of which I own and a was bit inspired by reading this eve; and so just now googled the author and then got to this topic, so interesting. So, in your opinion, Is there any truth or viability to R. Baer’s actual writings, (particularly, Window’s of Light). I’d like to hear as much as possible on the subject.


  5. reBecca says:


    Not sure wy my inquiry directed to W. Bruce Conway was not posted, it was awaiting moderation and has since disappeared, guess I’ll just write his e-mail directly, thanks.

    • Gaz Parker says:

      My appologies I thought I had approved your post, on checking this I had not. You should be able to post freely now reBecca.

      • reBecca says:

        Dear Gaz,

        Thanks, Have’nt heard any thoughts at all in regards to my last post, I even e-mailed it to W. Bruce Conway as he openly invited inquiry’s. ….Am I missing something? Why was the book renounced by Baer… such complexity in this subject.. please discuss a little, including the viability of the books theories. Please, thanks.

        All BEst to All

  6. jesusknight says:

    I am an x new ager. what randall wrote about is amazingly true for many of us who have found the path to God out of the nightmare. his book helped me when i was alone with no one else to care, when i first got saved. God uses many people, all of us imperfect, to do His will. Randall might have not been a good person when he was a new ager, but i don’t doubt he changed drastically, like all of us who convert, when he saw Truth for what it is; Jesus Christ. I hope to meet him in heaven to tell him thank you for writing what he did; it helped me tremendously to know that i was not the only one who left..

  7. jesusknight says:

    oh by the way, the book was denounced later by randall because it was written by automatic writing and is considered a ‘no-no’ for Christians to do.

  8. All I feel with this gabble,
    there are many roads to God, some choose love & compassion to follow, others choose fear based info, and have an angry God, who teachers hate, killing others for there faith or understand of God. My God or Divine, is loving, honest, compassonate, I feel safe and loved….God is …..

    • Gaz Parker says:

      Your statement and user name tells me that you have embraced eastern mysticism.  20 years ago you would be considered a bit crazy for having such beliefs and yet nowadays this is rapidly becoming the norm.  This is no accident, the Elites have been planning this for decades and the masses are lapping this up.  Christianity has been and continues to be hijacked and attacked just like it is right now with your statement.  It wasn’t enough for Jesus to be crucified once, people are still crucifying him today.

      What the new ager has is spiritual experiences, this in their mind is proof but proof of what?  Proof perhaps that if you devote yourself to a Deity, ritual or practice other than God of the Bible something supernatural might happen.  Yes, it works, even Witchcraft and Satanic Ritual Abuse gets results but it doesn’t mean that it is pure or safe to that matter.  Mediumship which the the original word for Channelling is now common place.  When I was a medium is was less so however I was also deceived.  If you get time please listen to my testimony, it will give you a greater insight into the occult of which you practice.

      Also, take a look at this video as it will explain why people in the west are now practicing eastern mysticism:


    • lemondrop87 says:

      You are sooo wrong in thinking; Katrina, “There are many roads to God;” There IS ONLY one(1) road to God!! John 3:16 says:, For God so loved the ‘World’ that he gave his only Son that whosoever believeth on ‘Him’ shall have everlasting life!!’… Also, I do not know where it is found at but it is in the New Testament, I am sure!!, “Jesus Said; “I am the Way, The Truth and The Light, There is ‘No Other Way’ Wherein Man Canst be Saved.'” It is ; As simple as that!!!

  9. Hi Folks,

    W. Bruce Conway here. I just wanted to applaud the spirited debate that has appeared in this forum as all important points of view are being presented, considered and intelligently discussed.

    Please forgive the intensity of my first posting, as it was a bit over the edge for this Christian venue. But if readers had been present, as I was during these historic events, they might not be so judgmental or opinionated… might just become a little more open-minded and willing to venture outside of the comfort of their spiritually and culturally-imposed boxes.

    The truth is that very few people alive today have the smallest clue about what is actually going on here on planet Earth, and how crucial it is for our collective survival that we cast off the blinders intentionally placed upon us by the Satanic, invisible world that has purposely ruined our educational systems, debased mainstream media, destroyed our health, dumbed us down, corrupted our religious, legal, psychological and medical institutions. They have invested horrendous amounts of time, money and influence to make sure that humanity does not discover who and what we actually are (immortal multidimensional beings trapped here in an cycle of reincarnation (which was constructed and is maintained by the powers that be). I could go on, but suffice it to say that, in my opinion, most (if not all) of what we are taught is designed to keep us permanently in the dark, and not lead us into the light.

    Our naiveté of the true laws of the universe, however, will not protect us from what is now hurtling our way. Our lives are about to change in ways so vast, that little of our previous experience will prove useful. This is why we need to cast off the blinders imposed upon us by the Satanists, Illuminati, dark ETs, corrupted public officials, police and others who chose to side with the powers of evil instead of joining the legions of light.

    In the upcoming weeks and months readers will begin to experience shifts in consciousness, which will herald athe beginning of a new stage of human evolution: an acceleration of change, dramatic shifts in the physical laws of our localized universe (time shifts, disappearance of people, places and things, telepathy, the tapping into our collective consciousness, etc). This is because our entire solar system is in the process of rapid evolution and a process similar to cell division. Afterwords, there will be two Earths on divergent timelines—one filled with light, highly evolved and loving beings, the other a man-made hell descending forever into suffering and darkness. You get to choose.

    Those that can adapt to this entirely new paradigm will be welcomed into a vast universe teeming with intelligent life, and we will have earned the opportunity to become fledgeling members of a galactic humanity.

    Good luck to all. Remember to stay present, fearless and spiritually attuned. Do not listen to the babble of mainstream media as this is occurring, because they are out to corrupt and mislead you. If you can, leave the urban population centers for rural areas, places that offer natural resources: food, water, etc. Cities will be very, very dangerous.

    Those who hold onto the past and refuse to adapt will not survive. Extreme adaption is required.

    • Gaz Parker says:


      New agers have a history of false prophecy, they claimed a shift would happen in 1984 but it never came so the new age community begin to claim a shift in 2000. This also failed to come along. When the this so called golden age of Aquarius does not bring in a shift in consciousness for 2012 the date will just move forward again. Maybe next time it will be 2013, 2014 or 2020? This is the sure way to test for false prophets.

      There will be no shift in consciousness and no new stage of human evolution. There will be a coming world teacher and a one world government and we seeing this take shape but we should not be surprised, this was prophesied 2000 years ago in the Bible.

    • Julie says:

      Bruce, I agree with what your saying. I have been trying to educate people on those same issues. Have you heard of the Three Sisters? If you haven’t here they are.

      1) the Vatican
      a) religion
      b) in the middle of Rome, Italy
      c) a country within a country, Italy
      2) the Bank of England
      a) money, finances, economy
      b) in the middle of London, England
      c) a country with in a country, England
      3) the Pentagon
      a) military complex
      b) in the middle of Washington D.C., District of Columbia
      c) a country within a country, United States of America

      The Three Sisters share a flag. The flag has a strip along the bottom with three stars above it. Each star represents a sister.

      After WW2, Israel was made a state, supposedly for the Jews. The Three Sisters were the organization that created the state of Israel. The Three Sisters are mainly ran by Jews, not any Jews, but Zionist Jews. The Three Sisters also run the tri-lateral commission, CFR, etc. They also are the Builderburgs, Worburg, Rockefeller’s, Rothschilds, etc. They belong to the Bohemian Grove, etc.
      Since they are behind all wars, financing both sides. That belong to the secret societies, the Freemasons, most of them were 33’s and above. Back in history the Nights Templar use to protect merchants and travelers on the roads from Rome to Jerusalem. They started out doing it for nothing, then some one whom worshiped satan infiltrated the Night Templars thinking they could make a fortune charging the merchants and travelers for their protection. That’s when a satanic cult took over the Nights Templar. The Nights Templar was part of the Vatican. Then the cult started to infiltrate the Vatican, and at that time, or soon after they changed their name to Freemasons. After Vatican 2 in the 50’s they had full control of the Vatican.
      Back during Constantine’s time, he was king of Italy, he tried to conquer the Middle East. When he conquered Turkey ( Turkey is where Paul built Jesus (God’s) church.) In St. John 8 Jesus asked Paul to build his Church on this rock, rock meaning strong, everlasting, at the same time Paul was building Jesus’s church the Catholic Church sprang up) Constantine took the church (Catholic) back to Italy, he wanted to be a God. He built the Vatican in Rome where he ruled as god. And he changed it”s name to the Roman Catholic Church. He changed alot of the teachings to pagan worship. After Constantine died the Cardinals and Bishops started to convert it back to the teachings of Paul’s. Before they got it completly changed back the Nights Templar/Freemasons started to infiltrate it. They started to change it back to pagan worship, and satanic worship.
      If you were satan what is better then to take control of God’s Church and his Holy City Jerusalem.

      • Alice W. says:

        Julie I wonder where you are getting the stuff from that you so blatenly put on here!! Some may be true but I think most is just a bunch of “Hog Wash Poppy Cock Bull Dog Bark”. The ‘New Age; is for real and gaining in strength and momentum as it gains in people hitching onto its wagon every day. Believe this.

        • BE says:

          Alice and (Julie), and whomever else is listening. You say the new age is for real….They are both for real and both contain the elements of the all of existence light and dark, good and bad, the seekers seek ,yet much of what they find is in the guise of good, half truths for alternate purpose to lead down the path where truth is never found, truth is inside.

    • jbw says:

      Mr. Conway, the ‘shift’ you extol and espouse is the EXACT same ‘shift’ written about by Blavatsky, Bailey, Spangler et al and has NO basis in Christ’s declared Gospel. And this EXACT sentiment, “those who hold onto the past and refuse to adapt will not survive. Extreme adaption is required” is a thinly veiled threat that ALL new agers hurl at orthodox Christians who will NOT BOW DOWN to the Son of Perdition. WHY YOU traffic in this poison is beyond me….

  10. reBEcca says:

    Thank you for sharing that.

  11. Ann H. says:

    Mr. Conway, just for your information, my sister was Vicki. She was a con artist from a very young age and was defintiely NOT of gypsy blood. She grew up in a very middle-class Methodist Christian family of French – Native American descent, but in her late teen-age years chose to use religion as her method of conning people out of whatever money they had. I have no doubt in my mind that the truth about the death of poor Randall had something to do with her. Because she had taken out a life insurance policy on him a month before the died (double indemnity for accidental death) and the lack of grief on her part, made myself and others very suspicious. I loved her because she was my sister, but I did not like her and did not approve of many of the things that she did. Everything she was involved in was self-serving. It should also be noted that less that 4 years after the death of Randall, Vicki also lost another husband to a tragic death (drowning) and she also then inherited a large sum of money. So my thoughts are the the likelihood of the New Agers being behind his death is much less than the greed of a very dark, evil person.

  12. Ann H. says:

    I forgot to mention that Vicki lost her life to diabetes in 1998.

    • jbw says:

      Well, she’s regretting her ‘religious’ cons now….

      • Bruce says:

        Jesus would have never, ever, endorsed the tenets you so proudly wear on your sleeve, So please stop pretending to speak for him. He loved his enemies.

        • Pilgrim says:

          Jesus would have never, ever, endorsed the tenets you so proudly wear on your sleeve, So please stop pretending to speak for him.

          …Which you too are doing here. We really ought to let Jesus speak for Himself.

          He loved his enemies.

          Jesus does say “love your enemies”, but what does that actually mean? When one looks at the context of His words, it becomes clearer:

          Luke 6:35
          Love your enemies! Do good to them. Lend to them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked.

          Matthew 5:44-45
          But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

          The love of which Jesus speaks is not a New Agey “nice feeling” for someone, but something which we do — namely to return good for evil. (The same goes for “do not judge”: this does not mean “never speak out against anybody” — there is a specific context for this teaching, which again we ignore at our peril.) Scripture gives us no indication that Jesus had “nice feelings” towards His enemies, or refrained from publicly condemning them in the strongest terms. Just take a look at some of the things in the Gospels which He said of His enemies! …Particularly those who lead others astray spiritually.

          Matthew 12:34
          You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

          Matthew 23:33
          “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

          We must take care not to put words in Jesus’ mouth, but simply to let Him speak.

          …And I have to say that Randall Baer sounds like a genuine believer to me, regardless of what Bruce would have us believe.

  13. Thanx Gaz for posting these videos, I saw them before and was impressed. I’d also bought his book years ago, and it’s excellent. As an EX Spiritualist myself, I truely feel if any New Ager or Medium reads it, they will recognise much of what he experienced. Thanx again Gaz.

  14. Ben Menard says:

    Has anyone else noticed that much of the channeled automatic writing is convoluted and contradictory? And yet the one thing they all agree on is that biblical Christianity is false. It seems there are forces that want people to believe something, anything, other than the very simple and profound truths and teachings contained in the unadulterated old and new testament.

    • rebe says:

      Even NWO hitches on to ‘new age’, purporting to be truth in this fashion, as well claiming truth in the fashion of modern religon. And, yes, the holy books are pure natural science, but when they get their hands on it to ‘relay the teachings’ thus, convoluted half-truths, actually designed to keep our true nature hidden. ‘New age and truth seekeers need only to look to ‘old age’ and seek internal love rather than external confusion, be it discarnate entities, or physical illusionairy distractions, the kingdom of god is within. I hope I am not preaching up the wrong tree, so be it, all will go thru falsities, until all will become self realized. Love/knowing of self/others/earth/universe is our divine right and path.

  15. Ben Menard says:

    This alone suggests to me the desperation on the part of evil to decieve and mislead people at all costs.

    • rebe says:

      Yes, there is misleading, (Ben and others) and one more thing, my origional inquiry back in 2011, had to do with the R. Baer book on crystals, but I never had any response, it is not so much the disinformation that i am interested in, as information/knowledge regarding our natural science that is our birthright. True nature blessings.

  16. teno says:

    He speaks the truth now and thank God he was delivered.

  17. L Maillet says:

    What are “true nature blessings”?

  18. Aqua says:

    If Bruce knew the Baers why does he spell Vicki’s name wrong? I have no doubt Randall was a mover and shaker BEFORE his conversion. We’re we all? That’s not an indication his conversion was false. Also, why not just say exactly how Randall died? If Bruce knows so much why not post a fact that can be verified?

    • lemondrop87 says:

      Aqua; Don’t you know that ‘One Name’ can be spelled in several different ways? Maybe that is what Bruce did to Vicki’s name!!…

  19. Greg Logan says:

    I appreciate the recognition that evangelicalism is bank-rupt and that right-wing evangelicalism is a Satanic infiltration into the church – totally anti-Christ in a most devious manner!

    In Christ,

  20. aussidreamer says:

    Wow there is so much deception here,so much manipulation, so much judgement and so many who seem to think they know,no one knows anything! Least of all me! But at least I know I don’t know! One thing I do know is I know people who are trying to help others know about kindness and love and they are from many beliefs.

  21. T.Macpherson says:

    Jesus stated that we are to judge things by the fruit…there can be no better fruit than the love of Christ, only through receiving this love can we muster the love to love our neighbors like we love ourselves, it certainly seems to me that Randal finally found this.

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